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The Daily Nebraskan
Wednesday, March 24, 1965
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Two Olympians
By Peggy Speece
Last week I had the oppor
tunity to hear two University
of Nebraska students speak
about the 1964 Olympics held
in Tokyo. These two students
were speaking as authorities
they had competed in t h e
Brawny, jovial Bob Pickens
told his audience how he made
the United States team as a
heavyweight wrestler. And
bow at 235 pounds he was one
of the lighter heavyweights
Bob attended the University
C Wisconsin before trying out
for the Olympics. At Nebras
ka he hopes to compete in foot
ball, wrestling and track next
year if at all possible.
Soft-spoken Lynn Headley, a
junior member of the Husker
track squad, spoke about his
experiences as a member of
the Jamaican Olympic squad.
Lynn is toe defending B i g
Eight 100-yard dash champion.
NCAA Champ
Nebraska can boast one of
the National Collegiate Ath
letic Association's indoor
track champs. Sprinter
Charlie Greene won the
60-vard dash in a time of 6.1 !
in the NCAA championships
held a little over a week ago.
Big Eight 880 champ, Husker
JLm Wendt placed fourth in
the half mile.
The Big Eight conference
showed itself to be a track
power by virtue of Missouri's
team championship and Okla
homa State's second place in
the same event.
At the United States Track
and Field Federation's meet
in Milwaukee, Charlie sped to j.
a victory once again. He tied
the meet record in the 50-yard
dash at 5.2. Jim was fifth in
the 1,000-yard run. a longer
race than he customarily
runs, and Husker Dick Strand
won Ms qualifying heat for
the 600-vard run in a time of
Soon the tracksters will take
to the wide open spaces. Oat
door track opens with the
Texas Relays on April 2-3.
NU Gymnasts Foil
From Big 8 Throne
Nebraska's gymnasts were
dethroned as Big Eight cham
pions at Boulder. Colorado.
F&Ishing behind Io wa State
aad Colarado, the Huskersl
best performer was Francis 1
Allen. He finished second in
both the high bar and the!
parallel bars.
Jerry Foniana. who cap-:
tared the individual title on
Friday, was a big factor is
Iowa State's 178l2 point salvo.
He placed first on the high
bar, third in side horse, and
foErtJi ia the rings and paral- i
lei bar.
HaAe rmmm a tfcar ffvr tmm artwrfl
f cauKigntK. Cali 12-4W!b comiiitttK.
r mvtrmmttsm4 rsk ttta wmnew..
r 3!T, torn w-nrfc,. Car mnmmrf T1
TMWB. W 4 - 9 V ? WWym
JW Hflf(fc 4tJ ltnrfr fonfomm Jimnwini.
mum, mTm. 4Hfc-lW7,
tat 9rw4tv. 7. V- iWft, :
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ii fey
By Bob Samuelson
Todav we begin the All-Intramural selections with the
announcement oHhe All "C" team selections. The AH-"B"
team selections will follow on Thursday and the AU-Intra-mural
"A" selections will be announced on Friday.
The selections have been made solely on the basis of
votes by competing intramural teams. No team was
allowed to vote for members of its own scuad.
Nearly three hundred votes were received on ballots
from nearly sixty intramural teams, so we feel we have
a reasonably good cross section from which our all-star
players emerge.
It should be pointed out that the independent teams
played single-elimination in the "A" tournament, and the
fraternitities played double-elimination. Since an import
ant factor in a player's garnering the opposition's votes
is playing against as many different teams as possible, the
independent teams who lost early in the tournament are
at a natural disadvantage. There is nothing that can
be done to rectify this situation under the present form
of tabulation.
If a player from an independent team which did not
finish high in the tournament received enough votes o
qualify him for an honorable mention slot, the chances
are good that on a more winning team he would have re
ceived more votes.
The compilation of the squads was a good deal more
work than it might first appear.
Thanks should be extended to Joel Meier, intramurals
director, for his help in distributing the ballots and his ad
vice in the management of the voting: James Pearse and
Bob Gibson who helped with the vote-counting, writing, and
other jobs: and Don Voss. who is doing the work on the cer
tificates which will be given all players who receive men
tion in the selections. .
Hustle- TYipDuV
All "C"-4eSue Stors
Jim Adams, Sigma Phi Epsilon 6'2"..
Tom Formanack, Beta Theta PI 59"..
Paul Wenke, Sigma Phi EpsUon 6'4"..
Ken Brunk. Sigma Nu 5'10'
Louis Burgher, Phi Delta Theta 6T.
By James Pearse
Sigma Phi Epsilon heads up
the "C" team all-stars. The
"C" champs are represented
by two big men, Jim Adams
and Paul Wenke.
Adams is a 6'2" freshman
from Omaha. Despite h i s
height and the 195 pounds he
carries on the long frame, Ad
ams played outside. His fa
vorite shot was the outside
Adams was impressive in
the other aspects of the game
besides shooting. Tom For
manack. another "C" team
pick called Adams the best
all-around player in the "C"
The other Sig Ep is 6'4"
Paul Wenke, also a freshmen.
Hailing from Pender the 195
pounder's work off the boards
was a key factor in the Sig
Ep's title drive.
Wenke helped the point pro
duction by pumping in goals
from inside the key.
Another 62" team member
is Phi Delta Theta's Loots
Burgher. Temporary Rush
chairman and member of NU
Meds, the McCook sopho
more tips the scales at 205
Burgher was the Phi Delta's
most effective rebounder and
he used his size to gain posi
tion for mar.y tip-ins. When
maneuvering for a shot at the
hoop. Burgher was frequent
ly found open in close to the
A hustling 5' 10", 215 pound
Cozad freshman, Sigma Nu's
Ken Brunk is the fourth mem
ber of the all-star "C" squad.
Ken spent most of his time
out front directing traffic for
the NT's.
Tom Formanack of the Beta
Theta Pi house rounds out the
"C" stars and makes the
fourth freshman placed on the
Formanack is the smallest
representative at 5'9". The
solid 175 pounder joints Brunk
in the guard court of the "C"
Along with bis directing du
ties on the court, Formanack
added scoring punch with his
15-foot jumpers from around
the top of the key.
Pressing the top five vote
getters for first team berths
were Phi Kappa Ps's John
Allen and John Unthank.
Allen is a 5'9' 160 pound
freshman from Auburn. He
was the main ballhandler for
the Phi Psis and added good
outside shooting to their at
tack. Unthank is a junior from
Lincoln Southeast. His big
contribution was also outside
shooting. Unthank is 6'1" 170
Joining Allen and Unthank
in the ranks of those receiv
ing honorable mention on the
"C" all-star team are Bob
Byington, Beta Theta Pi; Ron
Stading, Sigma Phi Epsilon;
Bill Blankenship, Kappa Sig
ma; and Harvey Singer, Sig
ma Alpha Mu.
Congratulations are exten
ded from the Daily Nebraskan
to the boys who have been se
lected to the "C" all-star
team by their opponents.
A certificate noting their se
lection will be given to each
of the players who were se-j
lected for the top five and.
honorable mention roles.
Dent College
Is Intramural
The all-Nebraska University
handball champion for 1965 is
the Dental College. The all
University singles champion
is Tom Taylor, an independ
ent. Doubles champions are
Gary Toogood and Harvey
Tolly from Dental College.
Certificates to winners of
singles flights:
1st Harry Tolly, Dental Col
lege 2nd Tom Taylor, Independ
ent 3rd Rick Harley, Pharmacy
4th Bill Haug, Phi Delta
Certificates to winners of
double flights:
1st Hary Tolly and Gary
Toogood, Dentai College
2nd Tom Taylor and Marvin
Strauch, Independents
3rd Gary McMullen and
Charles Arizumi, Dental Col
lege 4th Tom Malavoz and Den
nis Germar, Sigma Phi Epsilon
We received a letter from Jack Frost of KLIN Radio
clarifying an error in the story about Bob Zenner being
the receipient of the Oustanding Nebraska Sportscaster
award. It reads, in part, as follows:
"Eoo Zenner operates as Sports Director of KOLN-KGIN-TV
and KLIN Radio. KOLN-KGIN-TY and KLIN Ra
dio are under separate corporations, yet we cooperate as
members of the Comhusker football as well as basketball
game information and entertainment medium. AH of the
Nebraska Cornhusker football as well as basketball games
were broadcast live over KLIN Radio, not KOLN-KGIN-TY.
The film reports were aired on the TV medium, but
the live coverage was provided through the facilities of
KLIN Radio. It was Bob's broadcasting on KLIN Radio of
these sports events which, in a large rart. merited his
coveted award."
The article Mr. Frost refers to implied a connection
between KOLX-KGIX TV and KLIN" Radio. Our apologies
to Mr. Zenner, Mr. Frost, and the management of both
You've protob'y beard the "Lfb
ero!" professors expound on the
olfeoed evils of the Mn Birth
Sc"ty, but if you're interested
in ftndfnq out why it's feored
by the Communists more thon
prectKotfy ony other orgonizo
tfon, write:
John Birch Society
P.O. Box 1541
Lincoln, Nebr.
I 1
Iff v I
i v.
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Captain's Walk!
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I MARCH 22-25
Elie Abel, NBC Sfcte Deportment correspondent discusses the
U.S. end Southeast Asia. 3:30 p.m., Nebraska Union Ballroom
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