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Then and Now
The Generation of Silence?
SUITORS VOTE: In MM Dally Nrbrmkm. n editorial
writer eenrnientea' m (he eharire that rollerr stndenta
re the "Meat (mention." la 1963, the eame Fierce
b (till Deittf made.
Men have dubbed the present breed
of college students '"the silent generation,"
deploring their apathy, detesting their
conformity, deriding their sense of values.
And, perhaps the derisive title has been
Certainly the legendary student radi
cals, fiery and idealistic, filled with ideas
for reforming the world, are a dying
race. Maybe the pursuit of knowledge is
slowing to a weary walk. Perhaps the
mind of the average student is only a
mimeograph, faithfully reproducing the
stencil of society.
But before "'silent generation" is de
plored, one ought to go back a little fur
ther. Is the conforming student a breed
apart, or does his presence on the cam
pus merely indicate the extent to which
Reader Questions 'Old Guard' Views
To the Editor:
Sometimes one wishes
old soldier would fade
away or maybe even
Yesterday was one of
those days.
I hope the term "old
guard" doesn't apply to
seniors, but just to people
who have been around
for more than four years.
Because I, for one, would
hate to think Don Fergu
son presumed to speak for
me. I guess he missed
lambasting YWCA and
Red Cross but that's
about all.
Maybe IFC presidents
Just get narrow-minded
at least that one 4id. The"
only admitted worthwhile
organization for Ferguson
is Fraternity. Therefore,
all women and all male
Independents are out of
luck, I guess. We are
doomed to hopeless de
generacy. Worst of all,
telephone 4774711, ext. 2588, 2589, 2505
Member Associated Collegiate Prens,
International Press Representative Ma
Conul Advertising Service, incorporated.
Published at: Room SI, Student Union,
Lincoln 8, Nebraska.
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Hllnt Bininem ajanaeara
Clreiilallon Manager
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Jnneor Mall Writer ,.,,,,,,,.,..
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conformity in all society has gone?
If non-conformity is synonymous with
trouble-making, in the mind of society,
and if trouble-making is the worst of all
sins if even non-conformity begins to
follow a pattern of conformity why
then should not the student be expected
to reflect the patterns of his society?
Are we the silent generation or the
silenced generation? Did the tradition of
conformity begin with us, or are we the
first, crop of students to have been reared
in its pattern?
If the latter is true, and perhaps it is,
then the problem of conformity becomes
sharply acute. For if the rotting cancer
of silence producing fear and apathy has
reached even into the campus the last
ground of idealists and radicals then
we can only conclude that the whole of
society has been or is being caught in its
fearful growth.
ti i
not only are we not FRA
TERNITY, we are not
Woe is us!
The best thing to do, I
guess, is just step aside
and let the FRATERNI
TY men run this o 1 d -world.
After all, there's
nothing to be gained from
working with welfare
families (that's Project),
from getting to know the
state solons (that's Stu
dent Council), from par
ticipating in Coed Follies
(that's AWS), from put
ting out information for
the students qualifying
for Regents exams (that's
Builders and First
Glance is non-profit, I
might add).
worthwhile. FRATERNI
TIES never cut each oth
er like sororities, you
know. I've never heard a
Phi Psi cut a Phi, have
Daily Ncbraskan
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Men if the dnmmltt or 4tueit ajrair af en npnwatea
er etttdent epihinn Publlnatioti unaev the hirtaamitnn ei
ihe HhenmniUie nn murieat Puniieilnm ahall he free
from editorial eaineraniii on the purl ef the Aiihnnmmltlee
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merp'wr, af Hi f)all Nrh-eokan etafl era aenmelly
reane. -tut what the ear er da, at eeuao te he erlnled
bitta t. ima
ThursHov. February 14. 19631
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f 3
As for the lack of top
flight entertainment com
plaint did you see
the crowd at Ahmad Ja
mal when he Was here?
You can't blame the Un
ion for being cautious aft
er losing money on those
projects time and again.
Good entertainment costs
money, and Nebraska stu
dents will not pay.
And I can think of no
reason why the Innocents
shouldn't redecorate their
room; at least some of
them have worked hard
to get where they are.
The graduate seminar
and graduate scholarships
offered by the Mortar
Boards look like worth
while projects to me.
Maybe the PGD'S will
elect Ferguson national
president. I'd even cam
paign for that if it would
take him off this cam
pus! Vicky Cullen
John KelMlnaer
.) Ill Gunltnfca, hob Cunningham. Petar l.aee
Jay Arnth
Mike ManLean
Linda Janaea
Oary I.aner
John Worrla
Terry Andorann
Lynn Porroron, Unetr Under, r7rndv Hoaera
. Hue llovlk, .im Moore, Mukhii Hmilhherirer
. John liflnnuiiliit
Roaemary Nmellwood
Mick Iteod, Jaa seek
In Order
To Be
1 peeiticf
ITo C. K., F. L., and G. R. L:
We shall attempt to cor
relate three different def
initions of justice:
1. Courtesy of Ge-
2. Courtesy of the milk-
X. Courtesv nf "Rie-nts
and Balm," closed edi-
tintv Oxford Press.
1. "Ultimate moral
norms . . .
t. It takes a heap ot
living , . .
$. Once upon a midnight
cautious , . .
1. Which dictate how
and where . . ,
2. America for Ameri
cans ...
3. Nobody to Who . . .
1. Persons have a
right . , .
2. Cecil B. can split the
sea, but , . ,
3. "Life is a formal
word for other peoples
problems . . ,
1. To be treated . , .
2. To be treated , . .
3. Shall we re-live the
Battle of Saratoga.
1. Both in them
selves . . .
2. I am alone in a
world of thorns
3. They who are anti
bosom of the Lord . . ,
1. And in relation to
others .
2. W h e n we are all
dressed up with iso place
to go, like some dead
atheists , . .
3. Let us not loosen our
Belts . . .
1. Period.
2. Beastiality, existen
tialism, and the "H."
3. Only those with wood
tar in their galoshes.
IFo Bf
Who's responsible for
the mess?
If you pause to peruse
any the local papers
today you can see more
charges and statements,
and just as many counter
charges and remanding
statements concerning ev
erything from George
Morris' confirmation to
the present tax structure
to the University budget.
So what? WTiat does it
amount to? Who is on
what side of the respec
tive fences?
For example, I think
that the last budget voted
by the legislature was in
adequateand it looks
like we will have a re
peat performance. Yob
probably disagree with
some of the actions tak
en by or not taken by the
legislature also. So whom
do yon hold responsible?
The Governor? Yon cant
do that. He's voted into
office on a partisan basis
and then he allegedly
leads or guides men mho
were voted in on a non
partisan basis.
Should you hold the ma
jority leader responsible?
You cant, because there
isn't any majority leader
there isn't even a mi
nority party there aren't
any parties at all! As a
result you cant hold any
body really responsible
the Governor, majority
leader, minority leader,
the Republican Party, the
Democrat Party, the re
spective party leaders
But, what about the in
dividual legislator? Can't
you hold him responsi
ble? "I'm only one man
and only one votehow
can you expect twe to
achieve an adequate
budget or a tax reform, 1
have no control ver
what my neighbor does."
What an easy nay out.
As a Tesult of the pres
ent non-partisan organ
ization in the legis
lature, there are no
parties, there are no
platforms, few united
stands, but most impor
tant, there is no RE
tions taken or not taken.
You can't tell who stands
for what, except every
one is FOR mother love,
the flag, sex-and apple
pie, and from then on
there are 43 little gov
ernors running around
beleaguered by the lob
byists who thrive on the
fact that there is not any
party organization. You
couldnit force the respon
sibility for a sneeze out
of the legislature, much
less a budget! ;
Not to Judge, nor to up
hold with bias, but to
pride myself and other
non-affiliated students in
the reason for being an
This simply states a
purpose for this column
and others to follow by
the same name. Not to
judge, nor to degrade with
bias the Greek system,
but to discern their pur
pose on our campus, be
cause it is everyone's con
cern, is also a purpose of
this writer.
Help Week, if it replaces
Hell Week as a system of
constructive practice to
Instill in the 'pledge' a
knowledge of responsibil
ity arrives late on the
scene, but it is progress
to a purpose which should
be found on the Univer
sity scene.
The Phi Delts have al
ready begun publicity on
their seat-belt drive and
have had radio announce
ments to the effect,
planned visits to high
schools in Lincoln and
meeting with state legis
lators to perfect their
program. And, this is
Now, if it is the purpose
of the entire Greek sys
tem to attach themselves
to this attitude of m o r e
adult "fun and games,"
then I think the system
has its reason for being.
In my four years here
I have met many out
standing persons equal
ly as many in the Greek
system as non-affiliated
students. It appears, how
ever, that there is always
within the Independent a
more serious approach to
his "education," an edu
cation which includes all
aspects of learning.
Is the preceding state
ment a stereotype YES.
Also included in the
In mine and other opin
ions, Nebraska is in a
crucial period today. She
is faced with many prob
lems, the least of which
is not the University.
These problems are cer
tainly not impossible but
I say that we need a par
tisan legislature to deal
with them.
Then we would have a
choice between two plat
forms that deal with the
vital issues of the day.
Then a party would have
to promulgate achieving
an income tax or the like
and then it could be
held either voted in or
not depending upon the
voters' preference. And if
a party was voted in the
majority yon could hold
them responsible for
what they said they stood
for. Yon would be able to
perceive where the indi
vidual legislator stands
in relation to the two par
tiesand, by voting for
or against him, hold him
responsible for his stands.
At least we would have
stereotype of the Inde
pendent is that he neith
er has the class, wealth,
personal appearance, nor
college spirit this, too,
is false.
What then is the dif
ference between Independ
ent and non-Independents
Approaching it from the
idea that the affiliated
students enjoy their feel-
In the beginning State
created the buildings and
the grounds and the class
rooms and the desks and
the laboratories and the
parking lots. And he
called his creation Univer
sity. And on the last day
State created Student.
And State saw Univer
sity and said it was good.
But Student was not
satisfied with just Univer
sity, but wanted more.
So tempted by the Snake
of New Ideal, Student bit
into the Fruit of Fratern
alism. And State was patient
and said, "Let Student
try to undertake such a
project and make it suc
ceed." And Student tried.
Ten generations passed
and Student still partook
of the forbidden associa
tion. And Student was
guided by the wisdom of
Tradition and the reason
ing of the Stagnant and
lived his own existence.
And Student closed the
doors of Fraternity to
Progress and Dynamic
And State lost his pa
tience and said, "I have
given Student a chance to
prove himself and he has
a fair chance at progress
which is more than we
have now, fa my opinion.
Governor Morrison, con
cerning this subject, stat
ed his belief that Nebras
ka is a one party state
Republican and, thus, a
partisan Legislature
wouldnt work. His very
presence in the Gover
nor's Mansion belies the
truth in that statement!
The Governor also said
that he feels that if there
were a partisan legisla
ture, any Interest group
who could persuade the
majority party leader,
to their way of think
ing would have their way
since the rest of the par
ty members would meek
ly follow in line. In con
trast to this, I would give
the legislators credit for
the ability to think for
themselves and not be
dictated to by anyone.
This arrangement would
make the Governor more
effective, since he would
have to agree or disa-
by roger dodson
ing of family or belong,
ing as brothers and sis
ters may be the main dif
ference. However, non
affiliated students do liva
in dorms, apartments,
etc. with others who they
enjoy being with. They
are most certainly not
the non - gregarious re
cluses their affiliated
friends would maka them
out to be.
And State sent Univer
sity a messenger in the
form of Psychologist
Dean. Psychologist Dean
tried to tell Student in
Fraternity to change his
ways, throw away his
bottles, open up his doors,
and uncover his eyes.
But Student in Fratern
ity laughed and said,
"Why must I change when
the wisdom of Tradition
and the reasoning of the
Stagnant have guided me
and shown me that I am
right? How can you de
stroy me when the king
of Influential Alumni is
protecting me?"
And State grew Hgry.
And State said to Psy
chologist Dean, "Build a
Boat of Trust and pre
pare University for a
Holocaust of Modern Re
form." And Psychologist Dean
built a Boat of Trust.
And in the ensuing Holo
caust of Modern Reform,
Student in Fraternity was
washed asunder crying to
be let into the Boat
But it was too late.
And Student in Fratern
ity cried, "Why must I
And State answered,
"WTiy Not?"
TqIiq it
by mike maclean
gree with the stands be
ing taken m the legisla
ture. Another advantage
the present situation
would be that you
wouldn't find the Omaha
Senators all bunched to
gether against other sec
tions of the state, for
they would be of both
parties, and thus, mind
ful of a platform as well
as geography.
And, we must realize
that the entire political
organization of the Unit
ed States of America, as
well as 49 other states in
this Union, are organized
on a two party, PARTI
SAN basis. This alone
doesn't make it right, but
they seem to be manag
ing. Granted there are dis
advantages to the parti
san organization. But' in
my estimation it would
save us from what w
seem to be doing now
muddling aimlessly into
the future.