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Vol. 79, No
The Daily Nebraskon
Friday, November 13, 1964
. 58
CAMPUS . . .
will have an opportunity this
weekend to receive help in a
tutoring program, sponsored
by Interfraternity Council
and Panhellenic. Tutors will
be provided in English, Chem
istry, Zoology, business or
ganization, Spanish and Ger
man. RECORD NUMBER of stu
dents have enrolled for eve
ning classes at the University,
according to Edor Ellington,
supervisor of evening classes.
EUington said fall registra
tions were up 284 from last
year's 2,245.
White was chosen Big Eight
Lineman of the Week for his
performance against the Kan
sas Jayhawks last week.
White broke the scoring ice
in the second quarter with a
92 yard pass play from quar
terback Bob Churchich.
Mrs. Martha McKelvie, has
contributed $7,300 to the Ne
braska foundation to finance
the writing of the University
Centennial History, which
will be completed in 1968 by
Dr. Robert Manley, assistant
professor of history at the
CITY . . .
ning commission this week
recommended light industry
zoning for North 14th Street
between Cornhusker Highway
and Salt Creek. The re-zoning
had been requested by three
men, who reportedly own
about one half of the area in
BELMONT, a north Lincoln
suburb, opened a low bid of
$63,697 for a new fire station
at 1440 Adams this week.
Completion of the facility is
set for Sept. 1 of next year.
Pierson has been elected pre
sident of the American Den
tal Association meeting in
San Francisco last week.
Pierson is the first Nebras head the group.
STATE . . .
ordered an investigation into
the quality of boxcars recent
ly shipped to Nebraska under
a recent order to make more
boxcars available to the Mid
west. Some shippers have
complained that the cars, sent
to relieve a crucial boxcar
shortage throughout the state
were insufficient for ship
ping grain.
ANCE Deposit Corporation
began paying claims of de
positors of the Valentine State
Bank, which closed last week
after bank president Richard
Davenport admitted embezzl
ing $1.5 million over a 14 year
period. Over $500,000 was
paid out the first day of pay
ments, going to 371 deposit
BANK, the Bank of Valen
tine, opened for business de
spite an order by the Cherry
County District Court that it
not do so. The new bank was
moved from the nearby vil
lage of Wood Lake, and had
permission from the FDIC
about the state, spokesmen
NATION . . .
were expected to set a strike
date for a national railroad
strike today for either Nov.
20 or 23. The cooling-off per
iod provided by law will end
Nov. 19. The dispute, which
workers for 187 railroad and
terminal switching compan
ies, concerns wages.
announced in Texas this week
that he would like to work for
the repeal of $550 million in
excise taxes on retail sales.
Johnson also said he would
consider reductions in many
other excises, which are pre
sently leveled at the manu
facturing level.
Oops Our Mistake;
Dog Patch Next Week
Dog Patch 'U' opens its
doors on Friday, Nov. 20,
and not tonight, as re
ported in the Daily Nebraskan
In the list of Lil' Abner and
Sadie Hawkins candidates, the
following corrections should
be made: Keit Olson will
represent Burr West and Mary
Ulbrick represents Alpha Phi.
A full weekend of activity
is in store for University stu
dents and their parents, high
lighted by tomorrow's Par
ent's Day football game with
Oklahoma State.
Festivities will get unde
way tonight at 6 p.m. with ;
"Yell Like Hell" pep rally
The featured event at to
night's rallv will be the
"Yell like Hell" contest. For
the contest, a men's and worn
en's living unit will combin;
their vocal efforts in an orig
inal yell led by a represents
tive from each of the units.
The yells are not to exceed
30 seconds in length.
The yells will be judged on
their originality and 1 udness
and prizes will be given to
the two units which comprise
the winning team.
Pairing for the contest and
the yell leaders are:
Kappa Delta and Alpha
Gamma Rho. Jan Domingo
and David Lambert; Alpha
Omicron Pi and Alpha Gam
ma Sigma, Marilyn Harder
and Ken Dinklage: Heppnc
Hall and Seaton House, Lynn
Rolston and Russ Swatek;
Cather and Pound 4th and 5th
floors, Sandy Frazier, Bon
nie Roberts, Rick David and
Kurt Keeler;
Delta Delta Delta and Thcta
Xi, Brenda Braun and Doug
Gould; Delta Gamma and Phi
Gamma Delta, Karen Bush
(Phi Gamma Delta leader not
announced); Alpha Xi Delta
and Farmllouse, Linda Shaw
and Bruce Snyder; Alpha
Phi and Phi Kappa Psi, Win
nie Sennetz and Jim McWil
liams; Alpha Chi Omega and Sig
ma Alpha Mu, Sandra Hodges
and Abe Leker; 6th floor
Pound and 6th and 7th floors
Cather, kathy Daniell and
Dick Lydick; Pi Beta Phi and
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sher
rie Adams and Otto Hallgren;
Love Memorial Hall and Ag
Men, Lynn Mather and Jim
By Wallis Lundeen
Junior Staff Writer
Do you suffer from trisk
aidekaphobia? You do if you
have a fear of the number
Owners of black cats in
French Lick Springs, lnd.,
could be fined today if their
cat isn't "belled." The city
fathers decreed that a 1 1
black cats must wear bells
on Friday, the 13th.
Friday has generally been
considered a day of misfor
tune, but is is especially un
lucky when it falls on the
thirteenth of the month.
Some people refrain from
undertaking anything of im
portance, some businesses
postpone concluding of
deals, and some will be sus
picious of foods, particular
ly at restaurants.
Criminals have long re
garded themselves as un
fortunate if brought before
a judge on Friday. Perhaps
as a continuation of this be
lief, very few crimes such
as burglary take place on
Sailors are traditionally
superstitious that it is un
lucky to set sail on Friday,
but that it is lucky to sail
on Sunday. Fisherman re
fuse to ship out on Friday
until one minute past mid
night. Cutting nails on Friday is
bad luck; it is unlucky for
a wedding; and it is un
lucky to sweep dirt out on
Christians have long re
garded Friday the 13th, as
a marked day, because at
the Last Supper prior to the
betrayal, thirteen sat to
gether. The origin of Bad
Friday is the Crucifixion,
though it is difficult to say
why the superstition was
not confined to Good Fri
day. Thirteen has commonly
been considered unlucky.
However, Richard Wagner
was one who thought it
lucky. There were 13 letters
in his name, he was born in
Iv - Wmnm&rm, III
mm www sm II
ill :Jt Ii
trvm hikm i "-'- , tiff
i is ..-.Jk-vs.mmmmmrj-i.
'It? -Ji"tinMt f
V 11, M
1- m 1
Jim Wanek (above) and Jonny Wendt prepare the
dunking stool which will be used to dunk John Lonnquist
Al F president, at the organizations annual Al'Ful Nnght
celebration tonight.
Spirit Fire To
The Sigma Alpha Mu Spirit j
Fire will be lit again this!
year to represent campus j
spirit before the final game. !
The Sigma Alpha Mu's plan
to light a fire each year if
the last game of the season
will determine a conference
The fire will be lit in front
of the Sigma Alpha Mu house,
at 16th and Holdrege, Mon
day night at 9. Coach Devaney
and the University band will
be there. All students are
urged to come and bring wood
for the fire and spirit signs.
1813, and he composed 13
Ziegfield preferred to sail
on the 13th, and he would
prefer to open a show on
the 13th.
The seal of the U.S. has
13 stars and bars, the eagle
has 13 tail feathers holding
13 darts, there are 13 olives
and the motto, E Pluribus
Unum, has 13 letters.
Hostesses avoid 13 at
tables, because the super
stition has it that doing so
would, at best, bring bad
luck to the family; at worst,
one of the guests will die
before the year is out.
However, it is surprising,
that any child born on the
13th of the month will be
lucky in all ventures start
ed in life after this day.
No town in France has a
house numbered 13, and no
French hotel has a room
13. Few British hotels have
the number marked on the
An old English judge re
fused any brief marked 13
guineas. One solicitor, who
knew this, sent him a brief
marked "twelve and anoth
er." It was returned to him.
Romans and the Greeks
also disliked the number
13. It probably dates from
the story of the Valhalla
banquet of Greek mythol
ogy, to which 12 of the gods
were invited. Loki, the Spi
rit of Strife and Mischief,
intruded, making 13, and
Balder, the favorite of the
gods was killed.
Gentleman's Magazine, in
1798, attempting to find an
origin of the superstitition
that if 13 people gather in
a room, one will die within
a year, stated, "The super
stition seems to be founded
on calculations by insurance
offices, which presume that
out of 13 people, taken in
discriminately, one will die
within a year."
Those who attempt to dis
prove that there is any bad
luck associated with Friday,
the 13th ,have formed the
T -
s V.
Burn Again
The fire will burn continu
ously until 2 p.m., Novem
ber, 21, the day of the Okla
homa game.
According to a Sigma Al
pha Mu spokesman, the pur
pose of the fire is to show
team spirit and to give the
campus a means of expression
for spirit,
Taking advantage of the
bonfire, the Sigma Alpha Mu's
will have a marshmellow
roast with the Sigma Delta
Tau's on Tuesday, and a hoot
enany Thursday with the
Alpha Chi Omega's.
National Society of 13
against Superstition, Preju
dice, and Fear, founded in
1946, w hich meets every Fri
day, the 13th.
Ceremonies are ended
with mirror-breaking and
s a 1 t-spilling ceremonies.
Black cats are welcome.
A Lucky 13 Club, com
posed of Missouri's 13 pre
sidential electors, made
former President Eisenhow
CI 1
1 t s
1 U.
t V .-7
I I 1
1 M
o tampon on
A reorientation of the Re-1
publican Party an orienta-1
tion from losing to winning j
must take place to win in;
1966 and '68, Frank Marsh
! Secretary of State said.
"A lot of things are hap
pening and must continue to
happen. We are going to have
to start tonight to win the
j campaign two years from
now," he told the" Young Re-
I publicans last night.
Marsh commented on t h e
recent election. He gave par
tial credit for Ralph Beer
mann's loss to statements
; made by members of t h e
1 Democratic ram concerning
j a quote by Beermann, "If God j
: had wanted man on the moon,
He would have put h i m
there." Marsh called it a
"whisper campaign" by the
"That kind of statement
leaves all kinds of opportun
ity to be blown apart,"
Marsh said. He pointed to
RWann's vntp gainst the I
Ol ji
school lunch program. That I mously approved two amend-;
vote appeared as t h 0 u g n j mnts to their constitution,;
Beermann was against chil-1 calling for the change of!
dren, mothers and milk, ;name- and a modification in;
Marsh said. ! purpose.
Marsh explained his "brand i , Jnfn . "g',!'fJm Vf
oi Republicanism." "As Sec-! df! 0 the S10UP sa.ld ttiat I
retarv of State I am required i 'hJe the Purff was former
to perform six and one hall j -v ,0f suPPrt Bar?' GoJ.toa-,
pages of duties. I'm required for the presidency, this:
to perform those duties alone. ! be changed pending the
I must work within the budg- approval of btudent Council
et given me bv the legislat- 1 f The , purpose, which
ure he said ' ' un"er Article two of the
"I am not out to expand the i consmuuon, siaies uai
office of Secretary of State, ! "The purpose of the Conserva
I believe in doing onlv those 1 tive Club is to educate the
fh;rrc r-an't An fnr vnnr.
self," he said
Marsh said he believed in
the young people as the most
important source of strength
for the party, yet he said,
"The Republican Party for
the last few years has n 0 t
annealed to the voune folks."
ti. JU -O ' hhaca,4
He asked the YR's present
to give their views on why the
er an honorary president,
noting the letters in Ike
Eisenhower add up to 13.
Sayings associated with
Friday include:
"Unlucky will be the child
born on Friday, for it is a
day of ill omen."
"If you dream on Friday
night, and tell the dream
the next day, it will come
party is not appealing to
young people and what can
be done,
"Dump Burch, (Dean Burch,
Republican party chairman),
that's the first thing," John
Reiser said. Even the name,
though not spelled the same,
brings up unpleasant conno
tations, he said. Referring to ;
the black balance in the Re
publican Party's piggy bank,
YG's Name
May Become
The Youth for Goldwater
(YG) organization has applied
to the Student Council to ac
cept a change of name for
the group, which would be
called the Conservative Club
of the University.
In a meeting Wednesdav
evening, the YG group unani-
i siuaeni Doov m an unaer
standing genius of our con
stitutional system, the case
for individual liberty, the right
of private property, and those
truths which animate our civ
ilization." "The club will be soley a
i non-political and non-partisan
i rrnniQfmn " Mice T .5n crfnrfl
"It is unlucky to go court
ing on Friday."
Black cats are one of the
most popular superstitions
which have lasted to mod
ern times.
Charles I owned a favor
ite black cat, and he had
so superstitious a dread of
losing it, that the cat was
closely guarded. One day it
fell ill and died.
, w. a a, A t X
ft- t.
1 ' 'i
Stay no
$ ' a
I 'fiV
" i
r n
Reiser said, "We won the bat
tle and lost the war."
Natlie Hahn said the
young people looked more
toward images of the candi
dates than the issues. Reiser
said the selection of can
didates for the "y 0 u n g pro
Kennedy type politician" but
has found it in neither.
YR Chairman Bill Harding
said the Republican Party,
"should as Nixon said, make
sure that we are in the same
position again."
"Young people are not giv
en credit for what they do . . .
we're not even half a chief,
but always Indians," Betty
Harding said.
The stereotype that the Re
publican party represents the
upper middle class and big
business must be smashed,
Patty Irving said.
"There are actually as
many wealthy people on the
Democratic Party," Marsh
saio. He asked t.'e YR's 10
present any suggestions or
comments to him for improve
ments that can be made in
the party.
Former Governor Robert
Crosby presented the Univer
sity of Nebraska Young Re
j publicans' Robert Crosby
! Spirit Award to Alpha Xi Del
i ta. The award was presented
; to the living unit which had
'accumulated the most points
for help with the campaign,
and meeting attendance com
; pared to the percentage num-
ber in the group.
1 Crosby said, in reference so
Miss Harding's earlier state-
ment. that it is true the young
people receive no credit for
; their work: "When I was
young, the older people took
all the credit too.
"I am sorry to hear that
those old people are still tak
ing the credit! That's one of
the trials of being young. But,
at my age I can see many
advantages of youth," he said.
"My luck is gone," he
It had. Next day he was
The origin was probably
a result of the sacred black
cats of the Oagans of an
cient Egypt. Bast, a black
cat, was a goddess in Egypt,
and during one reign, was
the official Deity of the
Black cats have always
been considered lucky, but
they must be really black,
with not one hair of another
They are always associat
ed with witchcraft and sooth
saying. Whenever there is a
picture of a witch's house,
one can always find her
companion in darkness a
black cat.
In houses of fisherman,
black cats are thought to
insure the safety of hus
bands at sea. Black cats ac
quire a very high market
value, and were sold in
large numbers by racket
eers to wives of men in
English fishing ports and
Feeling a little grouchy
today? It could be because
you got out of bed on the
wrong side.
From now on, play sale,
and get out of the bed that
faces north and south from
the right side, being careful
not to sing before breakfast.
1 Sneezing is not hazardous.)
The north side position of
the bed probably dates back
to the time when it was be
lieved the poles of the
earth give off beneificial
magnetism. The left side
(in Latin sinister) attracts
malevolent forces, and the
right side is always on the
side of good luck.
Always get up with the
ight foot foremost. The
wrong foot (left) will make
you cross all day.
But beware about singing
before breakfast. An old
saying goes: "If you sing
before seven, you'll cry be
fore eleven."
1 oaayl