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    The Daily Nebraskan
Friday, October 22, 1965
Page 4
n n
Colorado Sports Information
If ties are like kissing
your sister,
(At least, brother, you
have escaped.)
Then, by the same token,
Playing Nebraska is like
getting raped!
Colorado had to climb off
the deck with an agonizing 50
yard fourth quarter march to
set up tying field goal in 10-10
dead heat with Iowa State Sat
urday. Buffs showed courage,
though not great precision, in
cranking out three first (towns
(each of which went to fourth
down) before Frank Rogers
kicked his 33-yard field goal
(again on fourth down).
In contrast to impressive of
fensive performances in pre
vious two weeks against Kan
sas State and Oklahoma State,
CU could put nothing together
consistently Saturday. Iowa
State, on other hand, came
back after listless first half to
dominate last 30 minutes.
In compiling a 3-0-2 record,
Colorado has at no time this
fall shown a consistently-clicking
offense, capable of
Buffs have needed ignition
grinding out long TD drives,
from the defense (punt re
turns, interceptions) to light
scoring moves. Or they've
detonated long runs. Buffs
are fumble-prone, too, losing
11 of 18 thus far.
Nebraska's Big Red rock
crusher has scarcely broken
a sweat in waltzing past five
foes by awesome 183-31 com
posite score. Lowest NU out
put was 27-17 over Air Force
after .Husker took early siesta
after they'd scored 21 first
three times they got possession.
Though getting buried (93
15) in its three coll'iions with
Nebraska's Devaney Dynas
ty, Colorado has scored first
in each game. Buffs led at
half 6-0 in 1962, 6-0 after driv
ing with the opening kicKoff
in 1963, and 3-0 after inter
cepting early NU aerial last
Nebraska Freshmen Begin Hi ll-State
LK T. Polumbus 1S)
LT 74 D. Tykr (21(1)
IO 60 J. Bard (206)
C S3 L. FVrraro 206
RG 65 K. Tracy (229)
RT 78 F. V. Valkenburf (192)
RE 40 G. Ltwardk (184)
OB 11 B. MeCll (1)
1 H 43 W. Harris (181)
RH 41 J. Farltr (210)
IB 28 E. Banki (202)
LE 84 Tony Jeter
l.T 71 Dennis Carlson
OL 67 LaVerne Allert
C 54 Kelly Petersen
KG 66 Wayna Meylaa
RT 73 Jim Brawn
RE 65 Freeman White
ClB 10 Fred Dnda
I.R 20 Ron Kirkland
RH 31 Harry Wilson
FB 45 Frank Solicit
Probable Starters
LE 80 S. Harris (8251
LT 70 V. Hokanson (225)
Mfitlll Scott (224)
RT 71 F. Bosch (245)
RE M B. Fairbanrl (212)
1JB 61 K. Mottl (204)
RLB 57 S Sidwell (214)
LHB 22 R. Lee (191)
RHB 45 C. Greer (in
1-S 31 D. Anderson (202)
RS 10 H. Irwin (181)
LE 68 Jerry Pattern
LT 70 Dick Cxap
MG 52 Jerry Murphy
RT 77 Walt Barnes
RE 86 Ivan Zimmer
I .I.B 69 Mike Kennedy
RLB 6.1 Lynn Senkoeil
IjCB 28 Bill Johnson
Rcb 21 Kay Carstena
LS SO Marv Mueller
RS 36 Larry Waohholtx
By Bob Samuclson
I Come on. ASUN. Let's eo. Corncobs. All right, Mike
Barton, let's try again. SOMEBODY get us an effective stu
dent body football yell.
Are we going to be torn apart by the likes of a
"Soooifeee" or a "Waaaar Eagle" this year as In the past
two? We ARE unless someone gets on the stick.
" Whoever thought of wearing red had a great idea, and
it is gradually catching on especially at games away from
What we need now is a student body yell that can be
picked up by all the Husker followers. F. C. Green has
been doing as fine a job at yell king as I can remember, and
he should be commended. BUT, we still need an inspiring,
all-encompassing yell.
"Shotgun" Frankle Solich so called because he is dan
gerous, likely to explode in a short burst, scatters every
where, and tears up the opposition is at the top of the Big
Eight in average rushing yardage this week with a 6.3 yards-per-carry
average. He is third in total rushing yardage with
398 yards.
4:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
from The Red Garter Club
F ort Collins, Colo.
O dancing
onsale beverages
Rent or Buy
Haas OK Tire Store
500 West O
By Jim Pearse
An eager group of fresh
man footballers travel to Kan
sas State today for their first
sampling of collegiate c o m
bat. Frosh coach John Melton
says his yearlings will leave
lincoln for Manhattan at 10
a.m. and return after the
The departure cannot
come too soon for the young
Huskers. "The attitude is
g r e a t," reports Melton.
Grapplers Report
Coach Orval Borgialli has
announced that anyone desir
ing to go out for wrestling and
who has not had his physical
should see him as soon as pos
sible. The first practice date
is October 25.
"Practice can get to be quite
a drag. The boys are anxious
Starting quarterback for
Nebraska will be Frank Pat
rick, the highly publicized
67", 210 pounder from Derry,
Behind the giant general
will be Tom Penny, a 6T
190 pounder, returning to his
home state to battle for t h e
first time. Robert Best will
man one halfback position.
Best, a McCook graduate,
carries 175 pounds on his 5'11"
Dick Davis completes the
backfield. Davis is from Oma
ha North and the statistics
show him to be 5'11", 195
High School Ail-American
halfback Nestor Yannon has
been hobbled by a bad ankle
this kali, according to Melton,
but will see action, as will all
the frosh. Coach Meiion re
ports that Yannon will n o t
The Boys Town Music
Organist, Metropolitan Cathedral
Mechelen, Belgium
In Recital
Boys Town
Tuesday, Oct 26
8:15 p.m.
Compositions of J. S. Bach
1. Prelude and Fugue in E flat major v
2. The Six Schuebler Chorale Preludes
3. Prelude and Fugue in A minor
4. Three Chorale Preludes from The Little Organ Book
5. Fantasy and Fugue in G minor
Public Cordially Invited A'o Admission Charge
Rx for tired books: Pop Art book covers. One application and
dragged-out, exhausted textbooks have vim, vigor and vitality.
Results guaranteed when used as directed. Easy to apply; no
expensive ingredients. Find relief from pain of embarrassing
armloads. Fights drowsiness. Eases eyestrain. Simplified iden
tification. Act now! Don't delay. Your local pharmacists will
not have any idea what you're asking for. Look for Pop Art
book covers wherever records are sold. Or follow the crowd.
Pop Art is good for you.
(And, unless you're a loser, you'll chedc out the lineup
of Capitol records, too! That means the Beatles, The
Beach Boys, The Letter-men, The Seekers and so on!)
GOLD'S records . . . street floor
his mind
Sign up now at your
placement office to get the story on CSSTP
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November 16-17
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Whatever your plans, before
you hit upon a career, see if
IBM doesn't make a hit with you.
Whatever your area of study,
ask us how you might use your
particular talents at IBM.
Job opportunities at IBM lie
in eight major career fields:
(1) Marketing, (2) Systems
Engineering. (3) Programing,
(4) Research and Development,
(5) Engineering, (6) Manufacturing,
(7) Finance and Administration,
(8) Field Engineering. IBM is
an Equal Opportunity Employer.
at raoouiiNa DiyiMOM
work at full speed, however.
Coach Meton pointed to
Texan Tommy Casbeer (6',
235) Pennsylvanian Robert
Liggett (6'2",251), and Michi
ganian Robert Lints (6'2' 225)
225) as defensive standouts in
the fall drills.
Melton says this year's
rookie corps is the fastest he's
had at Nebraska, though not
as big as previous groups.
Asked about a game plan
for the Wild Kittens, Coach
Melton commented, "We plan
to run more than pass, but if
we can't move on the ground
naturally we'll put the ball in
the air." The towering Pat
rick should have little trouble
spotting receivers.
Todays contest will be fol
lowed by next week's tussle
with Missouri's freshman as
a prelude to the Husker-Tiger
clash next Saturday in Columbia.
When In Lincoln
Phone The
For Reservations
1901 West 0 477-4488
The most
walked about
slacks on
Campus are
slacks with
Great Hubbard styling with
the lasting neatness and
care-free comfort of "Da
cron", in these slacks of
55 Dacron polyester, 45
worsted wool. Styled in tra
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Blade plain front models,
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Also available in blends of
70 Orion acrylic, 30
worsted wool, or "Dacron'
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du Pont Reg. T.M.
V4 -j