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Jy Hon hainuclson
They said it couldn't be
141064' being the
5QTerTs. But thirteen Nebras
ka basketball players, one
hardnosed coach and 8,500
RCWnsker fans didn't believe a
word of it.
NjKbiaska- braved1ttrpos
"" slble odds and a nation-leading
Michigan team and put
together a tremendous team
effort to stop the Wolverines.
The Huskers made mis
takes aplenty Saturday night,
as one would expect from a
starting team made up of two
sophomores two Juniors and
only one senior, but they
made up for the mistakes
with excellent shooting, die
hard defense and powerful
The Huskers drew first
blood in the contest as Coley
Webb followed for a tap-in,
and the upset-minded fans at
the Coliseum roared their
approval. They seemed to
sense that an upset was a
possibility, but at that point
it was only a possibility.
Then Michigan took the
lead 3-2 and one couldn't help
wondering at that point if Ne
braska would ever again see
the lead in its hands.
But the Huskers surprised
as they again took the lead
10-5 with 15:20 remaining In
the half. Nebraska kept
stoking the furnace with
20-12 which was their biggest
margin of the game.
All of a sudden, All-America
Cazzie Russell took com
mand of the situation, an d
scored thirteen points In the
seven minutes from 10:30 left,
in the half to 3:30 left. In
that time the Huskers could
manage only three points.
By the time the Nebraska
could shake itself out of the
doldrums, Michigan led 37-23,
and the Coliseum grew quiet.
The Huskers rallied In the
last three minutes of the first
half to close the gap to ten
points, 41-31 as the gun
sounded. Somehow, one could
sense that the game was far
from over.
At the start of the second
half, Michigan's Larry Treg
oning quickly canned a long
one from the corner. It was
the kind of shot that brings
a low groan of awe from the
crowd, and if Fred Hare had
not hit two quick fielders of
his own, the game may well
have ended with a thirty
point spread on Michigan's
side of the slate.
But he did, and the an.s
B a
ote Yin, Yang
When considering what
types of jewelry to wear,
the well-dressed woman must
remember the Yin and Yang
values, and try to suit them
to her personality.
The Yang value is useful to
the large woman or to the
ontdoor tvDe. This kind of
jewelry is masterful and
large. It can be barbaric-looking
costume jewelry.
The smaller woman is more
suited to the Yin value. This
small, feminine and delicate
woman should wear jewelry
with small settings.
Another fact to be consid
ered by the well-dressed wom
an is color. Her wardrobe
should include hats, shoes
and handbags to match the
colors of the basic garments
she owns. Variety and com
plimentary color may be in
troduced through smaller less
conspicuous items.
The good quality of ward
robe items is another must for
the smartly dressed woman.
Handbags, shoes and gloves
should be made of a good
leather. The extra-expenses in
volved are more than justi
fied by the endurance and
added attractiveness such
items provide for the owner.
Such items should contain
few embellishments to be real
ly attractive, since basic sim
plicity is the mark of the
well-dressed person.
Complete integration is the
great goal of every woman's
wardrobe. Thus, to the basics,
she -hould add:
Shoes, hat and handbag.
These items should be simple
but smart, related in texture,
and adaptable to many uses
and occasions.
Gloves They should be of
good leather, and differing
from pair to pair in light
ness and darkness.
Blouses Blouses should be
tailored and dressy-looking.
Sweaters Light and dark
sweathers both should be in
cluded. Scarfs Rich and gay are
sensed that Cinrlano and
company had no intention of
giving up. With tho team ef
fort that typified the entire
game, the Huskers rallied to
within five points, 47-42. For
the next eight minutes, the
game gee-sawed five then
seven then five, and final
ly with 11:18 left in the con
test the margin had been
slimmed to one point, 55-56.
The conservative Coliseum
Indulged itself In restrained
It was at this point that
fabulous Russell again took
Vol. 79, No. 71
College representation was
approved yesterday by the
Constitutional Convention as
the representation system to
be used by the new student
The vote was 13 to seven
favoring the college over the
district representation system.
The final vote considered
not only the representation
system but also the voting
svstem which would Be a part
of each. This would have
brought usage of the Hare sys
tem under district representa-
tion and brought direct ap
portionment under the college
Earlier, the Convention had
favored deciding on the voting
procedure separately. They
decided however that each of
these voting methods were a
necessary part of each repre
sentation type.
Further discussion on the
systems was held before the
voting y esTe r d a y when
George Vrba, Convention par-
the terms describing scarf
Jewelry The wardrobe
should include a few choice
pieces to give it an air of
Boutonniere Costume flow-
j ers should be dainty and gay
Fur piece A matching fur
piece or stole should go with
the smart wardrobe.
When ensembling the ward
robe, the woman should re
member the rule of fourteen.
This rule states that no lady
should wear a street costume
comprised of more than 14
eye arresting elements.
From these visible points
White kid gloves .
evening wear as modeled by
y . ' , t f
1 , ...... f f
- - , Vi
charge just as he did in the
first half. Russell hit for
eight straight points to put
the Wolverine nine up 64-55.
Joel Kortus hit a basket
with 9:00 remaining that
could well have been one of
the crucial psychological
points in the game. Jerry
Spears and Bob Antalov hit
free throw, and the Huskers
were again within range, 59
63. Michigan again responded
to the challenge by hitting
eight straight points to go
twelve up, 71-59 with 7:29 re
Choice Includes Voting System
fi !r H
liamentarian, ruled that the
motion ending debate last
week was null and void. It
was so because an o f f I c i a I
count of the voting on t h e
motion had not been made.
John Klein reviewed and
summed up the points which
the committee favoring dis
trict representation believed
were advantages ot me sys-
tem concerning its simplicity,
equity and good contact,
'I am sure that the contact
the Greeks have within them
selves is greater than with
other parts of the Universi
ty population, as is the case
with the independents," Klein
said. "I also believe that the
district system will not en
courage a Greek-independent
split. Slates which might arise
under the district system will
have to cross the line between
these groups," he said.
"I had hoped that no one
would come into this Con
vention with pre-determincd
interests," Klein said. "It now
one element should serve as
a dominant note of interest
with all other points being
subordinate to it. Such a
dominant element could be
the belt or the sleeve form on
a dress.
A final point for all women
to remember when in doubt
about using an accessory. If
one is not sure, the best
course of action is to stop right
then. Instead try removing
something. It is possible to
overdress an outfit, but less
likely to underdress, since
the whole idea rests on the
one dominant accent catching
the eye, with the other inter
est points subordinate to it.
give the final touch to
Susie Ay res,
Jf - STY ,
f r 1 Vf
' x& '1
maining in the game.
But the Cornhuskeri were
not to be denied!
Hare, Grant Simmons, An
talov and Nate Branch all
scored in succession, and
with 3:30 left, Nebraska was
within one pomt. 71-70- Mich
igan took time out, and the
fans really went WILD. The
rafters of the old barn fairly
shook from the most enthu
siastic ovation for a Nebras
ka basketball team that has
been heard for years.
An upset wai in the wind!
Time was back in and the
Daily Nebraskan
appears that this is not so, so i
I remind you that the district
system will prevent any group
from controlling Council.
With the college system, the i
ratio of independents to I
Greeks in a few years willj
ensure the Greeks of not even i
getting a smell of Student
The summation of the points
favoring the college system
were outlined by Terry Schaaf
Civil Rights
To March
A Civil Rights demonstra
tion will be held Thursday by
Friends of SNCC, an organiza
tion presently being organized
at the University.
SNCC members and any
other interested persons will
meet at the Nebraska Histori
cal Society and march to the
west side of the State Capitol
Building, where a wreath will
be laid at the base of a statue
of Abraham Lincoln.
The wreath is a tribute to
three Civil Rights workers
who were killed in Mississippi
this summer, according to
Peggy King, an organizer of
the march.
A brief ceremony at t h e
Capitol will consist of laying
the wreath, a speech by Dr.
Alan Pickering, director of
United Campus Christian Fel
lowship; and the singing of
freedom songs.
Following the ceremony, a
collection will be taken to be
given to COFO (Council of
Fede rated Organizations),
which in turn sponsors the
Mississippi Project.
COFO is made up of vari
ous Civil Rights organizations,
such as SNCC and the
Mohair Sweaters
Provide Problem
To Suit Wearers
Those heavy wool or mohair
sweaters, which are fine for
dog-sledding in the Arctic, as
well as for cold Nebraska win
ters, can be the cause of a
fashion error.
Male reaction to lovely mo
hair sweaters in pastel shades
can occasionally be one of
hatred; when returning home,
they find strands of pale blue
mohair on a once carefully
brushed dark suit.
"I'm not too fond of bulky
sweaters, as I don't think
they are attractive to a girl's
figure," Mrs. Woodrow Liven
good, a fasMon-concious Lin
coln resident said.
"If they are too big, they
cover up a girl's good figure,
but at the same time, I sup
pose they could disguise prob
lems." she laughed. "If they
really fit, they are all right,
but they are like large old
sweatshirts if they don't fit."
Miss Gerda Petersen, cloth
ing specialist with the Univer
sity Extension Service, said
so much depends on the style
of the skirt and sweater chos
en, and the size of the person.
"It would be possible to
choose a slim skirt to wear
with heavy sweaters, and a
lightweight sweater with a
pleated or fuller skirt," she
The Daily Nebraskan Monday, December h. won
Wolverines' John Thompson
hit the only Michigan score
in the last seven and a half
minutes of the game.
Michigan led 73-70 with
three minutes to go. The Wol
verine went into a semi-stall
that fizzled in an intercepted
pass and Hare scored! 73-72
Again the semi-stall carniv
orously ate time away from
the clock, and Coley Webb
was forced Into fouling Rus
sell. The crowd applauded t h e
move, as it was a necessity
Monday, December
and Larry Frolik, a non-delegate.
Schaaf pointed out the
simplicity and cross-section
views which would be present
with the college system. "The
Hare system would be far
too complex for the entire stu
dent body to understand," !
Schaaf said. "It is very es
sential that the electorate
knows how the voting system
"Under the college system,
the affiliated student won't be
discriminated against as
would be the case under the ;
the district system," Frolickj
said. "Too, the college sys
tem will encourage the
students running for Council
to be more responsible. They
will be thinking of the entire
University, not just their liv
ing area," he said.
"Simplicity of a voting sys
tem does not guarantee its
quality ," said Cuz Guenzel.
-''The HaTesystem-will give
preference to those who vote
Clothes Taste Makes Man
Distinguished Or 'Grubby'
To be comfortable, a man
need only wear clothes that
To be presentable, he has
to look right.
Above the mark, below the
mark, distinguished, undistin
guished, it is in the choosing
of his clothes that a m a n
proves his mettle.
It is easy to underdress, and
better to overdress, said MiJte
Barton, sales representative
from Captain's Walk.
"It if is debatable whether
to wear a sports coat or a
suit, it is better to wear a
suit," Barton said.
According to Barton, the
latest fashion in men's wear
is the Glen plaid sports
coat, designed with three
Dan Wherry . . . shown
represents the latest look in
at this point, but Russell, who
had missed only one free
throw all year was doing the
Russell missed! The incred
ulous fans watched Nebraska
take time, trailing by o n e
point with 58 seconds loft.
The tension was unbear
able! Would Nebraska go for
the score right away, and
then give Michigan the op
portunity for the last second
shot, or would they try the
impossible task of holding on
to the ball for the remainder
of the game and elect to take
and penalize those who don't
vote, Vrba said. "Since un
der the Associated Students !
program each student will be
footing the bill of Council, I ;
think they should each be
equally represented."
Following the vote on t h e
representation question, Joe
Carroll reported on the
possible financing of the new
government. He reported i
that the possibility of gaining
an increase in student fees for
Student Council appears un
likely. Convention president John
Lydick said that the present
Student Council runs on a bud
get of $1,500 a year. "I have
just returned from the meet
ing of the Big Eight Student
Government Association, and
as far as I could tell, this is
the smallest amount of any
school in the conference," Ly
dick said.
The Convention decided to
theh next-meeting at 7 -
p.m. on January 3.
large plaid patterns. Herring
bone and Houndstooth sport
coats are also very popular,
he said.
The new sports coat with
vents on the sides are also
cominff into style, Barton
A tweed or cheviot suit of
brown herringbone may be
worn with a tan oxford shirt
with a button-down collar
and green knit tie.
The proper matching of a
striped worsted suit, with a
background of blue, grey or
brown, would include a ,
striped broad cloth shirt and !
a striped tie.
The shirt stripes arr iosc to
gether, the ones on the suit
in a well-fitted sports coat,
fashion for the college man.
t-iJT . t; J II f '
if J Iff i
r Lis? "ti ' ;
tJT' " "1
" ' ,
W - ' ' ' ' :
,..MMiiMmiiiwmrr-t " nirr1"T"-'-'-J'ir
one shot? If they hit the?
would win if they missed,
they would lose.
Coach Cipriano should be
commended for one of t h e
most important decisions that
will be made in basketball
this season he elected to
go for the win or the loss.
Time back in. The Huskers
shakily stalled until Fred
Hare got the ball with about
twenty-five seconds left. Ho
dribbled and dribbled and
faked and moved, and with
about twelve seconds to uo
he slid in for what was to ba
the lost shot of the game. He
arched a jumper from t h e
top of the circle with three
Michigan men on him. He
missed the shot.
But It wasn't the last shot!
Hare moved In for the re
bound, and the ball was bat
tered around, Hare final
Iy gaining possession.
His back was to the bas
ket, and knowing that there
was little time left, he softly
flipped the ball over h i s
shoulder without looking at
the basket. The net cradled
the ball and the game was
over. Nebraska defeated the
top team in the nation. 74-73.
This time the conservative
Coliseum indulged Itself in
true pandemonium.
Huskers By A Hare!
Buntln 34 U Amalbert O O-l
Thompson 4 0-0 Kortun 1 0-0
Russell 10 9-11 29 Rlmmonn 4 4-4
Clawunn 0 0-0 0 Hnre 2-3
rrogoning 3 0-0 0 Webb 0-1
Ramey 2 0-2 4 Branch 5 2-2
Mvera 1 4-4 6 Antulnv 3 3-
Dairtcn 2 1-4 5 Srar I 1-1
X 17-25 73 Total
31 12-1 74
41 3273
Nebraska 31 4:1
Foulwl out Michigan. Buntln.
Total fouls-Michigan, 18: Nebraska
Attendance 8,500 (estimated).
Space Still Available
For Union Ski Trip
There is room for 30 more
students on the Student Union
Ski Trip, February 3-6.
The semester break trip to
Winterpark. Colo., is priced
at $75 including transportation
there and back to Lincoln, ho
tel reservations, three meals
a day and all ski equipment
except payment of two tick
ets. The group will be staying
in the Ilocklandhof Inn in
Winterpark. Persons interest-
rl - may sign-up in the main of-
fice of the Union, room 111.
farther apart, the stripes of
the tie farther still. The dif
ference in widths is all im
portant. Wherever there are strong
designs there must be at least
one neutralizer. For in
ance, a neatly striped grey
worsted suit may be worn
with a maroon-and-gold
striped tie as long as the shirt
acts as a neutralizer.
Actually, the varieties of
patterned shirts and patterned
ties are practically innumer
. able, limited only by one's per
sonal taste and a sensitivity
to the fine distinction between
i the resplendent and the ridicu
lous. Looks Not Ability
Count On Slopes
When all is said and done it
really isn't your ability on the
slopes that counts but how
you look in your ski r'othes.
Ski suits look especially new
in light colors or a snappy
black-and-white combination.
This year parkas are longer
creating a smoother, sleeker
line. Turtle-T's often fit under
parkas, either in matching
color or in a pastel. The ski
pants are all stretch, stretch,
For apres-ski: sweaters ga
lore over pants, of course.
The sweaters all with individ
ual personality may have
crocheted effect in white
rimmed with orange and
brown or come in a lacy wrhite
wool jacquard knitting. The
classic turtleneck sweater
earns two variations wun us
sleeveless styling and froth of
strawberry-pink coloring.
Where to wear the wonder
ful ski clothes? John Jay of
Mademoiselle charts the lead
ing ski resorts in the U.S. and
Canada into categories: type
of skiing; comments about
the resort; lifts; special pack
ages, lift prices; apres-ski,
nightlife; kind of sKiers, type
j of dress; special events.