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The Doily Nebraskon
Monday, December 3, 1962
Nil's Carlson, Claridge
.1. m.
All Senior Line on Mythical Team
By kick aki
Sports Editor
Seven seniors, all a the
toe. dominate this year's
Eight foetbal team even
thcnagh underclassmen took
si of the backfieli spots.
In the back field, Dennis
Daily Nebraska u
All-Big Eight Team
T Jerry WaXUch, Missouri
T Dennis Ward, Oklahoma
Politics, Player, Stbfl Ape
Claridge, Aeoraska junior ,, . . , ei
-::JZa, E Ken Blair, Colorado 21 6-1
leadership spot in close race
loma State offensive stand- G-Dwahi Carfeoa. Nebraska 39
m3 C Tom Hertz, Missouri 21
C Wayne Lee. Oklahoma
B Denny Qarkge, Nebraska.
B Johxmy Roland. Missouri. . .
B Gale Savers, Kansas
B Jim Grisham, Oklahoma...
Claridge led Ike surprising
Buskers fey gaining 37t yards
m the grwiod and S3 yards
through the air.
Three sophomores. Gale
Savers, Jim Grishani and
Johnny Roland, grabbed the
cither three hackfield spots on
the mythical team.
Sayer, Roland Sophs
Sayers, ISO-pounder from
Omaha, and Roland. Im
pounder from Corpus Christie,
Tex carried the load an their
5- 11
Sophomore Standouts
jf---. impox. -- ,.. a
! 4 , I
V O - diA -""a"!
WL Class y . ?W i VILA
211 Senior 1 . U I ':
213 Sensor ' 1 X. . v
210 Senior t.-l f i'
210 Senior I sj-"
211 Senior I ;T x -
208 Junior - " v -
131 Soph, t - 1- rA
205 Soph. : J " " 2
Houston To Be Foe
After Cagers Drop
Red Raiders. 68-66
Nebraska's spirited basket-.three
a half minutes
teams'" Said for conference hon
ors with both carrying the
bal a majority tf the timy
Grisham, frura Olaey.
T. was a surprise to the
Eig Eight as be led (he Swta
ers t the champimtfihip. Be
pidied np 214 j ards ii Okla
hffima"s tm most important
fames this season, Missouri
and Nebraska
M the ends are Comad
Hit.chter and Een Elair. Hitch
ler iis mated mare far his fle
ienetve ability than pass
catching and should make a
strong bid far AB-American
by some (Of She experts..
Clair Eeceh er
Blair., ion the (Other hand, is
a pass-catching specialist and
along with leammate, John
Rynn, .did most iuf weak
Colorado's receiving.
Be is (Che nH plan tr from
a second idnMoa team to
make She team.
Tom Hertz from Missouri
and IDwain Carlson, from Ne
braska hold down the guard
spots. Carlson was complain
af the CarhhuKkers and was
tough as mails from his Hine
backing spot or from his
weak-side guard position.
Hertz Anchors
Hertz anchored the t o ii g h
Missouri line, the best phase
rf She Tigers" play this sea
son. At the tackles are Jerry
ITaJladL, from Mtssoiui, and
Dennis Ward, from Okl
boma. H'sHach, an -mar-tne
from Teuton, Mo played
alongside Hitcbkr which
made running around the left
side f the Tiger line a near
Ward, a senior from Ear
flesiaue, OMaM led a speedy
but small (Oklahoma Qdn
which allowed .opponents oh)y
13 points in anierence play-
"Wayne Lee, 211-pound sen
ior from Ada, OklaM rounds
out tthe team at center. Lee
will alBo see action at the
Orange Bowl where he and
Ward will try lo luring OJda
homa and the Big flight a
victory lover Alabama, a na
tional powerhouse.
GALE SI VERS Kansas slar
; r -"
t I J
cwmptatad its
megaalar season siaoe
ban team ted by a tr.arty
point output by Charlie
Jones eased by Texas Tech,
68-66. at Lubbcck, Tex., last
Saturday night for a season
opening irin.
The Huskers rallied with
kss than two minutes left
in the contest with two field
goals by Jones and a game
winning hook-shot by big Bill
Vincent with seven seconds
remaining in the game.
The Scarlet cagers will
eoaiiaae their southern trip
when coach Jerry Bash's
ronnifbaQers meet a toagh
R &$ qsistrt at Session
Jones brought the SJOO
partisan .crowd to their feet
with 1:42 remaining and
the Huskers trailing 6S-C2.
The smooth guard then tipped
in a missed shot, seconds lat
er stole the ball from Royce
Woolamd and with 70 seconds
left, hit the lay-in to tie the
ball game C&aH.
With 35 seconds left a
Wall taken by Nebraska
and time omt was imnoedi
atelv called.
The Hvskcrs plated for the
fiaal shot and Vim-ret t book
coming taside the keyhole
finest rally taschitowiii with 56 sec- came with a mere seren
1SS4. ' 0Dds fc-H when omarterback seconds left in the game gh-
. V " t
DEWEY CLVR1DGE VU qaaiterback
Bj ITfjrl Season Ends
Sooner Down Okie Stale
Big Eight chaJEpkaa (Ma-i Otlabflnia State scored its
defeatffig CMahoma Stale forijliEke Mffier threw niime yards
the ITilii straBgm ttainie Jsatar-,, to Won BrewmgtaL
day at StillwateT, 3Z-6. ;j OKLahsinaa did mat allow a
The Saonters wMsnn their Ttto i rashnag ticiHiOTn its last
ccaisec.titN.'e ctoctest and thfar'ejgM games.
2a f the seascm by sciorimg
three tunes in the first quar
ter, dfclahoma mowed SS
yards to snore Ifrve plays aft
er tthe start cuf the came.
Qiaarlierfoadk Mante Deemef
again M the Suoner ofHeose.
sewing .OB a 22-yard ntn and
throwing for three twuch-dowms..
Final Big 8
In Triple Dual
JSIebraBka's wrestling ieam
suSered a .fiecMve idrfeat at
a meet with three midwest
wrestling powers at Trr
Haute, Indiana, Saturday.
Kioomsburg 'Teachers ioJ
PerajFylvaniail faaiig
3XAIA liiampian, won the
meet easily as the small
school took 24 .of 28 matches.
Indiana State took second
place as Wisconsin and Ke
bratika trailed an that .ortier.
The young Hutiker s q n a .d
was beaten in all Ihrae iof
their .duals. They lost (to
Eloomsburg, 26 lo 4; Indiana
tate, 24 to f ; and scared
WisconBin 16 to IS.
Bteve "Walenz, a sophomore
seeing his first varsity action,
was omcteieated tduring tiie
afternoon. Mike Nifisen was
also undefeated and along
with Hen fox and Tft'aleuzi
scored must af tlie carM's
points. i
Club Schedules
Judo Exhibition
Sacihici Ashida wiS efflanpete
against tthe entire IMwersjty
Juds club on a px&a cxhiha-tMBD-aD
the IMoaa EaBraani
Thursday, -This imay he tthe
Hast ajaranae jf Ashida he
an cshihitiom ttf this type
sinoe he is leaving the IM
vtsOj after tthis semestar.
The cxhih&ion mid ciunsist
.of ahoot 200 basic and ad
vanaed techniques, holds and
throw. There win he a idein
lOnstratioE of .oomhat ttath
jnigaes acainsl knives, g m m s
and swords. Chuck Yama-;
kawa wiH gim a karate .deiso-:
Donations given at tthe time
wifl go lo sufTfiortmg ai US. !
Olympic judo team in Hie 1HM
Suuth Dakota, Iowa and
Minnesota are sending people
to this eshibitian le find tout
mar about the XebraKka J.u-
do duh., which Mr. Ashida .or
ganized. Ashida started iit judo at
the age .of 22. By tthe ape of
36 he had reoewed tthe Black
Belt. Che highest (degree ff
pioficiencj- on JJudo applica
tion. At the age of 39 'he was
the y oungest member .of the
lioard jf E.ammers .of th
Klack Eeh Federation .of
America and was tthe top jju
.difit in tthe United States.
Tie eiiiibitioi) lis spunBurei.
by the Union Eiitotainmenl
Coiiuiiittee. ,
wit p p
.. ? iiWte is;
...5 11 .7M 1SZ
Twelaratka ..... S 2
Eansitf; ...... 4 2 1
lew Suae J 4
Otlahuma ... 2 So
CiAamde 1
EattutsSuttv 417
.714 Wit) m
mi m m
.43 Iss
2Wi MS m.
while the Buskers ran up a
5547 difference.
The Raiders came back and
tied the contest 60-all and
then with 4:30 remaining took
a three point lead.
Jones and Harold Denser
traded baskets to make it
65-CS before Jones missed a
free throw and Tech began
to stall to protect its three
point margin.
A charity toss by Glenn
HaQum with 1:53 left came
before the Huskers could gain
possession and install their
game winning rally.
' v.
mg the roctcst to the in ad-
iag Dnskers.
Bash"s cagers bit 53.1 ofilj,
their oeDd fcals compared to
49..-f;. far Texas Tech. The
JONES-Hits 33
Hmskers came on in the sec- TT
half with a cmSitaMe
KLSTf.' aiftter bdkhhg a slight
35-37 EDlermissiaa edge.
At this point the Raiders
tok the lead and held M &
ti retarmag letterman Jan
Wal auad Jas each bM too
free throws with Q secoads
left to give the Haskers 1
37 baa'-tirae lead.
I Tech carMiat fcai the ranre
Js 527B , m tj3e tham qiaarter as they
iHtw 26 2(C.'ct scoreless far stearly
ft f t
a m Ha u n
S- U irinnuini i M
X B-l S Dudikt I Mil
C t IB S. jJ 7 V. 17
M 1 rate tM
4 Kaautna M
Ml 1 (wM 3 H
1-S X 1 -S I
K M Ml Twb 0 W4 m
Ink SS 5
629 No.
11M GIllHAM-CflJLahuma lulliiaik .p,., ., ,,miM- .
. , , t s - , ; I
" i i " i l i i ,?
, ff T '" ' $ I I '
' " " ' - .. ... I ' if
v y - f 1 1 .
?' ; - . 4. , i . j
5 - -j f j ;
f f ' I 1 1
? . .. - ;, ..-.- j .
-f ' 1r oWIOoMmwoi iiriiimmiiniiiii mum "imnti rinJ
' , i I
f " : . I $150
-..,'"'-,' ' '
I . ; SARTOR'S 1
I .. , . f , 8200 o j
Mg,"-'ii i e3it!j'!!ll J
! : .- ' ' Xv , vxw . vS
I S.v .. -:i:.i:i:.:.y...:-.
v .:;...::i'x::.,l:-i':
' 1 " x. ..:-:.-;..::.
I. Jif
I - -
: f - i , .
r x ..." ... t . 1 s
get Lots M
ore from
more body
in the blend
more flavor
in the smoke
more taste
through the filter
If due riki-Sarw leaf iiict dos il2 Amvng L.M cftuoe tobaccos tiie"s uawe
Synravaptifi, xtTa-wire3 led" litun nt-a Sa synae tmiHiere.!!, And L;M
Cliflr m the sm&vrs Qr If kwSAe ami ttratetde m wi3f pare Sija
luutitt yuur s- ULM tie fhar cigarette fur jKKjle ttha reslly LLe to smtAx.
1 fax 1 i
if A ,r : , , n i ,