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OCT 10 1362
Daily Nebraskan Reporter
Thirty faculty members
met Monday night for this
year's first Faculty Round
Table discussion and heard
Dr. Royce Knapp. professor
of secondary education, read
and comment on his paper,
"Liberal Education: Is It Pos
sible?" Dr. Knapp told the group
that a Lincoln businessman,
present at a meeting last
spring when Dr. Knapp read
iis paper, reacted to it with
the following comment: "Un
iess you people in higher edu
cation realize that the only
Theme Is 'Reel Riots"
Kosmet Kliib Show
Slated for Nov. 17
The annual Kosmet Klub
Fall Show will be held Satur-
day, Nov. IT at Pershing
The show will consist of be-
tween four and five acts put
on bv various fraternities on
the general theme of "Reel
The theme of each s k 1 1
should portrav some sattre ,
en a recent Hollywood f i 1 m
r some phase of the nwvie-
eanitai L-iai life
capital's social life.
Alpha Tau Omega. Beta;
Theta Pi, Kappa Sigma. Phi'
Preyed a dedre to partki - I
.! T " i
From these seven, and aav
; f
more who wish to try oat,
four or five skits will be
Plans Set
For Sessioiihvo Contents
Seaton, Morrion
To Debate Here
Fred Seaton and Gov.
Frank Morrison. Republican
asd Democratic candidates
far ffovereor. resoectivelv. are i;
s&zted ta amear at t!se T ri-
TrsitT cm (V5 2 for a reifatic
qsesfcoa-an-assw-er session, f
rrArrfi-:i ta Steve Siastnv. ii
.w i-t., vnui Pinv-w. 1
cass I
Last week Got. Morris
part in a gbc debate on e
tbe grwajd rdes sboald read
tkt !a be
tasJ and presented to fef,
t asdsdates bv a moderator.
secwerg so Mas:r.y.
Yccrg DeawK-raSs pwsktett
Oaiy iMimps&n saaa cai ec
wwM relay Seatoas segges-J;
teas to fee govroor fw his
Ketxg tx wises ess
It v&e Smaect CmnaL 1
SiasiEv also smmzneei at
Sa& mi3 aear at a YR
EcCTg cm Oct. Ii at 7:33
Concert Tickets
Are Being Sold
Seasoa tk.ts ffr t&e Lia--jimale3y at Hast week's
cj!2 jTr;pbcCT Orilrfstra rTy. Ke adsd Siat Corn
sod are is vfte bsb$c:C3 a-ad atianiaat)B were
&ep2tzaez& ffiae. J very pleased wsi the ca3act s
ilbe price of seasaa bc-kfsts and spsriL.
s SS ami stc0e ataassieffl j He is 3AiEg forward to aa-
for adh concert is C o-tsr ttf raly this weti. -
Breckenridge Notes
Faculty Obligations
Semae vei--fiAT tl a
fT. ' Tt;.,
ny;a gJj 4aJtC V X-.
reswe-e asigtmeaL
"EnKienriflge cmanetSed. "11 is & aocgw etiangto fer
CiBTsirjr sjicieEroen to saale tLbal ued exists or t&at
there as ' rising xrcIbxiiH3t. These are basic items, of
course. toL benve!.&r&. tbe sitoatkra wH regiane thai
spaixtTXies fw thss asd 5hr anOTeriataes be arjued wah
tkvre aui more snkiruaSkm abend the basic nature off
MtHtmr eniottioiL It mess that tbe piih-ic wi3 rensire
satire wszgML itnio tiie anaiofsztic eiuasoeajce naa ever ce- .;
-Tiat iats2jBa wia 1 t&aUe; tocreasiiiff rtf-w- oas ssppori ana a was
tatM for t?7rt ia the years abe-ai. Bmt if ask. rowed that they begin jsJay
we ! al ghe. It mast intrae tlat ec f if :Cg fur scoal fsxtcs in the aa wastaaiiEg ia h respectne apjet." ; rear foiure.
Em-sesridge &&ia.
Ereciitsjrjflge also uMted,
beacroe mOTasrng3y arssil
est irf rrltis. I Vrg thai
tbe impact f the cmspesve
la nLbtT bssisess. Use sesitte xppm-ed tae caleiMUr itaoect. s-iricred severe beaa
tw tbe sxmiser sessira ami tbe ae-adesak jjcruts and body braises Friday
jf-. " es-eoicg,
Aa issnenimesA was pasi to inc-23ie Sept. 21 and Sept i Patiser and his p3edf e
28 in tbe days fur repstratiyn iar !a3 seeska aattl year. ;'brebers are ia a has pre
liis was Zxe to cEaMe those whs bfld faS-tiiDe jobs ?pirixg to Heave on a pledge
to Jii-ve a Saturday in wlikh to regifler fw scght courses. i saeak wtiea be acciiSentjJJy
Mi Bercioe Slal was relec5ia as the SeCTeury cf
the 5nilfe.
Education Discussed at
reasaBjfte hire you is to train
people, then we aren't going
to pay you."
The paper brings out that
in our society, based on hu
; man rights and freedom, edu-
cators are debating on how to
glve America's grey flannel
j image, the specialist, a more
liberal, comprehensive educa
i tion.
i "I believe a liberal educa
tion is possible," said Dr.
j Knapp. "but I b e 1 i e v e we
jhave to get at the job."
Improve Opportunities
"We are morally and intel
flectually committed to create
improved educational oppor
; chosen to appear in the show. j
J "Those chosen will be based
on q u a 1 i t y. showmanship, jj
cleverness and coherence
said Bill Gunlicks. Publicity t
Chairman of Kosmet Klub.
j Gunlicks also commented,
I consent of the ad-
i ministration, cash prizes may
mend. tQ de'rKav S
Pfns mvolved m the pro-:
, 4 ... .
'." ,7;" "
Priws-th BSBal trophies will
I also be awarded.
All skitmasters are urged
to come to a Kosmet Klub:
meeting concerning the Fall
Sbow skits Ttatsda3r mht at
7:30 in the Student Union.
The traveler acts will try-
out during the first week in . .
j; November. The acts can be,
no more than five minutes
long. All interested persons j
t should contact Steve Joynt :
at the Delta Tan Delta house
as soon as possible
To Higlilight
Fridav Rallv
i Com Cobs and Tassels will
oos ana i assess win;
a rally Friday at
0 P-m
h a I
The rally will begin with
parade starting at Cari?Ki ,
Tower and ending on the; -
smth stem of the Student f
tkm, vi rnn.
aBd Aipba Gamma'
F" . is vcxed oi
two pledges from tie fratern-
itv and a wiri cf t!aeir choice.
, treaty be presented to s .
jj wjsisiEg team.
jfee winner of the news
-Cc,n--iker Svjsbol NaiaiEg jj
to tbe Homemsag uasace. i
Imraediatetv fIkwing tbe
raHv then will be as XlLr
tAtVERSITY Victory Dare
ia the Pa-Araeriraa Rmm
4 tSee l'B. Mksk will be ie1 i tia r lauiea u siem om w GTgznLzzzwms m-:
pni&e4 tbe Wtlsoa (ia- through because of lack ofvitiag tJsern to participate."
Itttt. " ;l available taHesst. ansBooiDced jj stated IiaJa Kmrtsel. Activi-
a Rger Stori, CBra Co bjjDave Scb&iz. RAM presidessLlties Mart cfcainnaa.
' Rally Oxmas. refo-rted it&i ' "Ortgiaally, tbe proceed "G-men responiei ;r.-iicae
there was a crowd of appre.xi- were to go to tie Ortkopedic that man than &k& Use :
to mve feaaria3 srp- :
,mtw .mTirf
... . .
. . - aa rfl years o has
liat e are m the tragi)-
we Lave jcsl bef aa to Seel
twees iBrfiHrod." 5
tunities for youth to help
them come to grips with in
creasingly complex current
problems and with some of
the age-old problems that still
plague mankind." Dr. Knapp
His paper continued with
an analysis of the hstory of
nigner education, and of the j
effects of 20th century tech-i
nology and specialization. ;
Following Dr. Knapp's talk
there was a discussion fea
turing comments made by:
the faculty members present, j
Comments were directed ati
the proposals Knapp present- j
ed for liberalizing American i
education, the need for Iio-j
eraliziation, and the ability of
instructors to teach students
to think.
vol. fO, ino. O
i )xrs a mmr ?f -v
innocents liisciose
w j. - i f TJt .
jf i
bJto&m&K :. li t ' "T h - 'I i'irSiriii mrrvf - :. -
DETOUR! Stodents take a long cut' t
class as Ed Mason, photojournalism sfa
deat, snaps a picture of men working eo
If 4 I ' . 1 1 sxt
itfliil lXliUJi
Produce Show
r . . ;
ft an aaiversay,, .
varseST stow produced by the." L 1
SeC C!ir and backed by Wedsesday.
Resides: Assoaatwa for; "Over I'M klters have been
."M.. 4f.1TT.
Hospital," said ScbeJr. "bwt rsixber f organizaSES rep-
iw tbe rbir wHl probably resented at fee I'pperclass ;
jwt male as appeanacc.)art wria partkipa:e," she'
tbtre." said.
Osixr business o&sdacled Each orgaaizatwa wO send
& ti R AM mev?if Monday ,a repre-setSatJve t, tp!ain ;
ciaded tbe oESce cbacge-: swtiviitT as4 is resooasi-';
; overs. Ef .b3e for decoratisg feeir hooch. s
t!!fIif!: AWS P---"
;Pelemffl a etoa to re- m fTd u $ta...
ek was eted lra.WraI frraged to pajwe.
;rectisr. ... .
by tie eeewtae mbc3
i fm a RAM Cmb.
S? t 42 Sdjeck sock hc Sat-'P-m. 3
Snrday Eifit aad thrwuih Has "We hope lie fresco are
perfcnnaBC faised the sup- es&miisae alat the Marl "
pat of RAM. Darkf fee dis-'jtsct feel that no orae siocld :
9 cassias an objectiaa wasjjip cp jf he is not siacerely
1 raised as to wtsether tbe &3'! feerested in woitaa tor that'
iba. wtadi presently ecss&s 't)TgSz2m. FresfcDea nsjjst
''M t Eno, ossJd ajAsqaaie-jgiisu reraeober oot to over-,;
t ictcaji i
oe C30 was givea iac-Mua- ,
StaueDt Iniarel
. ... ,
-From Sneak 3Ilhap 3
Ray Pakiser. a Usav-ersity
;!lat the wiadw lelease latch
aM fell from the bus.
One faculty member, in re
sponse to Dr. Knapp's state
ment that freshman survey
courses, consisting of rote
memorization of facts, were
not to be considered the basis
of a liberal education said:
Must Give Facts
"When students come here!
they don't know any facts. So,
we have to give them facts, j
Our introduction to modern '
government teaches the:
meanings of things; we tell
these kids that the bill of j
rights are for those who need '
it: that a man is not being j
sneaky when he pleads the!
fifth amendment, he is cxer-j
cising a constitutional right. j
It is surprising how this:
amazes them." j
Another faculty member, '
It .. 'i, wC...
t reSlimeil Mart
l' Sext Week
Tie AWS Fresannen Activs-
. - - -
is Maan wa tw ra ise par-
from 2-a p.m. and tS Ag Ac-
. w . m
ioaa meaasen'es. coauwioaiaa i
jjj Kiajre!.
MB's Start
Anni Sale
J"?r Tr J"V,, :
fag Mam sales began th
Mi ii jsr jJA4l
?arnmmi,l.l.rr-iw,,,,-,r -.ii.ii ' M i-
They are 11 and may be 5 EHevea seasws in Vocation
Hrchased from any Mer- al AfrkTCitaire will attend a
tar Board. Tie MB"s are Karas City coat-lave of AS-J president; asd stadect-teacb-sdbedMird
to visit all resl- ':pha Taa Alpha, the natiorai ers Bob Abraham, Ron Cool,
deaces campus a the "Voc Ag faoniorary. ;PaaI Imm. Alan Jorgensea,
tit few weeks. TV L'riveriJy chapter, Fred Krajisnkk, Tom Matt-
Tlis ear ZJSM were r- .tofifflded in 1325 was the sec-a son. Lee Reed, Dennis Siek
dered Wt mre than last Wit! of its kmd to be organ- man. Marvin Sitoritis. and
vear. ned in the United Stales. Ne- Gary Yogi.
defending the theory of in
tense specialization, was
asked by , another faculty
member, "Would you like to
have a narrowly specialized
man on the Board of Re
gents?" In answer the staff mem
ber said: "It seems to me
that if a man was competent
in his f.eld. say as a doctor
or scientist, this would spill
over and he would necessari
ly make competent judg
ments in other area."
After a barrage of opinions
on the quality of American
students, and Nebraska Uni
versity students in particular,
one member of the faculty
No Selective .Methods
It is true that in America I
The Daily Nebraskan
the steam tnnnel excavation north of the
Social Sciences Building. ( Photo bv Roger
Art Gallery
Buildins h
Says Regents Member
fVrTiriflimw f.r tV nlari
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery took place yesterday at
11 am.
Speakers m the program were Clarence Swanson of
tbe Bard of Resents, Fred Wells of tbe Nebraska Art
A5.-x.utxrt. asd Mrs. A. B. Sheldon, a donor, and Chan
ce!5or Clifford Hardin.
Is his speech Clarence Swanson stated, Tbe btiild
iiig is a moaomeat whkh will draw stadenu and adults
t tbe t'niversity."
br2ska ear1v ati2ns
raaaded- She added "that tbe
. fjtQ
Airs, inewwo peaaea
- Wel'is called t!je re gallery. "Tbe realizations of
U.e goals c mary wto glided the art association through
the years.""
CHrtents of tbe new crfierUBe are evidence of bow
far ewraerstftfle lating has progressed in SJMi years. In
tbe far past tbe cateu of creeritooes were isoaHy a
Early Siamese actaaBy eoclosed Inunan skeletons,
presainsaKy sacrificial victos to gaard butldingt and
gales. Balf arsaas aised to measure a man's shadow with
a stneg asd plaice tbe striEg in the cornertoine to
StrcEgben the hmZdizg" and to provide a "sotd izrii
an" for the e&iixe.
The gafflety coroerstoBe inclades: a pbotofraph of
yesterday's cerenKwy. crests of the SbeJdon and Bromley
lamujes KMUkw, vostes w
A. Bromley SheSdon. a letter cootamiBg the name cf
i arcltatact Philip Johnson, a history of tise Nebraska art
1 Association, contraction pictures aiid copies of daily
I jsewspapers. copses of laying ceremony program, and tbe
j Board of Regents formal acceptance of the Sheldon be-
" quests.
4 C.,;, 1 4 tt.wl
oc Ag SCIHOrs IO AtleiHl -liCCt
Round Table
we do not have a selective
i for secondary and higher ed
ucation. If we did, two-thirds
j of us would be unemployed."
j Other faculty members
agreed with Dr. Knapp on the
responsibility of the instruc
tor and curriculum in stimu
lating student thought.
Many of the instructors
were especially concerned
with a lack of student inter
est in reading. "We must help
students recognize that read
ing not only "pleasures the
prof but also pleasures the
student. If the youngster in
thi University 'eels, and is
made sure, and is aware that
reading will pay off in higher
grades, in recognition from
his instructor, and by the ef
Houses Start Work
Nebraskan Staff Writer
Bustle, bustle! Plans have
been formulated and work has
started on Homecoming dis
plays! This year for the first time
living units had the opportun
ity to combine in a joint dis
play. As a result there will
be three divisions instead of
two. Combined groups will
be in the joint division and
individual groups in men's or
British Architect
To Speak Today
Sir Hugh Casson, Eritish
architect, will speak today at
the regional meeting of t h e
Collegiate Schools of Archi
tecture, which is hosted by
"the university.
A TtTTimifwi f.f tv It ft trfiiFa
rK vsv-n etna
I overseas wiU speak on the
r subject of the meeting. 'What
I Tan Wp Im from Srhools j
I Abroad?"
Staff Writer
- ff r.f tlhn 4rinrtAin for the
mat a is a creoii ia .e-
w-ere Cii!tarallv
first art association of fee
wars were stffl
uk ia r imx oaeiuuu aim
braska's delegates to Kansas
City are: Dale Pohtaan,
fect it has on his own writ-
It.- 1 III - .4 . , f I f
tug, iic nui icuu muic, aiu
one of the facility members.
The wife of one of the new
geology instructors at the
University stated that she felt
survey courses kill initiative.
She cited the art history de
partment from which only
one course, the introductory
general survey, is available
to non-majors. "You mean,
one crystalized experience in
a subject, taken in depth, is
preferable to a shotgun bar
rage?" summarized another
faculty member.
Chairman of the Faculty
Round TabU, which holds
open meetings once a month,
is Professor William Wey
mouth of the physics department.
Wednesday, October 10, 1962
women's divisions.
Forty-two houses are build
ing 26 displays. Houses with
out displays on their lawn
may have a sign stating where
their display is located, but
the cost of the sign will be in
eluded in the $309 limit, said
The houses and their dis
plays are:
Sigma Alpha Epsflon-Alpha
Chi Omega built on Al
pha Chi lawn, "Big 8 Color
ing Book;" Alpha Gamma
Rho-Kappa Delta en Kappa
Delta lawn. -Huskers Hit the
Jackpot;'' Sigma No-Alpha
Delta Pi on Sigma Nu lawn,
"Something fer Cat;" Phi
Kappa Psi-Kappa Alpha Theta
on Theta lawn, "We Can Swal
low Anything But DeFeet;"
Tnangle-Sigma Kappa on
Sigma Kappa lawn. ' Batter
! CE51G;" gma -P, Mu"
i Sg?! nSaaIn
"a5KCP 1 "P- im
; Tigers Pop:" Burr Hall East
i and West, "Nebraska Football
j Observers Demand Holding
I Action;" Phi Delta Theta-
Gamma Phi Beta on Phi Delt
I lawn. "Give 'Em the Brush."
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Delta
Gamma on Sig Ep lawn, "The
Nebraska Side Story:" Alpha
Tau Omiga-Kappa Kappa
Gamma on ATO lawn, "Tiger
Stock Takes a Tumble;" The
ta Xi-AIpha Omicron Pi on
Theta Xi lawn. "Strike 'Em-
Don "t Spare 'Em;" Delta Sig-
r -"v - - a
Ph:Zta Taa Alpha on
Delta Sig lawn, "One Dark
Nizht on Husker Hill.
Delta Tan Delta-Pi Beta Phi
en Delt lawn. "Bull 'Era
Over;" Beta Theta Pi-Alpha
Phi m Alpha Phi lawn, "N
Dice. Tigers Hoskers Will
Ron;" Beta Sigma Psi-Delta
TVIta Delta m Tri-Delt lawn,
"Cnusin' fr a Enrisia';"
FarmHse-Cbi Omega Chi
Omega lawn, "G Big Red."
Acacia, "Rah;" Alpha Gam
ma Sigma, "Melt the Tigers;'
Delta l'ps3on. "M on iter
Mash Miz2oa;" Kappa Sigma,
"New Nebraska Mauls Ti
gers;" Pi Kappa Phi, "Hanj
tbe T.?en:" Sigma Chi, "De
Feet De Tigers:" and Delta
Sigma Pi. "The Tiger Twist"
A!pha Xi Delta, "Tip tbe Ti
gers and Dye Them Red;"
Residence HaU, "Wilt the Ti
gers." A plaque will be given for
first, second and third place
winners in the joint division.
A traveling trophy will also
be aw arded.
Is the men's divisfea,
plaque iil be Riven for first,
second and third place. Un
less tbe traveling trophy that
was stoles frrai the Kappa
Sigma bose is returned, a
sew traveling trophy will have
to be pnrchased, according to
A plaque and traveling tro
phy will be presented to the
winner in the women's divi
sion. The NU Homecoming wHl
be Nov. 3 against Missouri
and the displays wHl he in
operation tbe night before tbe