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    The Daily Nebraskan
Thursday, September 30, 1965
Page 4
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(Daily VkJbJiasJum
Jim Swartz, sports editor
Scarlet Ready Attack
MfltftlllllllCJllflltflMlllltliefllllMtl MUlIf lllllflllllMJIIUIUIMIUSMt 111 1 1 1 illlld Mil 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K II I I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Probable lineups -
Nebraska (Mil
. WE.. Tony Jer (2271
VVT Dennis Carlson 229
Wfi LsVerne Alters 2W
, c Kelly Peterson (223)
SO." ...Wayne Meylan (239)
lewa Stat. M
Bppte Bamoy (193
John Chlsm (226)
rtennla Storey (206)
Wck Kaaperek (227)
Urry Braion 2M ST.. J" Brown 24!)
fieone Maurer (205) SE rJ?Zm!! ?:3
Tim Van Galder (173) B Bob Ohurrhieh 17k)
Lealto Webster (200) TB Ron K.rk land um
Tom Buach (163) WB Harry Wlbon 1
WlUle Robinson (192) FB .. ... Fra"k Sol,ch 15il)
Averate welthta llnea, Iowa State. S16i Nebraska, 22
backs, Iowa State. Wi Nebraska. IKS
; team. Iowa State, 20l Nebraska. tl3
T .1, , ' . Defense
Dennia Esaetmann l. LE ..... W. Hau (
Wayne Lueder. (220)- ..;...,-.-. LT ....v. John Strohmyer 243)
Bob Evans (237) IXi MO Walt Barnes 2W
Pick Paukert (224) HG RT Caryl 8tl (244)
Sam Ramenofsky (210) RT RE L"51?!;,, c?man J J"
Ernie Kennedy (193) RE LCB BUI Johnson M
Jim Wipert (203) LLB LLB M,ke Kennedy 219
Dave Mayberry (205) BLB FLB Lynn Senkbeil (20)
Dou Robinson (181) 1J1 RCB Kaye tarstens 90
Larry Carwell (189) RH LS Marv Mueller UM
Marry Alley (210) .". S RS ....... Larry Wachholtz (lt.2)
Averare weujrhta llnea. Iowa State, S19s Nebraska, 257
backs. Iowa State, ISfi! Nebraska, 192
teams, Iowa State, 205 1 Nebraska, 209
N ushers
League Action
Stadium Packed
For Home Games
By Bob Flasnick
When you walk into the
University of Nebraska ticket
office you are vaguely re
minded of pictures you have
seen of the main trading floor
of the New York Stock Ex
change. While waiting to interview
Ticket Manager Jim Pitten
ger one overhears questions
like "Do you have any tickets
... for any home game this
Then comes the stock reply
from a clerk, "I'm sorry sir,
but we're still trying to take
care of the student population
at the university."
Jim did not ..tke kindly to
another student reporter at
the height of his working day,
but my hopes for a story rose
when he began to answer my
question concerning strange
"One lady," he replied,
"had heard that the stadium
was being wired with electri
cal sockets and requested
tickets close to a plug-in for
her electric blanket."
"Following this years'
Shrine Bowl game," continued
Pittenger, "a man wrote that
rain dripped from one of the
new scoreboards onto his
seats and he requested that a
gutter be installed underneath
the scoreboard."
Pittenger followed with a
story about a woman who
knew the stadium was sold
out and asked permission to
bring in her lawn chairs.
"Do people try to sneak into
games?" I asked.
"Yes, positively," he re
plied, "they try to crawl over
fences or pass their ticket
stubs back through the fence.
'I'm reasonably certain some
get away with it."
I know that students try to
make extra spending money
by scalping their tickets and
when I confronted Jim with
the problem he said, "There
Is no law against scalping that
I am aware of."
Since the games are sold
out, how do you get tickets
for prominent people who
might want to view the Corn
huskers? "We try to keep prepared
for emergencies that come
up," was the answer.
Pittenger took over as ticket
manager when the. Devaney
regime came, to, Nebraska
four years ago.
Nebraska's gridders. the
nation's third ranked team,
head into this week's game
with Iowa State.
Scarlet scout Cletus Fischer
scouted the Iowa State game
against Pacific and reports
that "Iowa State will be about
the same size as Nebraska.
They'll run from a number of
formations and throw more
than they have in the past."
Fischer said the Cyclone
running game was much im
proved and the players to
watch are tailback Leslie
Webster, their fullback Tony
Baker and their quarterback
Tim Van Galder gives them
a good passer which they
lacked last year.
"Iowa State is undefeated
and much improved over
1964. ".Fischer said, "and
they'll be a fine, aggressive
Most serious of the Air
Force games bumps and
bruises is tackle John Stroh
myer. He is expected to be
ready for Saturday's game
but Barry Alvarez and Jerry
Murphy have been tabbed for
Saturday work at Strohmyer's
By Iowa State
Sports Information
The Big Eight's two unde
feated and untied football
teams meet in Lincoln Satur
day when top-ranked Nebras
ka faces Iowa State.
Kickoff time is 2:00 p.m.
Another record crowd 52,-
450 will be on hand to wit
ness the game. This will be
the second largest crowd ever
to see an Iowa State team
play, being surpassed only
by the 53,392 that watched the
Iowa State-Oklahoma game
in 1957. It will far surpass
the previous top crowd (37,
319) at an Iowa State-Nebraska
Big, rugged, fast, exper
ienced, deep that's about
as brief a description as you
can have of the trouble the
Cyclones are heading for
Saturday. A full expansion of
every one of those words
would only make the task
appear more impossible, the
task of upsetting a team giv
en the No. 1 rating in the
nation before the season ev
er got underway.
Coach Bob Devaney's rank
ing as the winningest coach
on the active list has not
been hurt so far this season
nor does it appear that it
will be. Where ever you look
on the Cornhusker lineup you
team dominating the Big Eigh
was over. And from that mo
ment on he has done every
thing in his power to prove
himself a poor prophet. He
has directed his Cornhuskers
to two straight titles and Is
a heavy favorite to do it a
third year in a row.
One of the toughest prob
lems he is posing for the op
position is with his first line
defense group. Nine of the 11
men who made the Nebras
kans the best defense team
around last year are back
again. They don't approve of
enemy ball carriers.
The general feeling is that
for Iowa State to join Pur
due as top upsetters would
require more miracles than
a team ever could be al
lowed. Desire and determina
tion are written all over the
young Cyclones, though, as
they head for Lincoln. But
the hard cold facts point a
derisive finger at the inex
perience and depth of the Cy
clones. Where Nebraska has
a single sophomore in its top
offense and defense units,
the Cyclones will be using
seven on offense and three on
Stapleton plans no changes
in his lineup for Nebraska
which means that sophemore
Willie Robinson will get the
Bowling, football Top M Activities
Intramural bowling compe
tition moves into full swing
this week at the Nebraska
Union. The four man teams
are divided into four leagues
while the league winners will
compete in a tournament this
spring to determine the All
University championship.
Interested persons or teams
should contact games man
ager Dan Greer. Greer re
ports that there are some
openings on Monday night.
Intramural Golfers first
round deadline has been ex
tended to Sept. 30, according
can point to just about as a j call at fullback. On defense
good a player as any team ! it is likely that sophomore
in the league has. Take the: Dave Mayberry will team
ends, for instance: Tony Je-! with Co-captain Jim Wipert as
ter and Freeman White. That, tycione lineoacKers a
is as good a pair of defense
men as you could ever ask
for. And where do they play:
On Offense! The reason is
that Bill Haug and Langston
Coleman can play defense
with anyone so Jeter and
White are going to have to
be content to play only on of
fense. Backs? Try matching Bob
Curchich, Ron K i r k 1 a n d,
Harry Wilson, and Frank So
lich in any other backfield in
the conference !
It is the same way all up
and down the lineup for the
Cornhuskers. Devaney made
the remark a couple of sea
sons ago that the day of one
Intramural Scores
A Men A 15, Alpha Gamma A
Beta Sigma Pal A 59, Acacia A 0
Abel 2nd 13, Abel 5th 0
Abel 6th 25, Abel 3rd 6
Abel 7th 12, Abel 4th 0
Fairfield Benton 1, Selleck Forfeit
Avery 20, (kKKling 18
Seaton I 20, Kieaselhack 6
Abel 8th 2. Abel 11th 0
Abel 12th 16, Abel 90i '
Abel 13th J, Abel 10th 2
Sirma Alpha Mn A 39, Pi Kappa Thl A 0
Patton 1, Kennedy Forfeit
Pershing 1, Penn Forfeit
Pike 31. Rogers 0
Seleek 15. Avery 0
Fairfield-Benton 33, Seaton I (
Smith 8. Kiaaelbark 0
Aggies 18. Vnicorns 12
Beavers 1. Misfits Forfeit
Gooding 13, Seaton II 8
Burners 8. Phi Delta Phi 6
Abel 3rd 13. Abel 2nd 9
Delta Tau Delta B 13. Delta I'psilon B 0
to Joel Meier, supervisor of
Golfers should turn in their
scores at the P.E. Building
Tennis competition started
yesterday. The tournament
schedule is posted on the
South bulletin board.
Fall horseslioes start today.
All competitors that signed up
should check the tournament
schedule on the South bulletin
Free throws start Monday
Oct. 4 and table tennis entries
are due Oct. 1. Each team
may enter a team of six in th
table tennis competition.
Band Day
A few more than seventy
six trombones will lead the
parade of over sixty high
school bands into Lincoln
Saturday for the University
of Nebraska's annual Band
AH together there will be
3.600 bandsmen on hand for
what has become a national
attraction. After parading in
downtown Lincoln the bands
will be guests of the Univers
ity for Saturday's Husker foot
ball contest with Iowa State
University. j
Ticket director Jim Pitten-:
ger has announced that there j
will be no knothole section. I
HUSKEAS over Iowa Stat
K-State over Colorado
17- 14
Missouri over Minnesota
18- 7
Okla. State over Tulsa
California over Kansas
Oklahoma over Navy
6 Right 2 Wrong
though Ron Halda my replace
tuner oi uiriii.
The Cyclones, on the way
to earning a title of "Music
Men" will be playing before
a second straight Band Day
crowd. Last week it was at
Ames. Before the season is
over there will have b&eii
four Band Day appearances
at Kansas and Oklahoma,
to finish things.
Iowa State will arrive in
Lincoln at 5:30 Friday and
will headquarter at the Hotel
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90 '
HUSKER BILL JOHNSON . . . bringing down a Falcon
fx Jy
i . .... ... J f .
yours with
(the word around
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' s
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Fa rah Slacks neat good looks
are permanently pressed in...
another reason why they get
more appreciative looks.
And they wear longer
must vism xri0
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