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Thursday, November 21, 1963
The Daily Nebraskan
Rood k'johening
By Mick Rood
Sports Editor
A dose of tonic for that well-up pessimism in ail of
you ...
A great, white and omnipotent power will descend up
on our humble land in a few days hence. It will ride in the
cloud of tradition, blown by winds of past glory. If it can
overcome us, Fate will the culprit v . .
Breaks will the one and only factor deciding the game.
If Nebraska loses, it won't be because they lack ability or
' determination. Luck should be the thing that sends one of
the teams to Miami.
On paper, the Sooners have no edge over the Huskers.
Nebraska still leads the Big Eight in four categories, al
though some margins are slim. The widest superiority
falls in the rushing defense category. Scarlet forwards
have held opponents to 34 yards less per game than Okla
homa. The Sooners have the top pass defense, but then
Nebraska has passed only sparingly this year.
Bud Wilkinson's team can brag of a tougher schedule,
but that hasn't seemed to aid them in their conference
showings: Kansas fell only on a bad mistake in the final
minutes; Iowa State lost only after leading 14 to 7 at
the half, but wearing down to superior Sooner depth; and
Missouri lost only on the scoreboard.
In comparison, the Huskers were definitely more im
pressive against the Jayhawks and the Cyclones. The
closest part of Columbia was the score. Nebraska's best
showings were at home. Oklahoma comes to Lincoln.
Injuries will hamper the Sooners as much if not more
than Nebraska. New halfback find Jackie Cowan will prob
ably not even play while Jim Grisham will be considerably
slowed. It seems, though, that the OU line is equal to Ne
braska's. One hears odds of three and half to four points in
favor of the Oklahomans. Ridiculous! The teams are, in
deed, evenly matched. A team's frame of mind may make
the difference. Here again it looks like the teams are at
a stalemate.
Oklahoma has yet to really prove themselves as a
genuine power. Narrow conference escapes and the Tex
as humiliation still grate on Sooner minds. Nebraska
wants a clear-cut claim to the Orange Bowl ticket and
their first undefeated Big Eight record.
And on and on the information goes. With all bias
aside and visions of Miami cleared from my thoughts
It will be interesting to see whether the Huskers try
a new offensive trick or two. Coach Devaney has denied
any such tampering with the potent Scarlet attack. Need
less to say, there are a number of options that could be
run from existing plays that haven't been used.
If the home squad goes down early, watch for a new
play ... a different move. If the offense is tampered with,
the change will not be radical . . . just different enough
to throw Sooner defenders. We'll have to sit back and
Other tough tries: California to nip Stanford; Michigan
State by a Sherm Lewis and that's all over Illinois; Notre
Dame to show spirit over Iowa; Pitt rolling better than
ever past Penn State; TCU rebound over Rice; SMU and
Baylor in a draw; and finally, Missouri by a defensive
hair over Kansas, 20 to 16 plus Oklahoma State over Kan
sas State.
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Basketball Spotlight
I ...ii'
I ,lai -"H mi. - - n JmmMalnMMMM
Jim Yates
Center Jim Yates brings good height, a soft shot, and
a 1961-2 letter to Nebraska's basketball camp this year.
The 6-8 senior who hails from Randolph, Iowa, returns
after a year's absence to boost Husker lack of height.
Although he carries just 210 pounds on his tall frame, he
moves with authority under the boards and contributes a
sweeping hook plus a steady jump shot on offense. Coach
Joe Cipriano has lauded the tall Husker's ball handling
for his size.
Big 8 Cage Tourney
Tickets Now On Sale
Mail orders for tickets to
the eighteenth annual Big
Eight Conference pre-season
basketball tournament De
cember 26-30 at Kansas City's
Municipal Auditorium will be
accepted by the Auditorium
beginning Monday, November
The tournament, which at
tracts more than 50,000 fans
from the six-state area com
prising the Big Eight Confer
ence, matches all eignt con
ference teams in a four-day,
12-game kickoff to the regular
season. In addition, more than
3.000 high school players and
coaches participate m a clinic
conducted by Conference bas
ketball coaches Saturday
morning, December 28.
Opening r o n n d pairings
match Kansas State against
Nebraska and Oklahoma vs.
Missouri, Thursday, Decem
ber 28, and defending Confer
ence champion Colorado v.
defending tournament cham
pion Kansas and Oklaohmaj
State against Iowa State, Fn-
dav, December 27. Semi
finals will be played Saturday,
December 28, and the finals,
Monday, December 30.
Tickets are priced at $1, $2
and $3, with priority in loca
tion given to those ordering
for all four nights of compe
tition. Checks are to be mada
payable and sent to the Mu
nicipal Auditorium, Kansas
City, with either a self-ad
dressed, stamped envelope or
25 cents mailing charges.
Kansas State and Kansas
have dominated the Big Eight
Conference pre-season basket-
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ball tournament, winning 11 of
the 17 championships con
tested to date.
Kansas State has won six
and Kansas five while the Jay
hawks have been runner-up on
six occasions and K-State
twice. Only once, when Mis
souri topped Oklahoma for the
1949 tournament title, has a
Sunflower team failed to make
the finals, and on four occa
sions the two were opponents
in the championship match.
Hair-raising finishes are the
rule, rather than the excep
tion, in the Big Eight tourna
ment. Four of the past five
championship games were de
cided by three points or less,
two of them in overtime
matches, with last year's four-
overtime, i-88 Kansas vic
tory over Kansas State the
classic. KU football end Jay
Roberts hit a jump shot with
three seconds left in the fourth
overtime to win that one . . .
Winning the Big Eight tourna
ment title doesn't mean a
shoo-in for the regular season
race. Only eight of 17 teams
have been able to win both.
rJM1 0
ree: IKIwsicer
By Mick Rood
Sports Editor
Lincoln residents and Uni
versity students alike care not
what the oddsmakers say
Nebraska will beat Oklaho
ma Saturday.
Sentiments range from the
frank optimism of Lincoln
meter maid Mrs. D. Danley,
to the calm confidence of Wil
liam C. Harper, Director of
University Services. But no
one thinks their team will
"Sure, I think the boys can
do it," said Mrs. Danley.
When asked about Nebraska's
injured players Dennis Clar
idge, Monte Kiffin, Rudy
Johnson, and Bob Hohn, she
says, "They can win without
Claridge and Johnson, after
all, they're not the whole
Mr. Harper is a little more
"It will be tough no mat
ter what," he comments.
"They can win with an all
out effort, but I don't think
anyone will be taking it
National Bank of Commerce
Vice Presidents L. Alford and
Wilbur H. Baack see a little
risk in the Husker account.
Both say that without Clar
idge and Johnson, a victory
would be hard to get.
"Nebraska hasn't played
their best game yet and this
will have to be just that if
they expect to whip the Soon
ers. Nebraska students - are
quicker with the Husker vic
tory sign. Paul Carr, a sopho
more in business administra
tion says, "Nebraska by six."
"Both teams are sound de
fensively, but I think Nebras
ka will win if they can run
through Oklahoma's line fair
ly well," Carr adds.
"They're either going ta
blitz is like they did last
year or we will pull out a
close one," says Fred Walte
made, a junior in pre-law.
"I rather think we will win
the close one," Waltemade
John Haynes, a car me
chanic, is more philosophical
about his prognostication. Ke
feels Oklahoma will lose un
less the Huskers "lose all
confidence in themselves."
"I personally have a lot of
confidence in them, and their
coach, Bob Devaney," Haynes
Sue Morris, a Lincoln resi
dent for a year, gives Ne
braska her vote. She came
from Michigan and graduated
from Michigan State where
the Spartans are going for a
Big Ten Title this Saturday
against Illinois.
"I'm no expert, but 1 think
you'll win," she said.
':v::ai!ljMlJ!Mlliilwl',fyjil'1 iiiimii nun urm-nrri "H---
No Secret Work For NU;
Injured Foursome Improve
No secrecy shrouded Ne
braska's preparation for the
Oklahoma game yesterday as
the Huskers injured quartet
continued to improve while
running with the team.
Coach Bob Devaney had
promised that Scarlet drills
would go behind closed gates
yesterday or perhaps today.
Wednesday, though, the squad
whooped its way through a
vigorous p r a c ti c e
stressed the offensive.
fense of 100.1 per game Is
ahead of last year's record
pace. Another, the total of
fense mark, is a distant 446
yards away. The 1950 Nebras
ka edition that included All
American Bobby Reynolds,
set the all-time record of 3,636
in only nine games.
The leaders:
total offense:
O. Plan VaV Art.
1. Vtah State H 3.6! 2.o
l Wichita 504 375 JM.4
J. Arizona State 500 S.9M 3
5. Navy m 3,2:1 ISIS
6. Pittsborell I 539 J.853 35S 6
7. Cincinnati 9 5 3.1H0 3?T3
t. Oregon 9 560 3.157 35
A !..-! c. A "'I r ...
l)fvanpv nan sain parlipr in m a;. a au n una
OKI inp IS inVlieU XO a K1 ' ih n-oci- that nnna rf tVin th.
Ski Orientation Meet
Scheduled For Sunday
Everyone interested in at
tending the Nebraska Union;
There were no new plays,
as has been rumored, evident
during the drills. Devaney
I may yet shroud Nebraska ef-
iui ia tuua.
Husker chances are im
proving with the rapid heal
ing of Dennis Claridge, Rudy
Johnson, and Bob Hohn. Monte
Kiffin, who has missed four
contests, will be a definite i
performer behind starter
Lloyd Voss and Ron Griesset
at right tackle.
Trip Orientation Party, Sun
day, Nov. 24 at 2:30 p.m. in
the small auditorium in the
Student Union, at which time
essential information will be
given out.
Thirty five dollars must be
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435-3233 wwwhu. mc nuKrr also
ran luurin in toiai onense
with 358.0 yards per contest.
er three will play at all un
less they can go full speed.
That decision will probably
not be made until Friday. .
Meanwhile, NCAA statistics
reveal that the Cornhusker
ground attack has maintained
G Bdsbm TV At.
1. NEBRASKA .... 51 t,3t tn.t
l Oklahoma -2 2.0.11 253 9
3. Princeton 8 2.0IS 23
4. Kansaa 9 43 2.241 249.0
5. Army 9 5ft 2.230 7.
6. Air Fore 9 446 2.103 233.7
7. Texaa 9 535 2.102 2?3.
I. A TOOT a State ... S 351 1.A53 231 6
9. Cincinnati 9 4.11 2.08 2298
10. Syracuse 9 435 2JM 225.4
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Also, Nebraska's rushing de-
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2. Tulta
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4. San Jaw St
5. I Uh State
6. Oreaon
7. Wichita .
8. Miaxtssippi
9. Navy
10. VYnconsin
Alt. Cm. PH.
26 145 54 5
151 553
105 51 S
125 54 3
Tds. ATf.
1 2?18
1AS7 Vi 1
1.295 115 0
l.SH Kit
54 1.679 Id! 8
53 1 1.MI2 178 0
87 55 4 1,410 176 3
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114 5.5 1.575 175 0
104 50 .7 1J51 168
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