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The Daily Nebraskan
Thursday, April 28, 196(5
30 Teams
In Meet
I" , 11
I 1
its t t9 'A - . , ; vr
Huskcr miler Orlando Martinez will run his specialty at
Drake Relays this weekend.
Sevigne Changes
Relays For Drake
Coach Frank Sevigne is
making a few changes in re
lay combinations this week as
this Xitiiaska Cornhuskers
prepare for the Drake Relays
Friday and Saturday in Des
Moines, la.
The Huskers have not failed
to record at least one baton
title on the Big 3 circuit
Texas, Kansas and Drake
since Sevigne's arrival at NU
some 12 years ago. But to
date the Huskers have been
blanked, and Frank would
like to change things just a
bit this week.
"We'll shuffle the mile re
lay lineup, but I'm not sure
who wfl! be added or re
placed," Frank said. "Tom
Millsap is going back as the
leadoff man in the 440-relay."
Last week at Kansas the
Husker 440 team was out of
the money after a bad Larry
Liss-to-Dave Crook handoff on
the initial leg. The NU sprint
medley team of Lynn Head
ley, Charlie Greene, Dave
Crook and Fete Scott was a
close second to Oklahoma
State and no shuffle is
"We'll just try to run
faster," Sevigne grinned.
The Drake Relays will also
mark the debut of Charlie
Greene, world 60-yard dash
co-record holder, as a century
sprinter. Greene will join
Headley, who won the KU title
in :09.6, as a twin Nebraska
entry at the Drake games.
Other Nebraska entries:
Shot put Jim Beltzer
Discuss Denis Hagin
High jump Steve Krebs
College Division (Not Open
Division) Orlando Martinez
High Hurdles Dave Kudron,
Ray Harvey
Intermediate Hurdles Dave
Husker bright spots at Kan
sas were: Headley's 100-yard
dash victory; a 63-foot discus
toss by newcomer Hagin; and
some fine first-year sprintin
by Clifton Forbes.
Forbes won the frosh cen-
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1901 "O" Sf.
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The StoryfPiofa
Wild My Oner
I DOORS OPEN 12:45 1
i . V K
Y- ODnntrc 1
' V-Jf' '
mile for the Husker frosh mile
relay team that was just
nipped at the tape by a great
comeback leg from premier
miler Jim Ryun of Kansas.
"It wasn't that we did so
poorly, because we were up
against some pretty darn good
competition," Sevigne said.
"However, we didn't do as
well in some events as we'd
like to do or should so that's
our aim at Drake this week."
tury and logged a :47 quarter-
Drake, O.U.
Golfers Fall
To Huskers
In a three team dual match
Tuesday at Miracle Hills Golf
Course in Omaha, Nebraska
golfers beat Omaha Univer
sity 12&-2V2 and Drake 8'2
6y2. Drake beat Omaha 12-3.
Nebraska Results:
Nick West, 80 (Neb) Saul
Arrington, 83 I Omaha). 2-1.
Tom Dickie, 73 (Drake)
Nick West, 3-0.
Chuck Sweetman. 78 (Neb)
Jim Thompson, 78 (Oma
ha), I1.-IV2.
Chuck Sweetman Steve
Brennan. 79 (Drake), 2-1.
Bill Messick, 79 (Neb)
Jim Gember, 84 (Omaha) 3-0.
Bill Messick Boy Hayes,
83 (Drake), 3-0.
Steve Nelson, 81 (Neb)
Paul Anderson, 89 (Omaha),
Ned Johnson, 80 (Drake)
Steve Nelson, 2-1.
Galen Ullstrom, 74 (Neb)
Don Light. 83 (Omaha), 3-0.
Galen Ullstrom Pat Gip
ple, 78 (Drake), 2Vz-Vz.
Excitement clings to
him like a dame!
n fill, f W
i" . Fll
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Big Eight Grid Scene
Wildcats' Spring Football
Has 'Everybody-Both-W ays'
Take the long-term view, suggests
Doug Weaver, and you can see big po
tential benefits in his policy of everybody-both-ways
during spring football practice.
"True, we haven't been able to put
In as much offense or polich as much
on defense as we would have In platoon
play, since we can't specialize as much,"
explains the Kansas State coach. "And
there is the temptation to switch back to
platoon play during this last part of the
drills. But, all things considered, we feel
we'll be in better shape for Army, if we
stick to our original plan."
The Wildcats open the 1966 season
against Army at West Point Sept. 17.
Weaver, at the beginning, thought the
bothway drills might turn up six to a
dozen both-way players, and still sees that
as a possibility. "If we need them," he
points out.
"It may be we'll be deep enough not
to need two-way men, but if we need
them, I can see up to a dozen men who
will have benefited a great deal from
their experience here in the spring work
outs." Counting off other points of progress
in the workouts, the Wildcat coach said
squad weight had been brought into line
that the "fat man" squad had been re
duced from 14 to no more than five here
in the third week of practice, and that
surprising new help had shown at quar
terback. Bill Nossek, 6-0, 170-pound fresh
man, and Mike Duncan, 6-0, 190-pound
sophomore, are bidding against lettermen
Vic Castillo and Mike White at quarter
back. OSU At Standstill
Rain put Oklahoma State's spring
football workouts at a temporary stand
still. The Pokes did not get any game
like scrimmage last week and at this
writing had two weeks and two days to
get in the last nine workouts.
Monday remarks from coach Phil
Cutchin were, "Right now everything is
set around the weather. We'd like to end
Husker's Crook, 440 Team Ahead In Big Eight
(Through Meets of April 23, 1966)
1. 4:07.5 Tom Von Rudeil (Oklahoma
State) at Missouri
2. 4:08.4 Bill Wells (Missouri) vs. Okla
homa State (21
3. 4:09.3 Charles Conrad (Missouri)
vs. Oklahoma State (31
4. 4:09.6 Chris McCubbuu (Oklahoma
State) vs. Arkansas (2)
5. 4:11.0 John Lawsos (Kansas) at
Emporia Relays
6. 4:11.8 Conrad Nightingale (Kansas
State vs. Oklahoma and Southern Illi
nois (2)
100 DASH
1. :09.S James Jackson (Oklahoma) at
2. :09.ft Lynn Headley (Nebraska) at
Iowa State and at Kansas Relays
:09.6 Harry Alley (Iowa State) vs.
Mankato State
4. :09.7 Phil Aldridge (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (2) and at Kansas Relays (2
5. :09.8 Estes Banks (Colorado at Ari
zona (2)
:09.8 Don Payne (Kansas State) at
Lamar Tech
440 DASH
1. :46. Dave Crook (Nebraska) at Air
Force Academy
2. :47.1 Sieve Carson (Iowa State) vs.
Nebraska and Minnesota (also :47.6)
3. :47.2 Don Payne (Kansas State) at
Southwestern Relays
4. :47.5 Bill Calhoun (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (2)
5. :47.8 Arnold Droke (Oklahoma State)
vs. Arkansas
6. :47.9 Bill Selbe (Kansas State at
Lamar Tech
?47.9 Jim Metcalf (Oklahoma State)
vs. Arkansas (2)
1. :14.1 Caret von Netzer (Missouri) at
Arkansas Relays (2)
. :,141 Harold Woolen (Kansas State
at Arkansas Relays (Pi
k,J' n37Ray,cHarvey 'Nebraska) at
Kansas Relays (S-2)
i. :14.4 Dave Kudron (Nebraska
Air Force Academy
5. : 14. 5 John Adams (Iowa State) vs.
Mankato Stale
880 RUN
1. 1:49.3 John Perry (Oklahoma State)
at Missouri
2. 1:49.5-Jim Metcalf (Oklahoma State)
at Missouri (21
3. 1:50.9 Terry Thompson (Missouri)
vs. Oklahoma State (3
4. 1:52.4--Jim Shields (Oklahoma) at
5. 1:52.5 Lee Calhoun (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (3)
6. 1:52.7 Peter Scott (Nebraska) at
Iowa State
230 DASH
1. :21.0-Phil Aldridge (Oklahoma) at
2. : 21. 3 Charlie Gieene (Nebraska) at
Air Force Academy
3. :21.4 Bill Calhoun (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (2)
: 21.4 Jim Jackson (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (3)
5. :21.6 Ron Hester (Oklahoma State)
vs. Arkansas
:21.6 Don Payne (Kansas State) vs.
Oklahoma and Southern Illinois
1. :37.6 Harold Wooten (Kansas Slate)
vs. Oklahoma and Southern Illinois
2. :37.9 Dave Kudron (Nebraska) at
Air Force Academy
3. :38.4 Jim Hardwick (Oklahoma) vs.
4. :38.6 Doug McDougall (Oklahoma
State) at Missouri
5. :39.9 Caret von Netzer (Missouri)
vs. Oklahoma State (2)
1. 8:48.8 John Lawson (Kansas) at
Southwestern Relays (2)
2. 9:19.0 JeM Berven (Colorado at Ari
zona 3. 9:20.4 Conrad Nightingale (Kansas
State) at Lamar Tech
4. 9:21.6 Norm Yenkey (Kansas State)
at Southwestern Relays (6)
5. 9 27.9Jeff Donaldson (Colorado) at
Arizona State (3)
9:27.9 Van Rose (Kansas State) at
Southwestern Relays (DNP)
Poperbock SALE
9 (O) P P
j -y y
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1000's to choose from
All subjects
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it all with our spring game (May 7) but
another rain, or two, might force us to
work a day, or so, after the spring game.
I'd like to get i n five practices this
Cutchin says, "If we'd been able to
scrimmage last weekend we'd know a lot
more today. I'd like to point ou tDavid
Dickerson, he's been outstanding 'this
spring as has Tommy Boone (Both are
offensive halfbacks). We're getting some
better interior line play from some of
our veterans like Jimmy Goodwin, John
Matlock and Kenny Blackburn. They've
made a lot of progress and will enter
into our plans next fall. Up to date Frank
Sneed (defensive end) has had a good
spring practice, too. That's about all I
can say at the moment. Nothing has
changed much since our last workout."
CU Freshmen Excel
Four relatively unsung members of
Dal Ward's last Colorado freshman crop,
in 1958, were a runty fullback named
Romig, a skinny halfback named Schwen
inger, an undistinguished guard named
out of Montana's 8-man ranks named
It took some shuffling, but all four
emerged as major stars who were prime
leaders in the Buffaloes' 1961 Big Eight
championship. Ward, of course, got the
biggest shuffle of all as he was dealt out
of the head job within six months.
Now, eight years later, Ward will fi
nally have all four of these men on the
field on the same time, as well as sev
eral other members of that 1958 frosh
crew as the CU Alumni begin to gird for
the May 7 clash against the Varsity.
Joe Romig, of course, catapulted into
instant-fame as a 3-time All-Big 8 and 2
time All-American guard. Gale Weidner
moved right into an All-Big 8 quarterback
role as a rookie in 1959. Ted Woods' blaz
ing speed, discovered originally by Track
Coach Frank Potts during a winter work
out and leading to an ultimate 1960 Olym
pic berth, moved him tino a top halfback
1. 9:00.2 Chris McCubbins (Oklahoma
State) vs. Arkansas
2. 9:01.0 Conrad Nightingale (Kansas
State) at Lamar Tech
1 .60-0' 2 Gene Crews (Missouri) at
Texas Relays (3)
2. 57-9' 2 Jim Beltzer (Nebraska) at
Iowa State (2)
3. 55-6 Garry Barr (Kansas) at South
western Relays
4. 55-4 Terry Ten Eyck (Colorado) at
New Mexico (2)
1. 178-9' 4 Gary Schwartz (Kansas) at
Southwestern Relays (2), (also 170-7)
2. 171-10'.(i Miles Lister (Oklahoma
State) vs. Arkansas
3. 167-9'-i Carl Pellegrini (Oklahoma
at Kansas State
4. 166-4 Cordon Wheeler (Oklahoma) at
Kansas State 1 2
5. 165-7't Gary Barr (Kansas) at Kan
sas Relays (2)
6. 164-4' Barry King (Colorado) at
New Mexico
1. 236-0 Tom Purma (Kansas) at Kan
sas Relays
2. 221-9 Bud Roper (Kansas State) at
Arkansas Relays (21
3. 221-5 Byron Berline (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (3)
4. 21711 Henry Bell (Oklahoma State)
at Arkansas Relays 131
5. 208-9 Jim Pankratz (Kansas) at Ar
kansas Relays (4)
6. 206-m Glen Arbeau (Colorado) at
New Mexico (2)
1. 7-lMi Ron Tull (Oklahoma) vs. Mis
souri (all-time Big Eight best), (also 6-10)
2. 8-11 Jim Johnson (Oklahoma) at
Texas Relays (2)
3. 6-10 Steve Herndon (Missouri) at
Texas Relays 15) and vs. Oklahoma (2)
4. 6-6Vi Sieve Krebs (Nebraska) at
Iowa State
5. 6-6 Art Cortez (Kansas) at South
western Relays 13'
6-6 Ralph Light (Kansas) at South
western Relays (5)
Itivq kirn
C'cntcrfielder Alex Walter leads Nebraska hitters with
a .341 average.
Lineup Remains Same
For Weekend Baseball
NU baseball coach Tony
Sharpe said Tuesday that he
doesn't contemplate making
Dig lineup changes when
am meets Missouri this
h ; thvQo a m a
any big
his team
weekend in a three game
That means Sharpe will use
pretty much the same boys
who lost two of three games
to Oklahoma State over the
Missouri has a 2-4 confer-
ence record which puts them
m simd piaue in lue nig r.igiii.
The Huskers are in fourth
place with a 5-4 mark.
Whether or not Nebraska is
successful aeainst Missouri
will have a lot to do with the
I 251'1-Gary Ard (Kansas) at South
western Relays (2)
2. 25-0'2 Art Cortez (Kansas) at South
western Relays (3)
3. 24-4 Ron Hester (Oklahoma Stale)
at Arkansas Relays
4. 23-6 Don Ellis (Oklahoma) vs. Mis
souri 5. 23-5 Gary Rainwater (Missouri) at
Arkansas Relays (4)
6. 23-11 Ken Farris (Oklahoma) vs.
Missouri (2)
7. 23 0 Gary Lamb '.Iowa Staia) vs.
1. 48-7si Lee Calhoun
Kansas Relays (2)
2. 47-3M; Gary Ard (Kansas) at South
western Relays (2)
3. 45-5' i Larry Hills (Iowa State) vs.
Air Force
4. 45-4' Sylvester Reed (Colorado) at
Arizona i3)
5. 45-O'i Ken Winters (Kansas State)
at Lamar Tech (2)
6. 45-0'i Don Reidl (Kansas Siaiei at
Lamar Tech (3)
1. 15-8 Chuck Rogers (Colorado) at
Arizona and at "ansas Relays (21.
2. 15-6 Jim Farrell (Oklahoma) at
Arizona (2) and at Texas Relays (4).
3. 14-6 Charles Beck (Missouri) at
Arkansas Relays (3).
14-6 Mike Burdick (Kansas) at South
western Relays (2).
1. :41.1 Nebraska (Tom Millsap. Ray
Harvey, Lynn Headley, Charlie Greene)
at Texas Relays (2).
2. :41. 2 Kansas State (Bill Selbe, Har
old Wooten, Ron Moody. Don Payne) vs.
Oklahoma and Southern Illinois.
3 :41. 3 Oklahoma (Phil Aldridge,
Frank Deramus. .lohn Smith, Jim Hamil
ton) at Kansas State (2).
4. :41. 6 Colorado (Larry
Plant., Wll-
Ham Harris, Ben George,
at New Mexico.
Estes Banks)
To Be Continued
Husker's bid for a conference
cnampionship this year
"We know Missouri is a
Sod bl0b'" laid se:
adetra 1".2 have been tabbed
to start in Saturday's double-
All of Nebraska's injured
should be ready for the en
counter with the Tigers. First
baseman Bob Brand is ex
pected to play, but a back in
jury is still giving him trouble
when he swings a bat.
Shortstop John Roux is still
being bothered bv a hamstring
pun, ana centenielaer Alex
Walter with a knee injury
suffered against Oklahoma
?taLte' bu both are expected
Sharpe said that the sudden
rash of injuries got his team
down. "We're trying to g e t
them relaxed so they'll fight
back," said Sharpe.
The Huskcr coach plans to
open the game with the same
three pitchers against Mis
souri that drew starting bids
against Oklahoma State.
Gary Neibauer (2-1) is ex
epcted to start in Friday's
nine inning game. Bob
Stickels (3-1) and Bob Her gen
header. Both of Saturday's
games will be seven inning
- :.'(ift:-x;:::'x-::x:: :-:::;::.':;:v:;::::::;:-
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ing close to. The aroma of Old Spice.
Crisp, tangy, persuasive. Old Spice . . .
unmistakably the after shave lotion for
the untamed male. Try it soon . . . she's
waiting. 1.25 & 2.00
...that's the way it is
with Old Spice
On April 29, 30 and May 1
the University of Nebraska
will play host to the 13th an
nual Nebraska Invitational
Rifle Meet. Thirty rifle teams
from 15 colleges and univer
sities will participate. Among
the 120 marksmen are many
of the nation's top shooters.
The events will be an Open
Division (both men and worn,
en) and a Ladies Division,
The Nebraska Invitational is
in its 13th year and is con
sistently one of the largest
matches in the Mid-west.
Scbooli entered are:
Knox College, Calenbun, Illinois
University of Colorado. Boulder
Kansas State University, Manhattan
Crelghton University, Omaha
Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
Oklahoma State University. Stillwater
(reigning Big 8 Champions)
South Dakota State University, Brookings
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
University of Iowa, Iowa City
Unversity of Missouri, Columbia
Iowa State University, Ames (Army)
Iowa Slate University, Ames (Navy)
University of Kansas, Lawrence
University of South Dakota, Vermillion
University of Nebraska
Nebraska Shooters are:
Manfred Wunderllch, Grand Island
Wayne Bennett, North Platte
Richard Woods, Lincoln
Robert Saathoff, Grand Island
Clifford Baade, Lincoln
Robert Greene, Lincoln
Alan Anderson, Lexington
Timothy Stroh, Offut A KB
Cheryl Chapman, Council Bluff5, Iowa
Nancy Wolf. Lincoln
Barbara Thomas, Lincoln
Anne Sixta, Alliance
Open Bowling 1 P.M.-6 P.M. 25c
after 6 P.M. & Sunday 40c
26 Snooker 6 Pool Tables
Girls FREE with Dates
1 block south of N. 48th I Holdregs
ItWK TPlfl
? ""Li
Tuesday, May 3, 8:00 PM
Pershing Auditorium
All seats reserved: 13.50, $3.00, $2.50.
Tlrkels on sale at Cold's. Miller 4t
Paine, International Super Stores.
Persblng Auditorium boioffica.
Jim Dler Intersrlsea
-M WW ':'.
LSJl .
1 1 in COLOR I
! 1
, 'f '