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    Thursday, April 28, 1966
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
IDCC: 'Rc-evaluate
Masters Program'
The Interdorm Coordinating
Committee (IDCC) Tuesday
unanimously passed a motion
to request that ASUN re-evaluate
the handling of the Mas
ters Week Program because
the dorms had been "unfairly
Joan Splvey, IDCC secre
tary, introduced the motion
which calls for the drafting of
a letter to ASUN on the mat
ter. "All the dorms were un
fairly represented in the Mas
ters Program," Miss Splvey
charged. "There was far bet
ter representation In the
(Greek) house."
There was general agree
ment with Miss Spivey's state
ment by the other 10 IDCC
members in attendance. Lar
. ry Anderson, representative
from Selleck Quadrangle,
stated, "We never knew offi
cially who our Masetrs would
be; we weren't officially con
tacted." John Decker, Cather
Hall representative, comment
ed that he felt the Masters'
visit to Cather was handled
Miss Spivey said, however,
that the Masters appeared at
Cather "only after action was
taken by the dorms." Miss
Spivey did not specify excat
ly what this action was.
IDCC also approved an
amended version of Article V
ol the proposed IDCC consti
tution dealing with represen
tation, and tabled a discussion
of Article VII, dealing with
meetings and procedure.
Under Article V, the Coun
cil will be provided a mini
mum number of 19 voting
members and a maximum of
22. One voting member and
one alternate will be elected
in Concert
May Gih
8:30 P.M.
Fine Arts Bldg.
Nebraska Wesleyan
$2.50 $3.00 $3.50
For Tickets
FSNCC Booth In tht Union or
Nebr. Booktsor
Ptt Seegcr Concert
3601 Apple
Lincoln, Nebraska
1965 Honda
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5417 Meredith
rates. Call Pat Owen. 432-2008.
papers. 435-4513 after 5:00.
CARD now accepted by most major
airlines for a 50 savings. Need a
card or information? Call Robyn Brock,
LAR featuring imported beverages,
roast duck fc pork dinners. Open Fri..
Sat. & Sun. at 5 P.M. Located 6 miles
south of Crete, Neb. on Highway 82
in the Ace High Supper Club. Member
ships available for $3.25 yr. Student
Into the Quetlco-Superior wilderness.
Only S7.00 per day. For complete
Information write: Bill Rom,
Canoe Country Outfitters,
Ely, Minnesota
EMPLOYMENT? For our booklet on
what's available (National Parks,
NASA, etc.) how to apply and to
whom mail name, address and college
along with $1.00 to The Crolee Com
pany, Three Parkway Center, Pitts
burgh, Pennsylvania 15220.
Place classified ad
Days to Run:
COST: Five cents a word for each insertion. Minimum of 50c
per day. Enclose check, payable to the Daily Nebraskan.
Nebraska Union
for each 250 dorm residents
with a maximum of 400 for
one voting member and one
The article also provided
for yearly adjustments In rep
resentation according to ad
justments in population of the
Opposition to the 250 mini
mum number came from Burr
West representative Keith Ol
son. With 250 as a minimum,
Ilson said, "one dorm on City
Campus could outvote all of
East Campus. With a 250 min
imum, East Campus isn't
going to be represented, and
it should reject the constitu
tion." Jim Ludwig, Cather repre
sentative, responded that it
would be "impossible to have
a system that would give each
campus an equal vote. One
dorm one vote wouldn't even
work. I hope the system
wouldn't be so partisan that
you'd have that situation, any
way." Other IDCC members ex
pressed similar views. The
Council is "designed to serve
all the residents of both cam
puses," Tom Holman, Abel
Hall president noted. "We're
sitting down in the interest of
all the residence halls, Larry
Anderson, Selleck representa
tive, said.
Love Memorial Hall repre
sentative, Marilyn Fuhrman,
added, "East Campus is just
going to have to go along."
NU Masters
Eye Dorms
The dormitories proportion
ately had more of the Mas
ters' attention than any other
group of living units, accord
ing to Jim DeMars, Masters
He noted that four Masters
went to both Pound and Ca
ther Halls, and that the Mas
ters said "they were especial
ly pleased with their recep
tions at these two dorms."
There was one Master for
every 125 students at Cather
and Pound while only one for
every 150 students in the
Greek living units, he ex
plained. DeMars said that the Mas
ters also complimented the
independent living units on
East Campus as "being some
of the most responsive and in
teresting groups" they met.
At Abel Hall, he said, al
most no students showed up
to meet the Masters, and at
Selleck "the response was
just a little greater." He noted
that the Masters did compli
ment the small group at Sel
leck for "asking good ques
tions and showing interest.
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bedroom, front kitchen, new gas fur
nace, plumbing for washer, ideal for
married college student. Will sell fur
nished or unfurnished. Call 789-2885.
INTER Varsity, 8 a.m., Ne
braska Union.
E-WEEK Board - High
School Luncheon, 11:30 a.m.,
Nebraska Union.
E-WEKK Board - High
School Convocation, 1 p.m.,
Nebraska Union,
CORNHUSKER Interviews,
3 p.m., Nebraska Union.
motion, 3:30 p.m., Nebraska
AWS Workers, 3:30 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
HYDE PARK, 3:3Q p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
p.m., Nebraska Union.
4:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
AWS Representatives, 4:30
p.m., Nebraska Union.
BUILDERS - Calendar &
Directory, 4:30 p.m., Nebras
ka Union.
YWCA Jr. Cabinet, 4:30
p.m.. Nebraska Union.
Social, Publicity, 4:30 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
BUILDERS First Glance,
4:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
COUNCIL for Exceptional
Children, 4:30 p.m., Nebras
ka Union.
AWS Court, 4:30 p.m., Ne
braska Union.
YWCA-Sr. Cabinet, 4:30
p.m.. Nebraska Union.
'Abroad, 6:15 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
AUF, 6:30 p.m., Nebraska
UNION Film Forum, 7
p.m., Nebraska Union.
COMENIUS Club, 7:30 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
MATH Counselor Program,
7:30 p.m.. Nebraska Union,
CAMPUS Image, 4 p.m.,
East Union.
CAMPUS Recreation, 4
p.m., East Union.
VARSITY Dairy Club, 7
p.m.. East Union.
THEATRE, 4:30 p.m.,
Room 103 Temple Building.
CHRISTIAN Science Organ
ization, 6:30 p.m., Cotner
School of Religion.
ALPHA ZETA, 7:30 p.m..
Room, 234 Keim Hall, East
Carpenter Drafts
Bill On Omaha U
A bill to make Omaha Uni
versity a part of the Univer
sity of Nebraska is in the pro
cess of being drafted by State
Sen. Terry Carpenter.
"I'm going to do all I can
about that if possible," Car
penter said.
He said if the people of
Omaha don't want to do that,
the Omaha University board
of regents should be elected
on a county-wide basis 1n
relation to the senatorial dist
ricts now existent.
"The people of Omaha
should have some representa
tion in its operation," the
Scottsbluff lawmaker said.
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Earrings From
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Sale on Spring Dresses
It Is Not Too Early To Ensure
Your Summer Job
Here is a wonderful summer offer that is pleasant, exciting,
profitable, and includes: a minimum of $1200 guaranteed
summer income, cash scholarships, holiday trip. To learn
more about this opportunity come to Room 345 in
The Nebraska Union, at 2, 4, or 7 p.m.
Thursday, April 28
Pins, Rings In Step
With Spring Weather
No need to look outside
one can tell it's spring by
just counting the nine pinn
ings and eleven engagements.
Barb Schnegelberger, C h 1
Omega junior in Pharmacy
from Geneva, to Roger Car
penter, Theta Xi Junior in
Pharmacy from Overton.
Bonnie Roberts, Alpha Del
ta PI sophomore In business
teacher education from Beat
rice, to Kern Mumm, Beta
Sigma Psl senior in sociology
from Seward.
Joan Bredthaucr, Alpha
Omicron Pi sophomore In
Teachers from Grand Island,
to Loy Marotz, Beta Sigma
Psl junior In Teachers from
Charlene Anderson. Phi Mu
junior at Nebraska Wesleyan
in medical technology irom
Omaha, to Roger Brodd, Del
ta Upsilon junior in Teachers
from Wahoo.
Karyl Bartolain, Delta, Del
ta Delta in physical therapy
from Omaha, to Joe Zellers,
Sigma Chi in Arts and Sci
ences from Bellevue.
Annette Gessner, Delta Del
ta Delta sophomore in Teach
ers tn Georsc Rosmarin, Del
ta Tau Delta senior in Busi
ness Administration.
Cathy Stilwell, Kappa Kap
pa Gamma sophomore in Arts
Films End
The last in the series of
Audubon Wildlife Films, "Del
ta of the Orinoco," will be
shown at the University Love
Library auditorium at 4 and
8 p.m. Thursday.
The film, produced and nar
rated by Robert C. Hermes,
depicts the wildlife of
the Orinoco delta in Venezue
la, a vast area of swamps
and jungles.
Hermes, who turned natu
ralist and photographer at the
age of 12, spent three sum
mers in the country photo
graphing such birds as the
nesting hoatzins, the great
aruco and the morpho butter
flies of the region.
His pictures and writings
have appeared in many pub
lications throughout the world,
of which the best known is his
series on acrobatic frogs.
Covering as much as 65,000
m i 1 e s in a single season,
Hermes has become one of the
nation's most sought after
natural history lecturers. His
still pictures have twice won
first prizes in the Internation
al Graflex competition.
& Sciences from Lincoln, to
Larry Goldstone, Beta Theta
Pi sophomore in Engineering
from Lincoln.
Becky Cattle, Kappa Alpha
Theta freshman in pre-nurs-ing
from Seward, to Van
Vahle, Beta Thet Pi senior in
pre-med from Alma.
Kathy Moore, freshman in
Business Administration from
McCook, to Bill Carter, Phi
Gamma Delta sophomore in
Agriculture from Palisade.
Margie Lchl, Alpha Omi
cron Pi senior ,in Teachers
from Lincoln, to Sam Thom
as, Kappa Sigma senior at
Chadron State irom Suther
land. Marsha Lester, Alpha
Omicron Pi senior in Arts
and Sciences from Seward, to
Wayne Hovlett, Theta XI al
um from Dorchester.
Sandra Anne VVatkins, sen
ior in theatre from Rialto,
Cal., to T h o m a s Timm
Bucks, graduate in theatre
from Elm Grove, Wis.
Clctas Kolar, Phi Mu soph
omore in Teachers from
Dwight, to Tom Connors, Del
ta Tau Delta sophomore in
Business Administration
from Lincoln.
Kathy Roscnbauin, junior
In Teachers from Omaha, to
Bill Sprague, senior in Teach
ers from Omaha.
Jane Schottler, Delta Delta
Delta junior in teachers from
Nebraska City, to Jack Nel
son, Sigma Nu junior in Bus
iness Administration from
Virginia Sherwood, Pound
Hall senior in Teachers from
Elk City, to Tom Trauthen,
Farmllouse graduate in zo
ologv and physiology t r o m
North Platte.
Sue Stewart, junior in
Teachers from Wymore, to
Ken Rood, St. Paul's School
of Theology at Kansas City,
Mo., from Genoa.
Carol Ronin, Kappa Alpha
Theta junior in Arts & Scien
es from Fremont, to Art
Thompson, Phi Kappa P s i
senior in Arts & Sciences
from Lincoln.
Sarah Meier, Kappa Alpha
Theta junior in Teachers
from Minden, to Arnold Pe
terson, Phi Delta Theta seni
or in pre-med from Walla
Walla, Wash.
4 Arrr
ik ill!
A f I
I v J 1 1 .
d vV
. ' n
o " o
.. . . i ym
v -
m , ...... . J. J
WORK ... on the nco-classlc sculpture patterned after
the work of Nadclman are Bob Scegcr, left, and Rich
ard Swain.
Art Gallery To Display
Sculpture For E-Week
A design class in the School
of Architecture at the U n i
vcrsity is preparing three
large, temporary sculptures
for display near the Sheldon
Memorial Art Gallery during
the E-Week open house from
2 to 10 p.m. Thursday
Dale Gibbs, professor of ar
chitecture and the students'
professor, explained that the
purpose of the project is to
test the effect of sculpture
near the Gallery.
The University is consider
ing the construction of a scul
pture garden near the Gal
lery in the future.
Student project team cap-
Execulives Name
Quiz Bowl Team
The All University Quiz
Bowl team has been selected
by the quiz bowl executive
Members of the All Univer
sity Team and the teams on
which they played the past
year are: Nancy Coufal,
Chi Omega; Linda Marchello.
Misnomers; Steve Rosenquist,
Sigma Chi I; and Larry
Watzke, Blackshirts.
Alternates are Marv Almy,
Tweed Ring, and Mimi Rose,
Pi Beta Phi.
Miss Marchello. Miss Rose,
Rosenquist and Watzke will
represent the University at
the Big 8 College Quiz Bowl
Tournament Saturday at Iowa
State University at Ames, la.
f J
. V. .
!- A
tains and their sculptures:
Ken Miller, David Smith
replica of welded steel.
Stanley Lund an Elie Nad
elman neo-classic figure.
Steve Y a u s s i a Henry
Moore pierced reclining fig
ure. YD's, YR's
Both the Yound Democrats
and the Young Republican or
ganizations are sponsoring
political action projects
The YD's will hold an open
meeting at 4 p.m. in the Ne
braska Union for those inter
ested in attending the state
YD convention in Norfolk
May 6-7. YD president Tom
Booth stated that anyone at
tending the convention as a
delegate from the University
will have voting opwer.
Another topic of the after
noon meeting will be the sum
mer political action program,
"Campaign Readiness." The
project is to be conducted
throughout the state with the
Coliseum Pool
Open Sundays
The pool in the Coliseum is
open every Sunday afternoon
from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. for Co
ed Recreational Swimming.
There is no charge and it is
open to any University of Ne
braska student.
J', iim 4 )r
" -1i se
Senate -Meeting
Cont. from Pg. 1 Col. 4
Further investigation be
made of the role of the ad
visory boards as sounding
boards of student opinion.
A tentative agenda of meet
ings and topics for the year
be drawn up and distributed
to appropriate persons in the
Open meetings of the
boards be announced in the
An effort be made to ac
quaint t h (i students with
their advisory boards.
Bus Service
A night intra-campus bus
service will be rcinstituted in
the fall, according to Sen.
Dave Snyder, parking chair
man. He added that a recom
mendation would be made to
open Area F (the lot near the
library) for student parking
after 8 p.m. He explained that
this year the lot had been
closed to students at all times
and was strictly for faculty
Plan Projects
aim of building up grass roots
support for Democrats run
ning for state office.
The Young Republicans will,
be conducting a voter infor
mation project Thursday
night beginning at 7 p.m. In
terested students may meet
at the south door of the Union
and will then proceed to
downtown Lincoln where the
students will be handing out
Republican Party campaign
Coed Counselor
Applicalions Due j
Applications for AWS Coed
Counselors are available at I
the AWS office, Room 334B,
Nebraska Union.
The Coed Counselor pro-
gram is designed to establish v
a close relationship between S
AWS and freshman women.
Applications must be turned
in to Elaine Kallos, freshman (l
orientation chairman, by Sat-
urday neon.
iy t
t ,, -iiiii mi inn--!aMwmmm'