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CAMPUS . . .
proved the establishment of a
Peace Corps training site at
the University. The contract
which still needs the signa
ture of the State Department
in Washington D.C., calls for
training of up to 75 members.
Training at the University will
be for specialized Instruction
al work in Ecuador. The
project will be financed by
Federal funds.
SHIPS have been granted to
eight University faculty mem
bers for study during the next
school year. The eight are:
Albin Anderson, professor of
history; Myron Roberts, pro
fessor of music; Richard
Trickey, assistant professor of
art; Walter Wright, assistant
dean and professor of Eng
lish; Edward Fry, associate
professor of anthropolo
gy; James Roberts, assistant
professor of English; William
Bowsky, associate professor
of history; and Harold Man
ter, professor of zoology.
CITY . . .
OPPOSITION to the pro
posed annexation of the Ante
lope Creek Dam area was
voiced Monday in the city
council meeting by property
owners in the area. The own
ers own property ranging
from one to fourteen acres
in size and hence are fearful
of taxes if the area is an
nexed by the city.
STATE . . .
SONS packed the legislative
chambers Monday to hear
three and one-quarter hours
of discussion concerning the
economic and religious impli
cations of a Sunday closing
ordinance. Support for the
bill, which would recognize
Sunday as the established day
of rest in the state and pro
hibit the merchandising of
certain department store com
modities, came mainly from
retailers, and opposition
mainly from Seventh-Day Ad
ventlsts. DIANNE SCHILLING, was
tnrown worn a car in which
she was riding and killed.
The 14-year-old girl, along
with eight others also in the
car, was picked up by a tor
nado and thrown more than
200 yards. The incident oc
curred three miles west of
Auburn to the family of Mrs.
Fred Schilling, which was ap
parently traveling back to
their home in Vandalia, 111.
Committee had a visit from
twenty-nine Nebraska citizens
Wednesday. The people were
assembled in support of the
University of Nebraska's
budget requests for the 1963
1965 biennium. Alumni and
even persons who had never
attended the University spoke
strongly in favor of all facets
of the University's operations.
Vol. 76, No. 97
The Daily Nebraskan
Friday, May 3, 1963
ivy Utojf Dfows
Students, Alums
The revelation of the May
Queen and her court, the
masking of Mortar Boards,
tackling of Innocents and Ivy
Day sings will attract stu
dents, alums and parents to
morrow to the Ivy Day cere
monies. The 1963 May Queen and
her court will reign over Ivy
Day from a new throne which
will have a walnut finish with
wide, circular steps, accord
ing to Cynthia Holmquist,
Mortar Board.
The May Queen and her at
tendant will be chosen from
ten finalists. They are Marty
Anderson, G a y 1 e Branigan,
Vicky Cullen, Marty Elliott,
Pam Hirschbach, Helen Lan
dis, Kim Pohlman, Ruthanne
Read Weaver, Judy Tenhul
zen and Julie Westerhoff.
The tjme schedule for the
ceremonies has been revised
and the court will be pre
sented at 11:30 a.m. and will
reign throughout the remaind
er of the day. Among other
innovations are : beginning the
day with the playing of the
Carillon bells at 10:45 rather
than 9 a.m., and the serving
of brunches at all living units
before the ceremonies begin,
allowing the events to pro
ceed without the usual lunch
Men's and Women's sings
will alternate to add more va
riety to the program and the
awards will be presented at
intervals, according to Miss
Dr. Robert Hough, associate
professor of English has been
selected Master of Ceremo
nies to preside over the tra
ditional festivities. Senior solo
ist is Gail Galloway. She was
selected by Mortar Boards on
the basis of service to the
University, the school of mu
sic and her ability. She will
sing the traditional song,
"Here We Plant the Ivy"
while the presidents of Mortar
Board and Innocents plant
the ivy vine.
The schedule for the cere
monies is as follows:
in 4ft ant., rarltloti nlava
11:04) a.m., Selections by Vnlvenltjr
"llfl a.m., lM2-3 MorUr fcoirde Mid
Innoeenti enter
11:18 .m., Welcome by Chancellor CHI
ford M. Hardin
Uiltt Plantlnr of the Ivy by
Nanry and John Nolo, aresldenti
Of Mortar Board and Innocent
11:90 a.m.. Entrance of Ivy and Diliy
chains, Ivy Day Court. May Queen and
Maid ol Honor.
12:15 p.m., Mortar Board and Inno
ccnti receaa
12:80 p.m., Hlrma Kappa. "Mnr We
Now or ftlrma." eoni leader Claire Roenr
kamie. Vt.ZS p.m., Mtrna No, "Navy Hymn."
wong leader Joseph Col ran.
12:90 p.m., Town Club, "1 Whliile A
Happr Timet" song leader, ftoialee Plies.
12:35 p.m., Beta fflrma Pat "Brother's
Ulnar Om" song leader, Rover Qnadham-
12:40 p.m., Zeta Tan Alpha, "Rtdln My
Time;" son leader Betty Bauer.
12:45 p.m., Slirma Chi, "Seeinr Nellie
Home;" song leader. Kfchard Revls.
12:50 p.m., Pi Beta Phi, "A Girl of PI
Beta Phi;" song leader, Gall Galloway.
12:55 p.m., Love Memorial Hall, "There
Are Such Things;" song leader. Jane
Fi liquet.
Presentation of award for highest wom
en's average by Nancy Miller.
1:05 p.m.. Alpha XI Delta, "Love Look
Away i " song leader. Susan Mall.
1:10 p.m.. Alpha Tau Omega, "Vive L'
Amour," song leader, Douglas Busskohl
1:15 p.m.. Alpha Chi Omega, "Bit of
Logic;" song leader, Karen Yager.
1:20 p.m., Theta Xi, "Like the Mighty
Eagle;" song leader, Troy Cleveland.
1:25 p.m., Kappa Delta, "When Vou
Choose the Pin You'll Wear;" song lead
er. SuhIc Oberle.
1:30 p.m., Canfletd House, "Where or
When;" song leader, Jerry Yeutter.
1:35 p.m.. Kappa Alpha Theta, "The
Little Worm ; " song leader, Judy Ten
faulzen. Presentation of AAU award by Dean
Helen Snyder.
1:45 p.m.. Terrace Hall, "iferraoe Sweet
heart;" song leader, Becky Stehl.
1:50 p.m., Kappa Hlgma, "Down By
the Solly Gardens;" song leader, Bob
1:55 p.m., Fedde Hall. "Without A
Song i " song leader, Linda Rirketsen.
2:00 p.m.. Capitol I and II. "Blow High,
Blow Low;" song leader Willard Mar
2:05 p.m.. Alpha Omlcron Pi, "Sspphrie
(Me;" song leader, Lorraine Morris.
2:10 p.m.. Klgma Phi Kpsilon. "Then
Here's To Thee;" song leader Lyle Rolof
son. 2:15 p.m., Delta Gamma, "Holiday for
Strings;" song leader, Polly Brown.
2:20 p.m.. Guntavfton Hall, "I Feel Pret
ty;" song Irader, KathVen Gates.
Presentation of Mortar Board Scholar-ship-Activities
trophy by Nancy Miller.
2:35 p.m., Alpha Phi, "Lullaby ol Bird
land;" song Oadr Carole Kramer.
2:40 p.m.. Phi Delta Theta, "De Ami
main A'Comln';" song leader, Doug Thorn.
2:45 p.m., University Hospital Nurses,
"Clap Yo' Hands;" aong leader, Karen
2:50 p.m.. Delta Sigma PI, "There la
Nothing Like A Dame;" song leader
Clark Marshall.
2:55 p.m., Chi Omega. "Climbing Up
the Mountain;" song leader Gail Hunt,
3:00 p.m. Delta Tau Delta. "Tobacco;"
song leader, Steve Fllenberg,
3:05 p.m., Kapps Kappa Gamma, "Give
Your Hrart to a Kappa Girl;" aong lead
er. Virginia When ion.
3:15 p.m., Delta Delta Delta, "Put on
a Happy Facet" song leader, Pat Gcll.
3:20 p.m., Phi Gamma Delta, "Nhenen
doabi" song leader, Stuart Wiley.
3:25 p.m., Gamma Phi Beta, "Elijah
Rock;" song leader Nancv Mercer.
3:341 p.m., FarmHouse, "Old Kim Cole i"
aong leader, Tom Meinke.
3:35 p.m., Alpha Delta PI, "G a I n'
Hornet" song leader, Judy M add ox.
3:40 p.m.. Beta Theta PI. "Maria i'
song leader, Gordon Meld mm.
3:45 p.m., Realdence Hall for Women,
"How High the Moon;" aong leader, Kara
3:50 p.m., Sigma Alpha Epsllon, "Night
and Day;" song leader, Paul Om astro.
Presentation of award for highest men's 1
average by John Nolon.
Presentation of Alpha Tau Omega Help
Week Trophy by Bill Buckley, president
of IPC.
Presentation of Innocents flcholarshlp
Actlvlties trophies by John Nolon.
4:10 p.m., Announcement of winners of
Men's and Women' sings by Sally Lar
son, president of AWS and John Zelllng
er, president of Kosmet Klub.
4:15 p.m., Tapping of Mortar Boards,
narrator, Mrs. Ruth Levmson, advisor.
4:45 p.m., Tackling of Innocents; nar
rator, Dr. Robert Hough,
Elections Set
For Monday
At Union Polls
One polling place for the
Student Council elections
Monday will be placed in both
the Ag and City Unions, ac
cording to Steve Honey,
chairman of the elections
The Ag Union poll will be
open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday and the City Union
poll from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Students must vote for the
total number of representa
tives their college is allowed.
Only students officially en
rolled in a college are eligi
ble to vote.
Students in Teachers and
Arts and Sciences Colleges
must vote for at least one
man and one woman.
Candidates will not cam
paign within 15 feet of the
buildings in which the polls
are located, Honey said, and
all campaign publicity must
be removed by noon Tuesday j
after the election.
Tycp ff Woo" Be
i JH&V r"2&k.
Ivy, Spring Days
Bring 1:30 Hours
Associated Women's S t u
dents Board (AWS) has an
nounced that there will be 1:30
a.m. hours for all University
women both tonight and to
morrow night because of Ivy
Day and Spring Day.
There will be no overnights
or out-of-towns granted with
out special permission, ac
cording to Sally Larson, president.
Spring Day 1963 begins to
day on the University Ag
campus with the Men's Tug
of War at 1:30 p.m. After
noon classes have been dis
missed for Spring Day events.
"The committee has
planned many fun and excit
ing games for. this traditional
event," said Bill Ahlschwede,
chairman of Spring Day.
Women's games will in
clude in addition to the tug
of war, an obstacle race, a
pile on hay bales contest, a
woman's distance throw and
a roller skating relay.
Shrouded in mystery is the
couples' mystery event, the
last game of the day.
Men's games will include a
push ball contest, tug of war,
bicycle steeplechase relay,
pillow fight and log throwing.
Student Council is charging
a one dollar entry fee to each
participating organization this
The games will be held on
the tractor testing field. In
case of rain they will be held
on the area south east of the
Ag Engineering building, ac
cording to Ahlschwede.
"N" Club and athletic de
partment members will judge
and officiate. Each event will
be run by Spring Day work
ers. Points will be given to the
placing teams on a graduated
scale. One point will also be
given for each event entered
and one point for advance
ment in the events that are
run off in heats.
Team trophies will be pre
sented at Ivy Day. Individual
awards will be given after the
The schedule of events is
Union Schedules
Student Art Sale
As part of the Student Un
ion's Spotlight on Culture,
the Union contemporary arts
committee is sponsoring a
Student Art Sale 'on May 15,
from 9-5:30 p.m. in the Pan
American room of the Union.
Works to be sold include
paintings, sculptures and ce
ramics. Prices of the works
have been set by the individ
ual artists.
Senator To Address
Law College Tuesday
State Senator William
Brandt of Unadilla will speak
at the University College of
Law Tuesday at 10 a.m.
Senator Brandt will meet
with classes In legislation and
will speak on the attorney's
role in the legislative process.
Ivy Day's Fi reworks
Spark Weekend Fun
Students will celebrate the
traditional planting of the ivy
this weekend and calm the
juniors' jitters with house
parties, formals and picnics.
BURR HALL, Formal, 7 to
Tau Delta, parking lot party,
9 to midnight.
Banquet, 7 to midnight.
UNICORNS, Picnic, 5 to
7:30 p.m.
ther's Day Brunch, 9:30 to
11 a.m.
ACACIA, Orchid Lei For
mal, 6:30 to midnight.
Day Party, 6:30 to 11:30 p.m.
Rose Formal, 6:30 to mid
night. PHI KAPPA PSI, Ivy Day
Party, 4 to midnight.
House Party, 7 to midnight.
SIGMA CHI, Picnic, 5:30 to
7 p.m.
THETA CHI, Spring For
mal, 6 to midnight.
AG MEN, Cowboy Party,
6:30 to 11:30 p.m.
Open House, 2 to 5 p.m.
SIGMA CHI, Sweetheart
Tea, 2 to 4 p.m.
Sample Ballot
teachers coLtaoi
Tata For Pour
At Lat On Kin
lad On Woman
Sharon Morrlaaay
Trudy Erwln
Suaan Skarda
Jesna Andaraon
Travla Salrd
Kj Chrlatanaan
Sandra Skoda
Lynn Parla
Ml Ira Barton
Danny Pargan
Doug Thorn
Vot For Two
At 'Laaat On Man and
On Woman
Lorl KJar
Sua an gmlthbrgr
Sandra McDowell
Vat Pot P1t
At Loaat Ona Man
and ona Woman
lathlaon SeyXar
Harriot Hunker
Bocbl Hamaa
Mary Ryan
Ann Shuman
Stavle Dort
JoLae Hrnloek
Suaan 3agrlt
Molly Do
Charyll Croalar
Oalah Franian
John wandt
Tct For Two
Judy Jehnaen
Jim Br
Oary Oya
Joan Raffaaatar
Tot a for Ona
DuS Coonrad
Hugh Atklna
Dalaar Raamaaen
Tat Par Pna
Qharlea Sarrald.
Ran Ear
Oeorg Kimball
Bob Chcrny
Tim Barnea
Oaorg Lamk
Olann Koroff
Tom Kort
Tom Brawatar
Rlohard Haibart
Bute Braahear
Mlka Rood
Jama Woarnar
Jama a Chi Ida
Tota For Thraa
Bart Aarnl
Bill Oarna
John Lydlok
Rlohard Dan ton
Jim Kllma,
Douglaa Harman
. Tata Par Ona
Larry Mlnatt
Boo Erry
as follows:
Men's Tug of War 1:30
Women's Roller Skating
Relay 1:40
Mystery Event 2:00
Women's Tug of War .2:15
Pillow Fight 2:20
Bicycle Race 2:30
Push Ball 2:30
Women's Obstacle
Race 2:45
Women's Distance
Throw 3:00
Log Throwing 3:15
Bale Stacking Contest 3:30
It will be up to the individ
ual to be in the designated
place at the specified time.
Anyone not there will be dis
qualified. A centrally-located Red
Cross First Aid tent will be
available for Spring Day con
testants. Red Cross college
unit members will direct in
jured students to the tent,
where four student health
nurses will be on first aid
All University Fund (AUF)
will have a refreshment
Center Hosts
Science Meet
The 73rd annual Nebraska
Academy of Sciences will get
under way at the University
today and will continue
through tomorrow noon.
Two major addresses will
be delivered at the Nebraska
Center today to all members
of the Academy. Dr. Samuel
Treves, professor of geology
at the University, will speak
at 4 p.m. in the auditorium
on his expeditions in the
Arctic and Antartic Regions.
Dr. James Rutledge, profes
sor of secondary education at
the University, will speak on
I T- -iJ
rre-oiiege acience iauca
tionImplications for the Ne
braska Academy of Sciences"
at the 6:30 p.m. banquet at
the Nebraska Center.
The annual business meet
ing, presided over by Lloyd
Tanner, president of the
Academy and associate cur
ator of vertebrate paleontolo
gy at the University, will be
held following the banquet.
The Lincoln section of the
Junior Academy will display
their experiments in the au
ditorium of University High
School tomorrow beginning at
9 a.m. The chairmen of the
grade and high school sec
tions are Robert Resz, Lin
coln Northeast, and Sister Ma
ry St. Leonard, St. Mary's
Cathedral School in Lincoln.
Layne Will Play
At Cruise Dance
Bobby Layne will play at
! the Caribbean Cruise Dance
; Friday May 10th, 7 to 11 p.m.
at the Ag Union Ballroom.
Tickets will be $1.50 per
couple if purchased in ad
vance or $2.00 at the door.
Elections for Dairy Club
Queen will be held.