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    EKI!STrd Who?
Vol. 78, No,
The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, October 12, 1964
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I f liillliiil
"The early bird gets the worm, but you've got to get up
pretty early to beat the Cornhuskers!" Connie says.
Although she was not elected "Miss Gamecock Stomper,"
at Friday's pep rally, Connie Beal, representing Alpha
Chi Omega sorority, stomped out plenty of inspiration for
the Huskers to follow Saturday in really stomping Game
cocks, 28-6.
Suzy Bornemeier
Stomps To Win
By Marilyn Hoegemeyer
Junior Staff Writer
The girl who was "a cleat
from a Husker's feet," Suzy
Bornemeier, Alpha Omicron
Pi, was chosen Miss Game
cock Stomper at the Friday
night pep rally.
Suzy, dressed in white with
a white feather tail and game
cock legs dangling at the
sides, gave her reason for
betting on the red and white
gamecock: "Stomp, stomp,
stomp is our cry, "We'll see
the gamecocks die!"
The five finalists selected
by J. Winston Martin, associ
ate dean of Student Affairs
Doyle Kaule, Corn Cob presi
dent, and Don Theopolius, yell
king, were: Gayle Bozarth,
Zeta Tau Alpha; Sue Dever
eux, Kappa Alpha Theta;
Nancy Biere, Gamme P h i
Beta; Peggy Blue, Alpha
Phi; and Suzy Bornemeier.
The finalists were chosen
for their costume, 15 per cent,
audience appeal, 5 per cent,
and their answer to the ques
tion, "Why would you bet on
the red and white rather
than the black and red game
cock," 10 per cent.
Costumes ranged from red,
white orange and yellow
feathered gamecocks to sev
eral gambling types to a red
and white pompom ("red and
white shakes 'em up, Baby!).
One of the contestants ex
cuscd herself while she
hatched, then proceeded with
Kerrey Causes
Council Change
The time for Student Coun
cil meetings has been changed
from 3:30 p.m. Wednesdays
to 4 p.m.
The reason for the change,
according to JoAnne Strate
man. coi'n'M .'.::v , is a
clais coiuiict for Bob Kerrey.
Kerrey, who has a required
lab until 4:30 on Wednesdays,
is a senior hold-over and
elections chairman. Miss
Strateman pointed out that
Kerrey is important to the
council, and asked that the
council change its meeting
time so Kerrey would not
miss so much of each meeting.
Quiz Bowl Blanks
Due 5 p.m. Tuesday
Applications for Quiz Bowl
must be turned in to the Stu
dent Council office by 5 p.m.
Application blanks may be
obtained from the Student
Council office, dorm counsel
lors, or house presidents.
the questions. A Honda
rider had to come without hei
Honda. Another contestant
brought barrel and hose
ready to wet the feathers of
the black and red game
cocks. Various comments were
heard as the girls appeared:
"Beautiful! I'll take two,"
I'll vote for that," "All
right, yeah!" "That's quite a
stomp she had," and "Ah,
don't stop now."
The rally started at
the Carillon Tower and each
house was picked up and led
to the south steps of the Stu
dent Union, where a large
crowd had gathered. The
Corn Cobs and band members
pushed through the crowd
at the Union.
Janelle Quaring, Tassels
Rally chairman served as
Mistress of Ceremonies. The
Homecoming Queen candi
dates were introduced and the
audience was reminded to
vote Wednesday.
As the judges made their
decision the band played
"Days of Glory" and "The
Can Can."
Selling Homecoming Mums
woman's honorary sells the
sweethearts are expected to
and the Homecoming dance
f 'V jui I-i ; -tin
ft ' ' f : f WW i -
Results of voting in the
homecoming elections will be
machine tabulated by IBM
machines this year.
The Lincoln Tabulation Cen
ter, with whom the Universi
ty has a contract, will pick
up the ballots throughout the
day for faster tabulation. At
the end of the day when vot
ing ends at 5:30 p.m., the
last votes will be taken to
the center for tabulation.
"We will be able to know
the results sooner, and we
will be sure the results are
absolutely correct," Linda
Muff, Tassels Homecoming
queen election chairman, em
phasized. Voting booths will also be
used, as the lines move fast
er. Because the plastic identi
ficaton cards are being used
this semester, they will be
marked with a red pencil in
stead of being punched.
Display Groups Set
For Homecoming
The entrants in the Home
coming display competition
have been announced, accord
ing to Dennis Swanstrom, In
nocents Homecoming Chair
man. In the joint division are:
Alpha Gamma-Rho-A 1 p h a
Chi 0 m e g a; Alpha Tau
Omega-Alpha Phi; Beta Theta
Pi-Pi Beta Phi; Burr-West-Burr-East;
Chi Phi-Zeta Tau
Alpha; Delta Tau Delta-Kappa
Delta Upsilon-Gamma Phi
Beta; Ag Men-Fedde Hall;
Farmhouse-Alpha Xe Delta;
Kappa Sigma-Delta Gamma;
Phi Delta Theta-Delta Delta
Phi Gamma Delta-Kappa
Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha
Epsilon-Alpha Delta Pi; Sig
ma Nu-Chi Omega; Sigma
Phi Epsilon-Kappa Alpha The
ta; Theta Xi-Alpha Omicron
Pi and Women's Residence
In the divlson of men's or
ganized houses are:
Sigma Alpha Mu; Delta Sig
ma Phi; Acacia; Beta Sigma
Psi; Sigma Chi; Alpha Gam
ma Sigma and Residence As
sociation for Men.
Towne Club will have a dis
play in Magee's window at
12th and O Streets.
All entries will be judged
on the basis of originaltly, at
tractiveness, construction and
general relationship to the
Homecoming theme.
According to Swanstrom,
"Those displays costing more
than the $200 or $300 limits
will be immediately disquali
fied." All displays must be com
pleted by 6:30 p.m. Friday
and must be in operation from
6:30 until 10 p.m. They should
be in operation on Saturday
The Word
arc smiling Mortar Boards Betsy Nore, Lynette Loescher, and Roberta Kriz. The senior
flowers annually to finance Its scholarship program. More than 2,800 wives, sisters, and
wear the mums Saturday for the Homecoming game against Kansas State University
afterward. Price is $1 each.
The Board of Regents Fri-1 tories and other revenue-pro-day
took the first step toward : ducing student facilities on
providing more flexibility in ! the campuses,
financing dormitories andj "The new bond issue will
other revenue-producing fa-! have an open-end provison
cilities and accelerating fu-! authorizing additional parity
ture construction to meet the
needs of an expanding stu
dent population.
The Board met in Omaha
as part of a program to meet
leaders around the state.
While there, they toured the
College of Medicine campus.
A preliminary offering cir
cular calling for proposals to
purchase $15,990,000 in bonds
will be distributed later this
month. Proposals will be re
ceived on a competitive basis
from investment bankers in
mid-November and will be
acted upon by the Regents
at that time.
Proceeds from ths sale of
the new bonds will be used
to retire all outstanding in
debtedness relating to dormi-
from 11 a.m.
The route
until 1
for the
p. m
parade, will start at 17th and
R, follow R to 14th, then go
down S Street to 16th. It will
follow 16th to Vine Street,
where it will go to 14th.
Student Council
Picks Associates
Associate members of t h e
Student Council were selected
from approximately 200 appli
cants during interviews Fri
day, Saturday, and Sunday.
Those who were selected
are to meet with the Student
Council at 4 p.m. Wednesday.
Those selected are as fol
lows Janie Agee, Judy Apper
son, Jan Binger, Kristin Bitt
ner, Taffy Bloomgren, Carol
Boyd, Bill Cannon, Paul Carl
son, Rae Carter, JoAnn Chris
tiansen, Tom Cunningham,
Sue Devereux. Susie Diffen
derfer, John Drodow, Ben
Drake and John Dzerk.
Other are: Bruce Eickhoff,
Donna Edwards, Ann Evans,
Sandy Foss, John Fryar, Lynn
Grosscup, Barry Hansen, Dan
Iseman, Bruce Jensen, Jim
Kunyarn, Vic Kuklin, J a n a
Kmamerlahr, Carol Logmann,
Jay Lefko, Candy May, Gary
Miller, John Miller, Rich Mil
ler, Wayne Molis, Sally Mor
row, Wesley Musser, Joan Mc
Clymont, Bruce McMullen and
Carol Nelson.
Laura Olenberger, Tom Phil
lips, Tom Pickering, Bob Pet
erson, Connie Peterson, Ron
Pfeifer, Ron Psota, Jane
Ross, Theodore Suhr, Carol
Santek, Marcia Sims, Candy
Sasso, Richard Schulz, Anne
Tudor, Michael Wagner, Gary
Walgren, Gary Watzke, Erma
Winterer, and Pam Wood are
also new associate members.
Buy 'em Here
To Meet Growth Needs
emits PSoo Bom
bonds which will enable the
Board to satisfy the acceler
ated demand for additional
facilities." said Dr. Joseph
Soshnik, vice-chancellor for
business and finance.
The Regents also discussed
the possibility of restricting
Val Peterson asked wheth
er limiting enrollments on the
basis of quality would save
the taxpayers' money and im
prove the University.
Richard Adkins said t hat
"the first thing you would do
is take a crack at rural Ne
braska." He pointed out that
classrooms could be made of
church basements if neces
sary. Chancellor Clifford Hardin
noted that fewer unqualified
students are coming to the
A quick look into the past
of Cornhusker athletics is
now on display in the main
lobby of the Student Union.
The Cornhusker Sportso
rama will be on display all
this week. Sponsored by Tas
sels, the Sportsorama gives a
brief history of all the sports
in which the University com
petes. It contains pictures dating
back to 1912 of events relat
ing to the sports. In addition,
a trophy which has been won
YD Head Resigns
Karen Nelsen this weekend
announced her resignation as
president of the University
Young Democrats (YD's) to
devote her efforts to the elec
tion of Clair Callan to Con
gress from the First District.
The YD Central Committee
! will choose a replacement
I Wednesday.
University than ever before.
He specifically pointed out
that only 150 freshman stu
dents were classified as poor
He added that there must
be some provisions made for
the students not admitted,
"Because if a quality factor
is put in, you will eliminate
a considerable number of stu
dents who are capable of do
ing college work."
Peterson said his interest is
in eliminating the "drones"
who are a "detriment to tax
payers." He continued, "I want the
University to be the toughest
academic institution in the
Regent Clarence Swanson
replied: "It is."
In other actions, the Re
gents: Changed the name of the
College of Agriculture and
Home Economics campus to
shows Cornhusker
in each of the sports is on dis
play, including last year's
Orange Bowl tropy.
This is t h e first Sportso
rama, but it is hoped that it
will become an annual dis
play. According to Cheryl
Crosier, chairman of the dis
play, the Sportsorama will
be presented each year during
the week preceding the Home
coming football game.
In the future, the display
will probably be geared to
honor Husker sports in one
To Boost Callan
Announcing her resignation
with "deep regret," Miss Nel
sen said "I feel my obligation
to Mr. Callan and to his cam
paign for Congress outweights
the privilege and honor of this
office and the responsibilities
of remaining a student."
Callan is running against
Republican incumbent Ralph
Beermann for the seat in tha
House of Representatives.
"I felt it was my responsi
bility to get the organization
(YD's) off to a good start
this year," Miss Nelsen said,
' and after yesterday's (Thurs
day's) Eexecutive Council
meeting, I feel this goal has
been accomplished."
Miss Nelsen is also First
District YD Committeewom
an. "In that position I will
still be working in an advisory
capacity," she said.
As her last official act, Miss
Nelsen released a list of of
ficers appointed and con
firmed by the executive com
mittee. YD officers are Bob Cherny,
Jim DeMars, Dan Goodman
and Bob Haws, Central Com
mittee; Steve Davis, assistant
to the president; Jim DeMars.
coordinator of committees;
Sam Thomas, recording secre
tary; Sabra McCall, corres
ponding secretary and Mike
Jeffrey, treasurer.
Dan Goodman, fund raising
chairman; Tom Booth, mem
bership chairman; Lynn Mc
Cown, program chairman;
Bob Haws, publicity chair
man; Bob Cherny, special pro
jects chairman; Dr. Steve
Ross, faculty adviser and Dr.
David Trask, second faculty
the East Campus. It was felt
that the term East Campus
would better describe the
campus which now Includes
the Nebraska Center for Con
tinuing Education and is the
site for the proposed build
ing for the College of Dentist
ry. Authorized the sale of ap
proximately 3.6 acres of the
South Farm at Genoa. This
represents the remaining ac
reage of an authorization giv
en by the 1961 legislature to
sell 20 acres.
Approved a supplemental
agreement to the Peace Corps
Colombia contract to provide
for training eight volunteers
in educational television. Jack
Brown, project coordinator,
said the volunteers will assist
Colombian teachers in mak
ing more efficient use of edu
cational television programs.
Last year 18 Americans and
16 ColomLi tiis trained as ETV
station petsonnel in a similar
Peace Corps program at the
Athletic past.
On Display
particular year of the past,
Miss Crosier said.
There are several items of
special interest in this year's
Sportsorama. The oldest pic
ture is one of the 1912 Uni
versity basketball team,
which was champion of the
Missouri Valley. A tennis
racket used by the team of
1900 with the titles won by
the team carved into it is also
The Orange Bowl and Goth
am Bowl trophies highlight
the football section of the dis
play. In conjunction with the
display, pictures of all the
Homecoming Queen candi
dates are also present.
Council To Study
Daily Nebraskan
The Student Council student
opinion poll concerning the
financial situation of the Daily
Nebraskan will be held in con
junction with the Homecom
ing election on Wednesday.
Four choices will be offered
to the students.
1. Would you favor a fifty
cent increase in your tuition
to aid the paper?
According to Mike Jeffrey,
Daily Nebraskan business
manager, this alternative
would allow the Daily Nebras
kan to further increase circu
lation to all undergraduates.
This would be possible be
cause the paper would have
more income with which to
work, Jeffrey said.)
2. Would you favor reduc
ing the number of papers
printed each week from four
to three?
(This would, according to
Jeffrey, cut down printing
costs and give the Daily
Nebraskan more money to
work with.)
3. Would you favor having
only half as many papers
printed daily?
(This alternative would en
tail cutting the number back
from 6,500 to about 3,'300.
Jeffrey said this would allow
the Daily Nebraskan to hold
printing expenses down a n H
continue to operate at t h e
same rate of income.)
4. Would you favor d o i n g
away with a University news
paper? (To this alternative, Jeff
rey said, "It is hard for me
to conceive of the University
without a school paper.")