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The Daily Nebraskai.
Wednesday, December 16, 1964
IM Standings
Here are the III! standings
In the games played up to
v&c. 11.
League 1 A
Alpha Tan Omega 2-0
Phi Kappa Psi 2-0
Phi Delta Theta 1-0
Sigma Chi 1-1
Theta XI 1-1
Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 1
Beta Theta Pi 1-2
Kappa Sigma 0-3
League 2 A
Sigma Nu 2
Delta Tan Delta 1-
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.... 1-
Farm House 1
Phi Gamma Delta 1-
Alpha Gamma Rho 0-
Delta Upsilon 0
League 3 A
Ag Men 2
Sigma Alpha Mu 2
Cornhusker Co-op 1
Beta Sigma Psi 1
Delta Sigma Phi 0 2
Chi Phi 0-2
Delta Sigma Pi 0-1
League 4 A
Alpha Gamma Sigma... 2-0
Pioneer Co-op .2-0
Triangle 1-1
Brown Palace Co-op.... 0-1
Pi Kappa Phi 0-1
Theta Chi 0-1
Acacia ...0-2
League 5 - A
Fairfield 2-0
Benton 1-0
Hitchcock 1-0
Selleck 1-0
Seaton II o 1
Lindell 0-2
Andrews ., 0-2
League 6 A .
Seaton I
Capital 0-2
Goodding 0-2
League 7 - A
Bessey 2-0
MacLean l-l
Avery 0-1
Boucher 0-1
Canfield 0-2
League 8 A
Governor's 2-0
Pattou 2-0
Pena l-l
Pike l-l
Carson 0-2
Rogers 0-2
League 9-A
Glenn 1-0
Custer l-l
Thoreau ...1-1
Pershing 0-1
Kennedy 0-2
League 10 - A
Navy ROTC 3-0
Ed Psych's 2-1
Phi Epsilon Kappa 2-1
Dental College 1-1
Pharmacy l-l
Air Force ROTC 1-2
Phi Delta Phi 0-3
League 11 - A
Misfits 3-0
Play Boys 1-0
Aggies 1-1
Delta Theta Pi 1-1
Alpha Phi Omega.
... 1-1
League 12 - A
Golden Boys 4-0
Gunners 3-1
Hustlers 2-0
Cotner House 1-2
Phantoms 2-1
Civil Engineers 0-3
Saints 0-2
Unicorns 0-3
League 13 - Fraternity B
Kappa Sigma 3-0
Beta Theta Pi 2-0
Sigma Phi Epsilon 2-1
Every night
this week
'til 9
Captain's WaSk
Clothes for the
Complete Gentleman
D Contact:
P Robin Brock,
Campus Representative
D 432-9720
Phi Delta Theta 1-2
Sigma Chi 1-2
Alpha Tau Omega 0-2
Theta Xi 0-2
League 14 Fraternity B
Phi Kappa Psi 2-0
Delta Tau Delta 2-0
Sigma Nu 2-1
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.... 0-1
Phi Gamma Delta 0-2
Delta Upsilon 0-2
League 15 Fraternity B
Ag Men 1-0
Farm House 1-0
Triangle 1-1
Delta Sigma Pi 1-1
Delta Sigma Phi 0-1
Cornhusker Co-op 0-1
League 16 Fraternity C
Sigma Phi Epsilon 1-0
Sigma Chi 1-0
Alpha Tau Omega 1 0
Kappa Sigma 0-1
Beta Theta Pi 0-1
Phi Delta Theta 0-1
League 17 Fraternity C
Theta Xi 1-0
Phi Kappa Psi 1-0
Sigma Nu 1-0
Delta Tau Delta 0-1
Farm House 0-1
Phi Gamma Delta 0-1
Top Frosh
Varsity swimmers were
forced to the lasrt event to
rescue a 53-42 victory over the
freshmen last Friday night.
'I figured this one might
go all the way down to the
wire," varsity captain Tom
Chambers observed. "We
knew they had some sure
firsts, but since no one knew !
the opposing line-up until just
before the meet we couldn't
concentrate on any event"
Chambers and Mike Wald
ron were the coaches for the
varsity and Bob Stern and
Ken Glasser set up the frosh
line-up. Coach Dick Klass re
mained on the sidelines to
observe objectively as possi
ble the mettle of his two
teams under fire.
Several weak points showed
up for the varsity as the
frosh's Rich Gordon won both
the 50 and 100-yard freestyle.
The freshmen also placed
first and second in the 500
yard freestyle.
However these weak points
will reverse their position in a
year when the yearlings move
up to the varsity.
This plus the 'fact that last
year's record-setter Keefe
Lodwig is sitting this season
out with one more year of
eligibility left could "bring a
winning team to Coach Klass
in the near future.
4no-yd. mealy relay 1. Varsity
T rank, Burchill, Jackson, Steele). T
200-yd. freestyle 1. Niekerson, Var
sity; 2. Stern. Frosh; 3. Gaeth. Frosh.
T 1:57.9.
50-yd. freestyle 1. Gordon. Frosh: 2.
Gabrielson, Varsity; i. Nee be. Varsity.
T 23.5.
axi-yd. individual medley 1 Glamer,
Frosh; 2. Goetz, Frosh; 3. Chambers,
Varsity. T 2:12 6.
Diviiw 1. Steve Sorenson, Frosh; !
Tiee, Varsity; 3. Gleisherg, Varsity.
200-yd. butterfly 1. Burchill, Varsity;
2. Prentiss, Krogli; 3. Mc Adams, Var
sity. T 2 13.0.
iOO-yd. freestyle 1. Gordon, Frosh; S.
Steele. Varsity; 3. Gabrielson, Varsity.
2(K)-yd. backstroke 1. Frank, Varsity;
2. Sutton, Varsity; 3. Alberti, Frosh. T
5m-yd. freestyle 1. Stern. Frosh; 8.
Gaeth. Frosh; 3. Wlthrow, Varsity.
2lHyd. breaststroke I. Jackson, Var
sity; 2. Goetz, Frosh; 3. Frisco, Var
sity. T 2:24.4.
4dO-yL freestyle relay 1. V a r i t
'Frank Gabrielson, Swale. NickersonJ.
T 3.30.2.
Husker Statistics
Finish Near Top
Nebraska's football team
placed high in both offense
and defense categories in the
final listing by the NCAA sta
tistical bureau Saturday.
The Huskers were sixth in
total offense with an average
of 348.5 yards a game. Tulsa
was the leader with 461.8.
Nebraska also wag sixth in
place Syracuse. Oklahoma
rushing offense with a 226.5
average, against 251 for first
was fifth at 227,6.
Nebraska's average give-up
of 167 yards a game was sec
ond to Auburn in total de
fense. Auburn allowed 164.7
per game.
In forward pass defense,
Nebraska was third at 66.5
a game, compared to 53.6 for
Kent Ctate and 64 for Florida.
lS i IILil
Antulov Wins He ad liner
Husker pivotman Bob An
tulov has been selected as
Husker Headliner for his
superb performances in the
first four contests this sea
son. The 67" New York City
native has shown scoring
punch, rebounding prowess,
and desire. These three as
sets have made him an in
valuable asset to the team,
and have enabled him to
lead the Nebraska squad to
three wins out of four tries.
Antulov has hit on twenty
six shots in only forty-one
tries for a shooting mark of
63 per cent not bad in any
language by anyone, but the
fact that this feat was at
tained by a Nebraska cen
ter makes it all the more
impressive. It's no secret
that the Cornhuskers have
had center problems for
Big Bob has been scoring
at a 16.25 points-per-game
clip and has garnered forty-three
rebounds to lead
the team.
Anyone who witnessed the
play of Antulov during the
74-73 victory over Michigan
can attest to just how valu
able he was to the team.
Along with Coley Webb
and Fred Hare, Antulov did
ED Magazine had said no
teams all year would do
out-rebound Michigan.
The trio of Webb, Hare
and Antulov garnered thirty-two
rebounds which is
ony five less than the en
tire Michigan team. Grant
Simmons should be accred
ited with a good deal of
praise when it came to re
bounding, for although he
only grabbed two rebounds
Forty Gridders
Nebraska football coach Bob
Devaney Saturday announced
40 members of his Coiton-Bowl-bound
Big Eight cham
pions will receive varsity let
ters. Seven Cornhuskers earned a
third letter All America tack
le Larry Kramer, guard John
Denin, center Lyle Sittler,
halfbacks Kent McCloughan
and Willie Paschall, quarter
back Dong Tucker and full
back Bruce Smith.
Fourteen of those who will
receive letters are seniors.
Of the 26 lettermen who will
return, 11 will be shooting for
ineir mira leuer,
Following are the 1964 let-'
termen by position: )
Ends Freeman White. Bill'
Haug, Mike Grace, John Koin- i
zan, Tony Jeter, Langston !
Coleman, Chuck Doepke, Pres
ton Love.
Tackles Kramer, John
Strohmyer, Jim Brown, Den
nis Carlson, Dick Czap, Gary
Guards Dervin, Mike Ken
nedy, La Verne Allers, Ron
Griesse, Bernie McGinn,
Lynn Senkbeil.
Centers Sittler, Walt
Barnes, Duncan Drum.
Quarterbacka Fred Duda,
Bob Churchich, Larry Wach
holtz. Tucker.
Halfbacks McCloughan. Bill
Johnson, Ron Kirkland, May-
nard Smidt, Bob Hohn, Ted I
Vactor, Harry Wilson, Kaye
Karstens, Paschall.
Fullbacks Frank Solich,
ax so to siboo
The engagement ring with the
perfect center diamond. lie
member, the name Keepsake in
the ring; and on the tv.g is your
BBBuranee of fine quality and
lanting satisf action.
MntisnlBfritoaWssall. Tti tbra! tm.
. .. ...,,....,.,,,,,,,. ......
caphi soo.oo
tram "' ii iinMiiiiiiirnr-f T-i -- ---m T.
Michigan's Cazzie Russell, (Number 33) watches
Husker Headliner Bob Tntulov grab one of his eleven
rebounds against Michigan in the shocking 74-73 upset
victory. Husker Joel Kortus is also on hand.
himself, Michigan's great
Cazzie Russell got only
It was Simmons who kept
forcing Russell to the out
side away from the boards
which was one of the deci
sive factors in the great
Antulov has gained much
confidence since last year,
and no one in the Big Eight
i Joe McNulty, Smith, Pete
Student Manager Edward;
John Melton an-
nouncea that 50 members of, Bert Fortuna, Grand Rapids,
the NU freshman squad wil;Mich.: Tom Brinkworth, Buf-
receive freshman letters
The Cornhusker yearlings
chalked up their third consec
utive unbeaten season with a
sweep of Kansas State and
Iowa State.
Freshman letter winners, by
Ends Don Delaney, Iowa
City, la.; Ivan Zimmer, Ham
mond, Ind.; Dennis Richnaf-
sky, Clairton, Pa.; Tom Rud-
eno- Cleveland, Ohio
Tackles Bob Taucher,!
Cleveland, Ohio; Tom Robbins.
Bys Town, Neb. ; Leonard j
Canarsky, Oakland, Neb.; Al;
Macevicius, Omaha, Neb.; Ed : Scottsbluff, Neb.; Brad Ek
Hansen, Omaha, Neb.; Jim! lund, Dallas, Tex.; Jerry Pat
McCord, Fairbury, Neb.; John j ton, Saginaw, Mich.; Charles
Burns, St. Louis, Mo.; Dan: Winters, Joliet, 111.; G e o r g e
Walls, Eeaver Falls, Pa.; Bill
Schindel. Aurora, 111.; Dave
Schorziell, Toledo, Ohio; Hugh
Rhea, Gainesville, Fla.
Guards Barry Alvarez,
Burgettstown, Pa. ; Steve
Zemko, Charlerni, Pa.; Mike
Pryor, Omaha, Neb.; Dick
Ambrosino, Chicago, El.;
John Elifson, Chicago, EL;
Joe Kosiak, Chicago, 111.; Rex
Utsler, Winterset, la.; Wayne
iviayjen, liay City, Mich.;
John Banich, Detroit, Mich.
Centers Mike Bary, Chica
go, HI.; Bcrdell Dybdahl, Well
flett, Neb.
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Xw' ...
is going to push him very
far this year.
If Antulov can keep up
the pace he has set for him
self thus far in the early
season, the Huskers could
be a definite contender for
the first division, and in the
process, even the highest
rungs of the Big Eight lad
der should feel some rever
berations as Big Bob car
ries his team upward.
Quarterbacks- Miles Kim-
mel. Sioux Citv. Ia.: Albert
Fierro, Big Spring, Tex.; Den
nis Morrison, Omaha. Neb-
Ernie Sigler, Dallas, Tex.
falo, N.Y.; Bill Nettelmann,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Halfbacks Byron McCane,
Boys Town, Neb.; Marvin
Mueller, Columbus. Neb.; Al
Kuehl, Wausau, Wis.; Ben
Gregory, Uniontown, Pa.;
Rich Haasch, Wawatosa,
Wis.; John Struble, Belle
vue, Neb.; Mark Cultter,
Fremont, Neb.; Joe Fitzpat
rick, Miami, Fla.; Paul
Chritchlow, Omaha, Neb.; Jim
Hawkins, Jefferson City, Mo-
Bob Wise. Washington. Pa.:
Dale Larkins, Western, Neb.
Fullbacks Bill Startzer.
Buckler, Boys Town. Neb-
Dennis Kazmarek, Bay City,
IM Weight-lifting
Continues Tonight
The second day of intra
mural weight-lifting begins
at 7 p.m. tonight in the Coli
seum weight room.
The lifts to be contested are
the bench press, squat, and
dead lift. For further infor
mation, interested persons
can contact their living unit
infra-mural chairman.
, ..... . gn fs
I see where the UPI rates
us seventeenth in the nation,
mainly on the strength of our
defeats of Michigan and Pur
Yes, I talked to Coach
Cipriano today and laughling
ly mentioned that now he'd
be favored in the rest of his
games. Luckily I stopped him
before he could get his hands
on the razor blades.
You're kidding!!
Seriously, I wonder if the
game was an early season
peak only to climaxed by pre
mature press ratings.
That's always the danger
of an early season upset Ev
eryone will probably be ex
pecting too much of the Corn
huskers for the rest of the
Yes, I think we'll be lucky
to finish in the first division
of the Big Eight.
That's speaking realistical
ly. Coach Cipriano is con
cerned over our ability to win
away from home, and we
have to win three or four
away to make the first divi
sion. Winning on the road will
really show some hair for a
young team like ours.
I know what you're trving
to do. You want to change
the subject to Fred Hare. Al
ways punning. Do you think
that the Michigan game will
have a good or bad effect on
Offensively speaking that
remains to be seen, but as
far as his defense is con
cerned we'll just have to sit
on it (d'fence, that is). j
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i A . i .istii ".ja irwni
Razor blades! Who's got
those raxor blades!
The sports editor of
University of Arkansas
in a recent editorial:
"The people in charge of
picking the bowls this year
must have had a bad night
before getting up and going
to the office. The choices that
they have given to the people
of this region for New Year's
Day are not likely to cause
dancing in the streets. Ar
kansas and Nebraska move
into the Cotton Bowl. Yea!
Except for Arkansas, who
Texas, the Number TWO
team in the SWC, draws Ala
bama, a better opponent than
Arkansas rates.
Locks like he's trying to
hog all glory for the Razor
backs and not shuck any out
to the Huskers.
When are you going to stop
all that corn?
Appears as if the Arkansas
fans aren't taking our team
too seriously. We'll go into
this game just like we went
into the last two bowl games)
Actually, that's not the
worst position to be in. Seems
to have worked out pretty
well in the past, but I wonder
what effect the loss to Okla
homa will have on team mor
ale. I would imagine it w o u I d
give them more impetus if
such is possible for a bowl
game. Devaney has managed
to get them up for every
game this y ear.
Does the almighty other
half of the sports desk have
a prediction to make?
All right, Nebraska's ends
will stop their vaunted out
side game, and offensively
we'll slaughter the hogs
through the air. A wild and
woolly 28-24, Nebraska. How
about you?
No thanks, IH pun(t).
Lee Marshall
and Bob Samuelson
i v " L
P Sts.