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Wednesday, January 8, 1964
ne Choice
Now we all have a belated Christmas gift to ponder
Arizona's wonderboy as expected has thrown his hat into
the arena for the bid for the GOP presidential nomination.
In announcing his candidacy last Friday, Barry Gold
water said that he wanted to give the American people
a "clear choice" in the 1964 election.
Goldwater it right. No ether Republican prospect has
given the electorate such a clear choice, because no other
candidate has been so distinctly at odds with the direction
of the American foreign and domestic policy for the last
30 years.
No man has ever been elected to the presidency who
stood outside the mainstream of American political
thought, and that is where Senator Goldwater has been
for the past decade.
After Goldwater announced his candidacy, an edi
torial in the Denver Post said that Goldwater must ex
plain quotes like these, all made since 1960:
"I have always favored withdrawing recognition from
Russia ... We should withdraw diplomatic relations
with all Communist governments including that of the
Soviet Union."
"I am quite serious In my opinion that the Tennes
see Valley Authority should be sold ... it would be better
operated and would be of more benefit to more people if
it were a private industry."
"I have come to the reluctant conclusion that the
United States no longer has a place in the United Na
tions." "The graduated income tax is a confiscatory tax . . .
I am against the progressive income tax."
"We must ourselves be prepared to undertake mili
tary operations against vulnerable Communist regimes
... we should invite the Communist leaders to choose
between total destruction of the Soviet Union, and ac
cepting a local defeat."
"Despite the recent holding of the U.S. Supreme
Court, I am firmly convinced not only that integrated
schools are not required but that the Constitution does
not permit any interference whatsoever by the federal
government in the field of education ... I don't believe
the Supreme Court finding is the supreme law of the
"One of the most important things for Congress to do
is to stop foreign economic aid."
"The government must begin to withdraw from a
whole series of programs that are outside its constitu
tional mandate from social welfare programs, education,
power, agriculture, public housing, urban renewal and
all other activities that can be performed better by lower
levels of government, or by private institutions or in
dividuals." "The disarmament concept is an effective weapon in
the hands of the communists and a danger to the free
dom of mankind."
"Doing something about the farm problem means
and there can be no equivocation here prompt and final
termination of the farm subsidy program.
As the Post says, "We realize that Goldwater has
modified or contradicted a number of these statements,
but this tends to give us concern rather than reassurance.
It indicates a carelessness of thought and speech, a wav
ering and inconsistency of position which would ill be
come the leader of the United States in a tense world
in a nuclear age."
Earlier in the year Goldwater severly criticized
President Lyndon Johnson for running for the vice-presidency
and the Senate at the same time. He accused John
son of "political treachery."
"After whatl said about Lyndon," Goldwater said re
cently, "If I were to run for the presidency and the
Senate they'd run me out of the country."
Last Friday Goldwater announced that he would
seek both offices simultaneously.
Political Treachery?
Not according to Barry. In an interview on "Meet
the Press," Goldwater said he had changed his mind,
saying "I am being a good student of Lyndon's."
In the coming crucial months Goldwater may be able
to explain away a number of the things he has said and
done. And maybe the answers to the statements above
which confuse so many Americans will come to light.
The editorial sums up the announcement of Gold
water's candidacy:
'The very qualities which Goldwater offers in 1964
as a 'clear choice' are those which have fixed him in
American minds as an extremist."
At this stage we can only regret that Goldwater has
entered the race and we hope the Republicans have
the political wisdom to reject him.
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On Mother Goose
Auburn's Scd State
Dear Editor:
During my career I have
tried to do something about
the sad state of education,
first in California and then
in Nebraska. I have always
been woefully unsuccessful
in my attempts, even
though my campaigns had
fabulous goals and were
most efficiently organ
ized. I even had a few
good ideas, but I had no
prestige and no money be
hind me.
I still have no prestige
but I have acquired quite
a good credit rating. Per
haps if I were backed by
the prestige of your paper,
which I believe reflects the
real spirit of the U of N
more accurately than any
other one thing on this
campus (and by my good
credit rating), my good
ideas might get off the
To be more specific: In
the past few days I have
been more and more con
cerned with the sad state
of education in the South,
specifically at Auburn Uni
versity and even more spe
cifically at the Auburn Uni
versity athletic department
Most specifically, I h a v e
been very concerned with
how little Coach "Shug"
Jordan must have read
about Cornhusker football.
Now, it is all very well to
criticize him, but in doing
this we are not necessaryi
ly helping the situation.
Obviously Mr. Jordan has
no understanding of the
term "greater desire"; this
is certanly not his fault,
nor are many of hit other
irresponsible stat e m e n t s
really his fault. He is prob
ably one of these reading
disabilities so aptly de
scribed in a not-so-recent
book by Rudolph Flesch,
"Why Johnny Can't Read."
This is an admirable book,
but it will be no help to
someone who cannot read.
Do you sense the reason for
my concern? A reading dis
ability can never learn to
read because he cannot
read the books which will
teach him this all-important
and difficult basic skill.
How SAD this ii!
As an educator I have
long advocated that we get
down to the level where a
person Is reading no mat
ter what his age or posi
tion, but I have never had
enough money or prestige
to get very many peonle to
listen to me.
Now, there is a book
(just written and not yet
copyrighted) which I believe
would help Coach Jordan.
It is well-done by a com
petent young reading spe
cialist with a doctorate;
and I think I could find an
excellent children's artist to
illustrate it. However, I am
not going to all this trouble
and exhausting my credit
rating without your assur
ance that the Daily Nebras
kan will back me.
I am submitting for your
examination the entire con
tents of this four-page book
by Dr. Barbara Grothe of
the University Elementary
Education Department. It
has a carefully-selected vo
cabulary of only 20 words.
If you wish, we can place
these on oak tag flash
cards for drill. The reading
content of this unusual book
is of extremely high interest
level; I am not an authori
ty on this particular phase
of reading, but I believe it
could be used successfully
even with reading disabili
ties of post-graduate college
level. (If you are slightly
confused at first, remember
that the pictures will help.)
Dr. Barbara Grothe
Page 1
Can you see the ball?
Big Red can see the ball.
Now Big Red has the ball.
Can Big Red run?
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There appears to be a
Mother Goose craze sweep
ing the nation's universi
ties. No, I do not mean that
all college students are
playing pat-a-cake at their
parties, or that parked cars
now echo to the haunting
strains of "Hot Cross
Buns." No, I am serious.
Over the Christmas vaca
tion, I found that several
of my friends, who attend
different schools, are en
gaged in learning more
about the origins of the
Mother Goose Rhymes.
On some campuses,
Mother Goose is the only
subject of conversation. It
even replaces that old-time
favorite, sex. Anyone can
find out about that, but it
takes some real work to
find out the real relation
ship between Mother Goose
and her rhymes.
According to one of my
friends, the professors on
her campus encourage the
students for the simple rea
son that, in their quest for
facts, they learn how to
6 John Lonnquist
use the research facilities
of the library.
The Mother Goose Mys
tery, as with all mystedes,
has several possible expla.
nations. The best one that I
heard came from Pitcairn
Academy for Girls in West
Virginia. At Pitcairn, the
study has been going on for
about three years, and Chey
have come up with some
amazing conclusions.
According to their theory,
Mother Goose was a chfon
ic alcoholic, and, because
of her one woman midnight
crusades against the WCTU,
she was also a cnron;,' in
mate of the town jail. Some
of the good ladies in ;the
town seemed co be both
ered whenever they nwoke
to find Goosie standing out
in front of their homes
drunk and waving a flam
ing broom while she listed
the famous men and women
throughout history who took
a little nip now and then.
Jail made Goosie feel per
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Hevo Concept
of Detign
1200 '0' STRUT
lH!llO mic MCTV
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Oil " 1 t
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mum .
J , I f i
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Janvory I & f , 1964 ;
Uutl Opportunity tmpleyw