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Picture a man with defi
nite convictions about how
a campus newspaper should
be run, but whose strong
belief in a student editor
holds him to offering his
advice only when asked.
Picture a man whose
knowledge of human nature
enables him to extract per
fection from his students
by creating realistic condi
tions and pressures of their
field and at the same time
retain their respect and
lasting affection.
Picture a man hardened
by the realities of war and
life and a man whose de
votion as a husband, son
and father is a model for
all who know him . . . our
Outstanding Professor, R.
Xeale Copple.
It must surely have been
trying for him to watch the
Daily Nebraskan struggle
through each semester
from bad to half-good, then
begin all over again. As the
adviser (now retiring he
must have many times been
tempted to impart to a be
seiged editor the experience
of one of his predecessors.
Again his knowledge of stu
dents and desire to see
them accept completely the
responsibility they under
take has confined him to
advising only when asked.
His advice has been in
valuable to us this semes
ter. He has on occasion
moderated our uninhibited
fire into conformity with
journalism ethics. He has
on other occasion shown
us the path of leadership
when we lost our track at
the crossroads of duty and
compromise. His maxim is
"As a journalist you don't
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865 N.
The Daily Nebraskan
editor; SUSAN FUTTFR, news
Htlor; BOB SAMUEL)'. sports
etfitar; LVJfN 0(R ORAN. night
enor stall writer: STEVE JOB
Junior stall writers; JAMES
PKARKE. sports assistant: POUT
KORSHOJ, nsr editors: SCOTT
assistants: JIM DICK, subscription
maaacer; LYNN RATBJEN, elrea
lattoa manager! Kip Hinrabaeh.
Phone 477-0711, Extensions 258S,
2M and 2SS0.
Subscription rate S3 per se
mester or Si per year.
K Is published by University at
Nebraska students under the juris
diction of the Faculty Subcommittee
ea Student Publications. Publica
tions shall be free from censor
ship by the Subcommittee or any
person outside the University. Mem
bers of the Nebraskan are respon
sible for what they cause to be
took for the golden arches !
At adtertined on KOMA Radio
MAY 22 & 23-8:30 to 12
during our
Grand Opening
Finest Young Adult Club
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1126 "P" Street
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want to be loved, you just
want to be respected."
We perhaps do Xeale an
injustice by basing this
tribute around our profes
sional contact with him. We
should n o t neglect the
many top-notch writers who
are today holding down im
portant news positions a 1 1
over the country. They
have a large measure of
their success as a result of
Xeale 's instruction.
We should" not neglect the
School of Journalism, whose
reputation has been firmly
enhanced through the na
tional publicity given to his
pioneer work in depth re
porting. We should not neglect the
journalism students of to
day, who are learning from
Xeale the sacred trust giv
en to the journalist, that
journalism. Is not a craft
but an art, that the young
journalist is bound with the
duty of purifying and pre
serving his field.
Many people now and
in the future owe a great
deal to R. Xeale Copple.
Someone once said of life
'Nice guys finish last." One
need look no further than
our Outstanding Student for
concrete evidence of the
fallacy of this statement.
If one term could be se
lected from the vocabulary
Need students who 1sh to earn S.I)
per boor full time during the cum
mer or S?.50 per hour part-time.
Working with a National Name
Brand Co. Call 435-8W for appoint
ment. Two or three iriris to share apartment
for summer. Only three hlorks from
campus. Call 435-75W. evenings.
Counsellor's wanted for Girls Aeency
Camp. Must be 51. Salaried. Excellent
experience for women entering the ;
teaching profession. Call 432-7539.
Local branch of larce national companv ;
expanding in the Lincoln area will hire 1
several collece students for full rime
summer work. A erase $110 per week, j
Higher wages wiib experience. Write j
Box 1061. Lincoli, Neb. biclodine
name, address, age, year in college, j
and past work experience .
student or YMCA Boys Club Super- j
visor. Good pay. Benefits. Must he j
willing to work with boys. Call Bob
Rhoades. 432 1251 for appointment.
. . . i
Ride wanted to California. San Francisco j
area. Will help with driving and ex- !
Penses. Please contact Jerry Hunter,
477-5481. I
Rnnmat brtirmine mid June, rmplex,
33rd and WashingKm. Call 477-7382. !
I Now. two bedroom apartment, ground
! level, near campns. at 1621 North t
i 21st. 75 per month. 477-4444 days.
j Several one-bedroom apartments avail-
able: sw ana sro, very close 10 cam-
pus. Call 432-7925, 466-9000. j
Larfe two-bed room apartment, avail
able June 15th. furnished or unfurn
ished, air-conditioned, reasonable, 13tb i
k C. 477-4584. j
Instructor wants to sub-lease completely
furnished apartment for summer.
432-2247 131 "A" Street
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Em ravin reads Linda Mead. 432-98S5
From the mild to the wild. 14 to 24 et
fold, silver, wood, pearls, etc., over
25 pairs. Phone 423-2005 contact Hank
fi4 Comet. J-drw, 4-sneed, trophy win
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See at 1311 South 11th.
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new Cheap.
1958 OLDS Holiday Coupe, Automatic
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to the
of praise in honor of John
Lonnquist, it must be "nice
John's rule of campus
life is that, in order to jus
tify his existence in any ac
tivity, he must have t h e
strongest intention of leav
ing it better than he found
it. One need only examine
his record in his house.
Beta Theta Pi. the Inter
fraternity Council. All Uni
versity Fund and in his col
lege to see how well he has
followed this rule.
He has not finished last
no. far from it, he has
finished among the first,
academically, as well as
with regard to the respect
and affection he has drawn
from his fellow students.
In our three years here, we
have heard John's ideas
criitcized occasionally but
we have never once heard
that John Lonnquist had an
We select our Outstanding
Xebraskan on several fac
tors. Xeedless to say. se
lections are exceedingly dif
ficult. We select a good
student, a genuine person,
a builder and upholder of
the University. John has
shown by his constant
warmth and friendliness
that one need not be un
derhanded and cynical to
rise to the top. that one
must be a great person be
fore he can be a great
man. Men with the breadth
of John's personality ap
pear seldom; they are usu
ally underestimated. For
this reason we are particu
larly proud and happy to
honor John Lonnquist as
our Outstanding Xebraskan.
The Daily Xebraskan
"racing form" last year
said of John: "He doesnt'
need them, thev need him."
'They" is life and the
world, which would be a
better place if there were
more John Lonnquists.
l t -
. ,
a-. 1
M --
Vs.... s-
( -.
f -t VI- I -
Our 1965-66
Mary Anderson , .
Kathryn Bentzinger
Barbara Bitner . . .
Love Memorial Hall
. . Alpha Xi Delta
. . Kappa Alpha Theta
. . Zeta Tau Alpha
Phi Mu
. Willard
. . Alpha Chi Omega
Audrey Braun
Jan Brown . .
Judy Cherry .
Ruth Chestnut
JoAnn Christensen . . . Grnma
Carol Craig . . . Sigma Kappa
Dorothy Dering ... Chi Omega
Sue Dort . . . Delta Gamma
Here Is my attempt to
crowd a sea of feeling into
eight cold inches of newspa
per space:
In my first editorial I
mentioned "improvements
which would . . . rate this
semester's Daily Nebraskan
among the best ever." My
goodbye to the campns is
the story of success and the
apology for failure.
My goodbye is reluctant,
forced, for I would give a
lot to stay here another
semester. Kive years, how
ever, is enough time to
spend on a B.A.
We produced a paper
which exceeded our ex
pectations. We increased the
scope of our influence and
the sphere of our reader
ship. But we must never be
satisfied. As long as stu
dents have grounds for com
plaint about our news cov
erage, we have failed. Our
boast was a gamble; some
now believe it, some know
it only as a boast.
All students should con
tinually demand more and
more excellence from their
paper. It is now good; it can
be great if it is appreciated.
I thank the campus for
putting up with our mis
takes. I will forever be in
debted to the staff which
bore with me and without
whom this paper would
have been nothing. Space
prohibits individual recogni
tion. Relaxing my grip is hard,
for the Daily Nebraskan has
become a person and a
dear friend to me. Four
hundred and fifty hours and
50.000 words are not easily
One must make the most
of every minute, for
by doing so he has a beauti
ful past to remember and an
exciting future to anticipate.
Go-Getter Reps
Phi Beta
Bodges nnd "Guide to Fashion and Beauty" booklet,
Editor's note: Due to se
vere space shortages in this
issue, we are unable to print
two letters: one from Mark
Hogg objecting to Quiz Bowl
procedure and one from
David Johnson and Ray
mond Wilson objecting to
Mr. Meyer's "personal in
terpretation" of the Domini
can situation. We are sorry
we cannot print these
Open letter
You are wrong.
You tated that "this
year's Cornhusker would
never have been completed
without his (Dwaine Fran
cis') . . . w ork as the book's
editor-in-chief." You could
be farther from the truth.
Dwaine worked hard and
lie did a job.
But I want to point out
some facts concerning my
dismissal as editor. At that
time we had finished more
pages than at a comparable
time in either of the two
years previous. But they
met the final deadline in '64.
Am I to assume that, al
though we were ahead of
last year's pace on Feb. 11.
we would not finish as fast?
I think not. Yet contrary
to a statement in the paper
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The Place Downtown and Gateway
Who is Miller's Go-Getter the top salesperson
Big winner of $125 Gift Certificate
$125 for her house, Zeta Tau Alpha
Second Place winner Shirley Stratton of Delta Zeta
$50 gift certificate
College opens
July 31 -Look for
Frey . .
. . Kappa Kappa Gamma
Alpha Gamma Delta
Trudy Lieberman .
Jeanette Nedrow .
Wanda Paulson . .
Genne Pederson . .
Susan Powell . . .
Kathryn Rolfsmeier
. . Sigma Delta Tau
. . Kappa Delta
. Fedde Hall
. Alpha Delta Pi
Delta Delta Delta
. . . Alpha Omicron
Barbara Sahling . . . Burr Hall
Kay Stoner . . . Alpha Phi
Shirley Stratton . . . Delta Zeta
Quiz Bow
Dear Editor,
In reply to Larry Asman's
letter of Mav 19 the Quiz
Bowl Committee submits
the following procedure out
line: 1. At every match since
the beginning of competition,
a committee representative
recorded each Quiz B o w 1
participant's c o r r e c t an
swers in the various aca
demic fields, noting wheth-
to Kelly Baker:
on April 8. the final dead
line specified in the con
tract was NOT mot.
When I departed w e were
ahead of last year, but w hen
Dwaine finished we were
behind last year. But it was
Dwaine who made the com
pletion of the book pos
sible? Are you kidding me?
When I was in office we
planned the cover, sold
books, planned the color,
chose the royalty, selected
sheets and type sizes, set
deadlines and many other
Dwaine did a satisfactory
job as far as I am con
cerned, but he did not
"make completion of t h e
book possible."
You are wrong. Kelly.
Keith Kruger
e-x-t-e-n-d-s a thank you
to oil the University students
for their patronage this past year.
i wishes you a zurrv
T H,
- Gcttcrs?
Kathryn Bentzinger . . . Alpha XI Delta
Barbara Bitner . . . Kappa Alpha Theta
Judy Cherry . . . Willard
JoAnn Christensen . . . Gamma Phi Beta
Dorothy Dering . . . Towne Club
Janet Doering ... Chi Omega
Sue Dort . . . Delta Gamma
Kathy Dworak . . . pj Beta Phi
Kathryn Rolfsmeier . . . Alpha Omicron M
Kav Sinner U. ri.
. . .
yours for the asking in THE
frtss-un or bonus ques
tions were answered. At the
end of competition these
records were compiled,
points tallied and an All
University team selected.
In an effort to win the Big
Eight competition, the All
University team was select,
ed whollv on the bases of
the individual's point tabula
tion and the desire to
choose the best possible
team-those strong in one
field but able to provide
good support in one or two
other fields.
2. Six, not three, mem
bers of the Quiz Bowl Com
mittee compiled and tallied
the records.
3. Mark Hogg is not a
member of the Quiz Bowl
Committee and was not in
volved in the selection.
4. Greg Kropp and Larry
Anderson are members of
the All-University team.
Larrv Johnson, Chairman
NU Quiz Bowl Committee
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J,1S.mOA gU15(SB dipoA MOU
jbui arngBtux prno.w i
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