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Jo Stohlman, editor
Mike Kirkman, business manager
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Monday, March 28, 1966
Sorority Housing Shortage
A housing shortage is presenting most
University sororities with a problem for
next fall what to do for housing for the
girls the houses will not accommodate.
Several solutions have been suggested
including having girls move into dormi
tories as has been done in the past by a
few, or allowing seniors over 21 to move
into apartments.
Any solution will have to be a
compromise. Naturally the most de
sirable answer finding room for all
eligible girls to live In the sorority
house is an impossibility for some.
And there are serious pros and cons
to each of the suggested solutions.
Allowing seniors over 21 to move into
apartments may be the most adequate so
lution. However, this leaves some ques
tions unanswered: What about the "senior
leadership" that many feel would be
lost? Of what great use would senior keys
be? What about the houses which have
rulings that the girls who move out of
the dorms or the house lose their active
And questions are also raised about
the possibility of the dorms housing the
extra girls: Who would be delegated to
the dorms seniors, juniors, sophomores,
or a combination? Would grades be the
determinant? Would a senior or junior
find dorm living offensive after having
lived in the sorority house?
These questions, and others, will have
to be answered by Panhellenic and the
Panhellenic Advisory Board. Whatever
answers they come up with, we feel there
are certain stipulations which must be
If seniors are allowed to live in
apartments, they must be able to re
tain their active status. We doubt ser
iously that seniors should be moved
to the dorms, unless they so desire.
We question that seniors would wel
rae dorm living after having lived in
the sorority house, but the freedom of
an apartment might not be so unde
sirable. The housing shortage is caused in
large part because of the house quotas
which Panhellenic raised last fall. This was
done to allow more girls to pledge.
Wre believe that upped quotas do not
solve the problem of allowing more girls
who wish to pledge to do so. The answer
to that is more sororities on campus as
it grows.
Higher house quotas lead to more
serious problems such as the housing
shortage now facing the sororities
and the difficulty in maintaining house
unity among a cumbersome number of
Sorry About That!
M i
News Editor
Call Terry Schaaf in the
next week and he's likely
to hang up on you.
He must be getting so
tired of those calls, "Terry,
I know you're running and
I'd like to run with you."
If the headlines have hid
den the fact from a few
Schaaf, without announcing
his candidacy, is the front
runner in the ASUN presi
dential election for Apirl 27.
Everyone is convinced
he'll run and most say
Roger Doerr will be his
vice presidential candidate.
Already president of the
Nebraska Union, the ques
tion still remains what he
will do about the Union
board. Most people can't
imagine any human taking
On the vice presidential
level-4he one name that
sticks out in front of the
others is Roger Doerr. (The
man who will supposedly
give Terry the Independent
Many wonder why Roger
will be content to be the
second man with the dorms
full of potential, although
bard to get votes, but Roger
and Terry have been work
ing together in this way a
long time since Hastings
High School.
The big question com
pletely hidden by the head
linesright now is the new
position of second vice pres
ident. The position leaves many
possibilities but being a
sophomore I'd like to men
tion only two Ron Pfeifer
and Liz Aitken.
There is a philosophy of
thought which says a junior
(they will be juniors next
year) shouldn't have a top
position because of senior
honorary complications.
In other words some peo
ple think that a junior is
too conscious of the senior
honoraries when he makes
a decision and acts.
But on the other hand one
can't help but think that the
? snerience would make
either Pfeifer or Misi Ait
ken a better president the
following year.
11 li tifllltlMIM III tirilirtllllf MM lilf IMIif tllllMltlllMIIErtlUMIlif Mtltlll tM JlillllMIM tlllMlllllIlllll JIM lltlMMMj
I More Letters ... 1
Counter Repty to Reply
Dear Editor,
I would like to comment on Mr. Davidson's reply to
my letter. In its essence, my letter was a criticism of
the SDS stand against resisting the expansion of Com
munism, not a criticism of the SDS action against South
Its point was that an organization which is sensitive
to the evil of apartheid and which advocates measures
aimed at forcing internal changes on the part of the
state which practices apartheid, is on very thin ice in
deed when it opposes measures aimed merely at check
ing the much greater evil of Communism.
In trying to evade this issue, not to meet it, Mr.
Davidson brings up four points: 1. He accuses U.S. "bus
iness interests" of being accessories to the crime of apart
heid; 2. He makes the astonishing claim that South Af
rica is an expansionist power; 3. He dregs up a wicked
non-Communist atrocity to confuse the issue; 4. He re
treats completely from the realm of fact and logic into
the realm of emotion and opinion by saying "Tell it to
the black Africans, Mr. Wilson, and see what they have
to say."
1. Regardless of whom the SDS accused of compli
city in supporting apartheid, the fact remains that the
SDS advocates a policy which would hurt the black Afri
can population of South Africa much more than the white.
(Does the SDS believe in suffering for the sake of free
dom after all?); a policy which could easily lead to the
setting off of a violent revolt and eventual racial war; a
policy which in effect attempts to force our way of life
on others.
2. Mr. Davidson says, "You say the government ot
South Africa is not expansionist. Have you not heard about
Angola, Rhodesia, Mozambique, or South-west Africa?"
What about them? Angola and Mozambique are Portu
guese colonies; if South Africa is attempting to take over
these areas, Portugal doesn't seem to be aware of it.
Far from trying to expand into Rhodesia, South Africa
is heping Rhodesia to be strong and independent. South
west Africa has been a part of South Africa since South
African independence in 1910. How can South Africa be
expanding into an area it has controlled for 56 years?
All of these areas have been controlled by whites for
more- than a century. Name one black African country
that has been invaded by South Africa; I can name a
dozen non-Communist countries that have been invaded by
their Communist neighbors.
3. No, Mr. Davidson, I don't advocate that we begin
murdering six million Jews. But since you ask, I will
explain the limits of my "anti-Communism." I oppose
Communism only so far as it claims to have plans to
dominate all mankind by force of subversion, and only
in situations where it attempts to put its openly announced
plan into operation. The military force used to resist
Communism should be limited to the amount necessary
to meet the military force of the Communists. For
Americans, anti-Communism should be limited by the will
of the American people as expressed by their elected re
presentatives and by the safeguards of the U.S. Consti
tution as interpreted by legally constituted courts.
4. As to your impractical suggestion that I "tell it
to the black Africans," I can only express my surprise
that one who insists so strongly on "clear thinking" should
resort to such an emotion-laden appeal to opinion.
Finally, Mr. Davidson, stop dodging the issue; face
up to it. How is it that you justify, on the grounds of at
tacking the evil of apartheid, a course that would mean
violence and misery for Africa; while at the same time
you condemn, on the grounds that it entails violence and
misery, a course of defending ourselves and others from
the incomparably greater evil of Communism?
Being a compendium of farce, absur
dity and comment, selected arbitrarily by
the Editor . . .
News from Hooker: "This week I've
been at my lowest. Yesterday I went to a
supermarket and the electric eye wouldn't
One of the pleasant experiences of be
ing an editor is having enough letters to fill
the Campus Opinion column.
A second pleasurable experience is hav
ing letters on diverse topics. (Then there's
the reply to a letter, the reply to the re
ply, the reply to the reply to the reply,
the reply to the reply to the reply to the
reply; you get the picture.)
May have to start charging ad rates
one of these days.
Steve Abbott, editor of Scrip, has con
tributed some "Mother's Tales Grooved Up
a Bit to Fit the Spirit of the Times," Such
as . . .
Fiddle Faddle
Hey Fiddle diddle the Chancellor's fatle
our faculty sits on the moon (they're
The taxpayers laugh
to see such a sight
as 16,000 students stuffed in 1 classroom.
(Who's being spoon-fed?)
Hickory Dickory Docked
Our tuition's really clocked
The clock breaks
Will our tuition run down?
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to get an education.
Jack fell down
and broke his average.
See ya in Viet Nam Jack!
Minuteman Blue come blow your horn
Commies are in the classroom
SDS is in the corn.
But where is the little minuteman
of this conservative text?
He's in the haystack
breathing down our necks!
Three blind students
Three blind students
They all ran for office in ASUN
all selected fraternity men
did you ever see such nonsense again
as three blind students?
Mary, Mary, quite contrary
how does your social life grow?
With AW7S it's really a mess
But somehow I'll make out, I guess.
Mother Goose, we're Sorry About That!
Protests and American Policy
Dear Editor,
Mr. Hungerford certainly has the right to believe what
he will, and as a staff member of the Rag, to write what
he will. His recent opinion on patriotism did strike me
as so absurd that one would wonder if, after having read
it when his passions cooled, that he might not realize how
foolish a thing it was that he hd written, and therefore
resign his post. But he probably did a service to the
campus community by so well stating his error.
As for Mr. Jim Swartz's recent letter inspired by the
suggestion from SDS officer Mr. Carl Davidson, I find
only the vaguest understanding of the nature df a de
mocracy. Mr. Swartz believes that the 60 demonstrators
against apartheid were unfairly representing the Univer
sity. It is my understanding of the representative proce
dure, that it would have been necessary for the studentry
to appoint or elect them if they wished the demonstrators
to represent them. I don't believe this was the case.
Therefore, the marchers represented not the Univer
sity, but rather their own concern for the plight of the
South Africa. Mr. Swartz mentioned the reason for the
pickets, and give us the benefit of his judgment on the
U.S. support of the undemocratic government of South
Certainly the pickets were an exercise in constitutional
democracy, in the time-honored tradition of Article One of
the Bill of Rights. These marchers did not pretend to re
present the University, and anyone who thinks they did
is only showing his ignorance of the situation.
In brief response to Mr. Ray Wilson, it nay be said
that SDS opposes the undemocratic government of South
Vietnam, a government not of free elections but of mili
tary dictators. Why protest this and South Africa and not
the government of Russia? Because we are supporting
the undemocratic governments of South Africa and South
Vietnam. We are not supporting Russia.
Democracy is a system of government which ideally
provides for the execution of the will of the majority
while at the same time protecting the opinions of the
minorities, for they too are free people and deserve to be
allowed their thoughts. Almost all ideas accepted by the
majority were once held by only a minority. And is there
any man in this country who does not hold a minority
opinion on some matter?
I am an American, and fiercely proud of it. I am glad
to be a free citizen, with rights to criticize as well as
praise the government. But most of all, I am glad that
I can participate in my government's decision. For the
citizen is more important than the government; only the
totalitarian countries believe that the citizen should serve
the state.
U.S. Waits Too Long
Dear Editor,
Vern Bartct
Another Viewpoint
I To His Draft Board
I read with interest the letter in Tuesday's (sic) Rag
entitled, "Resisting Is Only Choice."
Mr. Wilson is "mystified at how the same group (SDS)
can oppose our intervention to stop the spread of Com
munism and at the same time advocate our intervention
to stamp out an evil which is not attempting to expand."
I feel sure, Mr. Wilson, that the SDS does oppose the
means Communism uses to achieve its ends. But, both
the SDS and I oppose some of the means the U.S. uses
to counter Communism. (As that old saying goes, "The
ends just don't justify the means.")
I know that we all agree that war is bad: you, the
SDS, and I. I know that we would agree that to be
forced into war is also a terrible thing. And we have been
forced into something like four wars now, haven't we?
Could it be, Mr. Wilson, that there is something wrong
with a foreign policy that allows evils to grow until there
are few alternates left than to fight?
Shouldn't we try to influence the causes of Commu
nism (hunger, harsh dictatorships, apartheid, and lack of
transportaton and communication among peoples) rather
than to wait for Communism to take advantage of these
But, Mr. Wilson, we refuse to heal, clothe, feed and
visit. We refuse to help or free people until we are forced
to until we lose our freedom to choose between alter
nate forms of action. We wait until we are forced to "help"
these people by carrying on a war which everybody loses.
We wait until the only thing we build is hate. Yes,
and "resisting is our only choice."
Ray Wilson
There are other names
which the leadlines no
doubt will insist on men
tioningand other names
do deserve mention but the
facts will be known Friday
and the rumors will end.
Beatles Not Coming
Dear Editor,
Congratulations Tippy Dye and all others responsible
for turning down the Beetle's offer to come to Lincoln!
Since when is the administration so well-off that it
can turn down a $10,000 profit? Not that I'm an avid
Beatle fan, but what could it possibly hurt? I mean $10,-
(7 Onr 000 ig W00 and it seems sheer irony that University of-
lcZJ fieiaIs (now 8dv0cating a tuition hike because the U. of N.
J is going broke) should kick a gift horse in the mouth.
r . . x As far as damage to the grounds goes, a perform-
(Jlist Slightly Korrect) ance by the Beatles certainly couldn't surpass the punish
ment the stadium field gets in a regulr football game.
Would you believe . . . thai Perhaps the real reason for not wanting ths English
two Rag staffers (including combo here is because the administration is afraid that
the Editor) are on the Senior they might put this cowtown on the map by allowing such
Key committee?! (Is there sinful orgies to happen in our very own stadium! Heaven
really a conflict of interest forbid!!
clause in the AWS constitu
tion?) Dave Turner
By Bill Grout
Colorado Daily
Mildred M. Bundle, Clerk
Local Board No. 66
Security Building
Safe Harbor, Iowa
Dear Miss Bundle:
There has been a lot of
talk here lately about draft
ing college students, and I
wondered if you would do
me a favor of telling me
how I stand with you. I
mean, what's my status
now. I just want to be sure,
is all.
Yours truly,
Herbert L. Booking
River City College
Dear Miss Bundle:
What's this form you sent
me for? All I wanted was
for you to tell me where I
stand in regards to the call
up. I'll just consider this a
mistake, then, all right? Ex
pecting to hear from you.
I am.
Yours truly,
Herbert L. Booking
Dear Miss Bundle:
Miss Bundle, please! Why
did you send me this "Re
port" thing? I'm in school,
Miss Bundle, in college
River City College. It's an
accredited college and
everything, and I'm taking
a full load of sixteen hours
all of them for credit. I've
paid my tuition and my
room and board, and I
don't owe anybody any
money, and my grades are
good ("B" average), and
my father is a veteran.
Please tell me you're not
serious, Miss Bundle. Wait
ing for your reply, I am,
Herbert L. Booking
Dear Miss Bundle:
Oh, Miss Bundle, why
won't you answer me? I
told you in my last letter
about me being in school.
Nobody else is getting draf
ted here. Why me? What
did I ever do to you?
Miss Bundle, I was born
in Safe Harbor. I grew up
there, went to school there.
My parents paid taxes
there. Is it because we
moved away after my Soph
omore year at Safe Harbor
High? Is that why you don't
like me? Miss Bundle, I
love, Safe Harbor. In fact,
I cried when my parents
told me we were going to
move. Will you please check
your records again? Will
you at least answer me?
Thanking you, I am,
As ever,
Herbert L. Booking
Dear Miss Bundle:
O.K. If that's the way you
want to play, I can play
that way too. If you won't
answer me, then I won't
write to you any more,
either. Hoping you are mis
erable. Herbert L. Booking
Dear Miss Bundle:
I've just written to the
President yes, the Presi
dent of the United States!
I told him my probiem, and
I am confident that He will
help me. Prepare to lose
your job Miss Bundle.
Here's seeing you a civilian
Herbert L, Booking
Dear Miss Bundle;
Oh, you're sneaky, all
right: having an unlisted
telephone number. Well,
there are other ways to flop
my mop. My father knows
the water commissioner in
Safe Harbor, and we'll see
whether you stay on your
throne any longer. If y o u
don't answer one of my let
ters in five days, that water
commissioner will be knock
ing on your door to . . . well,
wait and see, Miss Bundle.
I am, waiting.
Herbert L. Booking
Dear Miss Bundle:
I'm begging you, please
answer me. My time is get
ting short. I've only two
days left. On my knees, I
Oh so truly yours,
Herbert L. Booking
Dear Mildred:
I've joined the Navy. Ha,
ha. Out of your clutches at
last, I am,
Not yours truly,'
Herbie Booking
Miss Mildred M. Bundle,
What do you mean by tell
ing me you made a mistake!
You'd better run, Mildred,
because when I get off this
battleship Safe Harbor
won't be safe any more.
You can bet on that, Milly
baby. Arranging transpor
tation to Iowa, I am,
Soon to be truly yours,
Seaman Herbert L. Booking
USS Rough Water
Daily Nehraskan
Knterrel a. tenw KM mmUet at
the neat afrlee la Unrein, Nebrartn.
Tlw Pnllr N'krukn If Bubitoket
eno-r the act of Auruat 4. IDlt.
BeoKrlptlea rIM are M nr eemei
trr or M for Ike ra4emle rear,
Monday, Yednerfer, TaurUar ant
frldur tfurlnc the erheel rear, einrat
aurtnf vacation, and evam period.,
br .lueVnt. el the 1'nlrer.Hr of No ander Che fcirlesJcllea 1 the
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nerMn anUlde the Uaiver.lty. Mem
ber. Nebr.ikan .re reoneanlhle
for rha! fhy e.uee he erlnled.
Member Annoc-lated Collegiate
Pren, K'tional 4dvertlfsin(
SfcrvLe, Iiu or-:,. UJ. Puoimned
at Room SI, Nebraska Union,
Lincoln, Nebraska.
TELEPHONE: 477-8711, Ei
tension 2588, 589 and 25D0.
Marchers Were Informed
Dear Editor,
Roger Iliff
Bravo for Mr. Swartz! He has shown that there are
still some students on campus who don't believe in rock
ing the boat, after all, controversial issues death, horri
ble mutilation, war, segregation by Nazi-style techni
ques,) are really not for this campus, even though the
rest of the world is involved in them. After all, an inter
est in humanity is not really the kind of thing students
should indulge in, or is it?
Tell me Mr. Swartz (if you're not too busv hiding in
my bathroom to see if I bathe or not), just exactly what
is wrong with devoting a large share of the Daily Ne
braskan to a Midwest conference of students showing a
deep interest in the tremendous social inequities, in South
Africa and its American support?
The United States' government felt strongly enough
about injustices (alleged) in Viet Nam to go to war; aren't
we allowed to feel strongly enough about something to at
least walk down the street and carry signs? This is sorely
newsworthy on this campus Mr. Swartz; most students sCre
too busy being totally apathetic or discussing such big
social issues as the mix-up in Greek mail. We care enough
about the rest of the world to show it how we feel,
and we are indeed enough of a rarity to rate a little
space once in a while.
, An,.th thingt Mr Swartz, the 60 marchers were in
formed! They have studied the South African problem.
Its you who are uniformed, Mr. Swartz, for had you
paid much attention to what you're condemning, you could
not, in all honesty, say what you have said about it. Did
you attend the teach-in, the discussions, or did you
just decide to protest the protesters ?
It is you, Mr Swartz, who have missed the -point,
not the students. SPS did not "bull" its way on catnpus
anymore than any other club or organization. To set up
any club or organization on campus, certain rules -must
be followed and requirements met, and SDS conformed
to these just as all other clubs have done in the past
Tell me do you think Chess Club "bulled" Its way on
campus? '
c.,,!81' Mf; SZ' SDS has never claimed to repre
sent the entire Nebraska University student body, only
themselves. To say they are doing anything while at-
v?8 represent the wh0,e University is something
you yourself have invented.
hp fiT t0 y?,Ur Swartz- this is a Communist tec
tic. ( I hope I don't offend your paymaster. ) "
Don Suttop
nV. ,? gnPd k'tter t0 the editor wl nt Prinks
57i Pen f!?mf wi" e ucd, upon the writer's re
hJ 11 ft " CrltlcaJf indiviuais must be signed with