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The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, Sept. 30, 1963
Rainy Minneapolis weather
didn't dampen the spirit of a
young, "new look" Minnesota
football team, as Nebraska's
favored Huskers used a punt
miscue and spectacular pass
play to defeat the Gophers,
14-7, Saturday.
After both teams tallied
first quarter touchdowns,
over 61,000 fans were almost
ready to settle for a 7-7 tie
as neither offense could gen
erate a scoring drive.
Then, with 2:18 gone In the
fourth quarter, Clarldge
rolled to his left and skipped
over his primary target, end
Larry Tomlinson, to loft a
strike to sophomore Tony
Jeter. Jeter, who was three
yards behind the Gopher de
fense, opened his stride and
fought off the lunge by big
Minnesota end Aaron Brown
at the five yard line- The play
covered 65 yards and Kudy
Johnson added the extra point
to make it 14 to 7.
Minnesota Coach Murray
Warmath unveiled a passing
attack in the opening quarter
that caught Nebraskans off
guard. Junior quarter back
Bob Sadek pushed his young
Big Ten club 71 yards in
seven plays, capping the
inarch with a one yard
The key play though, was
a 44 yard pass from Sadek
to Gopher halfback Jerry
Pelletier. PeHletier, typical of
Warmath's new breed, sped
around defender Dick Calla
han to corrall Sadek's per
fect toss. Callahan recovered
to catch Pelletier on the
the Husker one yard line.
Nebraska's barricade did
little good from one yard out
and Sadek punched it over
with 7:10 left in the first
Inexperienced Gophers
made few mistakes this game
but a miscue soon after
their touchdown presented
Nebraska with its opportuni
ty to tie the contest up.
After an unsuccessful
series, Dennis C 1 a r i d g e
boomed a 49 yard punt to the
Minnesota five. Sadek's first
team, which played most of
the contest, failed to move
the ball again and Stan
Skjei's punt dribbled off his
toe to his own 36 yard line.
The second unit, with the
exception of Willie Ross and
Claridge took the ball in,
using only six plays. Fullback
Bruce Smith provided the
Husker power as he battered
his way for 20 of the needed
yards in three carries.
Claridge then rambled
around the Husker weak side
from eight yards away and
Johnson booted the point to
tie the ball game, 7-7.
Best elements for the Husk
ers offensively were punting
of Claridge and some inspired
running from Willie Ross.
Claridge averaged 44 yards
on seven tries, keeping the
Gophers in a hole all after
Ross covered 91 yards in
12 carries to lead all runners
for the day. The twister
scampered for 36 yards to
the Minnesota 40 during tfie
Scarlet's final drive. In the
final seconds, Ross leaped
over the Gopher line for
what seemed to be the third
Husker touchdown, but ref
feree Howard Wirtz ruled
that the game was over be
fore the play had started.
Sadek's passing, a startling
new feature for a Warmath
coached team, was comple
mented by an old Warmath
tradition, stout line play. The
younger Gophers, Jed by Ail
American prospect Carl Eller
and sophomore Jim Krause,
fought Nebraska's two line
units on nearly even terms
in the first half. After that,
however, Husker depth began
to tell. Claridge moved his
first unit steadily during the
final 93 yard drive.
The second unit, led by big
Monte Kiffin, and the first
unit defense led by Bob
Brown and John Kirby, held
the Minnesotans to five yards
rushing in the second half,
Brown and Kirby accounted
for nearly half the Husker
tackle total.
First downs 10 13
Rushing yardage . . .75 176
Passes attempted ...23 8
Passes completed 9 4
Passes intercepted ... 1 1
Passing yardage 107 89
Total plays 55 64
Total yards gained 182 265
Punts 11-38 7-44
Fumbles 0 5
Fumbles lost 0 1
Penalties 3-26 1-5
Player Att. Gain Loss Net
Claridge ... 14 29 14 15
Ross 12 91 0 91
McCloughan 4 8 5 3
Young 3 5 0 5
Johnson .... 13 31 0 31
Smith 9 37 6 31
Player Att. Cmpl. Intc. Yds.
Claridge ..8 4 1 89
Pass Receiving
No. Yds.
McCloughan 1 5
ds Foe
Sports Editor
Was the final score 20 to 7
or 14 to 7? Willie Roos will
tell you Nebraska had three
Ross plunged over the Min
nesota line on the final play
of the game for what looked
like another Husker tally. The
lineman and the field judge
raised their arms to signify
a score and over 5,000 Ne
braska fans roared with ap
proval. Referee Howard Wirtz nul
lified the score, saying that
the last play came after the
game was over according to
official time. The scoreboard
clock showed two seconds left
as Claridge gave Ross the
ball. No gun or whistle went
off before the play to indicate
the end of official time.
"I know I was over," Wil
lie commented after the
game-. The 199 pound speed
ster didn t seem to care .
Nebraska had won, 14-7.
Ticket Problems
Ticket Manager Jim Pit
lenger came up witn some
mterestmg facts about Ne
(up to age 22)
i 4
for young travelers
No. 6401
No. 6401 1 1
i f
$S Youth
Identification Card is
valid for 1 vnar far unfit
Bad birthday). Good for unlimited use on
frontier's entire system. Call your
travel aqenl or Frontier Airlines.
Oneway or round trip, young travelers ape 12-22
receive 50 discount anywhere on the Frontier
Bystem. And, you can take a friend (also 12-22)
at the same low fare. Travel any day of tho
week. Reservations confirmed in advance.
r. . ysst
;1 rypTp'yt . HntKm muTO . (f l iitn
M f awI Hr'T ''iiiv. t 1 if I , J
: I f an cmuoof!M Msamt J J J fl
if A Call I
JsnxY uJ iumo Frontier's campus
iw ViH representative t
ISjjrg "7 Ed Conner (
braska's seating problem af
ter observing Minnesota's situation.
"Minnesota officials expect
only fifty per cent of the stu
dents to buy tickets for Goph
er football games," Pittenger
commented. "At Nebraska,
seventy-five per cent of 8,500
students bought season tick
"Because of this," he not
ed, "We'll have to put 900
students in the bleachers this
year. Some bleacher tickets
will be on sale to the general
public at all Husker home
All-American Meeting
All-America giants Carl El
ler of the Gophers and Bob
Brown of the Huskers met
once on the Minneapolis field
when nearly everyone in the
stands noticed.
Eller pulled out to b 1 o c k
Brown and the two behem
oths seemed isolated from the
other players on the field
about midway in the second
quarter. Eller sent a stiff el
bow into Brown's chest and
moved the Husker back all
260 pounds of him.
Seemingly undaunted,
Brown reached out and
shoved the big Minnesotan
aside and lunged laterally to
help spill a Gopher ball car
rier. Compliment
Bernie Beerman, former
Minnesota football head coach
and now a radio broadcaster,
gave the Nebraska Cornhusk-
ers a supreme compliment
over the air Saturday.
While summarizing the con
test, Beerman noted, "I
thought Minnesota did a fine
job, but they played a rough
team today. I doubt whether
they will come up against a
tougher team on their sched
ule than this Nebraska
1. Excuse .ne, sir. I'm conducting
a poll for the college newspaper.
I wonder if I might ask you
few questions?
Be my guest.
. In your opinion, what are some
of America's most significant
ac hievements in the past
50 years?
3. Let me put it this way. During
the last halt century what new
ideas have led to important
benefits for the American people?
Well, uh -there's the
two-platoon system.
4. I'll rephrase the ouestion. Since
1912, what developments can you
tmnK oi tfiat have made the lot
of the working man easier?
Now you're getting tricky.
Frontier's campus
Ed Connerly,
- - ... 'if.:1 W
1 AIKLiNtS I i
5. Give It a try.
Well, speaking oir the top of
my head, I might say
stretch socks,
I'm sure everyone would agree
they've been useful. But isn't
there something with a bit mora
iocfal significance that comes
to mind?
There certainly is. There's
Croup Insurance, the
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provide protection for those
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alford it least. Pioneered and
developed bv Kquilahle,
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Today, the working man '
and his family enjoy u broad
spectrum of protection
provided by Croup Insurance,
For that reason, I would
most emphatically suggest
its inclusion among the
significant achievements. But
I still think the two-platoon
system is pretty important.
For information about Living Insurance, see The Man from Equitable.
For information about career opportunities nf Equitable, see your
Placement Officer, or write to William E. Blevins, Employment Manager.
The EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States
Callahan 1 11
Jeter 2 13
Pass Interceptions
Player No. Yds.
R. Brown 1 0
Player No. Ave.
Claridge 7 44
Punt Returns
Player No. Yds.
Solich 2 1
Ross 2 1
Hohn 2 16
Kickoff Returns
Player ' No. Yds.
Kiffin 1 0
Player Att. Gain Loss Net
Skjei 5 10 1 9
Reid 4 23 0 23
Pelletier .... 4 15 2 13
Harren 6 15 3 12
Sadek 9 14 15 -1
Harris 13 0 3
Sharp 3 7 0 7
Lofquist 1 9 0 9
Player Att. Cmpl. Intc. Yds.
Sadek .... 23 9 1 107
Pass Receiving
Player No. Yds.
Harren 2 22
Reid 1 12
Pelletier 2 12
Orman 2 21
Skjei 2 10
Pass Interceptions
Player No. Yds.
Skjei 1 25
Player No. Ave.
Skjei a 38
Punt Returns
Player No. Yds.
Skjei 1 12
Kickoff Returns
Player No. Yds.
Pelletier 1 7
M. Ramseth 2 27
Harren 1 19
4 V - . "
' "V- 1 ,
TWISTER TURN ON Willie Ross ran over and around
eager Gophers (or 91 yards Saturday. Ross deflected two"
Gopher passes playing in the Husker secondary.
Use lekcfskcsEi Wdnf Ms
Tuesday, Oct. 1 7:00 p.m.
Nebraska Union Room 334
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