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The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, Dec. 13, 1965
Orange Bowl Opponent Preveiv
- 1 Vv' ' V A J,
RAY'S TALENTED TOE . . . Alabama's
versatile David Ray ( 40) booms another
field goal home for three points as the
senior Crimson Tide kicker shows has
kicking form. Ray has led Alabama in
scoring for the past two seasons. As a
junior, he established a new NCAA record
for scoring by kicking with 59 points on 12
of 17 field goal attempts and 23 of 25
extra points. This year Ray kicked seven
of 14 field goals and 1 of 23 conversions.
(Daily. TkbAaAkcuv
Jim Swartz, sports editor
Cagers Split At California
Branch's Tip-in Saves Game
rseDrasKa rounaDaners re
turn to the home court tomor
row night after a doublehead-
er last weekend on the road
with the University of Cali
fornia. The cagers, now 3-1 for the
season, split last week's ac
tion at California. Friday
night they were downed 87-71,
due to the fine 68.5 percent
age shooting of California.
After jumping off to a 5-0
lead the Huskers yielded the
lead with 9:09 to play in the
first half and faced a 42-34
halftime deficit.
The closest the Huskers
could close the Bear lead was
at the 56-50 mark, before the
Bears shooting caught fire.
Cipriano cleared the bench in
the contest and all the squad
saw action. The Huskers were
paced by Fred Hare, who hit
five for nine from the field
and a perfect six for six at
the charity stripe and
grabbed off seven rebounds.
Other Huskers in double fig
ures were Nate Branch and
Grant Simmons with 13 a n d
Willie Campbell and Stuart
Lantz with 10 apiece.
Saturday night the Huskers
had to erase a 15 point deficit
enroute to a last minute 70-68
Branch tipped in Tom
Baack's jumper for the vic
tory and with :46 seconds left
gave the Huskers their first
lead since the early in the
first half on a three-point
scoring play which made the
score 68-66.
Tip-off time for tomorrow
night's action against Texas
will be at 7:35. Next home ac
tion for the Huskers will be
Saturday, against South Dakota.
'Big Red' Travels To Phoenix,
Closed Practices Scheduled
Nebraska's football Corn
huskers will commence the
first portion of Operation Or
ange Bowl Tuesday afternoon
when Coach Bob Devaney, his
staff and 58 players head for
Phoenix, Ariz., to launch full
scale drills.
Devaney has scheduled two-
a-day drills at Arizona State
University's practice lot
where the Cornhuskers will
prepare for the rugged assign
ment against Alabama in the
1966 Orange Bowl at Miami.
The Hus':ers are slated to
leave Lincoln at 3:30 p.m.,
from Municipal Airport, v i a
United Airlines Mainliner, and
will arrive in Phoenix Tues
day night at 7:30 p.m.
Nebraska headquarters at
Phoenix will be the Camel
'back Inn, the same place the
1940 Cornhuskers stayed dur
ing practice for the 1941 Rose
Bowl game with Stanford.
Current Huskers are hoping
the Camelback will bring
better luck their 1940 pred
ecessors dropped a 21-13 thril
ler to Stanford's great team
First practice session will
be at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday,
with an afternoon session at
2:30 p.m. This same schedule
will be followed Thursday,
Saturday and Sunday. A night
workout is planned Friday
night, possibly a heavy scrim
mage affair.
Devaney has declared that
all practice sessions at Phoe
nix, with the possible excep
tion of one "'ill be closed to
the public. All practice ses
sions at Miami, after Christ
mas, will definitely be closed.
"We may open one session
to the public at Phoenix so the
fans can see our players
work," Devaney said. "We
did this at Brownsville last
year and the fans enjoyed it.
But other than that we'll be
holding secret practices."
The Huskers will return to
Lincoln at 4 p.m., Tuesday,
Dec. 21, and head home for
Christmas. They'll then fly to
Miami on Dec. 26 in time for
an evening workout at Dade
Junior College. The Miami
schedule calls for afternoon
drills at Miami U., on the 27th,
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Close to campus.
28th and 29th, a night workout
in the Orange Bowl on the 30th
an afternoon session at Dade
on the 31st and the game with
Alabama on New Year's Day.
Here's the team list (57
players who will practice at
Phoenix and Miami):
Left ends Tony Jeter, Larry Casey, Miles
Left tackles Dennis Carlson, Gary Bri
chacek Left Guards LaVeme Allers, Roger Ku-
drna, Stan Grell
Centers Kelly Petersen, Bob Hill, Duncan
Bight Guards Jim Osberg, Jim McCord
Bight tackles Jim Brown, Bob Taucher
Right ends Freeman White, Dennis Rich-
nafsky, Tom Smith
Quarterbacks Bob Churchich, Fred Duda,
Wayne Weber, Ernie Sigler
Loft halfbacks Ron Kirkland, Charles
Winters, Ken Brunk
RiKht halfbacks Hairy Wilson, Ben Greg
ory Fullbacks-Frank Solich, Pete Tatman,
Mike Worley
Left Ends Len Janik, Jerry Patton
1-cft Tackles Dick Czap, John Strohmyer
Middle Guards Wayne eMyland, Jerry
Murphy, Lou Narish
Ri5ht Tackles Walt Barnes, Carel Stith
Right Ends Langston Coleman, Ivan Zim-
nier, Larry Hansen
Right Linebackers Mike Kennedy, Barry
Left Linebackers Lynn Senkbeil, Rick
Coleman, Tom Pappas
Left Comer Backs Bill Johnson. AI Kuehl
Right Corner Backs Kaye Carstens, Den
nis Thoi-ell
I.elt Safeties Marv Mueller. Ted Vactor
Right Safeties L irry Wachholtz, Ron
Huskers Jog In Fog
- f
HUSKER GRIDDERS . . . (from right to left) Stan
Grell, Larry Casey, Roger Kudrna, Jim Osberg and Larry
Wachholtz run through conditioning drills on a foggy Fri
day at Memorial Stadium.
:Ul J)) L'
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At Wisconsin . . .
Lodwig Leads Tanker's Victory
Keefe Lodwig captured
seven f i r s t s and led the
University of Nebraska swim
ming team to victory in
triangular meet Friday.
The Nebraskans defeated
Winona (Minn.) State College
and LaCrosse State Univer
sity in the match held at La
Crosse, Wis.
The results:
400-Medley R e 1 a y 1. Ne
braska; 2. Winona; 3. La
Crosse. T 3:58.4.
200 PYeestyle 1. Tom Nick
erson, N: 2. Ken Gaeth, N: 3.
Bill Keenan, W; 4. Dick Chil
ders, W; 5. Tim Meyer, L.
T 1:57.7.
50 Freestyle 1. Keefe Lod
wig, N; 2. To mSage, W; 3.
Rich Gordon, N; 4. De n n i s
Blanchard, W; 5. Dan Pickett,
L. T-22.7.
200 Individual Medley
1. Larry Calvert, W; 2. Steve
Sooners Choos6
Four Huskers
Four Husker gridders were
voted on the Oklahoma Soon
ers all-opponent team.
Huskers on the squad were
tackle Walt Barnes, lineback
er Mike Kennedy, end Free
man White and halfback Har
ry Wilson.
Goetz, N; 3. John Prentiss, N;
4. Bob Easton, W; 5. Warren
Bohlman, L. T-2:11.7.
Diving 1. Terry Tice, N;
2. Steve Sorenson, N; 3. Tom
Stovell, W; 4. Dean Schwar
ten, L; 5. Mike Manegold, L.
WP 181.5.
200 Butterfly 1. Jon Bur-
chill, N; 2. Larry Calvert, W;
3. John Prentiss, N; 4. Pete
Von Allmen, L; 5. Pete Koper
cinsky. W.T-2:16.
100 Freestyle 1. Keefe Lod
wig, N; 2. Tom Sage, W; 3.
Bill Keenan, W; 4. Dale Park
er, N; 5. Dan Pickett, N. T
200 Backstroek 1. Dennis
Blanchard, W: 2. Dave Frank,
N; 3. Larry Dowd, L; 4. Doug
Sutton, N; 5. Jerry Grady
500 Freestyle 1. Bob Chil-
ders, W; 2. Taylor Withrow,
N; 3. Ti mMeyer, L; 4. Bob
Hatton, W; 5. Gene Hager-
man. T 5:46.4.
200 Breastroke 1. Steve
Goetz, N; 2. Larry Olson, W;
3. Gale McAdams, N; 4. Bob
Amdahl, W; 5. Pat O'Hern.
400 Freestyle R e 1 a y 1.
Winona; 2. Nebraska; 3. La
Crosse. T 3:34.4.
After garnering a victory in
the Lacrosse, Wis., triangular
Friday, Nebraska's swimming
team took a 75-20 drubbing
against the Madison, Wis.,
Badgers Saturday afternoon. I
The Cornhuskers managed
only four seconds and lost both
relays. Keefe Lodwig got sec
onds In the 50 and 100-yard
freestyles and Dave Frank
placed second in the 200-yard
individual medley and the 200
yard backstroke.
The results:
400 Medley Relay Wiscon
220 Freestyle 1. Bill Swano,
W: 2. John Cloninger, W:3.
Ken Gaeth, N. T 1:51.7.
50 Freestyle 1. Mark
Marsh, W: 2. Keefe Lodwig,
N: 3. Ji mLozelle, W. T-:22.8.
220 Individual Medley 1.
Gilbert LaCroix, W: 2. Dave
Frank, N: 3. Bob Blanchard,
W. T-2:06.9.
One-meter Diving 1. Julian
Kruge, W: 2. Steve Sorenson,
N: 3. Art Roue, W. Points
200 Butterfly 1. John Lind
ley, W: 2. Dick Pittman, W:
3. Jon Burchill, N. T 2:00.0.
100 F r e e s t y 1 e 1. Mark
Marsh, W: 2. Keefe Lodwig,
N: 3. Dick Gordon, W.
200 Backstroke 1. John
Teeteart, W: 2. Dave Frank,
N: 3. Gilbert LaCroix ,W:
500 Freestyle 1. Jim Hov
er, W: 2. Brad Tavlor, W: 3.
Bob Altaian, W. T-2:34.1.
400 Freestyle Relay Wis
consin. T 3:25.2.
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