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The Daily Nebraskan
Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1966
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Wrom The
de Red's note: The following
article was dug up In an edi
tion of the Creightonian,
Creighton University's cam
pus newspaper, late last week.
It demonstrates the impact
that the rise of the Univer
sity of Nebraska's basketball
team has had on a university
which used to hold the sports
spotlight during the winter
Creighton University has
dropped to second place in
Nebraska basketball status
and is seldom mentioned as a
college power anymore.
What is the matter with
Apparently nothing, as far
as Creighton students and
many fans are concerned.
The one probably distressed
with the situation is the Oma
ha radio station which reluc
tantly took on broadcast of
Creighton games this season,
only to find itself taking a
backseat long with the Blue
jays to another station broad
casting University of Nebras
ka basketball games.
Creighton students have be
come so calloused by untime
ly Bluejay losses that neither
a rousing upset nor uncalled
for defeat has any effect on
their spirit a spirit failing in
Creighton, whose main ath
letic concern is basketball,
has' usually been considered
THE basketball team from
Nebraska. Nebraska Univer
sity with one of the better
football teams in the nation
does not concentrate so much
on basketball and usually has
not had such nationally pro
minent basketball team
The Cornhuskers from Lin
coln are presently Big Eight
leaders, ranked ninth nation
ally and have a 16-3 win-loss
The basketball program at
After three days of sales
there were less than 1,500
tickets left for the finals of
the National Collegiate wrestl
ing championships.
The 1966 meet will be held
at Iowa State, March 24-26.
"We took orders for more
than 3,000 tickets the first
day," said C. Kim Tidd, Cy
clone business manager of
athletics. "We are now getting
a steady run on tickets and
will be sold out for the finals
within two weeks, I am cer
tain." Nebraska
Nebraska hung on to its
ninth place ranking in both
the UPI and AP top ten na
tional basketball ratings after
losing to Olkahoma City Uni
versity and beating Iowa State
last week.
Kansas ranks seventh in
both polls.
UPI Top Ten
Team Point!
1. Kentucky (3D U9-0) 346
i. Dultt HI 17-2) 294
3. Texas Western O) (18-0) 190
4. Providence U7-2) 171
5. Loyola ml.) H7-2) 163
. St. Joseph's (Pa.) (17-4) 161
7. Kansas (16-3) 140
1. Vanderbilt (17-3) ,116
9. Nebraska (16-3) 74
10. Michigan ( 13-5 70
Second 10 11, San Francisco 39; 12.
Cincinnati 26: 13, Syracuse 24; 14 (tie),
Utah and Brigham Young 53; 16. Houston
16; 17. St. John's iN.V.) 13; 18. Okla
homa City 11; 19. Western Kentucky 10;
20, Dayton 6.
AP Top Ten
2. Duke 17-2 355
J. Texas Western 1B-0 301
4. Chicago Loyola 17-2 247
5. Vanderbidt 17-3 182
Lincoln's Finest
1011 2nd Street
West Lincoln
Choice 10 oz. Sirloin
Sea Foods
Dance To The
Open at 11:00 A.M.
Creighton has anjoyed rela
tive success in recent years
or so it seejus. A further
look into the situation may
indicate merely a surface em
inence accompanied by tena
cious disheartenment.
Four years ago Creighton
was emerging into the major
college basketball realm.
Fresh from a 21-5 record jand
National College Athletic As
sociation tournament partici
pation the previous year, also
sporting an all-America, t h e
1962-63 Jays were pre season
polled No. 11 by some sports
The season was disappoint
ing though and Creighton
wound up 14-13. In post-season
tourney action among Catho
lic colleges which didn't re
ceive any other tournament
invitation, it wound up third
of the four teams competing.
The next year saw regular
season defeats few and far
Going into the NCAA tour
naments at Wichita, the Jays
were 22-5 and had been rated
as high as twelfth nationally
during the season.
The first game of the tour
nament quickly proved
Creighton incapable of tourney
composure and the Jays were
sent home with two thorough
Last year Creighton fin
ished with a mediocre 13-10
record but still expected a
post-season tourney bid.
NCAA officials gave them a
chance beat Notre Dame,
another mediocre non-conference
team, in the final season
game and a tourney bid would
be theirs.
Notre Dame had no inten
tions of losing that game and
certainly didn't. The Irish
went to the NCAA regionals.
That brings us to this sea
son. Though 10-10, the Jays
are floundering in something
of a "so-so season."
A logical reaction would
contend that somebody has to
Is someone who constantly
loses to good teams and poor
teams, who loses when the
chips are down or hen there
is no pressure or loses when
they "have the game. ' just a
team losing or a loser or
what is the problem?
Maybe Creighton just does
not have it?
Before asking that question,
try convincing yourself that
Creighton's basketball play
ers are not potentially one of
the best college teams in the
Still Ninth
6. Proyidence 17-2
7. Kansas 16-3
S. St. Joseph's, Pa. (1) 17 4
9. Nebraska 16-3
10. Michigan 13-5
Also receiving votes, listed alphabeti
callyBradley, Brighain Young, Cincin
nati, Davidson. Dayton (1), Houston, Ok
lahoma City, Oregon State. Pennsylvania,
Rhode Island, St. John's of N.Y.. San
Francisco. Syracuse, UCLA, Utah, West
ern Kentucky.
Roy Wittrock
Sure. We know we have a lot of hairstyling customers al
ready. But what about the majority the timid guys who
just ask for a haircut 'cause they're afraid to try something
new? Well come on down to Bob's and let us prove that we
are the men to do the job.
Grummert In Sports Spotlight
As Thrower Of Bars, Not Ball
i j By Bob Hasnick
Sports Assistant
Willie Grummert has been
throwing his ice cream bars
at hungry Husker fans for the
past three years.
The undisputed king of Ne
braska concessionaires sold
cokes before he moved up to
the bars but says he was nev
er "too hot for cokes." He
much prefers bars saying
"they're light and don't drip
all over you."
What Willie likes best about
bars is that he doesn't have
to sell them in the conven
tional, tedious manner. He
gets them to his customers
by throwing them.
The 21 year old Fairbury
native stumbled onto his me
thod of selling bars at a Ne
braska Shrine Bowl football
"This kid was sitting way
up there and I didn't know
how to get a bar to him so
I threw it." said Willie.
Willie didn't have m uch
luck throwing ice cream bars
until he discovered that they
could be spiraled like small
i footballs. Since then business
has boomed.
The presence of the outgo
ing Grummert selling his bars
at Memorial Stadium or the
N.U. Coliseum has become
part of the games attraction.
People Who Bug Willie
When the freshmen basket-b
all team bogs down in their
preliminary games, fans of
ten find it more fascinating
to watch Willie whip his ice
cream bars up to the high
est reaches of the coliseum.
"It kind of bugs me," says
Willie, "I'll be walking down-
t o w n and people will say
'Hey. there's the ice cream
bar man,' or I'll be sitting
in a bar and somebody will
ask, "Haven't I seen you
someplace before?"
"Up at the University?"
questions Willie.
"Yeh, you're the guy that
throws ice cream bars."
NU Swimmers Final
The University of Nebras
ka swimming team will con
clude its home meet sched
ule here Friday night at 7:30
against Colorado in the N.U.
Coliseum pool.
Coach Dick Klass's squad
will be going after their
sixtli win of the season
against Colorado who Klass
reports as being in a rebuild
ing year.
Two of Colorado's stand
outs are Terry Danko in the
breaststroke and Ballard, a
Klass said that Nebraska
would "use everybody we
can in the meet."
Klass Reviews State Meet
Klass called the state
high school swimming cham-
Westside last weekend a
"real fine meet."
Four of the Nebraskaland
seniors that Klass is most in
terested in are Bob Hartigan,
Creighton Prep, third in the
200 yard freestyle; King Lit
tle, Lincoln High, first in the
Frank James
T f
-'A ;i
WILLIE GRUMMERT . . . tosses bars that grossed
"People think I'm a kook,
which I am," admits Willie,
"but they don't realize I'mm
making money."
Willie coined $792 last year
from bar sales alone, if i s
best job of salesmanship so
far this year came during
the Kansas U. game when he
sold 1200 bars
Before the Class A and B
State High School basketball
championships were moved
from Lincoln to Omaha last
year tournament fans would
exhaust Willie's supply of
bars every night.
But under the new tourna
ment system says Willie, "All
I get are poverty-stricken
Class D people. They think
a dime is too much to pay
for a bar and say they can
get them cheaper back at the
general store."
Fans Have Good Aim
One of the drawbacks to
his sales pitch is that people
pay in the same way that
Willie delivers, through t h e
"But they do a good job,"
says Willie, "Peolpe amaze
me, they usually hit pretty
close to the mark."
Co-captains . . . Niekerson
and Frank.
5fl and 100 yard frecstyles;
Gary Spaulding, Omaha
Westside, second in the 50
yard freestyle; and Tom Tid
ball, Lincoln Southeast, sec
ond in the 100 yard butter
fly. NU Point Leaders
Sprint swimmer K e e f e
Lodwig leads Nebraska scor
ing in dual swimming meets
Dick Olton
r L '''it
- I
Willie sounds like a base
ball player when describing
his own marksmanship. "If
I just let 'em go naturally
I don't have any trouble, but
if I start thinking about it,
or try to aim it, then I'm lia
ble to zonk somebody on the
Willie does run into occas
ional trouble with his method
of delivery.
One of his misguided bar
knocked a pencil out of sports
caster Bob Zenner's hand.
"People have threatened to
have my job after they've
gotten zonked," said Willie.
Once when he was throw
ing a bar to a person sit
ting in the top of the coli
seum he broke out a window,
throw was set in Memorial
Stadium. He once hummed
a bar 37 rows up to a fan.
but admits, "It was a lucky
Willie has a kind of gen
tleman's agreement with oth
er concessionaries. Very few
people try to muscle in on
his ice cream business.
Although Willie is without
peer in the sale of ice cream
Home Dual Friday
this season with 88'4 points
and co-captain Dave Frank is
second with 59'4 points.
Other point scorers;
Hurrhlil 44' 2
Cordon 35' 2
Sorenson 35
Nirkerson 34' 2
Jackson 'W2
Fairbiiry Drops
Wilson Lounis sank a free
throw with 1:49 to play Tues
day night to give Missouri
Southern a 91-90 basketball
victory over Fairbury of Ne
braska. Lounis had 26 points for the
night and his teammate, Ron
to the
Don't Miss our
330 N.
All this weelc thru Saturday
Delicious Foods
Just by sitting at the lucky tables and
counter. Drawings all day.
7 a.m. to
330 N.
him $792 last year
bars, only recently did he sur
pass rival Roger Corn in to
tal cash receipts for conces
sions. "Corn's a letterman and
therefore can sell programs,"
explains Willia, "Everyone
needs a program but not ev
erybody needs a bar."
Pinned To Chi-0
Willie, a member of Sigma
Phi E p s i 1 o n fraternity, is
pinned to Ann Peithman, a
Chi-O. Because Willie spends
many of his nights selling
bars Ann must be content to
sit in the stands without him.
But Willie doesn't think his
ice cream will damage their
romance. "She likes basket
ball," says Willie.
"Her brother used to play
at Kansas State."
Willie is majoring in Civil
Engineering and will gradu
ate this year. That mean's
that the state's number one
bar vender will be stepping
down and young, energetic
salesmen will be taking his
To those following his foot
steps Willie says, "Sell the
heck out of those bars. The
more you put out the more
you make."
Frailer 153
Tice 15
Hlthrow 12
Sutton 10-'4
Parker 10".j
Prentiss 8
Miller 5'i
MrAdams 5
I.lggetl 4' i
Gleisburg 2!
91 - 90 Decision
Rosewicz collected 24 while
Allen Toler tossed in 18.
Mike Backer topped Fair
bury with 22 as he hit well
from the corners.
Southern led 51-49 at the
First Anniversary Celebration
4 p.m.
Prep Mat Tourney
Starts On Friday
Two Nebraska matches and
the state high school wrestling
championships February 18
19 will provide wrestling fans
with plenty of entertainment
this week.
Tonight the Nebraska var
sity will take on Northwest
Missouri State College at 7:30
in the N.u. uoiesium Satur
day Nebraska will host the
Missouri wrestlers at 4:30
The Huskers, after losses
last week at Iowa State and
South Dakota State College
and a win at State University
of South Dakota, will be seek
ing their third victory of the
Nebraska's chances are
dimmed by the loss of three
wrestlers on last week's trip.
Randy Snell, 160-pounder,
dislocated an elbow at South
Dakota University and will be
missing from the Nebraska
Coach Orval Borgialli fears
137-pounder Ron Hildenbrdand
is lost for the season with a
torn knee caritlage. Tough
177-pounder Lief Thompson in
jured his neck during the road
trip and will be on the doubt
ful list this week.
Borgialli planned to move
John Hallgren into Thomp
son's position and put Harry
Gaylor in to the 167-pound
Largest Meet Ever
Borgialli called the upcom
Last night's play concluded
first round action of the In
tramural basketball tourna
ment. Srores Monday, February 14
Sigma Chi B 42, Phi Delta Theta B .14
Delta Tau Delia B 38. Cornhusker B 37
Seaton D 82, Selleck 59
Pi Kappa Alpha A 27. Brown Palace 26
Kappa Sigma B 74, Phi Gamma Delta
B 20
Ag Men B 35. Pioneer B 32
Phi Kappa Psi A 55, Sigma Chi A 3H
Sigma Nu A 72, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
A 26
Beta Sigma Pii A 38, Triangle A 32
Phi Delta Theta A 59, Alpha Tau Omega
A 39
Delta Uwrilon A 38. Phi Delta ThHa A 31
Farm House A 40, Alpha Gamma Rho
A 35
Phi Delta Theta C 34, Kappa Sigma C 26
Alpha Tau Omega C 35, Sigma Phi
Epsilon C 32
Delta Upsilon C 41, Farm House C 29
(Definitely Not for FUDDY DUDDYS)
TS 1 d 1 -
iii lira lee mm
PCOLOaf illMll
" ---- i er. m
ing state high school champi
onships the "largest state
meet to be held."
The meet, to be held in
N.U. Coliseum, will include
the first three district finish
ers in each weight class in
stead of the first two as has
been done in the past.
In Class A Omaha Westside
and Bellevue each have seven
district champions in the
meet. Scottsbluff leads ail
qualifiers with eleven, four of
them district champions.
Albion with 11 and Cozad
with nine lead Class B quali
fiers. Each team has six dis
trict class winners.
The two-day meet carnival
will have five sessions.
On Friday preliminary
rounds will start at 2 in the
afternoon and quarterfinals
at 7:30 p.m.
Semifinals will start on Sat
urday at 9 a.m. Consolation
finals will be at 2 p.m., and
the championships at 7:30
p.m. A crowd of approximate
ly 8,000 is anticipated for the
two-day meet.
Five Wrestlers Report
Coach Orval Borgialli re
ported Tuesday that five new
men had reported to second
semester wrestling practice.
Among them are last year's
191-pound intramural champ
George Heimlich and scrappy
145-pounder Bob Elliott.
Phi Delta Theta C 42, Ag Men C 24
Schedule :
Wednesday, February 16
P.E. Building Court 1
5:00 Phi Kappa Psi A vs. Phi Delta
Theta A
6:30 Beta Sigma Psi A vs. Farm House A
7:30 Phi Kappa Psi B vs. Sigma Chi B
P.E. Building Court 2
5:00 Sigma Nu A vs. Delta Upsilon A
6:30 Pi Kappa Alpha A vs. Pioneer A
Ag College Carl
6:30 Delta Upsilon B vs. Delta Tau
Delta B
7:30 Beta Sigma Psi B vs. Ag Men B
" w-' "
r m ollis '14
1,1 7 ft I M in
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I ma 'hi
Y r,t Oisney
UGIy 1 Win"'?
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