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Page 2 Monday, September 28, 1964
Gracious, Gefz
Friday the Union C o n
temporary Arts Committee
and the Faculty Senate
committee on Convocations
sponsored an appearance of
Stan Getz on the steps of
Sheldon Art Gallery.
The art gallery was the
perfect setting for such a
performance. It gave just
the right atmosphere, and
the outdoor air lent an espe
cial feeling to the meeting,
as well as providing breath
for several hundred persons
who might otherwise have
been crammed in the union
for the customary Jazz 'N'
Enthusiasm for more such
programs runs high. The
students enjoyed sitting on
the lawn and hearing a good
The person who came up
with the idea, whoever he
is, should be congratulated.
There will be several
more such programs sched
uled throughout the year.
In case of inclement weath
er, they will be moved to
the Coliseum. A silent pray
. er is now being breathed
that the weatherman coop
erates and lets the pro
grams continue in this ideal
Other participants in fu
ture programs include Ro
meros, a Spanish flamenco
group, Air Force Secretary
Eugene Zukert, the Dutton
percussion trio and a
French vocal group.
Congratulations to b o t h
sponsoring groups for such
a fine presentation.
Susan SmHhbergcr
TV Tantalizing
The television showing of
Saturday's football game
was a boon to those of us
forced to remain behind.
We were able to view the
faux pas and brilliant
plays of both teams. Our
thanks go out to the spon
soring network.
Barry's Boys
Dear editor:
We, as members of the
Youth for Goldwater, have
but one goal the election
of Barry Goldwater in No
vember as the next presi
dent of the United States.
, The Young Republicans
may have this as a goal,
but they are also concerned
with the election of Repub
lican candidates for local
and state positions. Their
job should not be looked
down upon. It is an import
ant one (as is evidenced by
the condition of Congress),
albeit less glamorous than
Personally, I respect any
one who takes upon himself
this responsibility and am
more than hesitant to be
little his efforts. If these
two groups can succeed in
their jioble talks, we will
have a double victory to look
back on with pride.
I hope that the fervor
and enthusiasm of our or
ganization will continue, and
will bring positive results,
even in excess of our past
I wish the same success
for the YR's. We should
always hold the door open
to those among the YR's
who wish to help in the
election of Barry Goldwater.
I say "wish to help" be
cause we neither can nor
should expect them to give
up their own election activi
ties if they are doing the
party more good in that
Mr. Goldwater will have a
difficult time getting h i s
programs through a hostile
congress, and those who
want to work for better Re
publican congressmen, bet
ter local government, state
government, etc., are to
be commended. Our goal is
an important one, but it is
not the only worthy goal
and as such should be as
pired to only by those who
are committed to its
This is why our organiza
tion is still necessary and
why the YR's are also nec
essary. We are both work
ing for the Republican party
and, I hope, for freedom. As
such we should function sep
arately and amiably, in
mutual respect.
Dan Whelan
Note: This is a paper dis
tributed among members of
the Youth for Goldwater
staff to present the views of
at least the majority of that
group toward the Young Re
publican organization.
D. W.
It Ain't Daily
Dear Editor:
You call it the DAILY
Nebraskan. Howcum it
Respectfully yours,
W. Gary Barnes
KNUS radio
Editor's Note: The Almost-Daily
Nebraskan does
not fit in the space allowed
for the flag.
Paper Wanted
Dear editor:
Please add this comment
to your staff's evaluation of
the new distribution sys
tem. Consider delivering to
the library and some cen
tral point on the engineer
ing half of the campus, so
those of us who are not
"crib rats" or "campus
jocks," will still benefit
from the Daily Nebraskan.
Another student's opinion',
The Dally Nebraskan invites rea- :
dent to use it for expressions of H
opinion on current topics regard- s
s less of viewpoint. Letters must be
zz signed, contain a verifiable address H
5 and be free of libelous material. H
Pen names tnay be used. :
S The Daily Nebraskan reserves
s 'h right to condense letters. H
SAT., OCT. 3
Pershing Mun, Aud.
Campus Coloring Book
See the parking lots color them crowded.
See the grass color it green with brown streaks.
See the library color it void of people.
See the Pershing Rifles color them "gun"-ho.
See the football team color them winning.
See the freshman color them in the south end of th
See the Army ROTC boys color them few.
See the Union color the posts with clashing colors.
See the classrooms color them crowded.
See Angel Flight color them "stacked."
See all the married males color them "draft dodgers."
See the Student Council color it tabled.
See the campus traffic scribble it a mess.
See dorm food color it mysterious.
See the Union parking lot color it quickly or you won't
have a chance.
See the University student color him procrastinating.
See the Inter-campus bus color it as It drives past.
See the Tassels buy a balloon and color it.
As one of the more specta
cular . traitors to the fight
against lung cancer, t h e
Closet Case today would
like to postpone for a week
the crusade against corrup
tion, hoof and mouth disease
and things I don't like; of
fer in its stead a few ideo
syncracies of the smoker.
Ever since Sir Walter Ra
leigh presented the first
tobacco commercial and
Queen Elizabeth became the
first mooch, mankind has
attacked, banned, condem
ned and become addicted to
those sweet brown leaves.
The process of addiction
in itself is fascinating. In
my case it showed itself
when the after-dinner pipe
became the mid-afternoon
cigar and, shortly, the after-lunch
cigarette. Then all
three. Then more.
I decided I was hooked
when I started looking for
ward to a meal time be
cause of the leisurely cigar
I allowed myself afterwards.
To shorten the sordid tale of
my sincere attempt to quit,
I will only say I could quit
any time I want to.
But I don't want to. And,
besides, when I do, 1 last
two days before deciding
I've been a strong person
and deserve a reward.
Smokers are funny people.
I once heard a freshman
coed bubbling over With ex
citement because she had
bought her first carton.
A junior, weak after a fit
of coughing beside the Union
desk, rasped "blankety
blank cigarettes I'd better
buy some before I go back
to the house."
Another student told me
"I smoke a pack a day, but
lv Frank Partsch
I never buy them by the
carton. Th-t would be an ad
mission of defeat,"
He resolves each pack is
his last. Enter vicious cir
cle. He can't waste half a
pack by quitting until they
are all gone and if he
smokes once in a day, he
can't quit until the next.
He is waiting for the day his
last cigarette is gone at bed
time. This Case is not complete
without a few words of ad
miration for J. Winston
Martin, associate dean of
Student Affairs. With all due
respect,' I would like to ex
press my admiration to a
truely classical smoker.
Although he is a noble
pipe smoker, Martin's glory
is the cigar. I will never
tire of watching those
heavy, sharp rings of smoke
he produces by the dozens.
He manufactures little
donuts, heavy tractor tires
and fleecy halos.
His expression varies
from comradeship while
contemplating the cigar to
ecslacy while shooting a
smokey arrow through one
of the jnany ringlets danc
ing in the air.
These are troubled days
for the smoker. The govern
ment threatens him with
death and taxes. His fettle
brother can outrun h i m.
Sometimes the dejection al
most forces him to take the
But. fellow smokers, put
aside those thoughts of mass
defection and unite for lung
infection. And, when you
lose hope, cough your way
over to the Student Affairs
office and seek inspiration in
Martin's firm and confident
The Daily Nebraskan
RICH HALBKRT. managing editor! FRANK PARTSCH, news editor!
ABRAMS. junior staff writers! KAY MATISON. SUSIE RU1TER, LEE
MARSHALL, copy editors; RICH EISER. LARRY JENKJNS, photographers;
LARRY LEISTRITZ, ag mws editor! PEGGY SPEECE.-' sports' editor; BOB
RYNEARSON. business assistants; LYNN; RATH.IEN.-. circulation '.manager:
JIM DICK, subscription manaaei. ,' "'
Subscription rate $3 per tenu'stcr or $j per year. ' "
Entered as aecond class matter at the post office (n Lincoln Nebraska,
under the act of August 4, !912. ,. . . . ,
The Daily Nebraskan' it published at H'ioni SI, Nebraska Union, on
Monday. Wednesday, Tkurman. Friday by lnheriiv . M .Mirk' fuilnta
under the jurisdiction of the Faculty Subcommittee on Student Publications.
1'uiiMCauons shall be free -from censorship h -h Subcomtniuee or any person
outside the University. Members of the Nebraskan are responsible for what
tnty cause to 1 pruned '
Without A Doubt
Lincoln's finest Barber Shop
If you can find a more modern and sanitary shop let
us know because that's where we want to get our
"The Clipper" BSSR
119 No. 12
We still have those time saving appointments
so give us a call or stop in.
r4r Wh: s!
7 V ' ' j campus tradition ",
'' Square-ply j
!' I from Galey and Lord- . , '
j ' .'. J the first Fall weight Dacron ' '
. .j polyester and cotton fabric V
- . ' for your casual slacks.
( ' In all the right colors ..',
; and the classic neutrals. ..;
J j Galey 'Lori y
1407 Broadway, new York IS.N.Y. A Division of BuritaijSn Industrie j
Business Administration
Graduate Students
Excellent Opportunity For Valuable
Management Experience
At The Nebraska Union
Full time & part-time night supervisor position available. Evening 6c weekend
For Interview, Contact-: Mr. Barnes, Ass't. Director, Nebraska
Union, Administrative Office 111
OctobeVy; -
, h ? 7-"To Bed or Not To Bed" Italian
21Vlew From the Bridge". U.S.
4-"The Letter that was Never Sent" Russian
18-"lkiru". Japan
9 "Sound of Trumpets" Italian
6Waltz of the Toreadors" English
20."Breathless". French
10-"Seventh Seal" Swedish
24"l'Awentura". Italian
10-"Smiles of a Summer Night" Swedish
24-"Knife In the Water". Polish
7-"Rosemary" German
28."Lonelinesi of a Long Distance Runner". English
12-"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow". Italian
26-"My Name is Ivan" Russian
Membmhips $6.00 Univwsity students and staff, $8.00 Patrons. Ticktti a. .n .J. . l.
Nebraska Union on September 23. Hours 9-5. Mail ord.r tlXts may btleKd ll It!