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    The Daily Nebraskan
Wednesday, March 10, 1965
Page 4
Cagers Falter To Sixth
KSU Wins 79-67
Spears Grabs 22 Rebounds
By James Pearse
Kansas State atoned for an
earlier loss at the hands of
Nebraska, and took fifth
place conference tie from the
Huskers Monday night, 79-67.
. The Wildcat win was their
f.Vst on the road this year,
and eased them up to share
sixth position with Nebraska
In the Big 8. Both teams fin
ished the chase for the flag
with 5 and 9 marks.
Facing a tall, tight zone de
fense in the first half, Ne
braska was not able to find
an effective offensive weapon.
The Huskers stayed close at
the outset with their own de
fensive work, and the fact that
K-State went to playing slow,
pattern basketball.
Having knotted the score at
nine apiece after almost sev
en minutes had elapsed in the
opening period, NU's disjoint
ed offense somehow man
aged to taper off from their
slow start.
During the next eight min
utes the Scarlet and Cream
bagged only four goals, as
Jeff Simons pushed K-State
out to a 29-19 advantage.
Only a slim 32 of Nebras
ka's field attempts found the
cords In the first half. On the
opposite end, the Wildcats en
joyed a 43 performance on
just one more attempt. They
led 40-27 at the intermission.
Coach Cipriano's team
came out of the dressing room
to collect four quick baskets
and press the issue as they
drew close at 41-34.
It was within these few ini
tial second-half minutes that
the Huskers displayed shades
of the fine court play that has
characterized their late sea
son rise. The press brought
Wildcat errors, there was
sound scoring from Webb
and Hare, and Spears was up
on the boards and hawking the
ball as K-State sought to feed
big Roy Smith.
However, strategic t i m e
outs called by Coach Tex
Winter kept the game In the
Cat's corner long enough for
the second-half nemesis to
strike. With 11:41 to go and
the score 53-47, K-State, the
Huskers succumbed to their
second period drought. Not
until the visitors had rolled up
11 straight points did Nebras
ka score again, and it w a s
four minutes after that one be
fore another fielder was rung
up for NU.
It made little difference who
shot or from where, the ball
wouldn't drop. It made little
difference what Coach Cipri
ano tried (from time-outs to
substitutes), nothing could
stand up to the haunting, ha
bitual dry spell. Sloppy floor
play typified this section of
the game.
When Nebraska did begin to
hit with some consistency,
there was but 3:15 to go, and
K-State commanded the ac
tion 73-54.
The Huskers .wrapped ud
the night with a 34 field to
tal (26 for 77). The Wildcats
rippled the mesh for 47 on
31 of 66.
All five K-State starters re
corded double figure scorin?.
Little Denny Berkholtz 1 e d
the way with 19. Simons had
17, hmith 16, Sammv Robin
son 13, and Dick Barnard 10.
Willie Campbell Dlaved one
of his best all-around games
of the year, and finished as
high Husker with 16 points.
Fred Hare came off the bench
to contribute 15 markers and
17 rebounds. Like Nate
Branch, who hit his average
of ten points and Grant Sim
mons, Hare did not. look sharp
in his role.
Senior Jerry Spears collect
ed eight points. More impor
tant was Spears' floor work.
He hustled off the amazing
total of 22 big rebounds to lead
Doth clubs in that department.
He also did a creditable iob
working around 6' 10" Smith,
and can hang up his uniform
with pride.
Tickets Go On Sale
For YWCA Meeting
Tickets for the annual
YWCA mass meeting will be
on sale at the YWCA office in
the Nebraska Union until 5
p.m. today.
Tickets may also be ob
tained from YWCA Cabinet
The meeting wil be held on
Saturday in the Sheldon Art
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"..-;.'.' '"V.1 'My ' '"".A' ::i .
By Bob Gibson
Sigma Phi Epsilon "C"
downed Beta Theta Pi "C"
for the third time this season
to capture their third straight
"C" championship Monday
The Sig Eps height was too
much for the Betas and was
the main strength which en
abled them to garner the tro
phy for the third consecutive
The Betas jumped out to an
early three point lead after
the first quarter, but felt the
pressure of fewer rebounds in
the second quarter.
Then the Sig Eps used their
rebounding to set up their of
fense effectively. Jim Adams
their outstanding playmaker
worked the ball for good shots
and many driving layups to
pile up a six point lead at
the intermission.
Phi Kappa Psi "A" un
loaded their hot shooting of
fense Monday against Sigma
Nu "A" for a 63-45 win.
The Phi Psis needed a sharp
defense too, to stop the high
ly tauted Sigma Nu shooting
duo of Bob Witte and Bill
The Phi Psi's rose to the oc
casion as Witte and Zuspan
were forced to take an exces
sive number of long outside
shots and many went awry.
Canfield beat Hitchcock 57
41 in a game played last Fri
day. They led all the way and
had three men in double fig-
ures; John Elifson was tops
with 18. Denny Richnafsky and
Jerry Patton each had 11
Kaye Carstens and Dean Beck
pushed in 13 apiece for Hitch
cock. Governor's downed Custer
in another Friday game 44-35.
Dave Oliver scored 16 a n d
John Concklin pushed in 10
for the winners. Jim Phillips
scored 17 and Steve Nelson
scored 10 for the losers.
Burnett's footballers scored
a 59-55 overtime victory over
Canfield in a game played Sat
urday Freeman White had 16
points, Ted Vactor 13, Harry
Wilson 11, and Bob Sail 12 all
for Burnett. John Elifson
starred for Canfield with 25
Sig Ep Wenke . . . Controls rebound in "C championship game. Sig Eps in dark
from left are: Jim Adams, Ron Stading, Wenke, and Harold Smolik. Betas are from
left: Bob Byington, Tom Formanack, Ladd Lonnquist, Jon Wendt, and Sam Baird
(partially hidden.)
Intramural All-Star
Ballots Are Available
Ballots are available for intramural Ail-Star voting
in the Daily Nebraskan Office, and in the Cage at the
Physical Education building.
Each team is requested to vote for five opposing
players whom they feel deserve the selection.
A team may vote only for opposing players, and
voting will be made on the basis of Leagues. If a team
plays "A" League basketball, they may vote only for
"A" League players and so on.
Ballots are due in the Daily Nebraskan office by no
latter than 5:00 p.m., March 15, 1965. A team not com
pleting a ballot will forfeit any votes any of its players
may have received in the competition.
Swimmer's Season
Comes To Close
The Nebraska swimming
season is completed with the
recent fourth place finish in
the Big Fight Swim meet.
Coach Dick Klaas was
pleased with his boys' show
ing even though they placed
lower than in each of the two
previous years.
Klaas said that many of the
swimmers performed at
their peak, with Taylor With
row, Dave Frank, and Jon
Burchill swimming their ca
reer bests, and four varsity
marks being set.
Tom Nickerson had a
19:05.4 mark in the 1650 yard
free; and a 1:51.9 mark in
the 200 free for new varsity
Mike Jackson tied the Big
Eight mark in the 200 yard
breaststroke with a fine 2:20.
7 timing.
It should be remembered
that the Huskers have been
competing this year without
the services of last year's
star, Keefe Lodwig.
Here are the Husker per
formances during the Confer
ence meet.
1.S50 Free Style 1, Don Pennington,
Kansas, 17:57.3 (Record; old record
18-14.5 by Charles scnutie, lUKianoma,
1964). 2. Jim Manring. Oklahoma 18:15.5.
Tom Nlckernn, Nebraska 19:05.4. 5, Mike
Nichols, Oklahoma i:ao.a. o. mjiur
Wlthrow. Nebraska, 19:13.
lnv rirv f.j.c
noma :49. 2. Tom Hanlon. Kansas State,
:4y.t. J, JOnn .nuitiaiiu. ivya Mic,
49.9. 4. Dan McQuillen, Iowa State :50.
: ttia tna llonlnrwm. Kansas, and
Toby Morey, Oklahoma. :50.2.
100 Breaststroke 1, Mike Jackson, Ne
braska, 1:03.6. 2, Jim Soppe. Iowa
State, 1:04.3. 3, Les Mason. OKianoma,
1:04.8. 4, Jim Basile, Kansas, 1:05. 5,
Bob List. Oklahoma, 1:06.3. , Terry
Danko, Colorado 1:08.4.
100 Backstroke 1, Neal Armstrong,
Iowa State, :56.6. 2, Joe Mashburn.
Oklahoma, :57.7. 3, Carl Hall, Oklahoma,
:58.3. 4, Bill Johnson, Kansas, :58.5. 5,
Dave Frank, Nebraska, :59.2. 6, Tom
Oehrke, Iowa State, 1:00.5.
100 Butterfly 1, Mike Downey, Kan.
sas. :54.6 (Record; old record :55.1 by
Dewney, 1964, and John Kemp, Okla,
homa, 19641. 2, Jim Ruggles, Iowa State,
:54.9. 3, Mike Nichols, Oklahoma, :56.
4, John nurrhlll, Nebraska, :5B.3. 5, Toby
Morey, Oklaiioma, :58.5. 6, Gary Nelson,
Kansas, :59.0.
Three Meter Dlvlnf 1, Wayne Oras,
Iowa State 440.95. 2, Ken Knapp, low
State 336.75. 3, Dill Ratliff, Kansas State,
319.80. 4, Dean Minze, Colorado, 297,65.
5, Terry Tlce, Nebraska, 293.90. 6, Dave
Richwine. Kansas, 278.25.
400 Free Style Belay 1, Oklahom
(Terry Johnson. Jim Manrlng. Toby
Morev, John Hove), 3:18.9 (record: old
record 3:19.1, Oklahoma, 1964). 2, Iowa
State, 3:19.7. 3, Kansas. 3:21.8. 4, Kansas
State, 3:28.5. 5, Colorado, 3:34.3. 6, Ne
braska, 3:34.7.
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B.B.A, Unit, o PiUtburgh
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involved. Graduates who join Ford Motor Com
pany find the opportunity to accept responsibility
early in their careers. The earlier the better. How
ever, we know the transition from the academic
world to the business world requires training.
Scholastic achievements must be complemented by
a solid understanding of the practical, day-to-day
aspects of the business. That is the most direct
route to accomplishment.
Stephen Jaeger, of the Ford Division's Milwaukee
District Sales Office, is a good example of how it
Works. His first assignment, in .Tnnnnrv lOfll
. tJ ' j y
was m the Administrative Department where he had the opportunity to
become familiar with procedures and communications between dealerships
and the District Office. In four months he moved ahead to the Sales Plan
ning and Analysis' Department as an analyst. He studied dealerships in
terms of sales history, market penetration and potentials, and model mix.
This information was then incorporated into master plans for the District.
In March, 1964, he was promoted to Zone Manager working directly with
19 dealers as a consultant on all phases of their complex operations. This
involves such areas as sales, finance, advertising, customer relations and
business management. Responsible job? You bet it is-especially for a man
not yet 25 years old. Over one million dollars in retail sales, annually, an
involved in just one dealership Steve contacts. '
As a growth company in a growth industry. Ford Motor Company offers
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UtfiW opportunity