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    The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, April 25, 1966
Page 4
Lynn Headley breaks the
12 Records Set
Huskers Win 2
By Bonnie Bonneau
Though there were fewer
big name teams than usual,
with the help of a freshman
named Jim Ryan, this years'
KU Relays was as exciting as
The predominately KU
crowd loved Ryun and he re
sponded with record setting
anchors in the FroshIuco dis
tance medley and Frosh-Juco
mile relay and a record set
ting solo in the open mile.
World Record
Ryan's 3:55.8 mile is the
fastest run in the world this
year. Ryun's 3:59 anchor leg
to KU's freshman distance
medley set a world record of
But the Ryun run that hurt
the Husker fans most was his
anchor of the mile relay. Ne
braska's freshmen had been
leading most of the race and
were in good shape when the
last exchange came.
Hugh McGovern ran the
Iowa State
Wins Dual
The Nebraska golf team
dropped a 11-4 dual meet to
Iowa State Saturday and now
has a 6-3 dual meet record
for the season.
The Husker's top performer
was Nick West who shot a 75.
West defeated Marshall Vic
tor, who shot a 77, 2-1.
Medalist honors in the meet
went to ISU's John Hurst with
a 74. He posted a 3-0 win over
Nebraska's Galen Ullstrom
who carded an 82.
The ISU freshman squad
beat the XU frosh, 9-8.
Nebraska's Charles WTalter
was the medalist with a 78.
Iowa State 11, Nebraska 4
John Kappa, 76 (ISU) de
feated Charles Borner, 77, 2-1;
Nick West, 75 (Neb) defeated
Marshal Victor, 77, 2-1; Aaron
King, 76 (ISU) defeated Steve
Bock. 91, 3-0; Steve Wilcox
en, 78 (ISU) defeated Steve
Nelson, 81, 2-1; John Hust, 74
(ISU) defeated Galen Ull
strom. 82. 3-0.
pw ', l.l.!,.w
H.3I3 ..... .'
Order By Phone Foster Service
11:30 AM
miiA HUT
Ih t 0 Str
. ,1 "
tape, winning the Kansas Relays
anchor for the Huskers and
Ryun for KU. NU held the
lead for the first 220 yards,
but Jim Ryun comes in sec
ond to no one. Kansas's time
was 3:15.5, Nebraska's 3:15.7,
and K State's 3:160 all of
which broke the old record of
Nebraska received two first
place metals, one for Lynn
Headley's 9.6 100-yard dash,
and the other in the Frosh 100
went to Clifton Forbes.
Charlie Greene did not en
ter the 100, he saved all his
strength for the 440 relay, but
even that could not retrieve
the lost ground in a bad first
handoff and the Huskers fin
ished second with a :41.3 to
Rice's :40.8.
12 Relay Records
Twelve new relays records
were set during the three day
carnival despite the fact that
the hour of scheduled events
for Friday were called off be
cause of rain and all morning
Saturday was spent revitaliz
ing the track
Other finishers for the
Huskers were: Dennis Hagin,
third in the discus; Steve
Krebs, third in the high jump;
and Dave Kudron and Ray
Harvey, fourth and fifth in
the 120-yard high hurdles.
The Husker spring medley
relay finished second to Ok
lahoma State.
Relay Results
OpTi no-metrr burdln 1. Mike TVue
1m. Brtgham Young. 51.3: 2. Dennis
Tague, Pittsburg (Kan.i State, 52"; 3.
James Hardwick. Oklahoma. 52.8; 4. Val
Sehierlins. Emporia State, 53.4; 5. Jer
ry Phillips. Colorado State, 54.3.
ISO-yard birb hurdle J. Al Rockwell
Brigham Young. 14.2; 2. Kim Wilkerson,
Rire, 14.3; 3. Wallace Young, Pittsburg
State, 14 3; 4. Dave Kudron, Nebraska,
14.6; 5. Ray Harvey, Nebraska, 14.7.
Discus 1. Stanely MacDonald, Lincoln.
172-5; ?.. Gary Barr, Kansas, 165-3?; 3.
Dennis Hasin. Nebraska, 163-0: 4. Carl
Peligrini, Oklahoma. 161-8; S. Rodd Wil
kinson, Wichita. 159-9'.
College distance medley 1. Fort Hays
Slate (Jack Harms, Lunn Havel, Jerry
Kati. Johnnl 9-53.3; 2. Emporia State,
9 54.8; 3. Chicago Loyola :SM: 4. Hard
ing, 10:12.2; 5. Pittsburg State. W-20.2.
Distance medley relay 1. Kansas
(Curt Grindal. Steve Ashurst, Lowell
Paul, John Lawsoni 9 41. 3: (Meet record, r
old record 8:47.3. Mjssouri, 19651; 2.
Kansas State. 9 42 1; 3. Brigham Young,
9 45.2; 4. Missouri. 9:54.7; 5. Minnesota.
100-yard dash 1. Lynn Headley, Ne
braska, 9.6; 2. Phil Aldridge. Oklahoma,
9:7; 3. Harry Alley. Iowa State. 9.8; 4.
Denny Kehl. Iowa, 9.9; i. Richard Simon
sen, Minnesota, 10.0.
Women's 100 1. Janell Smitli. Fre
donia, Kansas. Ill; 2. Linda Schram.
Topeka. 11.4; 3. Judv Dyer. Topeka. 11.5;
4. Pat Atkinson, Texas Southern, 11.6; 5.
Lisa Chiavario, Albuquerque, 11.9.
Glenn Cunnlntrham Mile 1. Jim Ryun,
Kansas freshman. 3:55.8 'New record,
oW mark 4:03.1 Wes Santee, Kansas,
19541; 2. John Camlen, Emporia, 4:04.8;
3. Duxbury, Southern Illinois. 4:08; 4.
OPEN 12:45
Onion Sausage
Muihroom Anchovy
Mozzarella Cheeu
Green Pepper Pepperoni
Pizza Supreme
Vi Cheese
Vi Saatage
Fridays t Saturdays 1 AM
All Other Days Midnight
, ' . . . w
100 yd. dash in 9.6.
At KU;
Rohm Tingle. Columbia. Mo.. 4.09.6; 5.
Larry WievKirck. loa, 4:15 9.
Shot put 1. George Woods, Southern
Illinois, tSMO'i; 5. Ken Patera. Brigham
Young, 59-9: S. Gene Crews, Missouri,
59-4 ; 4 Mike Bianco, Brigham Young,
SS-o, 5. Russ Polhomus, East Texas State,
50-5' 5.
Women's 44 relay 1. Texas Southern
(Patricia Aikinson. porothy Miller, Var
cedia Jackson, Teresa Ham 49.3; cw
record, old mark 50.5 Topeka Cosmo
Club )983: 2. Toncka Cosmo Club 49.8;
3. Albuquerque Oixmpic Club. 51.5; 4.
Kansas City Jets. 53.4; 5. Bedford, Iowa,
Track Club, 53.7.
Riga Jumn 1. Steve Herndon. Mis
souri, 6-91: (New record, old mark 6
8s!. by Jackie . I mon. Tevas Christian, 2. Roa Tull. Oklahoma. -6; S.
Steve Krebs. Nebraska, 6-.; 4. Tom
Ashamsn. Southern Illinois, 6-6; 5. Tom
Stewart, Minnesota. 6-4.
College 440-vard relav 1. Prairie View,
Tex. (Rich Fields. Doug Broadus. Odell
New-some, Vhe) Johnson! 41.1; 2, Okla
homa Christian. 41.8: 3. Emporia State,
42 3: 4. Northeast Missouri State, 42.4;
5. South Dakota. 42 5.
Triple Jump 1. John Vernon, Southern
Illinois. 50-P--.-; (New record, old mark
Clarence Robinson, New Mexico, 50-$:-,
19h3: 2. Lee Calhoun, Oklahoma. 4fl-7;
Richard Boehrincer, Emporia State,
48-714; 4. Tom Brandon, Air Force, 46
6H; 5. Gary Ard, Kansas, 46-51.
440-yard retay 1. Rice iFred CI end,
Ronnie Conner. Jimmie Ellington. Jim
mie Eppsi. 40.7; 2. Nebraska. 41.3: 3.
Brigham Young 41.6; 4. Kansas State,
41 8. 5. Kansas, 41 8.
Smile relay. Oklahoma State (Kr
nold Droke, Tom Von Rudcn. Jim Met
calf, John Perrv) 7:22.8; 2. Texas.
7:26.4; 3. Kansas, 7:29.4; 4. Missouri,
7 29.9 ; 5. Colorado, 7:39-3.
Javelin 1. Tom Purma. Kansas 236-0;
5. Mike Sowers. Texas. 2!6-i; 3 Ricky
Jacobs, Rice. 208-8:-; 4. Henrv Bell. Ok
lahoma State, 205-10 ; 5. Virgil Roper,
Kansas Slate, 199-2.
880-yard college relays 1. Oklahoma
Christian iRoscoe Cogburn, Larrv Rah.
Hal Ballou. Dickie Gray , 1.26.0: 2.
Prairie View. 1:26.3; 3. Kirksville State
1:26.6: 4. South Dikota. 1:27.5; 5. Pitts
burg State, 1:27.8.
880-yard university relays 1. Rice (Ron
Conner, Gred Cloud, Jim Ellington. Jim
my Eppsi 1:23.8; 3. Oklahoma. 1:25.5;
3. Colorado, 1 27.6; 4. Air Force, 1:28.3;
5. Kansas, 1:33.7.
College !-mile relay 1. Fort Hays
State (Clarence Kat&, Bruce Zamrzla,
John Mason, Jack Harms) 7:37.3; 2. Lin
coln. Mo., Vniversity, 7.37.9; 3. North
east. Mo., State 7:38.5; 4. South Dakota,
7:29.8; 5. Pittsburg. Kan., State, 7:41.8.
Open 3000-meter steeplechase 1. Hvlke
Van Dcr Wal, Manitoba. Canada. 9-09 3;
2. Bob Richards, Birgham Y'oung, 9:18;
3. Chris McCubbins, Oklahoma State.
9-23 4; 4. Lee Courkamp. Denver, Colo.,
9:25.6; 5. Conrad Nightingale, Kansas
State. 9:27.
College mile relay. Oklahoma Chris
tian iLarry Rehi, Roscoe Cogburn, Jim
Butler. Hal Ballioui 3:12 3; 2. Lincoln,
Mo., University 3 12.4: 3. Prairie View
AIM. 3:12.5; 4. Pittsburg. Ksn., State
3:14.3; 5. Northeast, Mo.. State 3.15.9.
Cniverslty mile relay 1. Rice (John
Moss. Bob Thompson, Fred Cloud. Jim
mie Ellingtonl 3:07.4; (New meet record,
old mark 3 09 by Texas 1956i 2. Kan
sas State ?:09.4; 3. Southern Illinois,
3 10 4; 4. Kansas 3:10.5; 5. Oklahoma
State 3:10.6.
Pole yault 1. Red Burton, Wichita,
16' r; 2. Chuck Rogers. Colorado, 15-8: 3.
Ken Sharp, Arkansas, 15-8; 4. Mark King,
Texas. 15-8; 5. Tom Marshall, Rice, 15-4.
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Baseball Team Drops Two
To Leading Oklahoma State
By Bob Flasnick
The Cornhusker baseball
team dropped two of three
games to league-leading Ok
lahoma State over the week
end to give Nebraska a 5-4
league record and 9-5 overall.
Husker pitchers looked good
during the series, but a lack of
hitting and a bunch of bobbles
spelled trouble in the two
losses Nebraska encountered
against OSU.
"Oklahoma State coach Chet
Bryan said, "We're real
happy to beat the kind of
pitching we played here." He
described Nebraska's three
starters as "real good boys."
What pleased Bryan the
most was "that big soph
omore kid" Larry Burchart,
who shackled Nebraska for
three hits in a 4-0 OSU win
the series finale on Saturday.
Nebraska's Bob Hergenrad
er allowed the Cowboys six
hits in Saturday's single game
and was handed his second
loss of the season against one
Burchart stayed ahead of
Nebraska hitters throughout
AFA Beats
Net Team
The Air Force Academy
blasted Nebraska 7-0 in ten
nis Saturday. Only twice were
more than two sets played.
Air Force 7, Nebraska 0
John Frost (Air Force) de
feated Ted Sanko, 4-6, 9-7, 6-1,
Mike Ryan (Air Force) de
feated Rodney Johnsen, 6-1,
3-6, 6-3.
Charlie Hoskins (Air Force)
defeated Kile Johnson, 6-3, 6-3.
Bernie Hahn (Air Force)
defeated Roger Galloway,
6-0, 6-3.
Pierce Turbiville (Air Force)
defeated Tom Tipton, 6-3, 6-4.
Hoskins-Frost (Air Force)
defeated Sanko-Galloway, 6-2,
Turbiville-Hahn (Air Force)
defeated Tipton-Johnson, 6-4,
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it's almost frightening.
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Diamond Ring
at Stevens.
the game. His cause was
aided by an eighth Inning
home run from centerfielder
Alan Johnson that landed
among Nebraska's football
players who were practicing
behind the left field fence.
The blast from the Cowboy
centerfielder was the only ball
hit out of the park and the
, ...
only earned run for either
team the threeame series.
The Huskers came up with
another injury on Saturday
when Alex Walter hurt an
ankle going after a ball hit to
him in centerfield during the
fifth inning.
The Husker's single victory
was the opening game of Fri-
dav's double-header when
Scottsbluff product G a r y
Neibauer pitched Nebraska to
a 3-0 win. allowing the boys
from Stillwater only two hits.
The win gave Neibauer a 2-1
record for the season.
Randv Harris completes the first leg of an attempted
double play against visiting OSU.
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Mon. and Thurs. Nights
Oklahoma State used three
pitchers in the opening game
in an effort to silence the Ne-
braska bats which accounted
for six hits in Friday's vic-
tory. Two of those six came
from centerfielder Walter.
The Cowboys needed only
one hurler in Friday's second
Pmf RhardJra,;1t &
lor, turned in one of the best
performances of his career
hen he alowed the Huskers
oniy tw0 njls on the way to a
7n wjn. Nebraska helped
Frank along by committing
sjx errors,
Sjv.fect.siv r t g b t handcr
Bob stickeis suffered his first
loss of lhe season jn Friday's
second game to push his rec-
ord to 3-1 for the season,
Nebraska will try to get
back on the winning track this
weekend in a three game ser
ies with Missouri at Columbia,
wm w.
' ... SwteS
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While watching the Academy Awards presentations
Monday evening, it occurred to me that the limitations of
the awards to the area of motion pictures is a tragic
deficiency of this great country of ours.
Take the sports world, for instance. Just Imagine the
Sports Academy of Sciences' presentations being held this
evening at the Astrodome In Houston.
The Master of Ceremonies, dressed up as Babe Ruth,
steps out on the rostrum and presents the little gold sta
tues to the winners. The statues are no 'Oscars,' but rather
'Abners perfect representations of Abner Doubleday who
founded the grand old game of baseball.
The awards would go something like this:
Best Performance by a Supporting Actor . . . Gay
Best Use of Makeup . . . Cassius (Adonis) Clay
Best Fake-Out-Everybody Performance . . . Charlie
Winters' draft status
Best Set Production . , . Augusta Masters Course
Best Comedy Performance . . . New York Mets
Best Non-Professional Use of Hollywood Sunglasses . .
Charlie Green
Best (Lack of) Direction . . . Roy 'Wrong Way' Riegals
Most Promising New Starlet . . . (Tie) Sandy Koufax
and Don Drysdale
Best Farcical Comedy . . . Nebraska-Alabama Game
Best Dramatic Actor . . . (Tie) Bill Russell and Wilt
Worst Continued Performance by a Sportscaster . . .
Jim McKay, ABC-TV
Worst Single Performance by a Sportscaster . . .
Paul Christman's comments about the Nebraska-Missouri
Best Anti-Climax Performance .
ship (Snowbowl) Game
Best Use of Language for Effect . .
RIGHT ! ! !
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