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Vol. 81, No. 10
The Doily Nebraskan
Thursday, September 30, 1965
Miss Brown
Student Receives
Call From 'Uncle'
"Greetings from Uncle
Sam" the phrase that makes
male University students
shudder and one in particu
lar. That student is Mark Plan
ner, a University junior in
good standing and carrying 15
Why the shudder? Because
Mark has received formal
"greetings" and h notice
that he must report for in
duction Oct. 2".
When Plattner received the
induction notice, he checked
with Registrar Floyd Hoover.
Hoover gave Plattner a note
saying he is a student in good
standing to take to his Selec
tive Service Board in Oma
ha. Plattner was told in Oma
ha that the board may be
drafting students, and that
they would review his draft
Until he hears from the
Omaha board, Plattner will
Interview Times
Set For Royalty
ALT has announced the in-; 8:40; J. Steve Davis, 8:45;
terview times for candidates Don Bankev, 8:50; and Bill
for Activities Queen and BigJoh
Man On Campus. ... , , L
' Michael Grasham. 9 d m
Activities Queen interviews i . p
will begin at 8:30 p.m. in 332 ;Klaus Hartman, 9:05; Jim
Nebraska Union today. Buntz, 9:10; Louis Burgher,
The candidates and their S:15: Buzz Brashear, 9:20;
times are: Jennifer M a r -: Roger Brodd, 9:25; Rich Mil
shall. 8:30; Carol Kramer. Her, 9:30; Ron Xeel, 9:35;
8:35; Julie Amsler. 8:40; Gail Roger Housley, 9:40; Larry
Meitzner. 8:45; Susie Diffen- jWatzke, 9:45; John Dzerk.
derfer, 8:50; Lauri Olenber- 9;50; Rk-k au, 9:55; and
ger, 8:55; and Diane McDon- i Roger Xuman, at 10 p.m.
aid, 9 p.m. 1 Larry Foster. 10:05; James
Georgia Steven. 9:05; Max-jSpecht 10:10; Daniel Denny,
ine Matousek, 9:10: Jo Chris-! 10:15; Robert Schanou, 10:20;
tensen. 9:15; Susan Sitorius. : a n d Dwayne Harrison, at
9:20; Kent Oates 9:2t; Lynn
Grosscup. 9:30; Ann Windle.
9:35; Steph Tinan. 9:40; Ruthdidate and e Farmhouse
Ann Kassmussan. :ia liz
Aitken. 9:50; Peggy B 1 u e . j
9:55; and Ann wcuougn, w
Bos 10 :10 and Ann Van :
Steenberg at 10:15 will con
elude the Activities Queen
interviews. '
Big Man On Campus
(BMOC) interviews will be
Union today, beginning at
8:15 p.m.
ThnP 'f.nriidatfs and their,
times are- Frank McClana- j'n on 16th Street north of
ham, 8:15; F. C. Green II, j Vine.
8:20; Dan Gartner, 8:25; The house and other pro
Steve Curry, 8:30; Frankie perty on that block have been
Solich, 8:35; Janis Cindins.
Freshmen May Apply
for Unicorns Board
All freshmen off-campus in
dependent students are
We to apply for membership
on the Unicorns Freshman
ard- .
Unicorns is an organization
for all off-campus independ-
ent students. It sponsors so-
dal events and serves as a
means of communication be-
tween the University and in-!
dependent students. !
Two freshmen from each:
Lincoln high school and two
from apartments or other
residences will be selected as
members on the Freshman '
Annlication forms will be;"1
available Friday outside 345.
Nebraska Union, or at the
Unicorn meeting Monday at 7
p.m. in the Xorth Conference
r xN-x V
f V xHx W V xx x x
Miss Focht
not be idle. "I wrote the Pres
ident, explaining my situa
tion," Partner said.
'I wanted o start mv let
ter to Johnson with "Greet
ings, this is from Mark Platt
ner, a professional student
; who wishes to remain so.
I But I decided to take a
more formal approach," j
Plattner added.
' Until he gets the final de
cision, it's a matter of cross-
ed fingers for Plattner.
1 Rumors thai students are
being drafted have circulated
over the campus from time
to time.
But Col. Edwin Scott, who
is chief of the manpower di
vision of the State Selective
Service, said that currently!
"we are not processing regis-;
trants who are full-time stu
dents in good standing."
j He added that the proper
j information may not h a v e j
! gotten to the local Selective1
Service boards. I
Thp 5ioma ilnha TLTn nan.
candidate will be interviewed
at iq:30 and 10:35.
Each of the seven finalists
for BMOC and for Activities
Qf be presented at the
Wisconsin football game.
No Comment Offered
Qn Hoyse De$ffMcf;on
A j:.,:,..,i.: , r : : . i
have refused to comment on
the nouse lnat had been torn
condemned for University
use, but no plans have been
announced. "It will probably
be used for classroom build
ing," wa-s the only explana
tion. Appeal date for the con-
eligi-;demnation of tne additional
: property has been set for Oct.
;14 and untfl then no addj.
Itional information will be re-
' '
pep Groups Sponsor
. r r. ,
Yell Contest Friday
Tassels and Corn Cobs are
sponsoring a "Yell Like Hell"
contest to be held Friday.
u t
lth flnBotner unit to t
. .
",c c"-
A trophy will be awarded
to the group who shows the
most originality, yells loud
est and displays the most
over-all spirit.
I x - x V! I " -i
I I vxv I if x V
if I -.XT v I it v ' x t
i xx xxx x x tmgF Xs I
LAI jl
Miss Pflasterer
Ten coeds have been select
ed as finalists for University
Homecoming Queen.
The Queen will be crowned
Oct. 15 at students dance at
Pershing Auditorium. She
will then reign for a week of
Homecoming festivities Oct.
The finalists were chosen
by an interview ing board com
posed of the ASUX president,
vice president, and a senator
from each college, in addi
tion to the ASUX faculty ad
viser. They were selected on the
basis of poise, personality and
overall appearance, with con
sideration to scholarship and
The Homecoming Queen
will be selected by an all-University
vote Oct. 12 and 13.
The finalists are Bonnie
Brown, Diana Focht, Kathie
Glade, Kathy Knight, Joan.
McClymont. Candance M a y,
M a r c i a Melichar, Barbara
Pflasterer, Candy Sasso and
Diane Smith.
Miss Brown is vice presi
dent of Angel Flight, and a
member of Tassels. UXSEA,
and Little Sisters of Minerva.
A member of Chi Omega,
Miss Brown is currently a
dorm counselor. She received
t h e Builders Outstanding
Workers Award, was Delta
Sigma Pi Rose Queen finalist.
Miss Superior 1964 and Miss
Nebraska semi-finalist, 1964.
Miss Focht, a speech ther
apy major, is a University
cheerleader, Builders First
Glance chairman, and was 1
assistant rush chairman for!
Pi Beta Phi. She was Delta'
ASUN To Name j
Three To Cabinet
Association of Students of
the University of Xebraska
(ASUX) interviews for three
cabinet positions and for the
executive member of the
Electoral Commission will be
held Sunday at 1 p.m. in the
Nebraska Union.
The three cabinet positions
include: the secretary of or
ganizations for honoraries and
professional fraternities, bo
rorities and societies; the sec
retary of regulatory organiza
tions such as IFC, Panhellenic
and AWS; and the secretary
of organizations for all other
Application blankB for these
positions are due in the Stu
dent Senate by 5 p.m. Friday.
At next week's Student Sen
ate meeting interviews will be
held for the Senate's electoral
commission member.
x XXX xx xx xs , , x & X
x Avv s W:Vx
x V x VV
k A h v "
IX y I 1 21
Miss Glade Miss Knight
fss' rJ"""11'" -
1 ' x
I x - x
I t-t t I 1
if r I ,
I -A jF' - i
Miss Sasso
! Sigma Pi Rose Queen, Pi Kap
pa Phi Rose Queen, and a fi
nalist for Junior IFC Queen
i and N-Club Sweetheart.
! Miss Glade, an art major,
was rush chairman tor DeKa
Gamma. She was a Cornhus
ker Beautv Queen finalist,
Mis T iiy Day 1963. Delta
Sigma Pi Rose Queen runner
up. Junior IFC Queen candi
date. Miss E-Week 1965 and
first runner-up for Miss XE
BRASKAland. Miss Knight, a sociology
major, is president of Aqua
quettes and a member of
YWCA. She is activities chair
man for Kappa Kappa Gam
ma, and was Spring Day sec
retary. Miss McClymont, an Eng
lish major, is a member of
ASUX executive board. She is
ALT faculty and organiza
tions chairman, and was
president of Student Council
Associates. She was a sopho
more member of Ivy Day
Peace Corps Tests
Set For Next Week
Peace Corps placement :
tests will be given Oct. 9 at
9 a.m. in the Lincoln Post
Office building. I
Applicants must fill out a
Peace Corps questionnaire, :
available at all Post Offices,
and take it to the test or sub- j
mit it to the Peace Corps, j
Washington, D C.
Any citizen of the United 1
States. 18 or over, with no de- j
pendents under 18, is eligible ;
to take the test. The test re-:
veals how the applicant best 1
can help the people of devel-
oping countries around the ;
world. I
Bullet Hits Wall;
Misses Employee
Lincoln police are investi-:
gating the origin of a bullet !
which was fired into Nebras- j
ka Hall Tuesday. !
The bullet went through the i
window of Room 125, passed
through a wall and hit a book, j
narrowly missing Miss Lu-
cille Stephens, a clerk for the
Federal Geological Survey. I
"At first it made me mad, j
but afterward it sort of scared
me," Miss Stevens said.
Miss Stephens had been
crossing the room at the time
the bullet came through the
wall, and it landed about two
feet from her.
Campus police said that the
bullet was of long range ve
locity and could have been
fired from as far as two
miles to the north. i
oeds SeeBi
I f xxx x '-xxit'vw xx"; x Xv ixxv xxxAxvxhxjx x x mxxxss.,KVv a,MljjWWimw9iWMft'lx-f,wwywl'llM8
J' Iff J JS
fSR jsA$ hi v J j
xA v x j1 t x - i I I I f , rr j s
xxxxx xH '"": " x xxsa
x . s .
Miss McClvmont
, xV I
Miss Smith
Court and is on the standards
board of Kappa Alpha Theta.
Miss May is a speech major
representing Selleck Quadran
gle. She is a residence hall,
student assistant and a Mas
quer's worker. She w as a Stu
dent Council Associate and re
ceived the Dallas Award as
outstanding actress in Univer-;
sify experimental theater. I
Miss Melichar is a home
economics major represent
ing Burr East. She is a Bun
East student assistant and a
member of. Phi Upsilon Omi
cron. She served as Burr vice
president and standards board
chairman. ,
Miss Pflasterer. a speech
therapy major, is Angel Flight 1
pledge trainer. She is ALT
sorority drive chairman,
Gamma Phi Beta rush chair
man, and a member of Sigma
Alpha Eta. She was a candi
date for Miss Rush Week and
a finalist for Miss E-Week.
Miss Sasso. an English ma
jor, was Builders advertising
chairman. She served as An
gel Flight treasurer and a
delegate to Panbellenic. She
was a Student Council Asso
ciate, a sophomore member of
the Ivy Day Court, and a fi
nalist for AIT Activities
Queen. A Regents scholar,
she was Lincoln rush chair
man for Alpha Omieron Pi.
Miss Smith, an art major, is
a member of AWS junior
board. She is Alpha Phi as
sistant pledge trainer. She
was a finalist for Miss Rush
week, and a candidate for IFC
Queen, Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sweetheart and Cornhusker
Beauty Queen.
Kenagy Is IFC
John Kenagy was selected
Rush Chairman for the Inter
fraternity Council at the or
ganization's weekly meeting,
Wednesday night.
"I firmly believe that Rush
is the most important of all
Greek activities, simply be
cause it is the means by
which the system perpetuates
itself," commented Kenagy.
In his address to the IFC,
Kenagy staled that he be
lieved that "the practice of
spook iatrols is just as detri
mental, if not more so, than
dirty rush."
"I feel that if any house is
guilty oi spooking a rushee.
it should be subject to the
same penalties as prescribed
for dirty rush." he added.
Kenagy is a junior in Pre
Med, a past Student Council
Miss May
AS UN Discusses
Scheduling Right
By Wayne Kreuscher
Senior Staff Writer
Student Senate's power
over other activities on
campus, mainly the sched
uling of events, was dis
cussed at Wednesday's Sen
ate meeting.
The discussion resulted
because of a request from
Barb Beekman. ALT pres
ident, that AUF-A-Go-Go. a
charity carnival to be held
Oct. 9, be scheduled as the
only campus event for that
Xo motion was made on
AUF's request. Discussion
on the Senate floor s u g -gested
that the Senate did
not want to set a prece
dent by giving an activity
this exclusive schednling
right and it was pointed out
that AIT actually doesn't
have to worry about many
Sen. Terry Schaaf firm
ly explained that the Sen
ate and the Association of
Students of the University
ff Xetirasfca' tASUNl does
have the right to tell ac
tivities if they can have an
event or not.
Schaaf stressed that this
power included only cam
pus organizations and not
living units.
Sen. Sally Morrow said
she thought ASUX would
hav e "gone beyond our pow
er" if it did" start telling
activities when they could
have events.
In discussion of AUF's re
quest, ASUX Vice President
Larry Frolik said that the
University's activities office
in the past has refused to
Hatchery Houses
Science Classes
By Jan Itkin
Junior Staff Writer
Classes in a converted
chicken hatchery?
Yes. the 501 Buiiding on
Xorth 10th Street, formerly
Hill Hatchery, has been ren
ovated for classroom use.
Freshman chemistry
classes and the Graduate
School of Social Work com
jiose the bulk of classes held
there. Quiz sections in phys
ics, sociology, mathematics,
and history and classes in
1 architecture, zoology, and
! Orrnan also meet there.
i The building is composed oi
j six classrooms and ten chem
listry laboratories which con-
Rush Leader
representative and assistant
rush chairman for Phi Gam
ma Delta.
Also announced at the
meeting was that Oct. 7 is
the end of the 30 day waiting
period and at this time open
rush may begin.
'Hyde Park' Forums
To Begin October 13
It was announced yesterday
that "Hyde Park" type for
ums, where anyone may dis
cuss anything he may choose,
will begin in the Nebraska
Union Oct. 13 at 3:30 p.m.
Liz Aitken, chairman of the
Union Talks and Topics Com
mittee, said that more infor
mation would be given on the
, forums later.
Miss Melichar
schedule any night exclus
ively for one activity.
Sen. Liz Aitken explained
that ALT might be consid
ered an exception to other
activities and given this
exclusive right because of
its charitable purposes.
A motion was made by
Sen. Kelley Baker suggest
ing that the Student Senate
Activities Committee work
with the University's activ
ity office to insure smooth
scheduling of activities so
there would be no conflicts.
But after discussions on
this motion, it was defeated.
Many senators said that
this motion wasn't needed
and would accomplish no
useful purpose.
Mrs. Jean Regester, stu
dent activities adviser, said
that if any exclusive sched
uling or controls over ac
tivities' scheduling of events
were to be made, it would
have to come from ASUX.
The Student Senate in oth
er business approved a ju
dicial code for the Student
Court and the appointment
of Keith Mclntyre as chief
justice of the Student Court.
ASUX President Kent
Xeumeister announced that
Dick Xewton had been ap
pointed chairman of the
Foundation-Alumni Associ
ation. Sen. Kelley Baker was
appointed as chairman of
the special Homecoming
finalist procedure investi
gating committee.
Senators Kris Bitner and
Jan Binger were named the
Student Senate candidates
for the ALT Activities
tain a total of 256 lab sta
tions. Mrs. Miriam Hurst, room
assignments clerk, said "it
was a good thing the regis
trar was far-sighted enough to
realize almost two years ago
that the number of students
would necessitate another
The University acquired the
red-brick building in 13 and
remodeled it last summer. In
addition to constructing class
rooms in the structure, the
chemistry labs were added.
Because of the acids used in
chemistry experiments, acid
resistant floors and glass
pipes were used in the build
ing. The move to the building
alleviates crowded conditions
in the departments and al
lows them room lor expan
sion. The Graduate School of
Social Work, for instance, now
has an enrollment of 62 full
time students compared to 55
last year.
"The 501 Building as ab
solutely essential to b a n d 1 e
the increased numbers of stu
dents," Dr. Henry Holtzelaw,
professor of chemistry, said.
Some students feel, how
ever, that it is too long a walk
from the rest of the campus.
! II. 1 . A - M
on tne distance proDiem.
"The only problem we have
encountered is having stu-
' dents accustom themselves to
racing around classes and
crossing 10th Street. We have
tried, however, to keep
classes close 1o where they
I would otherwise be," she said.