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    Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1965
Page 4
The Daily Nebraskan
Huskers High In Individual Statistics
The final Big Eight football
statistics roster includes a
good share of Nebraska's top
competitors leading the con
f e r e n c e . The Cornhuskers
have representatives in near
ly all individual categories
with the close of the regular
Larry Wachholtz led the big
Eight as the number one man
for punt returns. Wachholte
carried 31 returns for 452
yards and a 14.6 average. In
kickoff returns Frank Solich
came up third in Big Eight
rankings with 17 for 372 and
a 17.5 average. Solich also
shared the most points scored
in one game 118 against Air
Force) with three other con
ference backs, Johnny Roland
and Gary Lane of Missouri
and Gene Cagle of Oklahoma.
In the rushing race Nebras
ka backs took the number
four, five and six spots, with
Harry Wilson at the top of
the pile followed by Solich
and Ron Kirkland. In 120 car
ries, Wilson had a net gain of
672. His 5.6 average yards per
earn- betters leadinj rusher
Charlie Brown of Missouri by
.2 average yards.
Fred Duda took the num-
V f " : !
I Jit . i'i
irs, V '
JO 1 -v 'it
'g mmtw&im iwmiym I mm'mmmymm j ij
mr-rnn -Cireii
TOM BAACK . . . scored 1 aaiust Oregon State.
ber four tab in the Big Eight
passing shuffle. Duda com
pleted 46 of 110 attempts, had
nine intercepted, and totaled
a net gain of 682 yards in
cluding six touchdown throws.
Bob Churchich finished in the
numKor oioht ivcifinn in nacc.
ing. His 29 for 66 with only
one interception went for 405 j
yards and four six-point con
nections. In total offense. Duda
earned a number four place
on the Big Eight roster
Duda's rushing and passing
combination yardage totaled
up to 966 yards for the sea
son. Wilson was in the num
ber ten spot with 672 yards,
just ahead of Solich and Kirk
land at 580 and 522. respect
The Huskers monopolized
the leading scorer's list; six
of the top fifteen were Ne
braskans. Larry Wachholtz
ranked number three with 45
total points for the season.
Wachholtz s toe booted Ne
braska to comfortable cush
ions over season opponents
and pulled a few out of the
bag for H u s k e r victories.
Wachholtz made pood 36 con
version points in 39 attempts
! and toed the mark for three
Held goals in five attempts.
Following Wachholtz in the
scoring column are Charlie
"Choo-Choo" Winters and
Freeman White, number four
with 42 and number five with
33 points, respectively. Pete
Tatman and Harry Wilson
share the number seven spot
with 36 counters each. Ron
Kirkland figured in Big
Etsht scoring with 30 season
Freeman White finished
second in Big Eight pass re
ceiving. White caught 23
throws for 453 yards and six
trips to fee end" zone. On the
other side of the line. Tocy
Jeter scooped in 11 passes for
153 ranis.
(Dailip Tkbhadhuv
Jim Swartz, sports editor
Cagers Add Second Victory,
Baach, Campbell Leaders
i V
let a." J.'-- v$
t if,.;
i a" i-" " T - -zSj"m' " :
I 4
! V. : ; -
I rr
l"RED HARE ... fans love his antics.
DUST . . .
IM Director Has Big Job
When 153 Mramnral teams activities may be in progress s of all facilities. Setting up is
nave to be matched cp forjsjinsiltaneously. Notices must!! a long tedious job. It may
be sent out informing liir.g take anyw-fcere from Cve to
ELits of epeomisg activities. fL'teen hours to set up a singie
By Dick Holman
Assistant Sports Editor
Coach Joe Ciprlano's Corn
huskers chalked up their sec
ond victory in a row, rolling
over the Oregon State Uni
versity Beavers, 75-63, in Lin
coln last night.
Tom Baack led the Husker
charge with 18 points. Willie
Campbell added 16 counters,
and sparkplugged the Ne-
braskans to their first half!
Matched about evenly forj
size, the Beavers never pre-;
sented any real threat to Ne-
braska. Playing a strict balls
control game, the Husker de
fense allowed the Beavers
hardly any inside shots, and
the Oregon Staters couldn't
find their range on the long
Baack and Campbell put on j
a fine defensive show, steal-j
ing the ball and generally!
harassing Oregon State, caus
ing them to make unneces
sary and costly mistakes. i
Foul trouble in the first haif
put Grant Simmons on the :
bench most of the second pe
riod. High scorer against Wis
con in last week. Simmons
popped in 12 points, most of
them in the first half.
Having trouble under the
boards, the Huskers made up
for their rebounding deficit bv 1
putting on a tight full court
press a large part of the
Want Ads
Tbesr tim-ctHt pp, to E cilas-
adtm Kiiis in ij Datir Ncferaskav
untani rat i ic m mni mmt.
nrana cnee of Me per classified mstr- i
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bfrtjr BffitsnM. aal rmmmi fm mmr
QsxB tmt ek ma bt paid
game slowing the Beaver
Oregon State suffered heavi
Iv from foul trouble, Charlie
White had to sit out most of
the game. White fouled out
in the last five minutes. One
minute later, Scott Eaton, of
fensive gunner for the Beav
ers who scored eight points,
left the game on personals.
When another minute had
passed, the Beavers lost their
defensive stalwart. Dave Fox
and found themselves facing
the Husker secondary, which
defended as well as the Ne
braska first five. Frank Emp
kev. Ron Simmons and Coley
Webb all saw action against
Oregon State.
Playing most of the game,
Fred Hare not only amused
the crowd but bobbled up the
Beaver offensive attack. Hare
scored ten points.
Coach Cipriano seems to
have put together a TEAM
two man scoring machine,
this year instead of a one or
Sophomore Jim Darara han
dles himself well, but when
the going gets rough from
the defenders, the big boys
have to help out. When every
one starts stuffing the points
through the hoop, that is when
Cipriano's roundballers are
on their way to an unequalled
season. And the Husker men
tor certainly has a good start.
A fast-breaking offense and
an even stickier defensive ef
fort brought Husker fans to
their feet several times
throughout the match. Cipri
ano's second victory and the
strong hint that Nebraska is
putting together a more
smoothly working ball club
could result in the start of a
basketball tradition here in
Football land, U.S.A.
Nebraska 36 39 75
OSL" 23 4063
WH Irmmpft Bt:LHTl5e. cc. Like
Not. J.a. Cat 432-711 be S p.m.
Bv Jim Swartz
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f . After games have been
f played, who records tSae re-
suits and arranges for failure
sTawl, And who makps SHr
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pzesem same new lacis. aad nun snuwULly ?
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ffaey waned and sjsme of the peoipie of Xebraska drew a 1 jew 0f e myriad of drfaes
blssi for their desires ts see the Hesters in JlianiL : Cirrjei oat by Joel Meier.
Ardiag to figures released by ticket manager Jim j direcitor of intra njEral sprts.
PiUergtr, stsdest sales accwusted ir approxiniauly To tee average bystander.
lCAns Ptii ibc iijiw tuuicisi wauvii . vmt, u . turner awii hm i.t , - K-swur- Apvtm
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done by Meier. place by t&e intramairal dir-
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La aidiiion to h!s intra-r55 P'acc' And Meier' fctra
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three davs a week, and must 'SBmmer- I
prepare for these coiarses.
Meier graduated from toe
Uffiiversatv f Nebrasfa in
Ki'a W SH. Warned mw mafle fta!jei
Kiare apantewai vali tT -ofiS- m
sria6Msc.. a:ft a dfiwABl UiUiiiocs vajd.
to'XP flD'ie iia a tecfit? Sftair 6ari awrt-
M Scores
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in p&ysical education, .fter
sansaities eneiw ir
wbat meets the eye.
Record Scores
' His represeEts a sales increase from the 7Jffl s&M fsr
the Husiers last Bmd apjpeaxance to tie ffiiM qnaU
f ULOaft. la ad.3itiD3i a mxmber f ticket rders Saad to gs
csSSed fii year.
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This smal percentage sbrall tave B;is Ibeariug a the
iu'errspticiiii of tb acadaak tc&e&x&e of the L'jaiversily.
and baskrt&aJ game, j graduiljon be cesbojed part-
Abel 2b forfeit, Abel 2B
Abel 7B Abel 43-14
Cipriano 'Pleased' With Win
work wila
post-fflradjiate comrses. Jleier
as Eaiaed iEtraarjural sjiper-SetoaZ 33. Avery 45
visor in ISO. but o the latter; Fiji A 62, Delia Signia Pi A
balf of that year went to! 33
rjPiaerto Rico as a fralcsog of-' pj Krm ssa it ti-,.,
SaJaL Ail SClBseS EBiUiSU. line luitei iai vuk reacc V-wp. I.eii fjjjj g
led an a the roamd-rotoiia. retoiimed last year as IM dir-'ct,. . ,- .
team mim-lictss rexwds must!; er and compSeted Jik mas-" --, Acatna zj
ifw&rdeidl. aad scOTins re-!! ter's degree in jAvsk-al eraia-! Brown Palace A H, PI Kaps
sailts mast be feat to
Sportsmafisbap records
kept, crci3caies.
news'liiw aad edacataoEal a.3iiEis-:! -36
fciopfcies au.3 medals reraast be
tralion. f Saton 1 2. SeEetl 47
Xt MiIy mmt Meier c-!Srj5at3i 51, Gooidding 39
ordinate all activflies in gen- f a ri d-TS, Kesselatl;
era I. iwt be most train bis 25
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"fa -ere pleased U vC
$aai a tmiliag Joe Gpriass
as be laokad bade mss hit
team's 12 paint victory oi'r
Cfregaa State.
"I was not too satiiSeil with
the preKf," J exp3aail
stole the ball bat ditot
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Europe for $100
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itbey slart.ei plajing O'aar style
of game.
LrokiaS abta4 I tbe club's
trip to Ca3irsla Friday astt
SafxrdJi. Cipnas said CaI;
fame officials must be paod.
.AM fflims laalli wMer seaers
resporosabilities. Meier also
ii baryffles tbe finances la E-
j dwiduial team entries aan
"The latraniKral program
ranst be kept at fSeiibie at
psssb!e fa scbeduliBg and ty
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since latt year asd tbey are said. ".Mt people tMsk that
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the Eusliers will fee Tues
day, Dtec. H 2 gainst Texas.
lltL,,rr 11"?; friar. zie A-23, Farm Ile
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ItSfil Abel 7A-L Abel
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Meier affarmed. ""A g o o d ' Abelli9A 38. Abel 2A 32
director most male gi use !i Beta Sig S0. A.g Men A 32
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