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    Friday, October 22, 1965
Page 2
The Daily Nebraskan
It is unbelievable that the
IFC Executive Committee
could have written the up-in-the-clouds,
statement regarding
drinking presented at t h e
1FC meeting Wednesday
The statement says In
pprt. "Responsible fraterni
ty leaders find little diffi
culty in accepting the rea
sonableness of the Univer
sity's concern, yet they are
hampered as elected of
ficers by the attitude of
their members stemming
from illegal and Irresponsi
ble high school drinking. , ."
What do the words t h e
"reasonableness of the Uni
versity's concern" ,mean?
The excutive committee's
statement is vague, but
points to the University's
responsibilities in promot
ing the concept that good
citizenship requires respect
for law.
This is a part of the Uni
versity's responsibility. We
believe the laws should be
respected. We also believe
that laws are subject to
change and should be
changed if they cause more
appreciable harm than they
do good.
The drinking regulations
at this university are an ex
ample of laws which do
more harm than good. The
Campus Handbook outlines
the regulations: "Student
groups and their members
are expected to abide by
the University code concern
ing drinking. In addition to
recognition of state laws
forbiding sale, possession or
consumption of liquor Dy
minors, the University for-
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bids possession and con
sumption of liquor at any
social event sponsored by
any University group."
There is a good argument
that the University regula
tion is merely a part of the
wording of the Campus
Handbook. The preceding
statement notes that stu
dents are expected to abide
by the University code. But
"code" is. not capitalized,
nor should it be, for there
is no printed code of the
the University of Nebras
ka rules and regulations.
The "code" is simply a
vague term which describes
the principles to be upheld
while one is a member of
the University of Nebraska
community. Fine.
But, the code statement
regarding drinking is total
ly impractical. The penal
ties for disobeying the regu
lations are not enforced
not at undergraduate, or
graduate parties.
That the IFC executive
committee would be so nai
ve as to propose that no al
coholic beverages be pres
ent in the chapter house or
on the property; that no
funds controlled by the
chapter be used, directly or
indirectly, to purchase
booze; and that the fraterni
ties refrain from organiz
ing house functions involv
ing drinking is t.enomi
nal. No one knows better than
the IFC leaders how inef
fective the proposed article
would be. It would not be
enforced. It could not be en
forced. In fact, if the amendment
is ratified, the results may
be worse than the present
situation. Those who would
have their Friday and Sat
urday night drinking parties
will find a way to escape
the regulations, the amend
ment restrictions probably
by driving 50 or 60 miles
out of Lincoln and hope
fully they will arrive back
in Lincoln safely.
It is time that IFC, Uni
versity and state officials
took a realistic look at the
drinking regulation prob
lem. The present state laws
are not obeyed. One reason i
is because most parents do
not object to their high
school students having a
social drink or two. It is the
unusual college age man
who does not know h i s
drinking limit.
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Because most students
have learned a bit about so
cial drinking before their
college days the Universi
ty restrictions seem un
realistic and thus are brok
en. To prevent minors (
under 21 in this state) from
having a drink or two or
even getting drink is im
possible. It can not be done
not w hen the laws and
regulations defy them 1o
drink. This only adds in
centive. We have hoard too
many college men and co
eds bragging about t h e
amount they consumed
without getting caught. The
situation is a paradox a
rather sad one.
We urge the IFC to over
rule the proposed amend
ment. We urge them to
stand up and say what they
really believe about t h e
drinking situation on cam
pus. We plead with them to
muster the backbone to in
fluence a change in the
drinking regulations on
campus and in this "state.
You, the members of IFC,
have the opportunity to use
your authority in " making
the drinking laws reason
able, "obevable." Use it.
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Poison Ivy
When I first ran into
Ralph Rirdsley (he refers
to our meeting as being run
over, but this is only his
opinion,), anyway when I
first met Ralph, he was a
snake. He still is. It has
something to do with genes,
I guess.
Talking with Ralph gave
ine great insight I mean,
really have you ever for
one minute considered the
snake's point of view? It's
small believe me. Ralph's
life or any typical snake's
life, for that matter (and
Ralph is a typical snake,
even if he isn't a typical
college man) is filled with
Rutterfinger wrappers, cig
arette butts and beer bottle
Even progress has only
brought more misery into
the snake's life every
time they slither across a
beer flip-top they dissect
themselves and if they don't
dissect themselves they do
suffer a nasty gash.
This, of course, brought
me to the realization of why
most children dislike their
elders (I hope my readers
were able to make the great
mental leap to this subject.
Alley-Oop!) . . . Think
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thing you have encoun
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on the legs of your mother's
bridge table. Now, really,
have you ever tried to look
a kneecap in the eye? Or
try to talk to a kneecap?
No, I thought not.
So there friends is t h e
real reason why people
grow up to be shifty-eyed
they dislike looking at
- ALSO -
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