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The Doily Nebraskon
Thursday, October 4, 19$2
Cyclone Coach Predicts Husker Success -This - Fall
To Lead
"Nebraska is my pick for
the Big Eight title." These
were the words of Clay
Stapleton, Iowa State coach,
from last spring on.
Stapleton continued, "Ne
braska was the best physical
team we played all last year.
We were lucky to lose by the
margin of a field goal. For
1962 Nebraska will be my
But the conservative Iowa
State coach will have one
thing for the Huskers to fear
Dave Hoppman, Ail-American j
and national offensive lead
er a year ago.
To add to the exciting
Hoppmann, Coach Stapleton
will have two other fine backs
in Dave Hoover and sopho
more Tom Vaughn. Any of
these three men can go all
the way on any play. This
means Nebraska will have to
play a much more "honest"
Added to this the Cyclones
have had two weeks to pre
pare for Nebraska. The
Iowa State team opened with
a 14-7 win over Drake then
dropped their second game to
Oregon State, 35-39 in one of
the wildest games in the his
tory of Northwest football.
The Cyclones were game-free
the last weekend as NU
played Michigan.
In the "field-goal series,"
as the Nebraska-Iowa State
series is refered to, the
Huskers hold a terrific edge.
Despite the fact NU resents
win. That resentment right
now goes back to the 10-7 up
set the Iowa Staters tossed
at Nebraska in 1960.
Last year Bill (Thunder)
Thornton made the difference
in the 16-13 Nebraska win at
Ames. Thornton will be on
hand this year raring to go
after a very impressive show
last week.
j,v' -f T op y
DEXMS CLARIDGE signal caller receives 'Star' award
Dennis Claridge
'Star of the Week
From The Stick
Sports Editor
Baseball takes a seat alongside football this week as
the World Series starts tomorrow.
A fine comeback by San Francisco and a horrible
slump by Los Angeles has put the Giants into the Series
but will have a tough time whipping the mighty Yankees.
If the Giants can keep playing fine clutch ball, they
will make a series out of it. But the Yankees have too
but will have a tough time whipping the mighty Yankees,
much' power for the Giants. I'll pick the YANKEES.
As far as football is concerned, things are looking
way up as far as the Huskers are concerned.
Nebraska played a fine ball game at Michigan, but
now must focus its attention on the Big Eight race, which
is going to turn into a jumbled up affair.
Kansas hasn't lived up to my early expectations, and
Oklahoma could go either way. m
The Huskers will be with limited services of Dennis
Stuewe Saturday, which will be a blow, but as Coach De
vaney said, "We are deep at halfback compared to some
of the other positions on the squad."
Stuewe played a mighty fine game against Michigan,
even though he played only the first half.
My hat is off to him for being the one who really got
the ball rolling against Michigan with his fine running.
His fine running will definitely be missed in the Iowa
Slate game.
In the Big Eight
Nebraska has momentum going and will not stop
Saturday against Iowa State. The Cyclones have had two
weeks of preparation, but could use another for the
Huskers. NEBRASKA 24, Iowa State, 14.
Kansas hosts Colorado Saturday. Kansas had a very
poor offensive show against Boston, but won't need much
more against the Buffalos. KANSAS.
Missouri nas a comparatively easy contest this week
1 1
ft klm-
RUDY JOHNSON moved up to first unit
NU Conference Opener
On Tap for Saiurda
! Nebraska's conference open
ier against Iowa State Satur
day in Memorial Stadium is
against Arizona after tying with potent Minnesota. The j snapmg up as a real fine
Staff Sports Writer
Dennis Claridge. 6-2, 210-
pound Husker quarterback,
has been selected the Nebras-
kan Star of the Week for his
outstanding play in Nebras
da's exciting, 25-13 win, over
Michigan last Saturday.
Claridge, plaing one of the
finest games of his football
career, completed six of 12
then on everyone worked real
hard," Claridge continued on
the -Michigan tilt. "One of
the main reasons we were up
is that we wanted to win for
the coaches," concluded Cla
ridge. Most of the coaching
staff originates from Michi
gan. When asked about the Iowa
State game, Claridge com
mented. "We saw the films
last night, and thev (Iowa
ri. stonWAn 42 vards in 13 rarrios nnnv ???te' seem to h,t harder than
iriisirc nun v uv .. uwciv- i I ii0u:a.,n Tk'V o
Lc-P. thP Mirhisran I Quarter to eive the Huskers I at Bever "P-
UVlVlUt C"VV wmm-v - o I
! a substantial lead. These facts
"If we keep up the enthusi-
plus the junior letterman's asm and keep trying we will
overall field generalling abil
ity earned him the award
"Everybody wanted to win
have a real fine football team
and may surprise a lot of
people." viewed Claridge of
th, rHiv;reaI bad especially for the j e season. "The Big
tne Dally . . . ElFht IS a liirU nwn mra onA
be entered -a--e comraeniea cianage - . " 7 V
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line Claridge pointloutIJoydiVVd Z
Voss, Bob Brown and Dwain lit S "lsn ,
Mf, ouiiuioru nil:
Carlson, last week's Nebras-
pre-dent studetn who plans to
Nebraska win and the Missouri tie 'last
weekend showed the rest of the nation ii"
that Big Eight football has more than
was warlier expected. Anywav, MISSOU
RI. Oklahoma State visits Tulsa this week
before moving into Big Eight play the
next weekend. Tulsa is rated low in
the Missouri Valley Conference, a non-
power conference. OKLAHOMA STATE
Kansas State moves West to take on
Washington. It is going to be a very
long day for the Wildcats who are going Akin
to have lots of trouble all season. WASHINGTON.
In the Big Ten
Iowa takes on another western team this weekend
after completely tromping Oregon State. The Hawkeyes
will keep things in the Midwest. IOWA
MICHIGAN STATE will come back after an upset
against Sanford last Saturday. Southern Cal doesn't have
the horses.
Minnesota will host Navy. Minnesota, even though it
is not as strong as I had earlier snticaipted will whip
the Middies. MINNESOTA.
Michigan will host Army in what should be a fine
duel for both clubs. Both teams are inexperienced. I'll
call this one a TIE.
NORTHWESTERN will skim bv Illinois. PURDUE
will clobber Notre Dame. WISCONSIN will drop Indi
ana, something different.
Other Games
ALABAMA over Vanderbilt, GEORGIA TECH over
L.S.U., MARYLAND over North Carolina State, ARKAN
SAS over T.C.U., TEXAS over Tulane, OREGON STATE
over Stanford. PENN STATE over Rice and KENTUCKY
over Auburn.
Last weeks forecast didn't turn out as badly as I
thought they would. Last week's results: 14 right, four
wrong and two ties. (.778).
"It's going to be a tough
ball game." said Coach Bob
Devaney "They (Iowa State)
have had two weeks to pre
pare for this game wnich
gives them an advantage,
both physically and mental
ly." Concerning the Huskers'
readiness, Devaney stated,
"We are as ready as we can
be in a week's time. Iowa
State has some strong points
which Michigan did not have,
I especially at end. Michigan
was not too strong at end,
but Iowa State is."
Dave Theisen and Dennis
" " wuu-iailUillE. nn k' tnw A,.4 .. t .
Stuewe started us off with (spring. Claridge is a Robins-i
histwo long runs, and from' dale High, Minn., product. '
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service. Everything (or your specie
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Prices Call Food Ma. Wenraska I n
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PIZZA Carry -out service. Pvk fresli ty
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Phone Ext 51OT.
Dr. Margaret
Mead writes of
in October
on sale now
Ten Keglers Qualify
For Nebraska Team
Ten keglers qualified for
the University of Nebraska
"Big 8" Bowling Team Sat
urday at the Nebraska Union
The members are:- Keith
Van Velkinburgh. Phil
Schenck. Wayne Benton, Hal
Erwin, Bob G a n t, Quentin
Rock, Jim Petricek, Jim Ma
sonbrink. Bob Houser, and
Dick Gorton.
The team qualifying was
led by Captain Keith Van
Velkinburgh's 191 average,
237 game, a n d 654 series,
high in all departments.
Coach Jim Hornby, optimis-'
tic arxiut the year s outlook.
said "The boys really want
to improve upon last year's
second place finish."
Stuewe are still the big ques
tion marks as to availability.
Theisen has started to work
with a unit, but Stuewe is
still working out in sweat
Commenting on the Iowa
State weaknesses, Devaney
said, "They had a porous pass
defense against Oregon
State, but Oregon State did
throw quite a few passes.
Sometimes Iowa State had
the receivers covered, but
they still caught the ball."
Concerning the quarterback
situation, Devaney said, "We
are still debating whether to
use Dennis Claridge on both
"We will alternate ends,
much as we did against
Michigan," said Devaney.
John Melton will scout
North Carolina State which
hosts Maryland this weekend.
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