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    Monday, December 17, 1962
The Daily Nebraskan
, Page 3
Council Members
Attend Conference
Delegates Endorse Concert Series
And Peace Corps Committees
Don Burt, president of the
Student Coundl, led the Uni
versity delegation to the Big
Eight Student Government
Association (BESGA) conven
tion which was held at the
University of Missouri over
the weekend.
With Burt, Dennie Christie,
Ann Wahl and Chip Kuklin
attended the two-day confer
ence of Big Eight student
leaders. In addition, Wendy
Rogers, representing the Dai
ly Nebraskan editorial staff,
and staff writers Sue Hovik
and Jim Moore, covering the
convention for the newspaper,
attended the session.
In Burt's statement con
cerning the accomplishments
of the BESGA meeting, he
points out that the conven
tion endorsed the Big Eight
Concert Series, Quiz Bowl
program, and Peace Corps
committees on each Big Eight
The concert series will at
tempt to "contract bigtime
entertainment on a coopera
tive basis" for each member
school of the Big Eight.
Quiz Bowl
The Quiz Bowl endorsement
reflects an attempt to pro
mote academic competition
on each campus using the
idea of the television pro
gram, "College Bowl."
Each university would se
lect "varsity scholars" to
compete within the Big Eight
for academic honors. The
"Quiz Bowl" would use the
method of quick recall of
facts and would not be an
essay contest.
The establishment of a
Peace Corps committee under
BESGA structure to stimulate
interest in the Corps on each
goal of an active program
on each Big Eight campus.
In addition, the meeting al
so raised the annual dues of
member schools in the
BESGA to $100 per school
year to enable the new of
ficers to be more active dur
ing the coming year.
Poorly Organized
In general comment part of
his report, Burt states, "The
conference was poorly organ
ized and was hardly worth
the time of the delegates who
came hundreds of milps to
seek solutions for mutual
Continuing, he comments,
"We feel, in eeneral. that th
conference offered us prac
tically no help m solving the
problems that we, as a Stud
ent Council, face at the Uni
versity." "No discussion time was al
lowed or planned for concern
ing the basic goals of stud
ent government," the report
continues. "Such programs as
the Quiz Bowl and the Con
cert Series are certainly
worthwhile, but they are not
the ultimate in student eov-
ernment endeavors," Burt
"Since no time was devoted
to discussing basic goals,
these programs seem some
what meaningless," the re
port concludes.
No Conclusions
Dennie Christie, member of
the delegation and now vice
president of the BESGA, com
mented, "There were no prob
lems presented to us to dis
cuss before we went; natur
ally, no conclusions resulted."
Concerning migration, a top
ic brought forward at t h e
convention by the Nebraska
delegates, Christie com
mented, "None of the Big
Eight schools have an official
migration but they all go,
anyway.". .
Christie felt the delegates
had no common ground upon
wmcn to discuss mutual prob
lems. "In fact," he quipped,
"we really didn't have any
thing mutual to talk about."
Christie noted, as the new
vice president of the BESGA,
that he hopes to rectify this
situation in the coming year
by effective, advance plan
ning and specific program
"SQITRK", play try-outs,
7-9:30 p.m., Howell Theatre.
BRIDGE, 7:30 p.m., Stu
dent Union Party Rooms.
AUF Meets
i O r Oie uil
All University Fund mem
bers will vote Thursday on
whether or not to accept pro
posed amendments to the
1962 All University Fund
Under a special committee
headed by Pam Hirschback,
vice president in charge of
solicitations, the present con
stitution has undergong strict
appraisal to increase effici
ency within the organization.
Duties of the secretary, un
der the proposed amend
ments, will be increased to
cover all clerical machanics
of all AUF departments.
Assistants to the chairman
would remain non-voting
members in the spring when
the new board takes over
but would become voting
members in the fall.
Seven chairman will be un
der the direction of a vice
Mass Meeting
There will be an AUF
mass meeting tomorrow in
the Union for workers and
all persons interested in ap
plying for interviews for
chairmen and assistantship
president in charge of solici
tations. They will include:
Ag campus Including
Burr Hall, Fedde Hall, Love
Hall, Ag Men, all ag fratern
ities and organizations.
Fraternities including all
fraternities on city campus.
Sororities including all
Independent Men includ
ing Selleck Quadrangle, Corn
husker Coop, Pioneer House
and Brown Palace.
Independent Women in
cluding women's dorms and
Terrace Hall.
Organization & Faculry
Grads including faculty-
grad solicitations in the
spring and city organization
in the student drive.
Lincoln including solici
tation of all Lincoln students
not belonging to any of the
above named divisions.
Publicity Board would be
composed of the heads of
four publicity divisions: Spec
ial Events, Mass Meetings-Speakers-Education,
Art and
Public Relations. These di
visions would be under the
supervision of a vice presi
dent in charge of publicity.
fYiTX x LULU tiJlry ii
fl J It rK Mlyf Of
I V I Ttti iTT MAV 1
illl I WEM s PUBOC TSoTffl- 1
V To TH AirrruDE TBwo
I vii acre imwiu? or the 'mn rut,-
(mm T"
Founders Emphasize
Basic Goals of FTP
Tom Wright, chairman of
the University People to
People program, has just re
turned from a Big Eight
meeting of PTP chairmen.
Wright commented, "In on
ly one year the PTP move
ment has grown from a
single organization at Kansas
State University to 450 PTP
chapters in 26 states."
Bill Dawson and Rick
Chi Phis Hold
Rush Smoker
Members of the Interfra
ternity Council rush commit
tee and alumni of Chi Phi fra
ternity are holding a smoker
for any male University stu
dents interested in learning
about Chi Phi for the purpose
of pledging. f
It will be held tomorrow
night at 7:30 In the Student
Chi Phi, a national frater
nity, will begin a colony in
the old Zeta Beta Tau house
beginning next semester.
According to Bob Cunning
ham, a member of the ' IFC
rush committee, they hope to
Ret a good core of men to
start the fraternity at NU.
Barnes, founders of the PTP
program, spoke to the chair
men explaining the basic
purposes of the organization.
"PTP is not to be consid
ered just another activity,
nor is it a group of do-gooders,"
Dawson said. 'The
student of today is an inter
national student, and must
learn to live in the interna
tional community," he con
tinued. Dawson said, "The basic
goal of PTP is to educate
American and foreign stu
dents in their responsibili
ties to today's world."
The PTP national organiza
tion has planned an Interna
tional conference in Kansas
City next August and is cur
rently directing the establish
ment of a work-camp where
American and foreign stu
dents can learn to under
stand and comprehend dif
ferent cultures.
In other business at the
convention, the PTP chair
men discussed effective
means of communication be
tween national and local
organizations, and established
the Big Eight PTP newslet
ter to facilitate direct" com
munication within the Big
Eight conference. ,
WOODS BUILDING Cornerstone cere
monies for the Nelle Cochrane Woods
building were held Friday. The $500,000
building will house faculty, classrooms
New Woods Building
To Hold Art Classes
and studios of the art
provide classrooms for
department and
other university
Scholar dollars
travel farther
Save on the going priest
of going plaws at
Sheraton Hotel.
Special save-money rate on
mng!e and greater tarings per
person when you -hare a room
with one, two or three friend.
Generous group rate arranged
for athletic team-, club
and colleec clan- on-the-go.
For rate, reservation- or
further information, get in
touch with:
ColUf Rcl-tlMS Dept.
Sharate-i Co-paraUm
470 Atlantic AawniM
Bottom 19, MaM
v. ...-. J
Frank Woods, son of Nelle
Cochrane Woods and trustee
of the Woods Charitable
Fund, participated Friday in
the cornerstone laying cere
monies for the University
art department build
ing which will bear h i s
mother's name.
The $500,000 classroom
building was made possible
by a $250,000 grant from the
Woods Fund. Woods noted
that the trustees " are now
carrying out for her a bene
faction which circumstances
did not permit during her
Mrs. Woods, an 18 grad
uate of the University, served
as a trustee of the Nebraska
Art Association. Mie died in i
1950 at the age of 80.
The building, adjacent to
the Sheldon Art Gallery, will
house faculty, classrooms and
studios of the art depart
ment, and provide classrooms
for other university depart
ments. Frank Woods told the dedi
cation audience that "in spke
of Mr. Khrushchev's predic
tion, I don't believe any of
us here today expect that this
or any other building here
will be 'buried' . and provide
a dig for future archeolo-
"The lamp of learning will
continue here to burn bright
ly for centuries," he added,
"and with this new teaching'
facility, we hope to encour
age a larger enrollment of
Professor Duard Laging,
chairman of the art depart
ment, praised the Woods j
family for its interest in the :
human aspects of art, and;
noted that "we may all be!
sure that the spirit of human
ism is not dead."
University Regent B. N.
Greenberg of York stated
that the building "will pro
vide a sensitive balance be
tween the disciplines of learn
ing, living and the arts."
The Nelle Cochrane Woods
building harmonizes with the
new Sheldon Gallery with its
exterior of aggregate panels
containing travertine marble
chips. The art department
hopes to begin moving into
the structure as early as
Holland Selected
Rhodes Scholar
William Holland, an Engi
neering student at the Univer
sity, was named one of four
Rhodes Scholars Saturday.
Holland plans to study Eng
lish literature at Oxford Uni
versity in England. He is on
the University rifle team and
has had several writings pub
lished. The four were chosen from
12 candid es representing
Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa,
South Dakota, Minnesota, and
A!! University
Carol Sing
Wed. at 7
Regents Abandon
Nigeria Project
The University Board of Re
gents has abandoned a pro
posal to help establish a new
university in Western Nigeria
it was disclosed Friday.
The University had been
sounded out on interest in the
project by the Agency for In
ternational Development.
The subject was discussed
at a regents meeting in Au
gust. The project involved the es
tablishment of a university
pattern rather closely to the
University of Mexico at IFE.
Will Present
Annual Sing
"Amahal and the Night Vis
itors' and a selection of
Christmas carols will be pre
sented by the Madrigal Sing
ers tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in
the Union ballroom.
The public is invited and
there is no admission charge.
Under the direction of Prof.
John P. Moran, the 32 fresh
man singers will perform
these carols: "Joy to the
World' 'and "God Rest Ye
Merry, Gentlemen," both
English; "Carol of the Shep
herds" and "Patapan," both
French; "Carol of the Drum,"
Czechoslovakian; "Christ Was
Born on Christmas Day" and
"Away in a Manger," both
German; "Ya Viene La Vie-
ja," Spanish; "Carol of t h e
Bells," Ukranian; "It Came
Upon a Midnight Gar" and
"White Christmas," both
American "Deck the Hall,"
Welsh; and "Jingle Bells,"
Assisting the Madrigal Sing
ers with the performance of
Menotti's "Amahal and the
Night Visitors" as solo voices
are these upperclass and
graduate students: Claire
Roehrkasse, Kenneth Schef
fel, Susan Stehl Stohs, Wil
lard Marquardt, Eugene Dyb
dahl and Roderick Gibb.
The accompanists will be
Lila Haisch and Mary
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