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me uaily Nebraskan
hnaay, Novemoer zZ, ivoi
Hohn Will Play
A waifs
Sports Editor
A number of uncontrollable
factors will control the out
come of Nebraska's Big Eight
showdown with Oklahoma to
morrow. Weather conditions can now
be added to the list. Rain and
possibly snow threaten the
Lincoln area this weekend
when the two . unbeaten con
ference leaders battle for an
Orange Bowl berth.
The Sooners do have to
meet Oklahoma State yet to
complete their Big Eight
slate, but Bud Wilkinson's
crew will be the overwhelm
ing pick in that game a week
from Saturday. However, an
upset could throw the Sooners
into a tie win Nebraska for
the league and the Orange
Bowl bid.
Injuries on both sides con
tinue to plague game strate
gy. Huskers Dennis Claridge
and Rudy Johnson continue to
run with the team, but the de
cision to start them is still in
doubt. Husker hopes rose a bit
yesterday when right half Bob
Hohn was pronounced fit for
duty. The Beatrice speedster
should be able to go full speed
Saturday behind starter Kent
Oklahoma has all but
, - r
From The Stick
... by rick akin
It would be easier to evade the issue and pick Prince
Kosmet to be selected Saturday.
But that's not what everybody's talking about, think
ing about or reading about the issue is THE GAME,
and besides this is supposed to be a sports column.
The typical scene: the Crib.
The typical players: Jean, sophomore in Teachers
and John, junior in Business Administration.
Jean: But John, we just have to win.
John: Yes, Jean, but it's going to be awfully sweaty.
Jean: But they have lots of guys hurt.
John: So do we, Jean. (Note: all hands on both
teams will probably play with the exception of Sooner
halfback Jackie Cowan.)
Jean: We've beaten the other teams worse than they
have. '
John: It's going to be awfully sweaty.
After close review, of the above conversation, how do
you think the game will come out? For this game:
throw' out the injury bit. Both teams have enough
depth to counteract, but those first stringers are always
nice to have.
Throw out the part about how much worse we have
beaten other Big Eight teams. Both teams have won them
all that's what counts, the scoreboard.
Throw out the bit about the statistical advantage
the Huskers have over the Sooners. Both teams have won
them all, and the scoreboard is the only statistic that
Up front the teams are as evenly matched as the
columns in front of the Coliseum. Same thing in the of
fensive backfield.
So keep your eye on the defensive backfields. Ne
braska hasn't been able to stop the bomb. To refresh the
memory Iowa State pulled off a fake quick kick for
a touchdown; Air Force threw one late for a winning
TD; Sayers ran 99 yards for a touchdown for Kansas;
Minnesota threw one that set up a touchdown; Missouri
pulled off two.
On the other side, Missouri got quite a bit of yard
age through the air with Gary Lane throwing, just to
take a sample.
Get ready Saturday for the game of your college
Sammy's, keep that fire burning. Theta's, don't let
the orange blow away. They won't put anything on the
scoreboard, but the Huskers know there are an uncount
able number of people who want to win as much as they
do. We have waited a long time it would taste great.
To predict a win is difficult; to pick a loss is harder.
NEBRASKA 15, Oklahoma 14.
P.S. Good luck to Kosmet Klub after we win, I
hope somebody shows.
Excuse Me, sir. Tin conducting 2. In your opinion, wriat arc 5nm
i poll for the college newspaper. of America's most significant
I wonder if I might ask you achievements in the past
fw questions? 90 years?
Be my guest.
I. Let me put it this way. During
the last half century what new
ideas have led to important
benefits for the American people?
Well, ub there's the
two-platoon system.
. I ll rephrase the question. Sun t
1912, what development can ou
think of that have made the lot
of the working man easier?
Now you're getting tricky.
Well, speaking off the top of
ray head, I might say
tretch socks.
I'm sure everyone would agree
they've been useful. But isn't
there something with a bit mora
ocial significance that comes
to mind?
' There certainly is. There
Croup Insurance, the
principle of which is to help
provide protectidn for those
who need it most and can
afford it least. Pioneered and
developed by Equitable,
it has proved most efficacious.
Today, the working man
and his family enjoy a broad
spectrum of protection
provided by Group Insurance.
For that reason, I would
most emphatically suggest
its inclusion among the
significant achievements. But
I still think the two-platoon
system is pretty important.
Far information about Living Insurance, see The Man from Equitable.
For information about career opportunities at Equitable, see your
Placement Officer, or write to William E. Blevins, Employment Manager.
(The E?UiTABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States
Momo Office: 1285 Aveuue of the Amelias, fcew. Ywk 19. N. Y. Oim
Soph Duda
Notes Big
You might think that after
playing a football game before
85,000 fans in Soldiers Field,
nothing could compare to the
But Nebraska's sophomore
quarterback Fred Duda is
quick to point out that the
pressure in the Big Eight is
"For one thing, I didn't
know there was going to be
85,000 p e 0 p 1 e at that high
school game," Fred grinned.
"At Nebraska we know
there's going to be a big
crowd, a fine opponent and a
real tough football game."
As a high school senior at i
Chicago Weber High School,
Duda guided his club to a
14-12 win over Lane Tech for
the city championship.
As a Nebraska sophomore
his outstanding play is a key
reason why the Cornhuskers
will battle Oklahoma for the
Big 8 title at Memorial Sta
dium Saturday afternoon.
The Huskers appeared to be
in great shape at quarterback
this fall with All Big Eight
Dennis Claridge on hand. But
Denny was injured in the Air
Force game, and from that
time on Ferdinand Francis
Duda has responded 1 i k e a
battle-tested veteran.
counted star half Jackie Co
wan out of the game: Starting
fullback Jim Grisham will see
limited action while quarter
backs Mike Ringer and Nor
man Smith are also question
able. . Over 40,000 fans should jam
Memorial Stadium Saturday,
rain or shine, to watch the
Huskers pit their superior
statistics against the Soon
ers, who have played a more
impressive schedule.
Both teams have but one
loss. Nebraska was upset by
the Air Force, 17-13, while
the Norman squad was hu
miliated by the nation's best,
Texas, 28 to 7.
Coaches Bob Devaney and
Bud Wilkinson have denied
any new strategy will be used
for the crucial game.
Wilkinson says, "We know
fundamentally what Nebras
ka can do and they know the
same about us. We can change
perhaps 15 percent of what
we've been doing and they
can too, maybe a little more.
What would help us the most
would be to know when
they're going to do it."
Associated Press and United
Press both see the Sooners
winning by nq more than a
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touchdown in a close rivalry
that has had many exciting
moments. Back in 1959, the
Huskers toppled Oklahoma,
25 -to 21, thus breaking a
monumental 72 game Sooner
streak in the Big Eight. Last
year, in a game similar to
this year, Oklahoma rapped
the Scarlet and Cream by 34
to 6.
Oklahoma leads in the
series, with 21 wins, to Ne
braska's 18, with 3 ties. The
last time Nebraska beat Okla
homa was in 1960 when the
Huskers managed a 17 to 14
The contest may contain a
number of interesting rival
ries in itself. Both lines
size up with good weight and
agility. Scarlet forwards
show a two pound edge over
all and a ten pound edge
from tackle to tackle.
Nebraska's offense and de
fense nip the Sooners for con
ference superiority. Okla
homa pass defense runs first
in the league though, while
the Huskers have had trouble
all year with key long passes
being thrown against them.
Staff Predictions
Gary .
Stick . .
Rood ..
Arnie . .
Patty . .
Big Iron
Nebraska 14-13
Oklahoma 16-10
Oklahoma 14-6
, Nebraska 15-14
Oklahoma 14-10
. Nebraska 22-15
. Nebraska 15-13
. Nebraska 8-7
Nebraska 17-14
Nebraska 14-7
IM Results
Intramural Results:
Sigma Phi Epsilon-3 47
Phi Delta Theta-3 38
Deltau Tau Delta-A 46
Phi Gamma Delta-A-19
Sigma Alpha Epsilon-4 47 . ...
Kappa Alpha Pst-A 24
Beta Sigma Psi-A 35 FarmHouse-A 27
Delta Sigma Sigma Pi-A 35 . . Pioneer 28
Alpha Gamma Hho-A 31
Sigma Alpha Mu 17
At Men-A 46 Acacia 12
Alpha Gamma Sigma-A 30
Triangle-A 24,
Today's Schedule:
P. E. Ct. 1 5:00 Gua I vs. Gui m
P. E. Ct. 2 5:00 Alpha Tau Omega-B
vs. Sigma Chi-B
Methodlstg fj
Dr. Clarence Forsberg Preaching
Services at 9:30 and 11:00
tiiiitiiiiiiiatiiisiiiiii iaiiiiiiiiiiitaiiiiiiiiiitiiciiiiiiiiiiiiic3tiiiiitiiii:i.iaiiiiiitiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiM:, iciiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiht laiiiiiiiimif
FRIDAY, DEC. 6, 1963
8:30 P.M.
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f Pershing ticket office.
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