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    Thursday, Feb. 24, 1966
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Army ROTC Film
Describes Training
A film outlining the new
Army ROTC training pro
gram for college sophomores
will be shown next Wednes
day and Thursday at the
Military and Naval Science
Maj. Warren Lawson, as
sistant professor of military
science, said the 15-minute
summer training session in
its entirety and will be shown
in room 206.
Under the new two-year
college program, Initiated
last summer by the Army,
college sophomores who have
not taken the basic military
science courses can qualify
for the advanced course, if
they can meet mental and
physical requirements.
If the applicant passes the
qualifying tests, he is inter
viewed by a board of offic
ers, who will evaluate his of
ficer potential. A successful
applicant takes a six-week
basic summer course, in lieu
of the first two-years of Uni
versity classwork.
Lawson noted that three
University students complet
ed the training session last
Coeds Plan
For Skits
Following the theme "No
Men Allowed," six skits will
be presented-at Coed Follies
Friday night in Pershing Au
ditorium. The skits will be presented
by Pound Hall, Alpha Phi
t'hi Omega, Gamma Phi Peta,
Kappa Kappa Gamma' and Pi
Beta Phi.
Prospective fathers in a
waiting room is the theme of
the Pi Beta Phi's "Dame Ca
tastrophe." Chi Omega will present "A
Merry Go-Around" which is
about a carnival and fea
tures everything from fat
ladies to clowns.
A portrayal of gypsy life,
a life of song, dance and love
is described in Gamma Phi
Beta's "The Sound of Gyp
sies." The Kappa Kappa Gamma's
concentrate on the world
situation and their skit, "It's
a Big Wide Wonderful World"
parodies the world situation as
President Johnson hands out
Pound Hall's "Private Les
lie U.S.A." depicts a girl who
has trouble because everyone,
even the U.S. Army, thinks
she is a man.
The show will include four
travelers acts between the
Trophies will be awarded to
the top three acts and skits.
The Ideal Nebraska Coed and
Outstanding Collegiate Man
will also be announced at the
end of the program.
Finalists for Ideal Coed are
Jeanne Fauss, Carolyn Free
man, Pam Hedgecock, Jan
Kaufmann, Candy Sasso, Joan
Spivey and Erma Winterer.
Outstanding Collegiate Man
finalists are Roger Doerr, F.
C. Green, Larry Johnson, Jim
Kinyoun, Gary Larsen, Rob
ert Milligan and Andrew
It pays to
February 25
year and there are already
over 20 applications for this
summer's camp.
"I would encourage any
interested sophomore to view
the film to realize what the
ROTC program offers for his
future," explained Major
INTER Varsity, 8 a.m., Ne
braska Union.
12:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
BUILDERS-Campus P r o
motion, 3:30 p.m., Nebraska
AWS Workers, 3:30 p.m., N
braska Union.
UNION Talks and Topics, 4
p.m., Nebraska Union.
BUILDERS-Calendar and
Directory, 4:30 p.m., Nebras
ka Union.
YWCA - Jr. Cabinet, 4:30
p.m., Nebraska Union.
Social Committee, Publicity
Committee, 4:30 p.m., Nebras
ka Union.
BUILDERS First Glance,
4:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
COUNCIL for Exceptional
Children, 4:30 p.m., Nebraska
AWS Court, 4:30 p.m., Ne
braska Union.
YWCA Sr. Cabinet, 4:30
p.m., Nebraska Union.
Students Abroad, 6:15 p.m.,
Nebraska Union.
AUF, 6:30 p.m., Nebraska
QUIZ BOWL, 7 p.m., Ne
braska Union.
Nebraska Union.
KOSMET KLUB Rehearsal,
7 p.m., Nebraska Union.
MATHCounselor Program,
7:30 p.m., Nebraska Union.
CHRISTIAN Science Organ
ization, 6:30 p.m., Cotner
School of Religion Chapel.
AMATEUR Radio Club.
7:30 p.m., Military and Naval
Science Building.
Independent May
File For Queen
Independent Lincoln women
with a 2.0 grade average may
apply for May Queen in the
Student Activities Office,
room 129, Nebraska Union.
Applications are to be re
turned to the Mortar Board
mailbox in the Union by 7
p.m., Feb. 23.
All applicants will be on the
ballot for preliminary elec
tions which will be held
March 2. Finalists will be
voted upon in an all-women's
election March 9.
Classes Called
For Convocation
Classes will be dismissed
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. for an
all-University convocation in
the Coliseum which will fea
ture Arthur M. Schlesinger.
will be your
of this...
yearly market?
advertise in:
"Serving the students of
phs I . r:-i ,t . .-1 y.
F-86 JET FIGHTER ... on the Mall in front of the
Building reminds the campus population that Feb. 21-25 is
Force Week. Arnold Air Society made the arrangements to
It is the property of the Nebraska Air National Guard.
IFC Committee Reports ...
University Housing Complex
Could Benefit Fraternities
A report compiled by the
Interfraternity Council (IFC)
expansion committee states
that "there is absolutely no
reason why the system of
University-owned fraternity
housing facilities cannot be of
great and equal benefit to the
University and fraternity sys
tem." The report does stipulate
that before this housing can
be successful," sufficient
broad, but specific, limita
tions and guarantees" must
be mutually agreed upon dur
ing the contract negotiations.
The report lists six sugges
tions which "if incorporated,
should create a system of Uni
versity built and owned fra
ternity housing facilities which
are not just satisfactory, but
truly beneficial o all chap
ters involved as well as the
Separate Units
The provisions point out that
the University-owned frater
sity housing units should be
separate and occupied solely
by the members of a single
fraternity. Each unit should
have a warm-up kitchen since
it is economically and legal
ly impossible for each house
to have a fully-equipped kitch
en, the report states.
The report also stipulates
that each house should hold a
long term contract with speci
fic provisions for renewal,
termination, and repair and
maintenance arrangements
during summer months.
In addition, financial ar
rangemests should be paid to
the University in a fixed fee
regardless of size and each
house should provide for its
furnishings. Parking spaces
should be allotted to each
house, and the architect
should confer with representa
tives of each fraternity about
interior and exterior design.
The committee contacted
deans of men and presidents
of interfraternity councils at
universities where fraternity
the University of Nebraska"
jjayffftw jrftw-""fc PnnVVVVM a"fWiWfffMtTaj
id Co) o)
University-housing is in ef
fect to compile the report.
It was found that two uni
versities have ten chapters
living in separate sections of
a dormitory and the other
twelve, totaling 118 chapters,
have individual living units.
In six of the 14 schools, the
university negotiated directly
with the students on financial
arrangements, and at the oth
er eight, leases between the
university and the chapter
were arranged.
Chapters Satisfied
The majority of the schools
reported that the chapters
seem to be satisfied. Howev
er, several reasons for dissat
isfaction listed by five of the
schools were: "Financial ar
rangements, repair and main
tenance and too much univer
sity control." Non-complex
chapters mention university
domination during the rushing
period as a point against those
chapters in the complex.
Twelve of the 14 schools felt
that conditions are satisfac
tory from the administration's
point of view. The other two
believe that private housing
is more desirable.
Questionnaires were also
sent to the executive secre
taries of fraternities on this
campus. Of the 18 fraterni
ties responding, ten have a
total of 40 chapters living in
complexes and all but five are
owned by the parent institu
tion. Six chapters said they had
no problem, but other men
tioned some difficulties.
The problems mentioned in
cluded, "Undergraduates are
not happy and lack the pride
of ownership; alumni object
strongly; finances are more
difficult, and exterior and in
terior decor is either not func
tional, unattractive or too
These chapters advised that
individuality must be main
tained and that financial and
administrative responsibilities
Tickets on Sale in the Union & At Pershing Auditorium
Military and Naval Science
Air Force Week. Arnold Air
have the plane brought in.
must be worked out in ad
vance to the agreement of
both university and fraterni
ty. Answers to other questions
brought out that close rela
tionship should be maintained
when financing, construction
plans and contract terms dur
ing the planning of the com
plex are made. Individual un
dergraduate leadership must
be maintained by individual
The point most repeatedly
stressed was the fact that fi
nances, administration and
chapter management should
be left to the leadership of the
individual chapter.
Mike Gottschalk is the chair
man of the expansion commit
tee. Other members are Bill
Hayes, Dwight Bletscher,
Steve Gold and Ron Lang
hoff. Late Bate Night
Mortar Boards will sponsor
a late date night after Coed
Follies, Friday.
They will collect one penny
for every minute after 1 p.m.
a girl stays out. The late date
night ends at 2 a.m.
A representative from the Oxnard School
District will be on campus on Tuesday,
March 1 to interview applicants interested
in teaching grades kindergarten through
six. Contact the placement office for an appointment.
' Iff, 1 Z f z
f4i F & s,' J ' ?
M" f 4 If Jr" V' '
. if V f s - y y f
" ' f 1 y s v "
i ' ma ' '''l
rE i'll wearmy ,
grad slacks 1
Buy Your H..5. Blazer at
I WB&t Captain's lilalh ii
jlj UNIVIIIirr 0 NtMAKA UNCOht jj
1 1
Debate Meet Opens
The University is hosting
120 debate teams from fifty
colleges and universities in 11
different states Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday in the an
nual Intercollegiate Debate
Dr. Donald Olson, director
of debate, and Dr. John Pe-
Zinga Stars
Show, 'How
The cast has been announced
for the Kosmet Klub Spring
Show, "How To Suceed In
Business Without Really Try
ing," by Mrs. Lou Hall, di
rector. Phil (Flip) Zinga will play
the lead part of J. F I e r r e
Pont Finch, a young man rls
business world.
Supporting Zinga will be two
other men and three women
Pam Oswald will play the
part of Rosemary (the hero
ine), and Ross Graham has
the part of J. B. Biggley
(president of the World Wide
Liquor Corporation).
The role of Bud Frump will
be portrayed by Steve Brad
ford and Debra Mattson will
play Hedy La Rue.
Smitty will be portrayed by
The regular session of Quiz
Bowl competition will be
Thursday at 7 p.m. with eight
matches scheduled in the Ne
braska Union small auditori
um. Teams must report to isola
tion at the beginning of the
half in which they play or be
disqualified, according to Lar
ry Johnson, chairman.
Thursday's matches are Phi
Delta Theta Pups vs. Phi Psi
Whiz Kids, 7 p.m.; Score
Seekers vs. Alpha Omicron Pi,
7:25 p.m.; Phi Gamma Delta
II vs. Sigma Nu Activies, 7:50
p.m.: Alpha Gamma Tho
Pledges vs. Kappa Sigma B,
8:15 p.m.; Piper Hall vs.
VIP's, 8:40 p.m.; Delta Upsi-
lon II vs. Kappa Alpha Theta
II, 9:05 p.m.; Big Four vs.
Phi Gamma Delta Freshmen,
9:30 p.m.; Theta Chi II vs.
Sigma Nu Pledges, 9:55 p.m
n-mt MiMiraiamarf 'Hfhri
telle, assistant professor of
speech, are directing the in
vitational debate tournament.
Besides the debate teams,
the program includes 48 en
tries in oratory, 63 in extem
poraneous speaking and 56 in
interpretative reading.
Each school is required to
In Spring
To Succeed'
Suzi Peterson, Miss Jones
by Shclia Kelley and Bratt by
Larry Dotson. The part of
Twimble will be played by
Larry Schneider.
Mrs. Hall explained that be
sides the six lead part, there
is a cast of 45 in the chorus
The show will be performed
March 25 and 26 at Pershing
Others in charge of the show
include Larry Kuch, show
chairman; John Carter Cole,
music director; James Meis
ner pianist, and Charles How
ard, scene director .
A frican
The first of a four-meeting
series on contemporary prob
lems in Africa is scheduled
this weekend.
The program, sponsored by
the University YMCA will be
gin Sunday at 2 p.m. Em
phasis at the first meeting will
be on South Africa, according
to Dave Kittams, chairman of
the YMCA public issues com
mittee. A film made by the South
African government and pos
sibly another film from a dif
ferent source will be shown,
Kittams said. He said the
group is attempting to show
both sides of the picture in the
country and is not trying to
"sell" any particular story.
A discussion after the film
will be led by African foreign
Kittams said later meetings
will deal with Rhodesia and
the African Portugese
Monday thru Friday
Monday thru Friday
Dish Machine Operator:
Monday thru Friday
provide a competent critic for
every two debate teams it en
ters. Nebraska judges will b
used only during the debate
semi-finals and finals, Olson
A sweepstakes award will
be presented to the school
with the most overall points
and a trophy will be awarded
to the winner of the champi
onship debate in junior and
senior divisions. Certificates
will be given to superior parti
cipants in all events.
The debate question is: "Re
solved: That law enforcement
agencies should be given great
er freedom in the investiga
tion and prosecution of
Debate teams are divided
into junior and senior sec
tions; people with less than
two years of intercollegiate
debate comprise the junior di
vision. Teams have two members.
Constructive speeches are 10
minutes in length, and rebutt
als are five minutes.
Rounds will be divided into
preliminaries, quarter-finals,
semi-finals and finals.
Original oratory entries are
written by the students during
this school year.
General subjects for extem
poraneous speaking are cur
rent, national and internation
al affairs.
Want Ads
Jkn low-cost rates apply to all clas
sified advertising In ih Daily Nebraska:
standard rat of Se per word and mini
mum eharn 1 Mc per classified loser.
Payment for tkea ads win fall tat
two categories: (1) ada running leas taaa
one werk In succession most bo paid for
before Insertion, (t) ada rnnninc for mora
than aae week will be paid weekly.
Must tell 1964 Vindale Mobile Home.
Take over payments. Like new. 488-6772,
Like new Encyclopedia Americana pur
chased new for $300 in 1956. All annuals
since Included. Will sell for $150. Con
tact 477-8510.
NEW APARTMENTS for upperclassman
near University. One-t htt e -bed room
suite. Available now. Built in kitchens,
air-conditioning, private utility, laundry
facilities. $55 per student. Call Jerry
Overton 477-811t.
1965 GTO 4 speed; full power; positrae-
tion, 17,000 miles; nice. See: La.ry
Rosenkrans; Beatrice Call 223-4324.
Gentry House, 2140 Orchard. University
approved. Nice private room, cooling,
T.V.. 477-6268.
ENGLISH MAJOR; Want to make some
extra cash? If have read "War And
Peace" Call 434-3943.
11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m.
12:00 Noon 2:30 p.m.
12:00 Noon 2:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.
Apply: Mr. Barnes
Nebraska Union No. Ill
8:00 P.M.
Pershing Auditorium
; j