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Daily Nebraskan Election Edition
Friday, May 4, 1962
Stormy, Smooth, Passion, Conflict
Council Execs Still Have
A Job To Do And Do It
' Meet your Student Council
executives Steve Gage,
Jim Samples, Don Witt, Al
Plummer, Sukey Tinan.
Sometimes stormy, some
times smooth from the
impassioned controversy over
the National Student Associa
tion to the allocation of funds
for a turtle race entry
YOUR Council executives do
their job, and do it well.
Not too long ago, could
heightened interest and heat
ed controversy have led the
Council president to call a
special semi-closed session
to let members organize their
Leading the Council
through its first year on a
new basis of organization,
Steve Gage has seldom hesi
tated to treat people rough,
when the course of action
made it necessary.
Rough but not stubborn, not
unwilling to listen to anoth
er's reasoning, Steve's most
valuable contribution to
Council has been his leader
ship a combination of en
thusiasm with intelligence.
He has been a different
Idnd of president. As a chosen
associate on the executive
council noted, "his leadership
has not only concerned the
structure of the Student Coun
cil, but also idealogically."
More than once President
Gage has stepped down from
wielding his gavel to partici
pate actively '."t the debates.
"As chairman of the exec
council," said one of his as
sociates, "Steve is very per
ceptive of people's abilities
he' can fit the right people in
the right places."
Another of Steve's asso
ciates pointed up his ability
to maintain good relations be
tween administration, faculty,
and the Council.
As an Individual, he has
largely been able to do this
through his. personal accom
Business Administration
plishments. Recognition of
those accomplishments came
when Steve was named the
"Outstanding Nebraskan" last
Believing that the Council
should be more concerned
with national and internation
al affairs particularly
when they affect students
Steve spearheaded the move
to the public issues area.
"He believes the university
student's world should not
end with the campus bouna
ries," explained an associate.
"He feels we should take
stands on issues concerning
students outside our own com
munity." Not afraid of controversy,
Steve's goal has been to build
a good Student Council, not
just make friends.
But through his sincere ef
forts, President Gage has
earned many friends and
the respect of all.
First Vice-President J i m
Samples also serves as chair
man of the judiciary commit
tee and as a member of the
commencement committee
and the committee on student
organizations a long list
of responsibilities.
And an exec council asso
ciate had a much longer list
of Jim's qualifications. He
quickly cited Jim's great in
terest in Council, his "wis
dom and forethought as
shown in his actions," and
his "tremendous personality."
Quiet and unassuming, Jim
analyzes consenses then
presents with a well-planned
"He's not mouth before
thought," commented one as
sociate. Jim's ideas and view
points are among the most
respected of any Council
Glance back through cop
ies of the Daily Nebraskan
Jim speaks on just about ev
ery issue. "He speaks once
but his view is usually one
of the most persuasive and
illuminating," said an associ
ate. His toleration of other view
points, and his treatment of
people of other views with
utmost consideration reflect a
friend's statement of his phil
osophy "To Jim, a fully
responsible student must be
aware of what's going on,
and he must try to make a
contribution to his univer
sity." "Jim's main contribution
has been through Student
When others might hes
itate, he never fails to bring
up what he feels might be
important. Then those others
follow his lead.
Trouble-shooter Don Witt,
Second Vice-President of the
Council, heads one of the
toughest Council committees
the elections committee.
He's kidded a lot about
"murdering the English lan
guage such as a couple
of pairs of two people" to
work an election shift, but
he gets his ideas across. He's
working now on revision of
election by-laws with the goal
of stricter enforcement of
election rules.
As director of the Council
associates program, Don has
worked hard at solving anoth
er knotty problem.
To Al Plummer, senior
hold-over member of the
exec council, "A man doesn't
have to talk all the time to
show a great benefit to the
And without wasting words
or efforts, Al tackles the
toughest problems. When
problems developed concern
ing the Big Eight Student
Government Association con
vention here over Christmas
vacation, Al took over
smoothly and efficiently as
chairman of the convention.
Chairman of the nominat
ing committee and a mem
ber of the judiciary commit
tee, Al is a combination man
meticulous in working out
projects, he keeps the overall
idea in the fore.
Tabbed on the campus as
"murder on an interviewing
panel", Al is a strong, out-
liip:tPi k hm
SSIfe-ife-) ill
Three members of this year's Student Council ex
ecutive council (from left) Al Plummer and Sukey
Tinan, senior hold-over members, and Don Witt, sec
ond vice-president.
going personality. He jokes,
but he knows where things
have to stop.
An "outstanding worker
who can always be depended
on for generous help and
selfless devotion" that's
Sukey Tinan, says a close as
sociate.: A senior hold-over member
of exec council, Sukey's proj
ects have included the Coun
cil associates program with
Don Witt, the PBESGA con
vention with Al Plummer, and
For The
For a realistic
special secretary on t h e jud
iciary committee with Jim
"I don't think she's ever
said "No to helping some
one," said an associate.
"Anything that needs to be
done, just ask Sukey she'll
do it gladly."
One associate tried hard to
describe Sukey's personality
"she's sparkling . . ; sin
cere . . . honest . . . very out
going . . . well, she's just