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    Wednesday, May 13, 1964
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Sf udents Favor Morrison
By Mick Rood
Senior Staff Writer
University students gave
President Lyndon Johnson
52 percent of the votes in a
poll taken last weekend while
Governor Frank Morrison
furthered the Democratic
trend by carrying an 81 per
cent margin in that race.
Ambassador Henry Cabot
Lodge, who appears to have
a growing support from Uni
versity students, gained two
thirds of the Republican vote.
Pennsylvania Governor Wil
liam Scranton ran second to
Lodge and Sen. Barry Gold
water and New York Gover
nor Nelson Rockefeller man
aged only 5 percent of the
Republican vote.
At least 10 percent of John
son's vote came from Repub
licans crossing party lines.
Jerry Anderson put it this
way, "Due to the lack of Re
publican candidates, Johnson
gets my vote."
Jim Moore, a "sometimes
Republican" said "Johnson
would get votes because he
knows Washington while
Lodge, Goldwater and Scran
ton don't."
Lodge supporters cited his
United Nations performance
as the main reason for their
support. His defense of United
States policy against Russian
accusations, especially dur
ing the U-2 incident were of
ten referred to.
Many of the polled voters
first said, "anyone but Gold-
Civil Rights-
(Cont. from page 2
termine the case. A copy of
the request shall be imme
diately furnished by such
clerk to the chief judge of
the circuit (or in his ab
sence, the presiding circuit
kdge) of the circuit in which
the case is pending. Upon
receipt of the copy of such
request it shall be the duty
of the chief judge of the
circuit or the presiding cir
cuit judge, as the case may
be to designate immediate
ly three judges in such cir
cuit, of whom at least one
shall be a circuit judge and
another of whom shall be a
district judge of the court
in which the proceeding
was instituted, to hear and
determine such case, and it
shall be the duty of t h e
judges so designated to as
sign the case for hearing at
the earliest practicable
date, to participate in t h e
hearing and determination
thereof, and to cause the
case to be in every way ex
pedited. An appeal from
the final judgment of such
court will lie to the Supreme
"In the event the Attor
ney General fails to file
such a request in any such
proceeding, it shall be the
duty of the chief judge of
the district for in his ab
sence, the acting chief judge
in which the case is pend
ing immediately to desig
nate a judge in such dis
trict to hear and determine
the case. In the event that
no judge in the district is
available to hear and deter
mine the case, the chief
judge of -the district, or the
acting chief judge, as the
case may be, shall certify
this fact to th echicf judge
of the circuit (or in his ba
sence, the acting chief
Judge) who shall then des
ignate a district or circuit
judge of the circuit to hear
and determine the case.
"It shall be the duty of
the judge designated pursu
ant to this section to as
sign the case for hearing at
the earliest practicable date
and to cause the case to
be in every way expedited."
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water" in answer to the Pres
idential race. A recnt POST
Magazine article revealing al
leged ambiguities in the Sen
ator's statements and the as
sassination of President Ken
nedy were the strongest rea
sons given against Goldwa
ter's nomination.
Phi Eta Sigma, freshman
men's honorary, held its
spring initiation and banquet
Sunday in the Nebraska Un
ion. Judge Ralph Slocum of
the Lancaster County Court
spoke on the "County Court
Andrew Taube was elected
president. Other officers are
James Kinyoun, vice-president;
Gary Wahlgren, secre
tary; Frederick Leistritz,
treasurer, and F. C. Green,
corresponding secretary.
Other new Initiates are
Mark Beech, John Bailer,
Kent Beachler, Phillip Board
man, Arthur Boye, Kenneth
Charles DeGroot, Roger
Doerr, Dennis Doud, Richard
Elliot, James Farhe, Wayne
John Gau, John Goedeken,
Alvin Gress, William Hans
mire, Allan Harms, David
Roger Iliff, Larry Jenkins,
James Johnson, Barry Kort,
Gary Larsen, Jeffrey Lefke.
Albert Lickei, Robert Miles,
Harold Moesser, "Wesley Mus
ser, Thomas Nelson, Paul
Thomas Reimers, John
Rosenberg, Paul Rudolph,
Stanley Schepers, James
Scheppers, Richard Schulze,
Randolph fchaner.
David Shoemaker, William
Staley, Virgil Stetz, Theodore
Suhr, Frank Surber, John
Swanson, James Talbot.
William. Tharnish, Burton
Thomson, John VanCampen,
Richard Vogt, Gary Watzke,
Larry Watzke, and Michael
Membership in Phi Eta
Sigma is based on scholastic
achievement. C a n d i dates
must have a 7.5 grade aver
age or above, for 12 or more
hours, the first semester of
the freshman year.
John Lonnquist is the new
senior advisor.
Eta Kappa Nu
Elects Twelve
New Members
Twelve electrical engineer
ing students nave Been
elected to membership in Eta
Kappa Nu, national electrical
engineering honorary. The
new members are Gilbert
Brown, The r on, Carlson,
Stephen Davis, Roger Geg-
gins, Koger tiomng, uernara
Johnson, Ronald Klein, Rob
ert Lott, Brian Peterson, Don
ald Peterson, Norman Prigge
and Monwell Westphal. Can
didates for membership must
be in the upper one-third of the
seinor class or the upper one
fourth of the junior class.
Tri Defs Give Granfs
For the twenty-first year
Tri Delta has awarded two
$132 scholarships. This year
these awards went to Carol
Hall and Karen Woodward,
Delta Delta Delta.
Miss Hall is a sophomore
from Falls City majoring in
Miss Woodward is a junior
from Lincoln also majoring in
These scholarship awards
were based on leadership abil
ity, service to the university
campus, and scholarship.
New S'64 directory lists 20,000 summer job openings
In 50 states. MALE or FEMALE. Unprecedented re
search for students includes exact pay rates and job
details. Names employers and their addresses for hir
ing in industry, summer camps, national parks, resorts,
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lars. Satisfaction guaranteed. Send to: Summer Jobs
Directory P. O. Box 13393 Phoenix, Arizona.
"Goldwater offers more
state rights and individual
ism," to citizens said Bob
Curry, who did vote for the
Arizona Senator.
Attorney General "Robert
Kennedy was the students'
favorite second half of the
Democratic ticket. Kennedy
received nearly half of the
votes tallied while United
Nations Ambassador Adlai
Stevenson ran second. Many
figured that Kennedy "won't
get along with Johnson" but
saw his candidacy because of
his brother's image impact
on the Democratic party.
Glori Houser sees the
Democratic Convention as a
"long, drawn-out memorium
The "big boom" in pinnings
and engagements experienced
last week has slackened for
some unknown reason. Any
coeds with ideas for the future
now have only two and a half
weeks of school left.
Cuz Guenzel, Kappa Kappa
:iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"illlllllllll,' iiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Nebraskan Applauds
Sigma Alpha Epsilon fra
ternity initiated 1 coed into
the Little Sisters of Minerva
after the girls had been
rused at a dinner and spent
the night in the house as
guests of the fraternity.
The new initiates were
Bona Olmsted and Dorothy
Peck, Alpha Chi Omega; Julie
Phelps and Barb Trupp, Kap
pa Kappa Gamma; Janet
Connell, Judy McCartney and
Lois Quinnett, Chi Omega;
Barb Atkinson, Pi Beta Phi;
Pat Thayer, Kappa Delta.
Pat Ager, Susie Grant,
Alpha Delta Pi; Joyce Bart
ling, Donna Maclay and Vicki
Packard, Delta Gamma; Su
san Cunningham and B e t s y
Nore, Kappa Alpha Theta;
Cynthe Nelson, Alpha Phi;
Sharon Kruth, Pound Hall,
and Nancy O'Donnell, Gam
ma Phi Beta.
The Lutheran School of
Theology, May wood, 111., will
confer a Masters of Arts de
gree in clinical pastoral ed
ucation upon the Rev. Frank
Moyer, director of clincial
pastoral services in the com
munity services division at
the Nebraska Phychiatric In
stitute. Moyer, who wrote his
thesis on "The Establishment
and Significance of Norms for
the Ten United Lutheran
Church in American Semin
aries as Measured by the
Minnesota Multiphasic Per
sonality Inventory," will re
ceive the degree at May 14
commencement exercises held
at the theological school.
New officers for Mu . Epsi
lon Nu are Gerald Ehlers,
president; Joe Watkins, vice
president; Dick Stafford, sec
retary; Ed Pillard, treas
urer; Bill Hunter, historian,
and Lavon Bohling, member
ship chairman.
Phi Upsilon Omicron, pro
fessional home economics
honorary has initiated Vicki
Cline, Jeanette Coufal, San
dra Crispin. Helen Mathers
and Sandra Stork.
Joan Spl vey has been
elected president of Alpha
Lambda Delta, freshman
women's honorary. Jerri
t'haloupka is vice-president;
Jane Brcdcnburg, secretary;
Barb Beckman, treasurer;
Vicki Varvel, historian.
New officers of Aquaquettcs
are Joan Beerline, president;
Marilyn Peterson, vice-president;
Karen Beggs, treasurer
Ellen Rcifschncidcr, secre
tary, and Anne Mulder pub
licity officer.
The Phi Kappa Psi frater
nity has elected new officers
to former President Ken
nedy." Other Vice Presidential
candidates receiving votes
were majority leader Hubert
Humphrey, Peace Corp head
Sargeant Shriver, Secretary
of Defense, Robert McNa
mara, Senator Stuart Syming
ton and one vote for Gover
nor Morrison.
Many students voiced little
interest in the Nebraska
races or little knowledge of
them. Only about half "cast
a vote" in the Lt. Governor
race. Democrat Philip Soren
son garnered over half the
votes while : Republican
Charles Thone had about one
fourth of the votes.
Gamma sophomore in Arts
and Sciences from Lincoln to
Kile Johnson, Beta Theta Pi
sophomre in Business Admin
istration from Lincoln.
Dixie Hufnagle, Alpha Omi
cron Pi junior in Teachers
from Lincoln to Terry Tice,
Phi Delta Theta sophomore
in Arts and Science from Lin
coln. for next year. They are presi
dent, Mike Wiseman; vice
president and pledge trainer,
Denny Christianson; secre
tary, Mike Barton; corres
ponding secretary, Travis
Hiner; governing committee
chairman, Jim Little,' ser
geant at arms, Martin Plas
ter, chaplin, Jerp Hoiberg,
and scholarship chairman,
John Cosier.
Nine cadets wre honored at
the ROTC Awards Parade.
The Superior Cadet Award
was presented to John Goedel
ken, freshman; Loren Ben
derson, sophomore; John
Deming, junior; and Gailyn
Larsen, senior. Prof. Roger
May 14
NEW WAY The Administration has made it easier for students to pay their pre
registration fees by providing mani'la envelopes which may be dropped in any cam
pus mail box. Administration stipulates that payment must be made by check or money
order, rather than currency or coin, if this envelope is to be used.
Cheryl Lockhart, Chi Omega
sophomore in Teachers from
Lincoln to John Ogdon, Sigma
Phi Epsilon sophomore in
Chemical Engeering from
Leanne Lunzmann, junior in
Teachers from Auburn to Ir
vin Pearson, junior in Teach
ers from Ceresco.
Judy Sharp, Kappa Delta
Washburn, chairman of t h e
department of chemistry pre
sented the Armed Forces
Chemical Association Award
to Alan Hurd. The Armed
Forces Communication Elec
tronics Award was presented
to Robert Folker. The As
sociation of U.S. Army Medal
Award was presented to Mi
chael Newberry. William Bet
kin received the Book Award.
Carl Paulsen received the
American Ordiance Associa
tion Award. Colonel Elmer
Powell and Lt. Colonel Da n
C. Kingman, University Mili
tary Science staff members
and Colonel Edward Hough
ton presented the awards.
Nobraskci y
Tickets On Sale
senior in Journalism-H o m e
Economics from Omaha to
Ronald Gropes, Alpha Gam
ma Rho graduate in Agricul
ture from Big Springs.
Linda Randall.Alpha Chi
Omega sophomore in Art
from Omaha to Al Hartmann,
Kappa Sigma junior in Pre
med from Lincoln.
Linda Crosson, Alpha Chi
Omega sophomore in Teach
ers from McCook to Rich
Braunstein, senior in Business
Administration from Santa
Monica, Cal.
Connie McAdams, Alpha
XI Delta junior in Teachers
from Cozad to Tom Price,
Sigma Chi alum from Omaha.
Valerie Sturges, sophomore
in Arts and Science from Win
ner, South Dakota, to Mike
Murphy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
graduate in Business Admin
istration from Red Oak, Iowa.
For teacher who want money, a more congenial
location or special assistance in meeting a
particular situation contact:
501 Stuart Building Lincoln, Nebraska Phone: 4324954
Our service covers the entire U.S.
No feet or charges until vou hove received acceptable service
Tmm j0bJ jM fl jf"
Union HoiS
$125 &$ I50
in the Union Now
with Dr. Kenneth Rose from
Student Health at 7:45 p.m.
TIES COUNCIL will meet at
3 p.m. in 332 Union.
meet at 4:30 in the Union.
NU-MEDS will meet at 7:30
p.m. in 231 Union.
TIONS will hold a bowling
party at 4:30 p.m. in 234 Un
meet at 4:30 In 334 Union.
group will meet at 5 p.m. in
the Union South party room.
with Jack Stewart, Lincoln
lawyer, at 7 p.m. at the R
Street entrance of the Union.
initiation will be held at 6:30
p.m. A dessert will be held
at 7:15 p.m. in the Union Pan
American Room.
i If