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    The Daily Nebraskan
Friday, October 15, 1965
Pcge 4
rag Oufi A a Sfa
By Bob Saraaelson
Besides having tremendous depth, talent and the best!
j By Jim Swartz
Who says lightning never
strikes twice in the same
Mike Grace, junior defen-
77 , . " . I "T V. sve end for the Huskers, is
coaching staff m the nation, the Cornhusker football team 1 0t for tne season. According
this year has two other attributes color and courage. ! to reliable resources Grace
When one thinks back to the ' Ciree-yards-up-the-middle- j will undergo surgery next
and-a-punt" philosophy of Coach Bob Devanev's predecessors j wek oa. tnat.he re
in coaching, one cannot help but compare those teams withi1"1 m tte lsconsm vi
llus year's squad. 4 Grace and riSht defensive
Frankie Solich, Freeman White, Harry Wilson, Langsion end Bill Haug were hobbled
Coleman, Larry Wachholz, Fred Duda and Bob Churchica, with knee injuries in the
and the sophomore backs Ben Gregory and Choo-Choo Win- Badger game and both are
ters are as colorful an aggregation of college football players " out for the seaS0B-
as one is likely to encounter on a college football team. I -vear GraCe 'a? laken
' . t out of competition during the
When Solich gets the ball on a draw play, Nebraska fans ; Missouri game and had to sit
tit up and take notice for he runs the draw as it should be j out yje rest 0f jj,e season with
run. At 158 pounds, Frankie cannot help but be a naoi al I the knee injurv.
oddity and a national favorite, and as his vards-per-carrv j v'i'h Laneston Coleman a
v erage attests Frankie is looming as the Buddy Young doubd 0The Kansas State
ofNebraska and could surprise m the post season all-star ; game at Manhattan, a end
t' , . . .... ... . I spots will be manned - by
h3f T 6 1 0Wn ' sophomores Ivan Zimmer and
on defense and on punt returns. Ranking as the most ver- Pat1on Tnere is some
tatJe squadman on this year's squad. Larry has achieved JnfrJ ttlEf
near perfection on his punt runbacks, having garnered 113 arouirf ur the Hus-
j ards last weekjor a Big Eight record. ' s . ker camp that offensiv e end
v . v v v 7 , , Tony Jeter will be switched
.;..Ne,br?fka borrowed Frank Broyles punt return play t0 strengthen fee defensive
wjth slight modification and put it to good use this season. end spoL
TOs same play allowed .Arkansas' Ken Hatfield to beat Texas j Frej Doda will direct the
in last years Texas-Arkansas clash last year. j Bcmber 9M rar.kN, Hoskers
Uie Hatfield. Wachholz has the poise and the combina- against the Wildcats. Tke
Con of fair speed and tie uncanny knack for getting to the .game will be the first time
blocking wall which is set tp along the sideline by the line-? that Duda has started twice
inea who peel off as soon as toe ball is kicked. The perfee-! against the same team
" luiiK uas provea aaeaay mis season to te of Duda s starting chance in
great psychological value to the team as it turns bad field :13 caffie aer Dennis CJar
positioa into good field position with disarming regularity. idge had spramed his ankle
Wachholz has also shown he can kick a field goal Xe- against Air Force the week
braska mnst be able to kick the field goal in order to beat ; before. This year Duda gets
"r in a possioie oowi game. Perhaps now the startin 2 nod after two fine
wtM. t unic wrtwjue d eu-cuaacei learn.
me courage is exemplified by four of the
ana most talented men on toe souad. There
ana acanoiz, 01 coarse, and there are two men who are
fighting tooth-and-nail on nearly equal terms for the quarter
back slot.
Fred Dada and Bob Churchich both rale more praise
than this writer can give. Fred was told just one rear ago
that be would probably never play football asain.and yet
last Saturday be ran toe option olav as beani-jfH5v"aa it h
VZa "Jf- He came back last spring and this I toe Huskers is P.on Kirtland.
fall to nudge Ctarchich out of his starting slot He was injured in the Iowa
Churchici is one of the fine quarterbacks in toe country Stale game and sat out the
in his own right He came in last week to do a fine job i Wisconsin contest If Kirkland
of passing and of running. Chnrchir?i -ni hcA
showings in a row. as a sub
smallest against Iowa Slate and a
are 5xlica i starter against vv uconsin.
The Huskrr attack wiO be
bolstered with a TT-poond
weight advantage over the
Wildcats in the line and a
l-pound team weight aver
age advantage.
The onlv doubtful starter for
again this fall.
to be filled bv Pete Tatman.
Freshman Cagers
Freshman basketJal coach
Glenn Potter reports that
freshman basketball players
will start practice Monday
October IS, at 1M p.m. at
the Coliseum.
Athletes are required to
lave completed a physical ex
amination before starting
Alpha DeHa Pi pledge class
officers are Shirley Ward,
president; Cathy CaTlan, re
cording secretary; Carol
Schlneter. corresponding sec
retary; Sberye Nelson, trea
surer; Casey Corigan, social
chairman, and Peggy Powell,
Junior Panheltenk representative.
Thomas Lyman and Ernest
Prigge, electrical engineering
students with better tha
8 point averages, were
awarded 400 scholar ships by
Western Electric. "
4:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
from The Red Garter Oub
Fort Collins, Colo.
O dancing
on-sale bererae$
mmL- - iiinu,.! i'rt'f m ZSm
look for the nolden orrbet
MMtmn mm
100 fw Beet Homburpei
?tmpting Cheeseburpem
Old-fashioned Shake
Crisp Coldett French Fries
Thirrt-Quenchinjj Coke
telightfil Root Bear
Coffee At ttw Like Jt
fuMmor4 Orange Prink
ftefreshinp Cold Milk
5105 "O"
55 H. 27th
"v. i immmfm j I
f W 1 1 I
.- - ,? '. " -: :. !.. ; f
rrf Sir
"' - i i 1 ' J b
' , 1 1 ""
Lowest Prices
16th fir P SfS.
Downfown Uncota
v - -
Rood Awakening . . .
Its too bad all the furor has been made over beating
the Big Ten's Wisconsin. Its not worth it. Husker Big Ten
opponents have been mediocre and few. It amounts to an
excuse for the Big Eight ... a conference at a low point
Let's admit it.
Castillo can throw one at home, so make it NEBRASKA
Other guesses include Texas over Arkansas for number
two. Oklahoma over Kansas, Colorado over Iowa State,
Texas Tech over Oklahoma State, Wisconsin over North
western, Missouri edging UCLA, Michigan upsets Pur
due, Georgia, USC and Minnesota as other winners.
Law Wins As Medalist
Bob Law led the University i Law toured the Miracle
of Nebraska golf team to a Hills course with a par 70.
decisive win over Creighton Law's medalist pertormahc
University Wednesday at Mir-! boosted Nebraska to a ll1 to
acle HiUs in Omaha. 6z victory.
y ; I i DANCE at the NEW !
i " ! , . . : j jj 707 North 8th Street !i
: .SVf-;!.', I' ' .ii Marysville, Kansas fi
-'-'-,,.' . " J l!! Fre admission U all Nebraska
V 1 i Uafversity girls, stag. n
w, - I ! "UP BEATS" S
. , : f " 1 It j ! From Tapeka, Kans. j
-" ' v X" i i
r . i-::fx ' -j - I ! : I
Mike Grace ... defensive end out for season,
October 20 and 21, 1965
r 9
Premiere Performances
breath takinq
highest fidelity
111 Tieki m itKVorvr Ttertr
Pizza & Dark or light
Are Now Featured
At The
Little Bohemia Tavern
2630 Cornhusker Hy.
In Addition
Sing Along With the Rag
Time Piano & Banjo
of Gary & Bob Snook
Desk jobs at Cape Kennedy, helping
checkout the Apollo moon rocket
Desk jobs at an air base, testing the
world's most powerful jet engines.
Desk jobs in Samoa, setting up aTV
network to help teach schoolchildren.
The most interesting desk jobs in the
world are at General Electric
(Have a seat)
Krrt, wiry not sit Aovz with the mza
from G E. when he viul campus.
Talk with cim About your gcials.
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dred diSrrcnl avenues available at
G.E. to help yon reach. Ihow; foals.
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world. From marieling appliance
lite a new oven that cleans itself
eleclricalh' ... to designing a com
puter that t no bigger than a suitcase.
Interrrfjni problems. Iirportant
chaBenges. Real rewards, in money
and opportunity. They're aHpart of
holding down a desk pb at G.E,
Come to General Electric, waere
the young men ace important men.
Trogi etf Is Our Mocf Important Prodvd