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Wednesday, April 6, 1966
Page 3
The Daily Nebraskan
University Atmosphere
Has Tew Intellectuals'
The intellectual atmosphere
at the University is not as
exciting as it could be due
to the small number of peo
ple in the intellectual group,
according to Jane Adams.
Miss Adams is a campus
traveler for National SDS.
Her duties include talking to
people on campuses through
out the mid-west, mailing out
brochures, taking care of
funds and "telling various
groups what is happening on
other campuses."
Lending Library
Sets New Honrs
The Nebraska Union record
lending library is now open
Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to
1:30 p.m. and Thursdays from
3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Located in the Union Pro
gram office, the lending li
brary loans records to stu
dents at no cost.
"Students should stop by,
look at our selections and
make suggestions for records
they'd like to have in the
library next year," Kathy
Augustin, music committee
ssistant chairman, said.
Jhe km-coa ratre apol? i all rlaa
nt4 advenum, la the Duly Nebraska!
standard rate of 5e wwd and mlai
mom charee ll Me a classified buer-
Panneat far these ads will fall tnte
we cateteriei: U adt ranainf Iras than
ae vera la saccesslea mast be paid (or
hefere lasertiea. Jl ads nraninc lor more
Inaa ana week will be paid weeklr.
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wiid reuwiuie top. Excellent shape.
pEui J
n vinyl Ulterior new tires
' much more. After 4:00 at 434-70,
TRAILER Merry Manor, 1030 No.
Lot 70, 434-3440 alter 5.
fcKMOR MUST SELL. From 4 to C stu
dents can purchase 3 -bedroom home lor
$3004500 down apiece. Payment $88
month minimal when split a or C ways.
Borrow on signature notes, repay Irom
-rent savings, x'f, baths, yard. l' ton
air-conditioner, double attached garage,
occupy June. Call Earl Scudder, days
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Tennis Re-stringing with one
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Visit Russia, Israel or Urael, Rumania,
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Keed part-time college men starting bjw
and cuing all through summer. Full-
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Thursday, 30-4 p.m., until school j
this would
Place classified ad
Days to Run:
COST: Five cents wer. fer eoih insertion. Minimum ( SOc
r dor. Enclote theek, payeble the Doily Nebroitton,
"It's very indefinitive," she
said. "I just try to hook the
groups together and give
them an idea of what is go
ing on in other places."
Miss Adams noted that she
was "pretty well pleased with
the University. The intellectu
al atmosphere, however, is
not as exciting as say the
university or Iowa.
The reason for the lack of i
excitement lies in the small
numbers involved with the
intellectual group," she con
tinued. "Even in the group it
self, discussion is hindered by
the small number. The more
people discussing something,
the more challenge exists."
Miss Adams spoke of the
historical spirit of the state
as a whole that seems to be
lacking at the present time.
"I know that Nebraska as
a whole has a revolutionary
history," she said, "but I
don't see it any more. It's
like that with a lot of states
that spirited the Populist
movement and now that spir
it is gone."
Miss Adams attended Anti
och College and the Univer
sity of Southern Illinois be-
Theta Sigs
Hear Lady
An end to the 'Superman'
image of journalists was
called for by Mrs. Carolyn
Tyler, editor of the Riverton,
Wyoming "Daily Ranger" at
the annual Theta Sigma Phi
Matrix banquet.
Speaking to guests of the
women's journalism honorary
.Mrs. ivier stated. "He aren t
tpllino- npnnlc what innrnalUm I
is doing. e re leaving it up
to the way-out minds of tele
vision writers."
Reporters are not 'Clark
Kents,' said Mrs. Tyler, they
are not people living in a
world of crime and cocktail
"Journalists are ordinary
people who enjoy their work,"
she stated.
Mrs. Tyler continued, "Jour
nalism is the greatest pro
fession in the world and we
need to tell people that it has
emergedfromthe Dark
"I love the work and I love
to share it with other people,"
said Mrs. Tyler.
Mrs. Tyler is a 1957 grad
uate from the University
school of journalism and for
the third consecutive year has
been named outstanding j
woman journalist in Wyo
mirrg. She is the former editor
of the "Ainsworth Star Jour-1
en suzuki
Haas OK Tire Stores
500 Wet! "O" .
Sales, Service, tentol
Atfrheriud Dealer
fore becoming a full-time
worker for SDS.
At the University of South
ern Illinois, she said, a move
ment similar to the Campus
Freedom Democratic Party
was organized "but aborted
by the Administration."
"The Administration abol
ished student government and
already controlled the news-
paper," she added. "After
they had abolished student
government, they set up a
student council that served
strictly in an advisory capac
ity." "The students were all up
in arms," she noted. "Every
organized group from the ag
students to the Greeks sup
ported a student government
stating what student govern
ment should be."
Miss Adams stated she was
"very impressed that the re
porters on this campus were
actually involved with things.
Too often the student news
papers, or the reporters at
least, are nothing more than
arms of administration."
i ui ner pians tor me near
I future, she said she will con
tinue as a traveling adviser
for SDS.
"Lord knows what I'll be
doing after that!" she ex
claimed. "Maybe go to Latin
America for a while. I really
can't see more than a year
or two in advance."
IFC To Act
On Request
The request for recoloniza
tion at the University by Zeta
Beta Tau is scheduled to be
voted by on Interfraternity
Council Wednesday night.
A Jewish fraternity, Zeta
Beta Tau owns the house
is presently occupied
by Chi Phi fraternity.
A vote is also scheduled on '
the addition of the elected of- i
w f 4: i
wi uoi iiciiiiciiuai ictii.
dldates will be ffiven a tpst nn I
Robert's Rules of Order and
the IFC Constitution and by- i
laws. The top scorers will be j
voted on by. IFC J
The IFC is also scheduled I
to vote on designating the j
weekend of May 14 as an i
open rush weekend for high j
school seniors. j
The rush weekend has been j
held in past years on the j pressive document of a dicta
same date as the State High J tor's philosophy and meth
School track meet. However, odSi- states the gallery re
the State Track Meet is be- iease
ing held in Kearney this year. Th ' , futures German
The Mav 14 u-PPlronrl ie th Tne m0Vle leatures merman
time of the last spring foot-!
ball scrimmage. J
Seniors and
Graduate Students
Excellent Opportunity For Valuable Management Experience
At The Nebraska Union
Full time Asst. Night Manager position available.
Evening & weekend work.
For Interview, Contact: Mr. Barnes, Ass'f.
Union, Administrative Office
Does x
this i
Dries as it applies ... in seconds. And stays dryt Gives
you fast . . . comfortable . . . dependable deodorant
protection. Lasting protection you can trust Try it.
Old Spice Stick Deodorant for Men, 1.00 plus tax.
Witt i - , , ""Pvirf i"'
? If I u f(ri Pr$
UNIVERSITY STUDENTS . . . have the opportunity to view the largest one-man show
to appear at Sheldon Art Gallery presently on display.
Sheldon Gallery To Display
Half-Million Dollar Collection
The largest one man show
ever to appear at Sheldon Art
Gallery went on display Sun
day and will remain at the
gallery until May 1.
The 114-piece show of oils,
water-colors, ink drawings,
an American artist, Milton
American artist, Milton
Avery, who during his 1 i f e-
Sheldon To Show
Official Nazi Film
Triumph Of Will'
An official propaganda film
of the Nazi party in 1934 will
be shown April 18 at Sheldon
Art Gallery.
Entitled "Triumph of the
Will." the film is the official
Party record of the gigantic
rally at Nuremburg in con
nection with the 6th annual
Party Congress held in 1934.
" d e , , a
galIer-v;. flJmJs nsaiadn
showu. milltant Pmp a,n dc
marching masses as well as
T 1 I. .. ,
. ,.
policy speeches by ;
Nazi leaders: Hitler, Goeb-,ayS
bels, Goering, Hess and Him-' 'xne project. Gray ex
mler." ' plained, was carried out by
. "Triumph of the Will" is j the pledges with the help of
described as a technically j two members from each
brilliant masterpiece and the sorority on campus. The girls
. . .1 a. i:i;A.
crowning achievement o t
Nazi propaganda.
"Today the film stands
a unique tremendously
dialogue with English
tT O Nl
time was considered one of
the outstanding painters in the
nation, according to Fred
Wells, executive secretary of
the Art Association.
States Wells, "A v e r y's
works hang in all the promi
nent galleries of the United
The collection, valued at
nearly a half million dollars,
Easter Seal
Record Set
A Lancaster County, and
possibly a state record for so
liciting funds for the Easter
Seal project was set Saturday j
by the Phi Delta Theta pledge :
class. ,
According to Gary Gray, co- j
chairman of the Phi Delt Help I
Week, the pledges collected
S2.040.40 in seven hours. This
nrnassp: the Drevious Eas-
ter Seai record of $1,800 in two
exenangea paper easier imes
for donations
on downtown
street corners.
"By late afternoon virtually
every pedestrian downtown
had a lilv." he noted.
Interest in the project was,
heightened. Gray added, by 1
I confining a radio disc jockey
man'in a "jail" measuring five;
sub-1 feet by- eight feet until the j
1 goal of $2,000 was reacnea
has been assembled from pri
vate owners and dealers all
over the country, noted Wells.
After its exhibition at Shel
don, the Avery collection will
be moved to the Arkansas
Art Center in Little Rock for
six weeks.
Public To Inspect
Computer Center
Nebraska citizens will have
an opportunity to learn more
about the potential of comput
ers, and specifically, more
about the University Comput- i
ing Center April 18-22. !
Center officials have set
the week aside to give all in- j
terested parties including in- j
dustrial executives and Uni
versity staff members an op-!
portunity to tour the center1
Don Costello, assistant di
rector of the center, said ar
rangements are being made to
obtain a well-known authority
on computers whose name
will be announced at a later
The center also will be
opened to local high school1,
students and Lincoln residents i
for tours and brief lectures ;
during the week. (
A one-day series of lectures i
directed at top Nebraska in-!
dustrial executives and line '
officers entitled "Industrial
Applications Using Digital
Computers," will be held
April 22.
' ; y in
Why is a Bass weejun moccasin better than gcing barefoot? True, It costs
more, but appearance and comfort are more too. (Stubbed toes are "out" this
year and are apt to smart a bit) Bass makes moccasins like the injuns did, with
one single piece of leather that extends all the way under the foot Not to men
tion the leather soles and heels. Don't be a beast, baby your feet, cradle them
in a Bass weeiun.
GOLD'S lively young Lincoln Shoes . . . second floor
Union To
A demonstration on the art
of sculpting will mark the
opening of a display of s t u
dent sculpture work in the
Nebraska Union lounge
Wednesday afternoon.
The sculpture display will
be the first of two student art
displays and one sale to be
held at the Union this month.
They are all sponsored by the
Union contemporary arts
An inter-living unit art ex
hibit will be held April 19-22.
The show will be held on the
Union terrace and all living
units are invited to submit
paintings or drawings to be
Anyone interested in parti
cipating in this display, is
asked to contact Elaine Kallos
at Pound Hall.
On May 4 and 5 a student
Court Sets
A University student was
arraigned in Lancaster
County Court Monday on two
counts of motor vehicle hom
icide in connection with a
Sunday accident in which two
pedestrians were killed.
Larry Olson, 20, of F r e -mont.
entered no plea and
asked for a preliminary hear
ing which was set for April
20. Bond was set at $2,500.
Mrs. Evelyn Aldape, 34, 128
No. 29th, and Horace D.
Brooks. 57, a roomer in the
Aldape house, were crossing
O St. near 20th just west of
the Rock Island Railroad
tracks when they were struck
by a west-bound car in the
north lane.
Deputy County Attorney
Ronald Lahners said Mrs.
Aldape and Brooks were
hit at "approximately the
same time."
A passenger with Olson no
tified police of the accident
which occurred at about
a.m. bunday.
Three passengers in Olson's
car, all University students,
were released subject to call,
according to Lahners.
He said Mrs. Aldape and
, Brooks were pronounced dead
on arrival at St. Elizabeth
j Hospital and that autopsies
1 have been ordered.
Bass '
art sale will be held in t h e
Pan American room of tlue
Union. Any University stu
dents may submit paintings,
sculpture, or other works of
art to the sale.
Those interested in selling
their work should bring it to
the Union Program office on
either April 28 or 29. The work
should be labeled with its. ti
tle, artist, medium and price.
A separate list should be
submitted along with the, art
object for the sale's records.
The contemporary arts com
mittee will extract five per
cent of the sales price as a
charge for the sale.
Home Ec Classes
To Present Show
A fashion show, "Mosaics
in Fashion", will be presented
at 8 p.m. Friday in the' East
Union Activities Building.
Presenting scenes in a col
lege girl's life, the show will
feature clothing made in home
economics classes and mod
eled by students in horns eco
nomics classes and modeled
by students in home eco
nomics. The fashion show is open
to all University students and
to the public.
Daily Nebraskan
Vol. 89, No. 93
April . ISM
Srcond-class postage paid at Lincoln.
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Service, Incorporated. Published
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Subscription rates are $4 per semes
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news editor. JON KFRKHOFF; sports
editor. hKl.l.tV BAKF.R: senior staff
JULIE MORRIS: Junior staff writers,
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MIKE K1RKMAN, business manarer:
assistants: LYNN RATH JEN,
lion manarert JIM BCNZ, ubacrtption
black and
antiqued brown
f I
1 I
I i
t !
Nebraska Union