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    Monday, Nov. 6, 1961
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Busy Weekend Adds to NU Footha
By Dave Wohlfarth
The tension continued to
mount in the Nebraska foot
ball situation over the week
end as the Huskers lost their
fourth straight game and ru
mors, continued to circulate
concerning a new athletic di
rector. Chancellor Clifford Hardin
said Saturday that no formal
action has been taken by the
Board of Regents in finding a
replacement for the long va
cated AD post (Bill Orwig left
April 1), but "we will be do
ing "something before long."
The Job will probably be
only the athletic director's
position, not a combined AD
and football coach as had
been speculated. Head foot
ball coach Bill Jennings', who
has come nnder some criticsm
lately, present contract ex
pires in February.
Duffy Daugherty, Michi
gan State football coach, was
the latest name mentioned in
the Nebraska situation but
Hardin said the Daugherty is
' not in the picture.
Jennings Has Plenty
Of Praise for KU's Hadl
'Kansas is undoubtedly the
best football team we, have
played," v declared Nebraska
coach Bill Jennings after the
Huskers' 28-6 loss to the Jay
hawks. J
"They've got a world of
quickness," Jennings c o n
tinued. 1Their line quickness,
plus (Ken) Coleman, (Curtis)
McClinton, and (John) Hadl
what a combination!"
When asked about specific
quickness of the Kansas team,
Jennings singled out All-Amer-ican
quarterback Hadl. "You
. just can't get your hands on
him. We tried everything; we
tried to rush him and we tried
to wait for him. He can run
to the left and turn and throw
to the right, which is really
something," he commented.
"He makes that option play
so tough. We were right on
top of him many times but
we just couldn't reach him."
Jennings also praised Kan
sas fullback Coleman.
Questioned about playing
two quarterbacks at the same
' time, the Husker coach stated
that the purpose was to give
Bill Thornton a rest. At one
stage of the game, Ron Meade
was playing quarterback and
Dennis Claridge was playing
left halfback. Claridge quick
kicked from this position.
Other Jennings Observations
"We were moving the ball
pretty well in the first quar
ter, but you can't pass against
that wind."
"Claridge ran more today
because he had the opportu
nity. He'n improving all the
"time, -Jennings said.
"We were watching him all
the ftime," said Jennings
concerning the Kansas player
who was allegedly giving
signals to the team from the
sidelines. "As a matter of
fact, Tve were trying to pick
up their signals."
. "Boy, that McClinton, we
"never could bring him down
the first time we hit him,"
Jennings concluded.
Other Husker Comments
"The backs are what make
that team. You hit them and
they just keep goln'," said
Husker fullback Bill Corn
stock. Specifically, he praised
Jayhawkers Hadl and McClin
ton. Quarterback Claridge
stated, "They were good, bill
we made too many little
mistakes. They have a more
varied attack than Missouri
does. The temperature didn't
bother us, it wasn't bad once
we got started."
"I've never played against
anyone that moved that fast,"
said Thornton about Hadl.
"They are not as tough as
Missouri, though," he added.
'Losing Carries Over"
"We are a good young
team," but this losing carries
over, particularly with the
younger players,'" Thornton
added. We have got to get the
winning spirit, and win three
or four games in a row, then
we would be over the hump
and really rolling."
"I'm looking forward to
playing against Hoppmati next
week," Thornton said concern
ing Iowa State's tailback,
Dave H o p p m a n. ''We've
played against each other
since we were freshman and
there is a kind of rivalry
between us."
"The coaches had us up for
the game, our offense just
didn't move the ball right,"
said halfback Willie Ross.
Ross, who was involved in a
Kansas pass interference pen
alty, explained," he was
tackling me everytime I
started to get behind him, and
the ref finally called it."
Mitchell Satisfied
Jack Mitchell, Kansas head
coach, was very satisfied with
his players performance Sat
urday, although the same sat
isfaction didn't extend to one
of the referees who called a
15-yard penalty on him for
coaching from the bench.
Mitchell explained that the
signals were not to his quar
terback, but to his spotters
in the press box, giving them,
for instance, the spacing of
Nebraska's defense, which is
impossible to see from up so
high. His dissaproval of the
call was of a more humorus
nature after the game when
the victory was final.
Mitchell believed that Ne
braska's greatest fault is their
inexperience. "You don't re
act as good when you're
young," said Mitchell. Coach
Mitchell believed that Nebras
ka was a well -coached team
and when the experience was
acquired they are going to be
Right lialfback McClinton
thought Kansas played one of
their better games Saturday.
He stated their strategy was
to give Nebraska the flat
passes but be sure not to let
them have the long ones. He
summed up the game as a
good, hard football game.
In the conversations among
the linemen, the speed of
Thunder Thornton was always
mentioned. ,He was a little
faster than expected, the KU
linemen said.
Other names mentioned in
connection with the NU job
have been Ray Eliot, assist
ant athletic director at Illi
nois; Jack Curtice, football
coach at Stanford; Virgil Yel
kin, athletic director at Oma
ha University; George Sauer,
former coach and director at
Navy, Kansas and Baylor;
Paul Amen, former coach at
Wake Forest, and Norm Van
Brocklin, coach of the Min
nesota Vikings in the NFL. !
Kansas Drops NU
Nebraska lost its fourth!
straight game (NU has now
won . two, lost four And tied
one) when all-Am eric an
quarterback John Hadl of
Kansas proved too much for
the Huskers as the Jayliawks;
handed NU a 28-6 licking .Sat-,
Hadl was the big difference
as he plunged for one TD,
passed for anojher and di
rected a consistent KU of
fense which piled up 387
yards total offense in the
game, witnessed by 33,000
Homecoming fans at Memori
al Stadium in cold, windy
The Husker offense contin
ued to sputter except for a
third quarter drive wnen Ne
braska took to the airways.
When Thunder Thornton
scored the Scarlet's only
touchdown on a six-yard end
sweep on the first play of the
fourth quarter the Huskers
trailed 214. i
But Kansas came back to
cinchthcfianje when Jay
hajiicjiajfbgcjfc. Tony Leiker
broke thr.onstL.the NU line for
35 yards to score with 2:30
left in the game.
After Hadl, who proved
himself "Mr. Everything"
with his fine running, pass
ing and kicking, led KU to
two second quarter touch
downs, the Jayhawks had
scored again in the third
quarter on a 29 yard pass
play from Hadl to halfback
Rodger McFarland.
It was at this point that
the Huskers took to the air.
Quarterback pennis Claridge
completed a 14-yard pass to
end Dick McDaniel to the
Husker 48 then three plays
later hit Don Purcell on a 22
yarder at the KIT 26. Purcell
made a great catch on the
balL fighting off KU defender
Jim Marshall with a leaping
catch. N
" - II- 1 1.TII1-.
Another strike to McDaniel
moved the ball to the Jay-
nawk 14 but the NU drive
was halted on the 12 when
Claridge overthrew three
Hadl quick kicked from a
halfback position and the
punt was partially blocked
by Mick Tingelhoff and rolled
out of bounds at the KU 37.
After two more incomplete
Claridge passes, senior quar
terback Ron Meade was sent
in and on his first play fired
a 30-yard pass to end Jim
Huge, who wa behind the
KU defense and made, a div-
NU extra point attempt to go
for two with a pass failed as
Meade was swarmed under
before he could throw.
The Huskers got another
scoring opportunity when, aft
er being pushed back to their
own five because of'tw 15
yard penalties, Claridge
quick kicked and Purcell,
racing down field, busted into
the two safety men causing
KU's Con Keating to fumb
and Husker McDaniel recov
ered on the KU 30.
After Meade loss seven.
Claridge (running at a half
back spot) gained two, and a
ing catch on the Kansas six- Meade to Dick Callahan oass
yard line. clicked for 14 to the KU 21.
Thunder Scores : mx Thornton was stopped
On the first play of the
last period Thornton, who
was again the leading Husker
rusher with 46 yards in 12
carries, swept around right
ena ana into the end zone
untouched for the score. The
r W-2 j
-VS? W-"'1 v ' ' '
f "fL I
THE SPINNebraska defensive Tialfhack Willie Ross gets ready to sptnUansas
back Curtis McClinton out of bounds iffi the fourth "quarter of Saturday's game.
.... KB KB
First Downs fcushint . U
First Downs Passing .. ...... 4
First Downs by Penalties ...... J 1
Number Attempts Running c 37
Yards Gained Hushing .... 275 12S
Yards Lost Rushini 1 ga
814 M
Number Passes Attempts! ... jo 23
Number Passes Completed .... 7
Number Passes Bad Intercepted O 0
e mi ik
Number Plays Rushing and
Passing 70 m
Number Opponents Passes In
tercepted t s
Number Times Punted 4
Number Punts Had Blocked ... 0 0
Number Punts Returned . 4
Number Kirkoffs Upturned 2 4
TT TIN KD .... ....... 35 M
Number Times Penalized 3 6
Number Times Fumbled i I
short on a fourth and one
try and KU took over.
The Huskers again pene
trated Jay hawk territory in
the fourth quarter when a
penalty against Kansas Coach
Jack Mitchell for coaching on
the sidelines and a 50 yard
gain on an illegal use of th
hands penalty gave the Husk
ers the ball with a first and
ten at the KU 3L Four Hsk
er passes failed, however,
and Kansas took over and
marched in for their final
NU Bowlers Won
Nebraska's bowlers opened
the season with a win over
Kansas Saturday afternoon
by winning two games and
dropping one for a total of
2,865 pins to KU's 2,778 total
Leading the Huskers to vic
tory was captain Ralph Holm-
strom who had the high gam
of 246 and high series of 607.
Other members shooting for
Nebraska were Matt Brown,
Vic Bejot, Keith Van VeLcin
burgh and George Zelenka,
Fleming, Stevens Finisli
1-2 in Cross Country Meet
By Janet Sack
kike Fleming and Ray
(Skip) Stevens of Nebraska
romped to an easy one-4wo
finish in the Midwest AAU
Cross Country Champion
ships in Omaha Friday after
noon with Kearney State
Track Club winning the
team title.
Fleming, competing unat-
tacheOar NeBraik&luJStll he
becomes eligible next sem
estjwas clocked in 21:34
with iStevens a stride behind
timed, in 21:35.
Dean White of Doane,, co
holder of the course record
with Stevens, faded in the
last half mile to finish third
with a 21:38. Gary Shubert
of Kearney State TrackHDlub
led his team to victory with
a fourth place finish in 21:42.
Jim Lewis of Nebraska
rounded out the top five in
a field of 44 runners on the
four-mile course in Elm
wood Park.
Kearney State Track Club
Si 9
I Fifth Annuel
i to
picked up 25 points; Ne
braska,,, defending champion,
took second with 38; and Ne
braska Wesleyan garnered
third with 62. The above
three were the only schools
entering full teams.
Order of finish for the top
15: ' ;
1. Mike Tleminc ' (unattached) 51:34;
3. Ray Stevens (N) 41:35; I. Dean
White (D) ai:38; C Gary Sbubert
(KSTC) 21:42.6. Jim LewU " (N) 6.
Maurice Altiiio CS frosh unattached);
7. Hylke Van Der Wal (KSTC); I. Clar
enoe Wiedel (KSTOj 9. Tom 8ongstar
(D)i 1. Don Petersen (KSTC); . 31.
Stuart Tucker (N); 12. Ron ' Wise
(KSTC); 13. Mel Carlson (NW); 14.
Larry Rlbble (NW); is. Larry Teoth
acher (N frosh unattached).
o o
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Holland, Germany, Austrio, Italy, Switrerland,
I France, England.
I 62 days
fl Lv. Montreal Junt 21 . . . Ar. Monfrool Au. 21
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i TIES OFFICE ot the Student Union on campus OR Lincoln Tour
I and Travel 204 South 13th Street In lincoln, Nebraska.
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