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Vol. 76, No. 72
The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, February 25, 1963
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ANIMATED DOLLS Real live Kappa Alpha Thetas' sing "Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me" to win the travelers act trophy at Coed Follies Friday
rocked and rolled their way into first place in the skit
division at Coed Follies Friday evening. Rock star Pam
Hirschbach (center) lets go with the number she composed.
Interpretations Vary
In State Water Study
Nebraskans have more
than 500 times as much avail
able water as they currently
"Nebraska has about 187
times as much groundwater
in storage as is replaced by
annual average rainfall," said
Eugene C. Reed, director of
the University's Conservation
and Survey Division.
At the 2nd annnal confer
ence of the Nebraska Well
Drillers Association at the
Nebraska Center, Reed said,
"The state has a fine future
because we nse only a third
of our annnal rain, but we
need to know more about it
so we can manage it for the
greatest good."
Reed said, "There is some
danger that much time,
energy and money may be
spent in looking for simple
solutions to complex problems
at the expense of basic data
collection and hydrologic re
search." He cited research projects
including: water quality in
reuse, water table recharge,
flood impounding, and affect
of water withdraw on t h e
structure of water bearing
Reed said that about 3,000
test wells have been recorded
in the state by the Univer
sity. He believes that almost
10 times as many wells may
have been drilled but not recorded.
University scientists are
drilling test wells about three
miles apart, north and south,
and 10 miles apart, east and
west. Some authorities esti
mate one test well per square
Reed said the University
groundwater survey has cov
ered about half the state.
Opinions on groundwater
range from dire predictions
of serious water shortages in
20 years to complacent opin
ions that water supplies are
Neither opinion is factual.
"It is about as difficult to
forecast future water require
ments as it is to forecast the
stock market," Reed said.
No water supply is inex
haustible even though it is
"Nebraska's tremendous
groundwater supply is like
money in the bank. The
amount of water replaced
over a period of time is our
average income. If we can
learn to manage our ground
water bank account we w i 1 1
leave a significant estate to
future generations."
Bennett Will Attend
College Union Meet
Allen Bennett, managing
director of the Student Union,
will attend the annual meet
ing of the Association of Col
lege Unions, March 10-14 at
Indiana University.
NW Wins
First At
NU Ruled Ineligible
In Main Competition
Northwestern College of
Minneapolis, Minn., was
awarded the grand sweep
stakes trophy at the speech
and debate tournament Sat
urday on the University cam
Kansas State Teachers Col
lege, Pittsburgh, placed sec
ond. The University of Min
nesota and Kearney State
Teachers College tied for
Nebraska participated in
the preliminaries but was in
eligible for further compete
tion, according to Donald
Olson, associate professor of
speech and dramatic art.
Superior individual ratings in
debate went to Judy Brumm,
Suzie Merrick, Linda Hillyer,
Kathy Bayles, Mike Culwell,
Tom Chandler and Bill Hard
ing. Richard Weill and George
Duranske received superior
ratings in oratory.
Superior team ratings in
debate were won by Judy
Brumm and Suzie Merwick
and by Linda Hillyer and
Kathy Bayles.
Students Witness
Hit, Run Accident
Yesterday, at 12:05 a.m., an
unidentified driver left the
scene of an accident in front
of the Theta Xi fraternity
bouse on R Street.
Several student witnesses
on the scene said that a dark
blue four door 1957 Chevrolet
attempted to turn west on R
street from 16th and "drove
right into a parked car." The
owner of the car is Ann Kos
man, a University sophomore.
The -driver jumped out of
his car, looked at the dam
age, then got back in, backed
up and left at a high rate of
The first encore in the history of Coed Follies was de
manded by the audience Friday night at the completion
of the winning Chi Omega skit, "Starring Stereo."
The skit was written and directed by Pam Hirsch
bach. There are some plans for recording the finale,
"Rock 'If Roll to Stereo" although no definite plans have
yet been made, according to Miss Hirschbach.
The skit told the story of a rock V roller who wanted
his music to be accepted in the stereo world. It was cli
maxed with a rock V roll finale by the cast and the
Winner in the Traveler's Act division was the Kappa
Mental Health Grant
Money VJHI Finance
Four-Year Research
The National Institute on
Mental Health is financing a
four-year investigation by Dr.
Michael J. Carver on the ef
fects of phenylketonuria on
the distribution of free amino
Dr. Carver is an associate
professor at the University
College of Medicine in Oma
Phenylketonuria is an in
born error of metabolism
which less than five years
ago struck many infants with
complete mental retardation.
Its Dowers have waned
but researchers have found
out a great deal about ar
resting the condition before it
permanently damages the
brain through experiments
controlling the diets of labora
tory animals.
Onlv in early infancy can
the condition be corrected. It
is the result of "mistakes in
the ways humans handle food
stuffs," according to Carver. :
He has just received a $10,-j
324 grant covering the second
year of the research project.
"Free amino acids," he ex
plained, "are those acids
which are not incorporated in
to the protein of the brain."
The chemical counterpart of
phenylketonuria is produced
in the study by injecting and
feeding certain compounds to
rats. These compounds then
are studied at specific inter
New T' Members
Will Be Sought
The YWCA membership
drive will begin today and
continue through Friday, ac
cording to Sherry Johnson.
Those wishing to join should
sign up with their house or
dorm representative or at
the AWS Activities Mart
Wednesday in the Union.
Freshmen members are
asked to register for either
the freshman interest group
or for one of the upperclass
interest groups, t a l a miss
fflciols tesifBi
Special disciplinary action
by school officials and stu
dent organizations has re
cently restricted the editors
of two college publications
and the ex-managing editor
of the Colorado Daily.
According to news re
leases from the Collegiate
Press Service the action in
two of the cases was taken
because of an arbitrary edi
torial and in one case be
cause of a letter to a Uni
versity Regent.
Colorado Daily
The ex-managing editoT of
the Colorado Daily, Terry
Marshall, received a
"Dean's warning" from a
special board of appeal com
posed of three deans for
writing an outspoken letter
to University Regent Dale
Dean of Student Affairs,
Arthur Kiendl, placed Mar
shall on probation after he
wrote a public letter to Re
gent Atkins.
Atkins, just elected, had
been instrumental in pres
suring the Colorado admin
istration to take action
against the Colorado Daily
because the paper had earl
ier allowed a student-written
article to be printed
which referred to Sen. Bar
ry Goldwater (R-Ariz) in
derogatory terms.
After a month-long furor
on the campus, University
president Quigg Newton
fired the editor of the Daily,
then Gary Althen.
The letter sent to. Atkins
by Marshall, which the
board said was "intemper
ate and insulting," told the
regent that Marshall in
tended to "continue to sub
vert your dircy American
ism." The special board held,
that "students at the Uni
versity do not have the priv
ilege, as a matter of right,
to write scurrilious and in
sulting letters to other stu
dents, teachers or to mem
bers of the Board of Re
gents. It is . . . conduct un
becoming a student."
Oregon Emerald
The student senate of the
University of Oregon voted
13-12 to ask for the resig
nation of the editor of the
Oregon Emerald, Ron BueL
The decision to ask for the
resignation of the editor
was reported to be the re
sult of an editorial implying
the practice of hazing in
Oregon fraternities.
Buel said that he is '"not
going to resign. Student
opinion seems to be behind
us, judging from the letters
The editorial was ran aft
er three Oregon fraternities
had been charged with haz
ing by the Inter-Fraternity
Tribunal The chairman of
the IFC, Ken Wilson, ended
the meeting by resigning,
saying "The guilty are try
ing, the guilty."
Prior to the senate action,
the complaint had been tak
en to the Board of Publica
tions, but no action was
Buel said that his inform
ation had come from second-band
sources, who lat
er refused to back the pap
er. He said the paper had
backed down considerably
and has retracted some
Queens College Phoenix
The entire editorial board
of the Qneens College Phoe
nix has been placed on dis
ciplinary probation by the
administration as a result
of an allegedly obscene edi
torial. The college president,
Harold Stokes, declared that
the editorial "admittedly
violated the regulations of
Queens College and the
Board of Higher Education
as well as the .canons of
good taste."
The editorial was prompt
ed by the House Committee
on Un-American Activities
recent investigation of Wom
en's Strike for Peace.
It said, "The business
about defending the politi
cal religion of America
comes right out of the most
decadent and genteel strain
of American cultural tradi
tion. 'It demands a recognition
that the mother of the.
land was without sin, that
the father caressed her
with confident procreativ
ity, that they conceived a
perfect child begot to with
stand the assaults of Its
changing environment."
The HUAC Investigations
of Women's Strike for
Peace antagonized the edit
ors, they said, because
HUAC represents "most
America's inability to rec
ognize and admit her imperfections.
Alpha Theta act, "Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me". It em
ployed usage of two girls to look like one, the hands and
feet belonging to two different people.
Second place in the skits went to Gamma Phi Beta
with "Pirates Parody." They depicted the discovery of
America as "Columbus" is forced to walk the plank by
a female crew.
Pi Beta Piu won third with their "Faith, Hope and
Chestity." The skit was a take-off on the TV western
"Gunsmoke" with Chester saving the day by recovering
a stolen treasure chest.
Thorough, Kotouc Get
Awards From AWS
Jeanne Thorough and Tom Kotouc were revealed as
Ideal Nebraska Coed and Outstanding Collegiate Man at
Coed Follies Friday night.
Miss Thorough is majoring in history and has a 72
average. She was a Homecoming Queen finalist, a mem
ber of the 1962 Ivy Day Court, winner of the All Univer
sity Talent Show, Ideal Pledge of her sorority, member of
Eta Sigma and has an Elks Youth Leadership Scholar
She is president of the All University Fond (ALT),
vice-president of Builders, a member of the Governor's
Council for Youth, Panhellenic rush workshop leader,
cheerleader, member of Newman Club and pledge trainer
for her sorority, Delta Gamma.
She has served as Panhellenic scholarship chairman,
member of Orchesis and pledge class activities chairman.
Tom is majoring in history and has an 8.6 average.
He is the University representative in the Rhodes Scholar
ship competition and representative to the National Educa
tional Leadership Conference.
He has received the Sigma Delta Chi award for out
standing news reporting, Sons of the American Revolu
tion award in Air Force ROTC, Regents Scholarship, In
nocents Memorial Scholarship and Interfraternity Scholarship.
He is a member ef Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon, and
is job placement chairman for People-to-People, Corn Cobi
rally chairman and Senator's program chairman.
He is a member of the public issues committee ol
Student Council and Wesley House.
He is affiliated with Plu Kappa Pel He has been chair
man of Nebraska Council of Youth and Nebraska Confer
ence of Youth, outstanding freshman and sophomore of
his fraternity, pledge class secretary, and public relations
and alumni chairman for his fraternity.
Other finalists for Ideal Nebraska Coed were Maureen
Frolik, Marilyn Keyes, Mary Jo MacKenzie, Linda Reno,
Susan Salter and Kafhryn Vollmer.
Other finalists for Outstanding Collegiate Man wer
Robert Brightfelt, Bill Buckley, Dennis Christie, Jim Hix,
Bob Seidell and Richard WeilL
The awards, a bracelet for Miss Thorough and a
plaque for Kotouc, are given each year by the Associated
Women Students (AWS).
Announcing the winners for AWS was Diane Armour.
Pat Spilker, AWS president gave Miss Thorough a bouquet
of roses.
John Nolon, 1962 Outstanding Collegiate Man, and
Nancy Miller, 1962 Ideal Nebraska Coed, presented th
Yearbook Finalists Revealed
Finalists for the Cornhusker Beauty Queen and Eligibla
Bachelor were announced Friday night at Coed Follies.
Six Beauty Queens and Eligible Bachelors will be se
lected from the finalists and revealed in the 1963 Corn
husker, according to Cyn Holmquist, Cornhusker editor.
Beauty Queen finalists are: Kathryn Vollmer, Becky
Yerk, Carol Thompson, Marilyn Masters, Jana Lambach,
Judy Keys, Mary Lee Jepsen, Donna Highland, Manbella
Elliott, Judy Edwards, Susan Christensen and Joan Brueg
gemann. Eligible Bachelor finalists are: John Zeilinger, Bill
Wright, David Theisen, David Smith, Allen Olsen, John
Nolon, Jim Levy, Mike Lessman, Tom Kort, Gary Fegley,
Richard Callahan and Gary Brovilette.