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Wednesday, April 10, 19631
Dr. Michael Shugrue .
The Students'
ON VERY few campuses would stu
dents feel free to drop by the assistant
chancellor's office for a personal chat.
And, it would seem that on few cam
puses would the assistant chancellor take
a sincere, personal interest in members
of the student body. It is unusual to find
a key administrator who is on the "in
side" because the students want him
there. And, this situation creates a unify
ing link between the students and admin
istrative officials.
THE PRECEDING statements refer
to Dr. Michael Shugrue, former assistant
to the chancellor who announced his res
ignation Monday. He has been an admin
istrator, who, in one year, has estab
lished himself as the students'" friend, a
person who has respected the students'
goals, desires, "gripes" and existence.
His resignation will bring a great
void in student-administration relation
ships, but, by being associated with him
for one year, the students have been able
to realize that a means of friendly com
munication can exist. We doubt that any
one, in the near future, will contribute
as much to student-administration rela
tionships. However, we are sure that Dr.
Shugrue has set a pattern for other ad
ministrators to follow.
WE THANK him for his interest and
we wish him well in his new position with
the National Council of Teachers of Eng
lish. This appointment is an honor for
which he has proven himself worthy.
The Masters Program
'Projections for Success'
'PROJECTIONS for Success," the
first Student Council Masters Program,
offers a unique opportunity for the Uni
versity of Nebraska and its students.
Four outstanding University alumni
will be on campus April 22 and 23 to re
new relations with the University in in
formal dinners and discussions with un
dergraduates. DESIGNED TO give the student a
practical understanding of success and
its components, the Masters Program af
fords the student an opportunity to have
personal contact with outstanding alumni
who have achieved national prominence
In their respective fields.
At the same time, the alumni can
reacquaint themselves with the Universi
ty. It will be the students who help to
re-introduce the Masters to the Universi
ty's goals by discussing the changes that
have taken place and the plans pro
jected for the future.
PARTICIPATION in the program is
not limited, except by the student him
self. Each student will have the oppor
tunity to meet the Masters at any of the
twenty discussions in the various living
The secret for the success of this
program does not lie with the Universi
ty, the Student Council who organized it,
or with the Masters who are visiting. In
stead, the success depends upon the stu
dent ... the student willing to listen,
willing to ask questions, willing to learn.
IN SHORT, the student who is inter
ested in the continued expansion of his
University and the continued expansion
of his own outlook will give the Masters
Program the significance it deserves.
don hurt
Ne Clarifies Policies
Newsgram featured an editorial which
exhibited a sound, dignified editorial poli
cy concerning Greek-Independent rela
tionships. The Newsgram has been the target of
much criticism throughout the year, and
it appears that the editorial staff, final
ly, has formulated a policy of which the
student bodv should be aware.
BECAUSE THE Newsgram's circula
tion is limited to the independent living
units, we are reprinting excerpts of Bob
Cherny's editorial which presented a re
statement of the Newsgram's editorial
"The RAM is pro-Independent and
pro-University. We are anti-Greek only in
so much as we believe Greek policy (if
there is one) and Greek actions (which
there are) conflict with these first two
"We have not purposely set out in
any one issue ... to destroy the Greek
position on campus where it is accom
plishing a positive program.
"WE WILL be the first to admit the
constructive accomplishments of that sys
tem. "We also recognize that in some
areas the Greek system has not been ef
fective in building a better university.
Likewise, the Independents and, specifi
cally, the RAM Council, have had their
share of ineffectiveness.
"THE ANSWER to building a better
university lies not in perpetuating a base
less and needless fend between the two
primary divisions of students. And, ulti
mately, the goal of all student organiza
tions should be to help their members get
the most out of a University education.
"To precipitate and to perpetuate a
Greek-Independent split is, ultimately,
disastrous to both factions in the context
of their total University experience.
"IF THE Greek system, as exempli
fied bv the majority of IFC candidates
in the Student Council, is able to achieve
positive actions for the betterment of the
University, we are all in favor of it.
"But we do not believe that they have
accomplished all that is possible and de
sirable. "Therefore, we feel that a change is
demanded. Once again, this is not a blind
anti-Greek reaction, but an action de
signed to better the University for all its
The preceding excerpts are not stated
as editorial viewpoints of the Daily Ne
braskan, but they are presented as the
Independent newspaper's views.
WE COMMEND the Newsgram staff
for their action of looking at the situation
Temptation of a Trophy'
by john lonnquist I
Once there was a little
baby. This little baby had
a friend in the same
neighborhood. The little
baby's friend won a tro
phy. And he was proud
of it. He kept it where
all his friends could see
it . . . just like most of
us do with the trophies
that we win.
But the little baby
couldn't understand why
the trophy was out in the
open. It bothered him. He
thought. But not for very
long. Then he said, "It
must be because he
doesn't like me. He wants
to start a war. That nasty
nasty friend wants me to
steal it and get caught by
the campus police. But
I'm no little fool. I won't
do that. I'll write a letter
to the campus forum. And
he did.
And he is getting
an answer.
Any rift between the
Greeks and the Independ
ents on this campus is in
toe minds of those people
who write that there is
such a rift. These people,
be they Independents or
Greeks, are its cause and
total membership. Why
not organize a third 'fac
tion, if you like, and color
it silly.
Fight the Greeks. Fight
the Independents. See if
they care. Most of them
are sensible enough not
to pay any attention to
people like you anyway.
Those of us who don't go
around spouting about
wars with a chip on our
shoulders have friends.
Those who do, don't.
Stop being tempted and
disgusted. The only dif
ference between an Inde
pendent and a Greek is
that the Greeks are or
ganized into smaller un
its. Light a torch in front
of Selleck. So what.
You're celebrating some
thing. I'd be willing to bet
that the Greeks wouldn't
give two hoots about it.
If you want to mimick
the ancient Greeks too,
with their torch and or
their, marathon run, go
NEWSGRAM Commended
Daily Ncbraskcn
The editorial by NEWS
GRAM Editor Bob Cherny
in the April 9 NEWS
GRAM was a pleasant re
versal from the policies
which have made the
NEWSGRAM the target of
criticism during much of
this year.
In stating his editorial
policy, Cherny has as
sume d a positive, con
structive attitude; he has
shown that campus co
operation is not only es
sential to the image and
survival of Greeks and In
dependents as separate
groups, but also to the
growth and prosperity of
the University itself.
Most Important, he has
condemned the ""Greek-Independent
fracas," which,
until recently, has been
fueled by NEWSGRAM
policies, this new position
forms a basis for more
stable campus relations,
and the University must
definitely present a united
front in order to earn the
total support of the Legis
lature and people of Ne
braska. When we talked with
Mr. Cherny last Monday
after his scathing attack
on the Greek system
Another Indepe
volved in putting out the
Greek torch?
One certainly wonders
after reading his (or her)
theory as to why the
torch was put up.
This, however, is beside
the point.
When The city puts in
street lights, is their rea
son for doing so to tempt
little bovs with air guns?
According to AT AND
DI, surely they must real
ize that the little boys
Pulpit for
Has the Daily Nebras
kan been reduced to a
pulpit for racialism?
Some of the recent let
ters which have appeared
On the Torch
I would like to reply to
the "Tempted and Dis-
1 gusted Independent" who
1 wants to know the real
reason for the existence
of the Greek torch.
If you will merely take
the time and trouble to
read your own 1 e 1 1 e t
again, "Disgusted", see if
you don't interpret it the
way I do.
What you are saying is
i that the Greeks should
1 have realized that the In-
dependents would im-
mediately demo n-
strate their clandestine im-
maturity as soon as the
Greeks attempted to en-
hance their own name.
Do you really be-
lieve that Greek "Week is
only intended to make In-
dependents mad? What a
true waste that would be.
To me, it would seem
that there is at least one
Independent who looks
upon "every Greek action
as an Independent tempta
tion. It might be better
for you to take some oth
er action to further your
own cause other than
blowing at our 'tempta
tion torch.'
through the Slam issue of
the NEWSGRAM we were
frankly worried about
how far the "Greek-Independent
fracas" might go.
At that time Mr. Cherny
seemed undecided as to
the position the NEWS
GRAM would take in the
future. He seemed to be
leaning then toward a
continuation of past
NEWSGRAM policies. It
is gratifying to see that
he has seen the light and
now agrees with our feel
ings on this problem.
In view of the recent
accusations of leftist in
fluence at the University
and the organization of
the University Party for
Progress, it is especially
comforting to find a clear
cut philosophy being
Cherny now shows a
very commendable under
standing of the problem
and of the practical steps
toward the solution.
We hope that in the fu
ture the NEWSGRAM will
continue to support the
policies that we have al
ways believed in and that
all Independents should
ndent Comments
will try to put them out.
In the April 4 issue of
the Daily Nebraskan, the
purpose of the torch was
-said to be an addition
which the Greeks felt
would give a more
authentic spirit to Greek
Week activities.
This may or may not
have been the sole rea
son for the torch, but can
there be any doubt as to
which of the two given
explanations of it would
be the more likely on a
university campus?
have certainly proved one
uMEN THEV 601 mt NEA li&
Telephone 4T7-S711, ext. 2588, 2589, 2530
14th & R
Member Associated Collegiate Press,
International Press Representative, Na
tional Advertising Service, Incorporated.
Published at: Room 51, Student Union.
Lincoln 8, Nebraska.
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Must Look Closer
I do not feel that emotionally-charged
of personal experiences
with members of another
race have any bearing on
a subject as vital and im
portant as race. Neither
do t feel that stastistics
are effective.
The relative percentage
of pregnant high school
girls (Caucasian or Negro,
rich or poor) does not
solve any problems on
race. The economic status
of a person says nothing
about that person's race.
No matter how many
people (Negro or Cauca
sian) live in squalor, their
race canonot be judged
by this. The judgment can
only (if it must at all) be
'Master Plan
In reply to the com
ments mad by the
Tempted and Disgusted
Independent, I would like
to congratulate him on
seeing through the ulteri
or motives of the Greek
Week torch and culling
out its true purpose.
We Greeks really did
try to tempt the Indepen
dents with that torch and
we really are trying to
start a war with them.
Since I have revealed
the goal toward which all
Greeks are working, that
of tmflaterally defeating
and eradicating all Inde
pendents from this cam
pus, a brief discsssioR ef
the master plan cannot
barm the cause any.
The plan consists of
three steps:
One, to camouflage our
subvesive activities with
contradictory rumors like
the one rampant in the
dorms last weekend to
the effect that a crusad
ing member of the
RAMSLAM staff discov
ered late in March that
the Greeks painted all
the grass on campus
green. Absurdity! We
passed on the individual
who lives In these condl
tions and on the Individu
als who exploit these con
ditions. This does not
solve the problems.
Some people living here
and now bear a grudge
for a hundred years of
Krejudice because others
ave accepted the hundred-year-old
of their fathers without
thinking. Others who have
rejected these out dated
concepts still have to suf
fer because they are ever
a great minority and are
outwardly unidentifiable.
If we stop throwing
around Black and White
generalities and look clos
er, we might be able to
discern some enlightening
subtleties and shades of
for Greeks
painted that grass brown
last October. The In
dependents didnt reali2
what happened until it
grew its natural color
back last month.
Second step: Capture of
aD. bnldings on campus,
starting with the Union,
then Lave, Soc, the Na
tural Sciences and final
ly swinging back through
Burnett, Bessey, Morrill
and Andrews.
At this point, we will
be strong enough to ex
ecute the third step of
the master plan, that of
invading the dorms and
driving all the Independ
ents off campus.
With this we mm haw
succeeded in our goal and
the University of Nebras
ka will be ours . . . Sieg
A final word to the In
dependentsour numbers
are fewer than yours, but
we are well organized
and we have the power
of alumni to assist us at
any time. We could even
put a blinking red light
on top of the Capitol
Building, just to dare yon
to turn its gas off!
ill v l
i v' j? n
i s " - K '::-'
sjr $225 I
if 1200 "O" STREET 432-3616
Thursday April 11
2-9 p.m.
orth entrance
of the
Student Union
$5 per ticket
Available from
any Innocent or
At Installation
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