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    The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, March 8, 1965
Page 4
Spears And Kortus
, , f k p 1
Jerry Spears . . . senior pivot
man to see last action.
Th'mchd freshmen Show
Promise for Afexf Year
By Bonnie Bonneau
The NU frosh made a good
showing in the Nebraska
Track and Field Federation
Meet Saturday afternoon at
the NU indoor track but high
schooler Randy Reeves stole
the spotlight.
The Omaha Benson junior
pole vaulted 13 feet 4 inches
to finish third behind Mike
Knaub of Nebraska Wesley
an, 14-4, and Juris Jesifers
14-0 who competed unat
tached. Nebraska freshman Dave
Kudron swept the hurdle
events. He won the 60-yard
lows in :07.3 and the 60-yard
highs in :07.8.
Ron Lee another NU frosh
won the 600 in 1:15.1 and an
chored the winning mile re
lay team. The other members
of the relay team were Stan
Packer, John Houghton and
Neil Knolle.
The high jump was taken
with a 6-2V2 leap by another
Nebraska freshman, Steve
Athletes from Wesleyan,
Doane, Peru, Midland, Con
cordia, and Dana competed
alone with the NU freshman
and the NU varsity. Several
unattached athletes competed
Peter Scott won the mile
run and tied for first with
Jim Scherzberg in the two
mile run.
Victor Brookas was another
unattached double winner. He
won the broad jump with a
jump of 24-2 and came in
first in the 60-yard dash with
a time of :06.4.
First place in the 880-yard
run was taken by Norval
Jones, a transfer from Mis
souri. The NU varsity relay crews
won the two-mile relay and
the four-lap relay.
Lowell Stratton, Joe Zel
lers, Larry Toothaker and
Mauro Altizio made up tMe
two -mile relay team.
Dennis Walker, Jim Wendt,
Dick Strand and David Crook
More Tractors
Tested This Year
The University tractor test
ing laboratory will test about
65 tractor models this year,
compared to a yearly aver
age of about 30 .
The laboratory is largely
self-supporting, said engi
ne er-tn-charge L. F. Larsen,
with testing fees, averaging
about $1,500 per tractor, de
fraying costs of operation.
One of these costs is a new
dynameter, valued at $60,000
and installed to test the larg
er tractors.
Trends include more four-
wheel drive tractors, more
tractors in the 100-plus horse
power range and more diesel
tractor Larsen said.
The laboratory is the result
of a bill passed by the Legis
lature which provided that
all tractors sold on the Ne
braska market must be tested
at the University of Nebras
ka with test results made
By James Pearse
"These two boys are a real
credit to the University and
I hope we get more like
them." So spoke Coach Joe
Cipriano when asked about
Nebraska seniors Jerry
Spears and Joel Kortus,
who will be carrying the
Huskers colors into competi
tion for the last time tonight.
Commenting further on the
former Pius X grad, the
Coach said, "Kortus has more
desire than any boy I've
The Nebraska mentor then
spoke of Spears in terms of
the amount of work the Colum
bus, Ohio, native has done
over the past two cam
paigns. "He came in forty
pounds overweight last year,
but wanted to play. Through
work-outs and dieting he
brought that down, but then
he was weak. We feel Jerry
has developed real well for us
this season." A statement that
is solidly supported by hustle
the big man has shown on the
pressing defense and the con
sistency with wihich he has
held down the boards on both
ends of the court this season.
When questioned about the
team as a whole, both Spears
and Kortus agreed that this
year's outfit is the best of the
groups they've played with.
"We've got much better
personnel now than when I
started," offered the P.E. ma
jor from Lincoln, who plans
to continue into graduate
school next year.
turned in an exciting four-lap
Track Ent
Mile-1, Peter Scott, unattached; ,
James Wendt. Nebraska: 3. Orlando Mar
tinez, Nebraska Frosh. T, 4:19.
SO 1, Victor Brooks, unattached; 2. Ray
Harvey, Nebraska; 3, Rick Wood, Doane.
T, :06.4.
00 1, Ron Lee, Nebraska Frosh; S,
Dennis Walker, Nebraska; 3, Wendell Wil
son, Wesleyan, T, 1:15.1.
4401, Ken Te Selle, Wesleyan; 2, John
HouKhton, Nebraska Frosh; 3, Roger
Crook, Peru. T, :52.S.
80 1. Norvall Jones, unattached; 2,
Pete Sura, Doane; 3, Bob Roche; Doane.
T. :M.4.
SO hlfhs 1, Dave Kudron, Nebraska
Frosh; 2, Lonnie Sherlock, Nebraska
Frosh; 3, Gene Noel, Peru. T, :07.8.
Two miles 1, tie between Peter Scott,
unattached, and Arnold Scherrberg. Ne
braska; 3, Larry Ribbje. Wesleyan, T,
60 lows 1, Dave Kudron, Nebraska
Frosh; 2 Roger Crook, Peru; 3, Dave
Seward, Peru. T, :07.3.
Mile relay 1, Nebraska Frosh S t a n
Packer, John Houghton, Gary Knolle, Ron
Lee); 2, Wesleyan; 3, Seward Concordia.
T, 3:34.
Two-mile relay 1, Nebraska (Lowell
Stratton, Bob Zellers, Larry Toothaker,
Mauro Altizio); 2, Wesleyan; 3. Doane. T,
8: 15.5.
Four-lap relay 1, Nebraska (Dennis
Walker, James Wendt, Dick Strand. Dave
Crook); 2, Wesleyan; 3, Doane. T, :50.7.
Field Events
Shot 1, Sam Cowan, Wesleyan, 49-2V!
2, Henry Dilly. Nebraska Frosh, 47-1';
3, Terry Thatcher. Nebraska Frosh,
High Jump 1, Steve Krebs, Nebraska
Frosh, 6-2'.; 3, Jim Booher, Wesleyan,
&-Vi; 3, Buddy MeCrea, Peru, 5-llfci.
Broad lump, Victor Brooks, unat
tached, 54-2Vj; 2. Lowell Brown, Peru,
21-2; 3, Mike Knauh, Weslevan, 20-7Vi.
Vault 1, Mike Knaub, Wesleyan 1 4 -4 ' . :
2, Juris Jesifers. unattached, 14-0; 3,
Randy Reeves, Omaha Benson, 13-4.
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Joel Kortus
Senior guard
Spears, who is going into
funeral directing at the close
of his education, spoke of the
'65 Husker's strength in terms
of the entire conference. "The
conference is better than in
previous years, and we have
come up with it."
As a high point of his ca
reer, Kortus picked out this
r i could
ST 1669
ST 1711
ST 1829
ST 1936
ST 2013
ST 2083
ST 2142
i WHAT A 1
ITT I could hmeII
I i6HT..yl
4" H
goes into last Huskcr game.
season's triumph over Michi
gan. He added that with a
few breaks the Huskers might
be in a loftier position from
which to crow about that ear
ly win. Without a bad break,
Mr. Kortus would have been
in a better position to help
the Huskers up to such
heights. From this au
tus work intently for the team
on the practice floor while
fighting a tender knee, goes
a tip of the hat.
Leaning back onto the
bleachers behind him, Jerry
Spears savored the win at
Kansas State early this sem
ester as his personal high
point. To one who has been
down the rough road to Man
hatten a few times, the 62-57
count in NU's favor is indeed
a peak to be remembered.
Jerry helped key that w i n
with a team-leading total of
ten rebounds.
Fifth place is now with
in sight for Nebraska, and
with some aid from a Mis
souri team who has done
nothing for NU all season, the
Huskers could have the num
ber five slot all by them
selves. Coach Cipriano promised
his two seniors an extra large
steak and plenty of potatoes
for their last game meal. All
that is needed is the gravy,
which can be added by a Ne
bi aska victory.
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Tankers Take
Fourth Place
Mike Jackson
Wins Butterfly
The Nebraska swimming
team made a good showing
at Iowa State in the Big Eight
Swimming meet by finishing
The Huskers were in third
place after two nights of the
three day meet, but faltered
to third in the face of record
setting paces by Kansas.
The race for third place
was overshadowed by the
close contest between Iowa
State and Oklahoma for the
winners circle which Okla
homa entered for the eleventh
straight time.
Kansas' final day strength
came primarily via records
in the 1,650 yard freestyle nd
the 100-yard butterfly. Don
Pennington set the Big Eight
record in the former at
17:57.3 and Mike Downey but
terflew the latter in 54.6 for
another conference record.
While these Jayhawkers
were setting their records,
Husker swimmers were fall
ing off the pace. In the 100
yard butterfly Jon Burchill
finished fourth in 56.3. Tom
Nickerson finished fourth in
the 1650 yard freestyle in
19:05.4 with teammate Taylor
Withrow finishing sixth in
Mike Jackson was a bright
spot for the Huskers on the
last day as he won the 100
yard breaststroke in one min
ute three and five-tenths
seconds. Only other point get
ters for Nebraska the final
day were Dave Frank and
Terry Tice who placed fifth
in the 100 yard backstroke
and three meter diving re
spectively. Iowa State threatened Okla
homa near the end on the
strength of a one-two finish in
the three meter diving by
Wayne Oras and Ken Knapp,
but couldn't match the Soon
ers 400 yard free style relay
team which won this last
event in the record time of
Prepster Soars 16
Not long ago, a fifteen foot
pole vault was considered 'im
possible', but with the advent
of new methods and mater
ials, the impossible becomes
the ordinary.
Paul Wilson of Warren High
School shattered his national
prep pole vault record Tues
day March 2, when he soared
16 feet 4 inches.
f ' "I '
J 1
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The Husker basketballers
tonight against the same hapless Kansas State ballclub
which was predicted in most quarters to be among the
top two or three teams in the nation before the start of
the season. The Wildcats have ended up battling for the
cellar in the Big Eight. The Huskers have previously con
quered K-State at Manhatten earlier this year overcom
ing a low ebb in their campaign.
But I said a 'successful' season, and one may ask
how a team with a loing win-loss slate can be termed
as having a successful year.
" On the basis of the Michigan victory alone the season
would have to be regarded as an unmitigated success.
The top team in the nation came on the Colesium floor
acting and looking like gods and went off shaking their
ungodly heads in disbelief.
Nebraska has fared respectably in the Big Eight Con
ference as well, and with a little better foul shooting,
Cipriano's proteges could easily have finished in the first
Tonight is our chance as Cornhusker boosters to show
our appreciation to the basketball team for an exciting
and colorful season if not a flawless one. It is our chance
to give seniors Joel Kortus and Jerry Spears the kind of
send-off that the two dedicated athletes deserve.
Instead of booing these boys as they play tonight let's
give a cheer for the fine efforts these boys have given all
season and in many hard hours of practice the fans never
see. Spears and Kortus have had to play under a handicap
that is regarded with wide-eyed awe by the other basket
ball players around the Big Eight that their home fans
boo them as they try to win basketball games.
As fans, we've got one last chance to rectify this
abominable situation. Instead of booing Spears and Kortus,
let's cheer them.
We have received an intramural all-star ballot without
the name of the submitting team attached. Unless the
ballot is identified, we will be forced to throw out the
ballot, and some team will not be given credit for handing
one in. Consequently any players from that team who
may receive votes will be dropped from consideration.
The intramural championships will probably be de
termined this week, and in that event, all-star ballots are
due on or before Monday, March 15. In event that the
competition is not completed by Saturday, March 13, the
submission date will be moved up one week to March 22.
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wrap up a successful season
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