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    Monday, December 11, 1961
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Fighting Irish Are
Tonight's Invaders
By Dave Wohlfarth
Nebraska goes after its second win tonight against the
Fighting Irish of Notre Dame at 8 p.m. in the NU Coliseum.
The Irish have won two and lost one, losing a last-minute
. verdict to Creighton last weekend. ,
Starters for Notre Dame will be 64 Karl Roesler at
center, 6-3 John Andreoli and 6-6 Arm and Rio at the for
wards and a pair of six-foot guards, Ed Schnurr and John
Matthews. .
Husker Coach Jerry Bush described the Irish as having
"extremely good board power" and had special praise for
Bush sent his cagers through a brief workout last
night. Rex Swett, who has
missed the last two NU games
due to an injured back, was
at the practice and Coach
Bush said, "We're in hopes
he'll be able to play tonight."
Bush was undecided about
his starters for tonight's bat
tle. The Huskers opened with
four sophomores and a senior
(Tommy Russell) against Air
Force Saturday.
When questioned about the
Husker loss to the F a 1 c o n s
Bush said, "When you hit five
for 13 foul shots and turn the
ball over 25 times, it's tough
to win."
Notre Dame lost to Creigh
ton University 73-71 Satur
day night on a shot Dy
Crcighton's Chuck Officer
with five seconds left in the
Andreoli was the high
scorer for the Irish with 27
points and Roesler added 20.
Nebraska lost its second
road game of the year, fall
ing before the Air Force
Academy 58-49 at Colorado
Springs Saturday night.
Nebraska blew a 21-16 lead
in the first half to fall be
hind the shorter Falcons 28
25 at the half. The Huskers
tied the score three times in
the second half but dropped
back after a 42-42 tie with
7:45 left. -
Senior center Bill Bowers
w as the leading Husker scor
er with 12 points, Tom Rus
sell had II and Daryl Petsch
John Judd, Parke Hinman
and Bob Schaumberg paced
the Falcons in their first half
surge and Hinmawand Roger
Head led the second stanza
onslaught. Hinman captured
high scoring honors with 14
points while Bill Knipp of the
Air Force tallied 11.
Natulan I
ft (ft
0-0 2 Knipp i 1-1 11
J one
1-3 U Schaumberc 2-1 I
1-2 U VlreelUo 0 1-2
0-1 0 Zoeller t 1-1
0-1 Diffendorfer 1 -l
J 2-J f
2-3 14
J J? Hinmia
S I Head
0-0 0
0-1 0
1-11 4
S4 10-17 M
2S J M
Air taret
IM Cage Slate
Tonight's Games
P.E. CmK i .
5:10 p.m. MacLean-A vs. Gua Hl-A
r.r,. coon t
5:10 p.m. Canfield-A vs. Boucher-A
'Tonyton's Dual Filter in duos partes divisa est!
says Lucius (Dead-eye) Claudiua, crack marksman of the
XVI Cohort catapult team. "People come from Nero and
far for Tareyton," says Deaf-eye. "Vero.Tarey ton's one filter
cigarette that really delivers de gustibus. Try a pack and see
why the whole gang in the cohort is forum,"
flff til v :A iuUliltv ' U
, , v i ,. ; k , r ' ?
? ? .'. f v . $ i
1 N . v . . , . . - ft
I ; - t V. , 'T s )
& ' - s w- r - 't k
. lws , - ' , ' ( ,? "i
V", " - - ' i I J, t' i
fU " V x '. ,.V t?
, x . , -t " ' I" V ' i
l v .... ' s W - I , 4 4 "!
- si J
performs a difficult dive in Saturday's Freshman-Varsity
swimming duel.
Two Huskers
- By Bob Besom
Mike Nissen slipped in his
bid for a second Iowa Teach
ers Invitational mat title
but Husker co-captains J i m
Raschke and Harold Thomp
son copped two crowns at the
Cedar Falls meet Saturday.
Raschke, Cornhusker senior
heavyweight who finished runner-up
in the tourney last
year, pinned two foes, won a
second - round decision and
edged Iowa State's Steve
Caldwell, 3-2 in the finals.
Thompson won the 157
pound crown with five deci
sions. He took the title with
Tennis Meeting
There will be a meeting
for all varsity and fresh
men tennis players in P.E.
Building 114 at 4 p.m. to
day, according to tennis
coach Ed Higginbotham.
Win Mat Titles
a 7-3 win over Wisconsin's
Jim Innis.
Husker frosh Steve Walenz
lost a 4-1 overtime decision
to Banks Swan of Moflrhead,
Minn., in the 115-pound finals.
And Albert Paulsen, another
Nebraska freshman, finished
fourth in the 130 class.
Nissen, defending the 123
pound crown he won last sea
son, was stopped by Moor
head's Art Maughan in the
quarterfinals, 10-8.
Coach Bob Mancuso's Corn
huskers play host to Mankato
State, in their next mat ac
tion, at 9:15 a.m. next Satur
day. ACtlVAtfcO
s; .
,iUFE V.ii't
Tareyton Idval
delivers L7
aw fe. r t . -w- . . .-
NU Mermen
Down Frosh
By Roy Scheele
Four varsity records were
broken Saturday as the Hus
ker varsity, swimmers
splashed to a 64-30 victory
over the freshmen. (
The Varsitv-Frosh mee
was held in conjunction with
the University's annual high
school clinic and relays:
Records smashed in these
400 yard medley relay-
with Bill Henry. Vera Bauers
Bill Fowles and Phil $waim
doing the distance in 4:01.7,
shaving some 'our seconds
from the old varsity standard
of 4:05.9 set last year oy
Swaim, Larry McClean, Joe
Stocker and Larry f err en.
The new mark also eclipses
the 4:03.1 pool record set in
1959 by Oklahoma.
200 yard Individual medley
with Swaim being timed in
2:19.0. erasing a 1961 mark
of 2:20.8 set by Joe Stocker.
200 yard butterfly w i t h
Fowles timed in 2:26.8, bet
tering a 1959 record of 2:28.8
set by Larry McLean.
200 yard backstroke won
by Bill Henry in 2:19.2, bet
tering the 2:21.8 record set
by Frank Tomson in 1959.
Winning performances by
freshmen were recorded by
Keefe Lodwig in the 200 and
400 yard freestyle events, and
by diver Jon Williams.
Meet results:
4M medley reUr 1. Virsitjr (Bill
flenry. Vera Bauers, BUI Fowlys. Phil
waim) T 4:01.7. (Record: betters old
varsity record of 4:55. set la "li "
old pool record at 4:03.1 set by Okla
homa tn IBM.)
M0 freestrrle 1. Keefe lodwU (F): 1
Bill Steele, Fs J. Kuni Mihara. V;
T 2:i4.s,
M freestrle 1. ' Vera Btuers. Vi i.
Bill Wrisht, Vi 3. (tit) Paul Fantman.
F and Pete Crancer, F. T :M.I. ,
too Individual medler 1. Phil Swaim,
V: 1. Tom Chambers. Fi 3. Larry Fer
rell. V. T-M0.0. (Record: betters old
varsity record of 3:24.1 by Jot Stocker
In 1M1.
Dtrlaf-1. Jon WUIIama, Ft 151.40. t.
Chuck Levy, V. 130.45. . .
OHO katterny 1. Bill Fowles, Vl 1 Bill
Steele. F; 3. Dave Roberts, F. T 1:26.0.
(Record: betters varsity record of 2:23.t
set by Larry McCleaa in 10NK
10 freestyle 1. Phil Swaim, V: 1 Bill
Wrifht, Vi I. (tie) Pete Crancer, F and
r. I-
200 kackstrake 1. Bill Henry.', V; t.
Larrv -
Ferrell, V; 3. Dow cottier, r.
f 2:10.2. (Record betters varsity rec
ord of 2:31.1 set by Frank Tomson In
440 freestyle 1. Keefe Lodwif, F; I.
Jay Groth. Vi 3. Kurl Mihara. V. T
1:00.1. 20O breaststreke 1. Vern Bauers, V:
2. Tom Chambers, Ft 3. Larry Ferrell,
V. T 2:37.0
IM Results
Basketball Monday
Alpha Gamma Rho-A 43. Seta Sirma
Psi-A 17
Cornhusker-A 41. Alpha Gramma Slt-ma-A
Farmhouse-A 20, Af Men-A 23
Phi Sterna Kappa 36. Law College 19
Kiesselbach 52, Bessey 4t
Gut III 29, GOOddilK 23 "
Pi Kappa Phi 2, Zeta Beta Tan,
Andrews-B 24. Avery-B 11
Hitchcock 36. Pioneer at
Tuesday's Scores
Surma Delta Pl B 31, Cornhusker-B 11
Physicist! 2. Architects 0
Pharmacists 37, Kegs 31
Manatt 41, Out 11
Delta Sifma Phi 49. Acacia 20
Playboys 29, Pershinf Rifles It
Bachelors 37, Losers 36
Wednesday's Scores
Kelleck A 2. Sea ton I A O
Phi Epsilon Kappa 56, Newman Club
Hand Ball Winners
Hildreth. Theta Xi: Cass. Delta Etv
siloni Aden. ATOl Ehlers, Phi Gamma
Delta; Williams. Sigma Alpha Epsilon:
-ck. Pni Delta Theta; Arizumi, Dent
School; Davidson. Alpha Tau Omega I
Novak and Goudy, Theta Xii Conover
and Jesse, Theta XI.
Ohio State Tops First Collegiate Poll;
3 Big 8 Gridders on Top Two Teams
Ohio State is the top-ranked
tarn in the first annual Na
tional Collegiate Ail-American
Poll. The Buckeyes edged
second-place Alabama by one
First Team
Pos. Player Team
End Gary Collins Maryland
Tackle Bill Neighbors Alabama
Guard Joe Romig Colorado
Center Alex. Kroll Rutgers
Guard Roy Winston LSU
Tackle Bobby Bell Minnesota
End Pat Richter Wisconsin
Quarterback Roman
Gabriel North Carolina State
Halfback Ernie Davis Syracuse
Halfback Jimmy Saxton Texas
Fullback Bob Ferguson Ohio State
End Gres Mather
Tackle Merlin Olson ,
Guard Mike Insram
Center Larry Onestl ,
Guard Stan Sciurek
Tackle Jim Dunaway
End-Bill Miller
Quarterback Sandy Stephen
Halfback Dave Hoppmann ..
Halfback Curtis McClinton .
Fullback Billy Rae Smith
Ends -Jerry Rilebrand, Colorado; Htwh CsmpbeU, Washington: Bob MK
inser. penn state.
rJi''Vj"rS,rKya Thorson, Iowa; Steve Bamett, Oregon; Al Hinton. Iowa;
Don Talbert, Texas.
Guards Nick Buonloonit, Notre Dame; Tony Parelli. nilnoie.
Centers Irv Goode, Kentucky: Ed Pine. Utah; Leroy Jordan, Alabama.
Wisconsin Trammell. Alabama: John Hadl. Kansas; Ron Millar,
Halfbacks-Lance Alworth, Alabama; Alan White, Wake Forest.
Fullbacks George Sauries, Michigan.
Six New IM
By Bob Ray
Six new records were set
in the Intramural Swimmine
Meet held last week.
Keefe Lodwig set two, one
in 200-yd. Freestyle, and one
in 100-yd. Individual Medley.
Bill Fowles, and Bill Henry
set new marks in the 100 yd.
Butterfly, and 100 yd. Back
stroke, respectively. .
Relay records were set by
Sigma Chi in the prelimin
aries of the 200-yd. Medley,
and Alpha Tau Omega in the
200 yd. Freestyle.
Alpha Tau Omega won the
meet with 70Vi points, Phi
Kappa Psi grabbed the sec
ond berth with 54, Beta
Theta Pi was third with 34,
and Theta Xi fourth with 28.
Fifth spot went to. Phi Delta
Theta in a tie with Sigma
Chi with 11 points. Kappa
Sigma was seventh with 10
and Phi Gamma Delta with
six finished eighth.
Tom Chambers, a Beta, won
individual honors with 20
points. The ATO's Keefe Lod
wig was the second high in
dividual with 17V2, and Bill
Henry. Phi Psi, a close third
with 17. Fourth was another
ATO, Pete Crancer, with 16,
An invitation
U" -' "t
i . .
j x. r
1 , " '' '
At General Telephone your starting point is on
the job. Because we consider on-the-job training
the best method available for the development of
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Equal consideration is given to your interests and
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Whichever direction you may take, on-the-job
The General Tele
phone Company of
Nebraska has many
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tunities for college
trained paople. Con
tact your Placement
Office far full Information.
vote in the final balloting of
college sports editors across
the nation.
Texas is the third, LSU
fourth and Mississippi fifth
.. Utah State
.. Ohio State
Miami (Fla.)
. . . Minnesota
. Iowa State
..... Kansas
.. Mississippi
Swimming Records Set
and fifth another Phi Psi, Bill
Wright, with 11.
SO yd. free style Won by Bill Wright,
Phi Psi; 2 (tie) BiU Henry, Phi Psi;
3 Pete Crancer, ATO, and Paul Fang
man, Independent. 5 Doug Cotner, Beta;
Winner's time 24.0.
100 yd. butterfly Won by Bill Fowles,
Sigma Chi; 2 Tom Chambers, Beta; 3
Bill Steele, Phi Delta Theta: 4 Dave
Roberts, Kappa Sigma; 5 Steve North,
Phi Psi. Winner's time 1:00.1 (new rec
ord). 200 yd. freestyle Won by Keefe Lodwig.
ATO: 2 Daye Roberts, Kappa Sigma;
3 Ken Lundgren, Sigma Phi Epsilon; 4
Mike Waldron, Phi Gamma - Delta; 5
Tenr Anderson, ATO; 6 Jeff Pokorny,
Sig Ep. Winner'a time l:S8.t (new rec
ord). 100 yd. backstroke Won by Bill Henry.
Phi Psi I 2 Dick Schmidt, ATO; 3 Steve
North. Phi Psi; 4 John Gilliland, Beta.
Winner's time 1:01.5 (new record).
100 yd. breaststroke Won by Tom
Chambers, Beta; 2 Bob Frisch, Theta
Xi. 3 Fowles, Sigma Ohi; 4 Paul Fang-
Women's Roll
A roll-off to determine the
top six women bowlers who
will represent the University
in the Association of College
Union's Regional Tournament
will be held from Dec. 15 to
Feb. 5 by the Union.
Students should state pref
erence as to day and time
on the sign-up sheet and ap
pointments will be made for
them to bowl with other girls
competing. There is a mini
to shape your own future...
America's largest
Independent Telephone System
in the poll conducted by Dave
Mona, sports editor of the
Minnesota Daily.
Mona reoorted that th
poll received replies from 42
different siates representing
every major conference. The
balloting for the nation's top
teams and AU-American play
ers was very close.
Minnesota, Colorado, Mich
igan State, Arkansas, and
Utah State round out the top
ten teams in the poll.
The first team All-American
squad includes one Big Eight
player, Joe Romig of Colo
rado. Iowa State's Dave Hopp
man and Curtis McClinton of
Kansas were listed on the
second team.
1. Ohio Stat 4t
2. Alabama 4k
3. Texas 36ft
LSU 383
a. Mississippi 281
0. Minnesota 27S
7. Colorado lsg
8. Michigan Stat , m
9. Arkansas ,,,, 103
10. Utah State 60
U. Purdue ai
12. UCLA J2
13. Rutgers 2ft
14. Missouri m
IS. Syracuse ,,, 17
16. (tie) Rice 14
Kansas i
10. Georgia Tech 13
19. Penn State , 9
20. Duke $
(Other votes Arizona and Auburn fS),
Michigan (3), Wisconsin snd Navy (2),
Memphis State, Miami (Fla., Wyoming;
and Columbia (1).
man, Independent; S Mike Waldron, Phi
Gamma Delta; (Dick Schmidt, Winner'a
time 1:15.9.
100 yd. freestyle Won by Pete Crancer,
ATO: 2 (tie) Bill Steele, Phi Delta The
ta and Bill Wright, Phi Psi; 4 Doug
Cotner, Beta; 5 Paul Fangman, Inde
pendent: 6 Jeff Pokorny, Sigma Phi Ep
silon. Winner's time :S6.4.
Dlvlng-Won by Steve North. Phi Psit
2 Chuck Levy, Sigma Alpha Mu; 3
Tom Chambers, Beta: 4 Dick Wyglnt,
Theta Xi; S Pete Crancer, ATO; 6 Lar
ry Cole, Phi Psi.
100 yd. Individual medley Won by Lodg.
wig ATO; 2 Henry, Phi Psi; 3 Cham
bers, Beta; 4 (tie) Dave Roberts, Kap
pa Sigma and Bill Steele. Phi Delt
Winner's time 1:02.0 (new record.)
200 yd. medley relay Won by Alpha
Tau Omega, 2 Theta XI, 3 Phi Kappa
Psi. ATO's Smith, Logue, Schmidt, and
Anderson's time 2:13. (It was in the pre
liminaries of this event that Sigma Chi
set a new record of 1:58. 5.1"
200 yd. freestyle relay Won by ATO's
Crancer, Anderson, Logue, and Lodwig.
2 Theta XI, 3 ATO No. 2, 4 Beta, 5
Phi Psi, Winning time: 1:42.0. (a new
- off Scheduled
mum of three per appoint
ment. The score is to be
turned into the games desk.
The fee for each three
games series will be $1.
. Top finishers will receive
awards emblematic of the
school championship.
The two top scorers in the
regional tourney will receive
an all-expense trip to Phoe
nix, Arizona to compete in
the national tournament.
training is supplemented by formal training
courses and rotational assignments.
As a major communications company in a
growing field, General Telephone has an ever
increasing need for men to assume positions of
management throughout its system in 31 states.
In consequence, we offer you every opportunity
to shape your own future.
Your Placement' Director has copies of our bro
chure on Management Careers that covers the
opportunities at General Telephone in more
detail. Ask him for one.
2Ttriw J