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, MM
During Vacations
The Public Service Commit
tee has announced that Love
Library win follow the follow
ing hours during Christmas
vacation and during the se
mester break.
Dee. 21 Sattu-dajr, 7: SO am. 12 noon
Sauinfay, 7 50 am. 12 noon
ftundar. dosed
Man. Tues., 7:50
4:5 p m.
Mno. It Tuse., 7:90 am
4 SO em.
Wednesday, ckffcd
TlKirt. fc Fit, 7:S .m. pm.
Sal. It Son., closed
Monday, resume, regular sched
ule Frvdar, 7:M a m.-10:50 p.m.
Wednesday, 7: a.m. ;S0
p m.
Dec 2i-24
TVc 25-5S
Dec 30-31
Jan. 1
Jan. 2-1
Jan. J- S
Jan. 31
Feb. S
- 7 Thurs. t
Kri., 7:s am
4 J! P to.
Feb. I &riarday.
7. so a.m--I2:0
Feb Sunday, elated
Feb. 10 Monday. Itlini resolar
Agriculture, Law and Med
ical libraries may be on
slightly different schedules,
and these hours will be post
ed at those libraries and at
the Loan Desk in Love Li
brary. The Public Service Com
mittee has also announced
that all reserve and short
term materials may be
checked out for the vacation
period beginning Friday noon.
All of these books will be due
Jan. 6 by 9 a.m.
Log Causes Fire
At Phi Psi House
A smoldering log in th
fjrplace ash pit at the Phi
Kappa Psi fraternity house
Saturday night caused a fire
wnicn orougni u.e iimuwuic -
. a - 1 A f
response oi live companies 01
fire fighters from the Lincoln
Fire Department.
The log caused enough heat,
according to John Unthank,
Phi Kappa Psi member, to
Ignite the floor below the brick
lining of the pit. The fire
burned directly over the ceil
ing of the chapter room, lo
cated in the Phi Psi basement,
and caused a burned area in
the ceiling about 15 feet in
diameter and extensive smoke
damage to the walls of the
room. I
Unthank said that when the
fire was discovered several!
of the men who were in the
house at the tame tried to fight
it with fire extinguishers.
When their efforst proved fu
tile, the fire department was
summoned at 8:37 p.m.
A smoke ejector was used
to remove the smoke which
filled the house and emerged
from the west attic window,
causing observers to believe I
teat the fare was located in
the dormitory room.
Xo financial estimate of the
damage is available at the
present time, according to
Nebraska. To Get
Two New Staffers
Jmdi Peterson and ACan
Brandt will be appointed
to the positions of Junior staff
writer m the DAILY VE
ERASKAX, subject to the ap
proval of the Student PuMica
tk;ns Board.
Hiss Peterson fs a fresh
nan majoring in jeamalisra.
She is a member of Zeta Tau
Brandt is a freshman ma
joring in business administration.
Tuesday's Forum In Union
Will Concern Assassination
la aa effort to giive Univer
sity students a comprehensive
picture of the as$asisatka of
Preside Kennedy and its
conjtexiuent'es, the Union F?r
oms Committee is presenting
a "New Forum,"
This forum will be luM in
the South Party Room of the
Nebraska Union Tuesday at 4
Featured act the forum wSU
be Dr. Wallace Peter of
tiu Vj&ntttmk DeparUnest,
Dr. Carl Schneider of the IV
Dr. ScbBeidT
i-riiimnisrsmiiiira mi f " ' namTVmm ... , , " - - ... ' , t r:t$&taJl zli w - - :- .
Vol. 77, No. 40
An estimated crowd of 3,500
Sanday Wmed the ranks
..... . DnAnA
thousands wio have attended
the University Singers' pres
entation of "The Messiah" by
Two Students Win
Scrip Writing Prize
A grandmother from Be
atrice and a Lincoln Junior
were announced Monday as
winners of the Scrip Short
Story and Poetry Contest.
Jessica Griggs Woodward
from Beatrice, a senior ma
joring in English, in Arts and
Sciences, won S23 in the short
story contest for ' I Hardly
Ever Write About Sex," a
humorous narrative about her
days in New York City in the
v, A
The mother of two former
ZZ:7a i
Woodward has attended
school in Nebraska, New York, I
and Europe and has. "finally
broken dewn and taken a lab
oratory science," so that she
can receive her degree.
Gay Ifrsn. a junior French
major in Arts and Sciences
won the $25 poetry prize for a
group of poems which ap
pears in the current issue of
Scrip, which goes on sale to
day in the Student Union.
The printing of this poetry
is her first published effort,
She is currently studying writ
ing with Karl Shapiro.
ltoy Scheele's short story,
"Various and Changing
Light," won an honorable
mention in the contest, as did
the poetry of IJennis Fritzing
er, a freshman Physics major
lilkal Science Departinet,
b4 Dr. Ilermaa Turk f the
Sociology Department.
"The political tnsenc
of Vm assassination of Presi
dent Kennedy," said Dr.
Schneider, "are still being felt,
and a complete analysis f the
assassinate win take sever
al years to compile."
Dr. Schneider raised never-
al questkms which be will an
swer at the Urum. They in
clude "what does it mean to
the people, especially the
younger gufneration?, how w in
it aflect Vne American politi
cal scene?, and how will it
help the American people for
me in the future?"
He will is 4tecuM bm ft
wtH affect the relationship be-
tweea the executive and legb?
Jative braecbet f the fevers
rowi. Dr, Tetermm says that the
tax cut will be tnore tcessary
than ever before, "The econ
omy," he says, "is in good
shape at the present time, but
it has det uned in th pm, few
we?ks. Prefcident Johnson is
iwre cnervalJve than Pre)-
ioVnt Kennedy was; Jhnvn
'will cut public spending M
7Q0 Singers Present Prophecy Of Christ's Birth
I he Doily Nebrciskon
1 George Frederick Handel
since the program was first
given in 1S15.
Tiv program features only
undera-aduate soloists, who
compete through auditions for ?
in Arts and Sciences. Scheele
is a junior Greek major.
"We were very pleased with
the avalanche of material
turned in for the contest this
'ester," said Susan Stanley,
Scrip Editor. "The amount of
both prose and poetry far ex
ceeded entries submitted for
any previous issue, and much
of the material we were
forced to reject for space rea
sons could easily be primed in
future issues."
Students may pick up both
published -and imp
Woris in the English Depart-
! roent, 221 Andrews.
PonhelleniC Tea
Set For Today
A PanbeSenlc Christmas
tea will be held at 4 p.m.
today in the Union for mem
bers of PanheUenic Council,
Junior Panhe'lenfc delegates
and pledge class presidents,
and Independent Women's As-
satiation (IWA) board mem-j
Itev. Durum W. Patterson of
the United Campw Christian
Fellowship will sjmk en
Christmas Traditions.
Karen Shaw will lead the
group in Christmas carols.
attempt to reduce the defSdt,"
Dr. Turk believes thai
Preilt?t Kennedy assasi
ation has streagthened the
bonds of our society. "Sees ia
a broader contot, tiris situa
tion confirms tne growing
twspkitm that the diTupthe
aspects of crime, calamity,
tragedy, war, or disaster, are
of ta outjtiadowed fey their po
tential to retittito communities
and errtire matfems into viable
- ! : ; v:
X " L
' - '
' - f
The soloists
Morris, so-
prano: Roderick Gibb, Tenor;
Rosella Lange, alto; and Irvin
Pearson, bass.
The 750-voice choir was di
rected by Earl Jenkens, pro
fessor of music, and accom
panied by the University Or
chestra under the direction of
Emanuel Wishow, director of
the department of music Pi
anists Mary Haight and An
drea Johnson assisted
Singers were selected from
six groups: Coi'ege of Agri
culture Chorus, University
Singers, Madrigal Singers and
the University Choruses I, II,
and III.
"The Messiah" according to
4g Students
With Grants
Forty-five scholarship win
ners enrolled in the College
of Agriculture and Home
Economics were guests of hon
or at the 4-H Club's 10th an
nual- recognition banquet
last week.
Among the group were 22
University students who were
announced previously
as scholarship winners and
12 who were revealed for the
first time as scholarship re
cipients, j
TV following students were j
awarded scholarships at the
banquet, held at the Nerbas
ka Union;
Verlene Magsuwn, David
Lang-smeire, Jeanette Coufal,
Nancy Chamberlain, Janet
McCord, Kenneth Mass, Son
dra Corneites, Ardth Lynn
Day, Natalie Ilahn and Vkrki
Scholarship winners previ
ously announced included 23
agricultural and home eco
nomics students who bold f2?
Union Pacific Railroad schol
arships; two students, Delrae
Beenwan and Larry Axthelm
who bold tZX Charles Pfizer
k Co. scholarships; Bob Cas
ter, who holds a 150 KFAB
scholarship for public speak
ing; and Carolyn Cilek, wha
recently was announced as
a National winner ia the 4-H
leadership program and was
awarded a $3W scholarship,!
The composite fist f scbof
arsblp winners is part of
a group oi swwms nsrmsem
at the Uufversity fe bav e
bises awarded scholarships Uh
tailing ver $nm tbrwgti
the 4-H prgrs.
Following the club's desire
to encourage high scholarship
among its members, eight
University students were re
cgJiLd or high grade av
erages and received symbolic
awards. They were; Fresh
men Jeanette Cottfal and
Ronald OndvaH Sovbtmares
Gary Fkk and Joan Mo
Guire, Juraor Douglas
Kmfels and Marilyn Wiffl
ams. Seniors Sfjerry Bergh,
and Larry Langemeicr.
Mai Hansen, former radio
and teievfeton personality in
Nebraska and turn assodatod
with Travel and Transport,
Inc., of Omaha, was the main
speaker at the banquet. He
is a torjMf feita 4-li tteaiber.
tbeir positions,
were Lorraine
Monday, December 16, 1963
legend, was written in only
three days, in the year 1741.
The oratftrio by Handel, in
which he tells the Christmas
story, met with little popular
reception at first, to the com
poser's disappointment.
Overnight popularity came
when "The Messiah" was
sung before King George III
of Eng'and. The King was so
entranced by the music that
i he rose to hk fe riurin? th
j Hallelujah Chorus. The re
! mainder of the audience, see
ing their King on his feet also
rose, starting the tradition
which has lived to this day.
Christmas carols were
played on the Ralph Mueller
Carillon Tower before and
after the Messiah concert.
Dutchess Leads List
By Judi Petersoa
This University is going to
the dogs.
Ia addition to running onto
an occasional flock of chick
ens, one often encounters vari
ous dogs that seem to be more
fat home on campus than the
I students.
These canine coeds and frai
men are the pride and joys
of six fraternities---Alpha Tan
Omega, Chi Phi Delta Upsi
loft, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi
Kappa Psi, and Sigma Chi
Perhaps the most well
known membee of the animal
kingdom is Dutchess, the Phi
Kappa Psi's sixteenth mmes
ter pledge. "She's smarter
Med Tech Group
Selects Members
Zeta chapter of Lambda
Tau, medical technology hon
orary, has announced their
new members. They are; Nan
cy AMen, Karen Bals, Carol
Bjeck, Nancy CarrolL Juawta
Jackie Flick, Bonnie Hoff
man, Nancy Johnson Pat
Maixser, Karen Roegner,
Mary Sue Townley.
University Extension
Offers Coding Course
The Fortran coding course,
sponsored by the University
ExtemUm Division, win en
able persons to give the prop
er coded directions to com
puters and involves vie use
of the University's new IBM
EmoHment is limited and
registrations wffl be taken on
a first come, first served
Dr. Nelson said the course
may be repeated at a later
date if demand is sufficient
Department To Offer
Phyf fofogy J 70 Scrtn
la response to a camber of
requests, & Department of
Zoology and Physiology will
offer a second section of Phys
iology 170 on Thursdays from
15:30 to 17:38, according to
F. W, I lower. Registrar,
"The department reserves
the right to cancel tliis sec
ond section if tl number of
students regtetwing for it is
too fHiill," said lioover.
In 1963 'Messiah'
V-v k': t
I rvw- lUc i-- -A
v VI i (
? rmmm tln
SANTA SITTER While Uncolnites and University
faculty and students attended "The Messiah" yesterday
afternoon, Santa Claus bad a new duty that of baby
sitter for children of those attending the show.
RfflV VfflralS EglwS VMaaV
than a lot of people," says
Mrs. Hyrd Strjker, bouse
mother. This pedigreed Saint Ber
nard is Mrs. Strjker's room
mate. However, she spends
her nights in the rooms of her
best friends. This year she
sleeps in Dick Gash's room,
and last year she chose Larry
Berger. She spent Thanksgiv
ing and last summer at Dick
Decker's ranch near Hold
rege. Eight year old Dutchess was
presented as a puppy to the
Phi Psis by the pledge class
of eight years ago.
Because of her gigantic size,
she was mistaken for a cow
by a tilling stat'on attendant
as she slept in the back seat
of Jim Kubkkek's car. Every
day she eats a large cake
pan of dog food and leftovers.
When it's time for ber to
take a bath, the Phi Psis
put her in the showers. Play
ing in the snow and riding
in cars are some of Dutch
ess's favorite pastimes.
"She ha been knw to nip
those wb tease her, but she's
really a good dg,
says Mrs.
MacavefU, "Mac" for short,
is Delta UpsiJon's talented
collie, lie was bred to be a
show dog, but because of a
bent ear be spends his time
entertaining his owners.
Mac is proficient at shaking
hands, or rather shaking
paws. He sleeps his back
with bis feet straight up ia
the air. The DU's often have
to check to see whether or
not he's dead.
Four year old Mac gets into
"normal mischief of a dog bis
age," says one of bis owners.
He was bought two years ago
because, according to one DU,
"It's eke to have a 4g
around the bouse,"
Last Thursday PM Garana
Delta invested in a German
Shepherd puppy- This so far
unnamed dog was a gift from
the freshmen. Right now he
is in a goif ball craze. Tie
speaks broken Arabic, says
one Fiji.
Abba Tau Omega bought a
German Shepherd two weeks
ago. According to oust ATO,
PHOTO CZ ttl roRn
rmto ar tu rmxtm,
he eats furniture, and some
times the DAILY XEBRAS
KA.. The Chi Phis are having a
problem bovebreaking their
new Dalmatian. They bought
Mat a month ago ia Omaha.
Delta Sigma PI had such a
problem with a boxer three
years ago they they had to
get rid of him. They claim
that be ate pledges.
However, be did protect th
house, and, according to one
former owner, he kept the
girls off second floor.
Before last spring Aeacfa
owned a 14 foot Anaconda.
This mfce-eatiag snake scared
everyone wh visited the
bouse. After six months of
terrorizing the bouse the trett
ture died.
Another problem pet who is
no longer on campus is Sigma
Phi Eplon' boxer. He was
given away last year after h
became notorious for tearing
up a dean's flower bed. Ho
also gained recognition when
he chawd a cat vp a tolephr
pole. The cat's picture ap
peared in the DAILY NI
Sigma N'u's basset hound.
Sam, who lived with them for
only four months, ran away
lat year.
Henry, Sigma Cbi's six
month old Basset Hound, is a
real blueblood. He is regis
tered with the American Ken
nel Club and lias a pedlgrea
cf four generatkjns. be
longs to Sigma Cld's house
mother. His skin is very loose,
and be has Kg feet He loves
to bowl and chew socks.
feirwr wjr liP';!f
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