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    The Snide Sisterhood
Page 2
The Reflecting Mirror of
Football season tickets
will cost $3 more for stu
dents next fall if the Stu
dent Council endorsement
of the increase is put in
to effect ... and if stu
dents buy tickets.
In a race to catch up
with five other Big Eight
Conference schools in
money available for the
athletic department, thus
bigger and better football
players, students might
have to pay $10 instead
of 7, for their 1963 tick
ets. The argument for the
Increase seems to cen
ter around the fact that
Nebraska is one of three
schools that is not
subsidized in some way,
is addition to the fact
that Nebraskans do not
have to pay taxes that
go to the University Ath
letic Department.
The subsidies mentioned
are reported to be in the
form of waivers of fees,
tuition and mandatory
buying of tickets. As high
as $150,000 a year is re
ceived at some schools by
these methods.
Athletic Director Tippy
Dye established a rela
tionship between grants-in-aid
and scholarships
and ranking in the con
ference in a talk before
the Student Council sev
eral weeks ago. It seems
that higher paid players
make better football play
ers. Dye said that if Ne
braska is going to remain
competitive in the confer
ence it win have to keep
grants-in-aid in the same
bracket as the top two or
three schools.
Tfcat is, we will have
to pay as well as the top
tw r three to turn oat
football players of similar
quality. And who is pay
ing hi the end, student
If . J!mm-" IV
PI i:i Ji:S71!!TI
TsicrlaJZie 477-fTlL, ext. CSS, 2581, 2599
ItSh k B
llember Associated CoBeglate Press.
IsterBstJstsal Prew flrpreenUtive, Na
dunsl AiverHiiiig Servke, iBcajrporated.
rsIJieJ at: Boom it, Student I'nlWa.
lines! S, Nebrasu.
(Mwhl fca
. . ...... ..........--...-
warts 4aa '
AMMteat Moris Edtor
at Hows riaor . .
(.or .4iora
i -war
titan ftrHers
And the student
will continue to pay,
whether tickets go
whether' intelligence is of
fered the same benefits
physical ability is and
whether all those football
rank-raisers are hidden
parts of an increased tu
ition that the student at
school for school must
Of those who return to
a University prestige and
honor through profession
al excellence, football
players are in the great
minority. Yet of those
who get free training in
order to attain profession
al excellence, football
players . are in the ma
jority. It has yet to be proven
that funds from athletic
activities benefit a Uni
versity enongh to make
non-athletic students pay
that price.
But there are many
other things to consider:
For instance, what ev
er happened to the idea
of a balanced athletic
program? It would be
much better for studets.
athletes and the school if
the athletic program were
Basketball players need
a place to play and the
baseball field needs a
scoreboard. With appro
priations to the so-called
minor sports, Nebraska
could be a valid leader
er in collegiate athletics.
But the rounding out of
the athletic program must
wait Bntil more seats are
added to the stadium and
those are paid for and the
football team makes so
much money that it can
not possibly spend it all
on itself.
That seems like the
long way around. Why
not pep up the Univer-
Doily Nebraskan
s T PMf mensn
aokn of e
iiiaoMalaat tor oasl
rearaorr . tWe.
; eTaJT
EDrrrnuAL siaff
Thursday, May 2, 1963
by john morris
sity's sports publicity?
Send out a little info on .
baseball, basketball, ten- Ft
nis, golf, wrestling, swim- 1
ming, etc. Why not up-
grade ' the whole system
and boast of a real good
athletic department rath
er than concentrate on
collegiate glamour, on the
gridiron? Look it up any
where, athlete is
not defined as a football
player and a coach is not
defined as a football
Why not pay for only
top grade football talent
and transfer some funds
to other sports, if we are
going to pay athletes?
That, in addition to bet
ter promotional work,
would interest people in
sports other than foot
ball at the University and
make it worth while for
athletes, other than foot
ball players to compete.
For instance, why not
make the Nebraska foot
ball fan, the "super loyal
nut," pay for what he
gets to see. It seems odd
that students most pay
more than before and
get, on the whole, not as
good a view of action,
as the other half, the pub
lic. If students must start
paying more they should
start demanding more.
Why not ask for 10,000
30-yard line seats, a per
fect season and an
Orange Bowl contract,
plus enough influence to
pressure hiring and fir
ing of coaches in the fu
ture. And, if the student body
does not get what it
wants then it should
throw a mass tantrum
and point to Big Ten Gi
ants, to the Southeastern
Conference Giants and
wail out the injustice, and
this time be heard by alL
'J ''r--4lriA.',-?r'J,.. ' i
a peMnteed saeaaap. sjedesdeP"
aariie Ske inn rear. eea ana
eurtiisa aad eatv dertaa aaraat. sw
easeeaM mt She Imwili reraka eatii Car aaifcTtae-
of sreluss ' rawlirn mmtn mr h'it af -
(he akMNUt m ! r fmUtma,.. ke rae
anas esMertat ml an Par mrt of OV HO i niastflio -
or oa as- earl of aoy aerrvo eunwise ct Vm jiozp Tar
aaar "
(feoy say. or do. or
trt fin
reaer Lse
an :
or vik. lMaa htMtrrtrw r
a. aoafet arcrtot. Oorr MiOn
Itiaar CIT.
mm Oaaaliws. Bob jTasaiarkaai
Sw I Lore
' ' Jeao emits
.""""..' .' terra aaiiriiio
so kn
iJ-. rwoarao. aosle Boater, woods Boeors
Claim Jumper
Smiling Pirate
Nosey Judge
Palooka's Pal
Farmer's Daughter ....
Talking Mule
Old Yeller
Sandy Pita
Summer Correspondent
Gob's Choice
Cracked Lips
Da x wood Sandwich ....
Independent Lady
Horny Builder
Cross Queen
Chinese Dog
V-Less Presley
Fulter's Partner
Burned Babe
Hair pin
Little Flyer
..Ritzy Dwelling ....
..Water Front
. . White House
..Kati's Korner
..White House
..Water Front
. . Ritzy Dwelling
..Banana Barrel
..Firm Foundation ...
..Wet Barn
..Heartbreak Hotel ..
..Turkey Farm
..Wet Barn .......
..Barbed Corral ....
..Heartbreak Hotel ..
..Water Front
..Wet Barn
..Gods Mouthpiece ..
..Kati's Korner
..Banana Barrel
..Firm Foundation ..
..God's Mouthpiece ..
..La Hacienda ......
..Ritsy Dwelling
Goody, Goody
5 Secluded Valley ..
. Manure Hall
.BrowneU Palace ....
. . Manure Ball
..CHsomiBe ...
..Gobble Land
..Cheese Box ..
..Cliff's Club ..
..Manure Hall -
S Piety
RabMe Rouser .....
TNE Taboo
Kaoeniammer Kid
Corn Job
Freddy Bear
Money Maker .....
S Sen be
Watty ,
ss Prophet
pater Patter ,
.. Goldea Screw
..Turkey Terrace
..Hay Seed Swan ....
..Manure Palace
...Golden Screw
..Freddy Bear's Tavern ..
..Freddy Bear's Tavern
..Puritan's Penthon e ..
..Turkey Terrace
..Cheese Boa
..Gotdea Screw
..Turkey Terrace
..Manure Palace ........
..Kla Kin Klaa
(P Til
fl lf o) G
1. SCHOLARSHIPS It makes a dif
ference for the Mortar Boards.)
2. ACTIVITIES (Never so few!)
3. LEADERSHIP (That the blind may
lead the blind.)
4. SERVICE (Do a job!)
..Court Marshal
..No Trainer
..Innocent Lady
..No Trainer
..Cora Door
..No Trainer
..Liver Pill
, .No Trainer
..Sweet thing
..Wet Cave
. .Evening Star
..No Trainer
.Super Sister
..Watch Her
..Evening Star
. No Trainer
,.Wet Cave
..Dollar Daze
.No Trainer
No Trainer
.Sweet Thing
.Sporty Sort
..Definitely Needs One
..Liver PIU
R. Henkle
.Porky Wetaer
.Cob Haa Jock ...
,.See abosv .........
, .None ...........
. Fungus
..See above
..Johnny Apple worm
ilihid -.
.See Asa
1-1 Has been in all the ray
S-l So strong she may hurt stable males. .
S-l Careful handling by trainers has brought her right along.
3- 1 Has shown good form all the way to the wile.
4-3 Late starter came on at a rush.
4- 1 To continue winning tradition of former.
5-4 Stable Mate.
1-1 Much stuff.
6- 5 Stables Best.
t! ISStmX 5 A look like . M Ana.
10-1 , Steady plodder. ,
14- S Consistent, but may need help from trainer.
15- 1 Solid pick.
20-1 Off to fast start, but fading.
25-1 Forced to run w 'he outside all am way.
30-1 Could be iust another runner.
40-1 ' Good training but has faultered on the last curve.
50-1 Steady but not spectacular.
60-1 Could linish in the money. the running.
70-1 Classy stabiemate may put this one out of we running.
80-1 Long shot '
84-1 anon in me nracn.
90-1 Lost Interest In running,
? n nj-
j O as aj Li O
And, More
s tWissipiQS
. 4-1
1 for 34
3 2-000O0
life's ambition achieved. .
Tillers of the soil reed something for compensaUoo.
His smile is the most significant thing about mm. ana
makes me sick. .
Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary, the Devi
walketh about.
Hope to the end.
Keep praying. .
Intra -resess ion. but anything can happen. ,ck ..
Choked with ambition and of the meaner iSOrt (Shakespeare).
To remember that Tammany cooks spoiled the broth.
Three things in life are inevitable: death, taxes and three
Manure Hall Spooks.
They have to get 13
Al Smith had his problems. a could too.
Would make a hetier Mortar Board
No hay seeds this year. Once a decade is enough.
Fertilizers only get 3. He and Eversharp will dad.
Four time loser.
Watch him. be may drop.
Probably win strike out. .
Utacoukl tamp like he can jug. bed win
Too many ia front, may win Nobel Prize thoago.
Nitty painters never make good pobtkuas.
too dura many farmers.
'(AnAar cflWmu
FOR ONLY $300 A DAY: NO. 1
Sannner vacation k jnst arotmd the eorDer, mi trntanfty al
of you are going to Europe. Perhaps I can offer a handy tip
or two. (I most confess that I myself bae never been to
Europe, bat I do have a French poodle and a German ithepherd,
so I am not entirely unqualified-)
Kn let me asy that no trip to Europe complete without
Yist to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany,
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lichtenrtein, Holland, Belgium, Lnem
bourg, Switzerland, Denmaik, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Po
land, Ciechoslovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Rosria,
Greece, Yugoelavia, Albania, Crete, Sardinia, Sicily, Hongary,
Enraauia, Bulgaria, Lapland, and Andorra.
Let m take vp these oontries order. Fkst, England.
iierfj omftt threw
The capital of England is London or lira pout, m ft
KimetirrM eaued. There are many mteresting things to see ia
London chiefly the changing of the guards. The gmrds an
changed daily. The old ones are thrown away.
Another "must" while in London is a visit to the palace of
Uje Duke of Mnritxrough. Marlborough n xpefied .MairtMajA,
but pronrfunced Marlboro. EnglMh spdHng is very cpaaint, bat
terriMy diiiorgaiiixed. The late George Bernard 8hw, author
of Liiik Women, fougtit all his life to simplify English spelling.
They tell a story about Shaw once adring a friend, fTWhaidoea
g-h-o-t speUf
The friend pondered a bit and replied, .Goatee."
Shaw mimeied. "Pahaw," said Shaw. ?G-b-o-t4 dbes wA
spell goatee. It spells JUL"
"How is thatr said the fmnd.
Shaw answered, "Gk as in tmougk, as in 9mmm, af aw fat
wvium. Iut them ail toireiher, yoa get Juk."
This was very clever of Shaw wheat yon eoogkbr tiaat 1st VW
a vegetarian. And a good thing be was. As Dasnefi ooos B
nuied to Guy Fawkes, "If Shaw were lot a vegetarian, M
lamb cli'p in IAdon would be safe.
But I digram. We were speaking of the palace of tfk Ddkecf
J!arlUrridi or Marlboro, as jt is called in the United Etatea.
It ' caJUd MarlUro by every smoker who enjoys s fine, nA
breed of UA&tctm, who appreciates a pure white filter, who Ckea
a rAt pack that is really ttoft, a Flip-Top box that reaSy Cps.
Be sure you are well supjilied with Marflxxos when yam. mkt
your trip timud. Mia a long, tiring day of sghtseeing there
is nothing so welcome as a good flavorful Marlboro and foot
bath with hot Epoom salts.
Epsom salt can be obtained ia England at Epsom Dnm.
Kenmngton halts can be obtained at Kenniiigtoo Gardens,
Alljert slt can be obtained at Albert HHt Hyde salts eaa be
obtained at Hyde Park, aad the crown jewels can be obtained
at the Tower of London.
The guards at the Tower of London are called Beef otters
because they are always beefing about what they get to eat
This is aluo known a "cricket'' or "petrol."
Well, I guow that about coveni England. In next week's
column we will visit the Land of the Midnight Sun- France.
CIM Mas aaolauaa
wlM-rever ra mar roast ia Eorose and ia al ftftr states f
Vniun, yaaU find Maribore errr-prreal sad erer-piraoaat (Utf,
daror, arft or boa.
. . . . . ,
but has been good In past 1
To Come Too
m 0km e
Teae-ap DTt "Tit ikmm
of Debit Iriiia", ete-J
rnta,; TT-,i ,. , r --
ao eoca -A