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    Wednesday, May 11,
PLAQUE ... is presented to Bell, center, by Dr. Cromwell, left, and Dr. Looker.
Chem Major Wins National Prize
A University senior is one
of twelve collegians selected
nationally to receive the 1966
Chemical and" Engineer
ing New award of merit for
outstanding scholastic and
extracurricular achievement.
A plaque in token of his
honor was presented to Rob
ert M. Bell, 22, before a Uni
versity chemistry seminar
Tuesday afternoon by Dr.
Norman E. Cromwell, chair
man of the department, and
Professor James H. Looker,
coordinator of undergraduate
advising in chemistry.
Bell is the first Nebraskan
to receive the award, which
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bright, or perhaps have been
lazy scholars. Businessmen
don't need them. They can
be soldiers. The bookish
among us can stay home and
enjoy the full-enjoyment boom
that the war has created."
The Examination of Con
science asks, "What about all
the guys our age who don't
even get this chance (to take
the test)? Those whose par
ents didn't have enough mon
Those whose background
didn't even teach them they
should want to go?
"Do we smell a little old
fashioned 'class privilege'
The information a!sj spys
that "a lot of the guys who
will take this test think the
Viet Nam war is the right
kind of war, necessary and
just and patriot."
It further asks then why
these same people "when
your brothers are over there
dying trying to do something
you think needs to be done,
why are you back here at
home trying to pass a test in
order to stay out of it?"
Troen Giants'
At Planetarium
"The Frozen Giants," will be
shown for the first time at 8
p.m. Wednesday at the Ralph
Mueller Planetarium, Univer
sity State Museum.
The show, running through
June 26, describes the giant
outer planets of Jupiter, Sat
urn, Uranus and Neptune.
Winter hours will continue
at the Planetarium through
May 31 as follows: 8 p.m.
Wednesdays; 2:45 p.m. Satur
days; and 2:30 and 3:45 p.m.
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- ttW' J
according to Dr. Cromwell,
is recognized as one of t h e
most select of its kind in the
Scholastic honors, however,
are not new for Bell; since
his graduation from Lincoln
Northeast high school in 1962
he has received 16 scholar
ships and awards including
the Elks Most Valuable Stu
dent, a national honor.
Both he and his wife, t h e
former Barbara Miller of Lin
coln, are nominees for grad
uation with honors from the
University this June. Mrs.
Bell is a senior in Teachers
With Dr. H. W. Knoche,
University biochemist, Bell is
co-author of a research paper
published last year by Analy-
Applications Due
For Exchangees
Applications are being ac
cepted until Thursday for par
ticipants in the Stillman Col
lege Exchange Program.
Stillman is a predominantly
Negro College located in Tus
caloosa, Ala. The acting pres
ident is Dr. Knute 0. Broady,
formerly of the University.
The tlniversity YWCA, in
conjunction with ASUN, has
set up a semester exchange
program which will bring two
Stillman students to Nebraska
and in turn, send two Nebras
kans to Stillman. Any student
in good standing with the Uni
versity is eligible to apply.
Applications may be ob
tained at the YWCA office on
the third floor of the Nebras
ka Union.
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But, if you lose First National City travelers
First National
tical Biochemistry, a rank
ing professional journal an
achievement unusual for an
After graduation this
spring, Mr. and Mrs. Bell
will go to the University of
California at Berkeley, where
Bell will pursue graduate
study on a U.S. Public Health
Service traineeship. Mrs.
Bell will teach in the Rich
ond schools.
Bell is a member of P h i
Beta Kappa and an associate
member of Sigma Xi, the ma
jor scholastic honorary so
cieties in the sciences and
His activity record at the
University includes the v i c e
presidency of Beta Theta Pi;
roles in Kosmet Klub stage
shows; work with the Nebras
ka Human Relations Founda
tion Teenage Project; intra
mural athletics; and a variety
of campus campaigns..
No Formations
At NU Stadium
On '66 Band Day
There will be some changes
in the annual Band Day at
the University of Nebraska
Sept. 24 when the Cornhusk
ers host Utah State.
There will be no halftime
formations on the football
field, but the combined bands
will play in the stadium. The
halftime formations will be
eliminated because of possi
ble damage to the field by
some 3,500 marching bands
men during the rehearsal and
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City BankTravelers Checks
The Daily
tion Doctoral Club, 12 noon,
Nebraska Union.
tors Meeting, 1:30 p.m., Ne
braska Union.
YWCA-Glrls Club, 3:30 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
BUILDERS Advertising,
3:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
BUILDERS-College Days,
3:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
ASUN-Student Senate, 4
p.m., Nebraska Union.
GRADUATE Students, 4
p.m.. Nebraska Union.
YWCA-Cultural Tours, 4:30
p.m.. Nebraska Union.
YWCA Tutorial Project,
4:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
RED CROSS, 4:30 p.m., Ne
braska Union.
BUILDERS - Tours, 4:30 p.
m., Nebraska Union.
NORFOLK Senior High
School, 5:15 p.m., Nebraska
p.m., Nebraska Union.
Initiation, 6 p.m., Nebraska
YMCA Freshman
6:30 p.m., Nebras-
ka Union.
SIGMA XI Initiation Ban
quet, 6:30 p.m., Nebraska Un
IFC. 7 o.m.. Nebraska Un
BUILDERS Board, 7 p.m.
Nebraska Union.
CIRCLE K. 7 p.m. Nebras
ka Union.
m., Nebraska Union.
Dessert, 7 p.m., Nebraska Un
ion. AQUAQUETTES, 7 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
p.m., Nebraska Union.
NU MEDS, 7:30 p.m., Ne
braska Union.
LAMBDA TAU, 7:30 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
INTER Varsity, 7:30 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
NEBRASKA Career Schol
ars, 7:30 p.m., Nebraska Un
ion. MATH Counselor Program,
7:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
PARKING Appeals Board,
7:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
UNIVERSITY Wildlife Club,
8 p.m., Nebraska Union.
INTER Coop Council, 9 p.m.
Nebraska Union.
Travolers checks. You can cash them
See below.
5t- V t
Sheldon Art Gallery
Paul Newman Film
A Paul Newman film fes
tival Saturday will feature
Newman as the love interes'
in two of his earlier films.
"The Long, Hot Summer"
and "From the Terrace" will
be shown at the Sheldon Art
Gallery auditorium beginning
at 7 p.m. Admission to t h e
DON'T WORRY ... if
p! IP
son it is the weatherman doesn't know either.
On Campus
(By the author
Oh, sure, you've been busy, what with going to classes, doing
your homework, catching night crawlers, getting married,
picketing but can't you pause for just a moment and give
thought to that dear, dedicated, lonely man in the big white
house on the hill? I refer, of course, to Prexy.
(It is interesting to note that college presidents are al
ways called "Prexy." Similarly, trustees are always called
"Trixie." Associate professors are always called "Axy-Pixy."
Bursars are called "Foxy-Woxy." Students are called
But I digress. We were speaking of Prexy, a personage
at once august and pathetic. Why pathetic? Well, sir, con
sider how Prexy spends his days. He is busy, busy, busy.
He talks to deans, he talks to professors, he talks to trus
tees, he talks to alumni. In fact, he talks to everybody ex
cept the one group who could lift his heart and rally his
Bpirits. I mean, of course, the appealingest, endearingest,
winsomest group in the entire college delightful you, the
It is Prexy's sad fate to be forever a stranger to your
laughing, golden selves. He can only gaze wistfully out the
window of his big white house on the hill and watch you at
your games and sports and yearn with all his tormented
heart to bask in your warmth. But how? It would hardly
be fitting for Prexy to appear one day at the Union, clad in
an old rowing blazer, and cry gaily, "Heigh-ho, chaps!
Who's for sculling?"
No, friends, Prexy can't get to you. It is up to you to get
to him. Call on him at home. Just drop in unannounced. He
will naturally be a little shy at first, so you must put him at
his ease. Shout, "Howdy-doody, sir! I have come to bring a
little sunshine into your drear and blighted life!" Then
yank his necktie out of his vest and scamper goatlike
around him until he is laughing merrily along with you.
Then hand him a package and say, "A little gift for you,
"For me?" he will say, lowering his lids. "You shouldn't
"Yes, I should," you will say, "because this is a pack of
Personna Super Stainless Steel Blades, and whenever I
think of Personna Super Stainless Steel Blades, I think of
"Why, hey?" he will ask curiously.
"Because, sir," you will say, "though you are no longer
a young blade, still you gleam and function. Full though
you are of years and lumps, rheumy though your endocrines
and flaccid your hamstrings, still you remain sharp, inci
sive, efficacious."
"Thank you," he will say, sobbing.
"So it is with Personna," you will continue. "Naturally
you expect a brand-new blade to give a close, speedy shave.
But how about a blade that's had hard and frequent use?
Do you still expect a close, speedy shave? Well, sir, if it's a
Personna, that's what you'll get. Because, sir, like you, sir,
Personna is no flash-in-the-pan. Like you, sir, Personna
He will clasp your hand then, not trusting himself to
"But away with gloom !" you will cry jollily. "For I have
till more good news to tell you of Personna!"
"How is that possible?" he will say.
"Hearken to me," you will say. "Personna, in all its en
during splendor, is available not only in Double Edge style
but also in Injector style!"
He will join you then in the Personna rouser, and then
he will bring you a steaming cup of cocoa with a marsh
mallow on top. Then you willsay, "Good-bye, sir. I will re
turn soon again to brighten your dank, miasmic life."
"Please do," he will say. "But next time, if you can pos
sibly manage it, try not to come at four in the morning."
q ' 1060. Max Ahtllman
Prexy and undergrad, late and soon, fair weather and foul
the perfect shaving companion to Personna"1 Blades is Burma
Shave. It comes In regular and menthol; it soaks rings
around any other lather. Be kind to your kisser j try Personna
and Burma Shave.
rilms Is .)0 cents and Is open
only to University students,
faculty and staft with iden
tification. The movies are basically
entertainment dramas and
Newman's performance has
been described as excellent
deeply dramatic and showing
good chai acterization.
ji V".'
5 fi
V, Hir'it ltHtlStlArmfl rtf ln ifeilliMiHilnltililin ill
you're not sure what sea
of "Rally Round the Flag, Bom!",
"Dobie Gittis," etc.)
To Have
"The Iong, Mot Summer"
eceived one ol the "10 Rest"
Awards oy the National Board
of Review It Is an adaptation
from short s'ones by William
The movie portrays the tur
bulent relationships between
a wealthy, aggressive father
and his two grown children
one a frustrated unmarried
young woman, the other a
weakling, married son. The
Interplay of emotions lg ex
amined as a shrewd stranger
captures the fancy of the
father, who sees in him qual
ities he himself had as a
young man.
Want Ads
Hw . vjr
f ' bmttinMi
J l
$$? - "w x
Closer to class. Closer to the fraternity house.
And a lot closer to the opposite sex. Honda
offers you all these advantages. plus economy:
price, upkeep and insurance are all irresistably
low. Why not join the crowd?
Free Brochure: Write American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Department C-4, Box 50, Gardena, California 1966 AIIM
2100 N St.
Pag 3
PTP President
Seeks Aid For
Foreign Housing
Tiie need for housing for
foreign students arriving at
the University was presented
to UNICORNS by Joel Swan
son, Pcople-to-People presi
dent. Swanson asked that UNI
CORNS join in the PTP pro
gram to provide Lincoln
homes for new foreign stu
dents from the time they ar
rive in Lincoln until the Uni
versity dormitories open.
He said that this would en
able foreign student to come
a few days earler n the fall.
PeopIe-to-People wll give or
ientation sessions to the for
eign students to acquaint
them with the American stu
dents before classes begin.
People-to-People will also
be helping the forlegn stu
dents to find off campus hous
ing, Swanson said.
with a
Sold by banks everywhere