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    .Friday, October. J3, 1 96 1
The Daily Nebraskan
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ispeare's 'Measure for Measure'
Boasts Cast Full of Veteran Performers
Ten out of the twelve prin
ciple parts in the University
Theater's first production of
Shakespeare's Measure for
Measure are being portrayed
by veteran performers in 'the
dramatic field.
Leta Powell, graduate stu
dent, will play the part of
Isabella. She is a member of
Alpha Psi Omega and Nation
al Collegiate Players. For her
portrayal of Blanche in
"Streetcar Named Desire,"
she won the "best acress"
Dallas award. She has also
appeared in "Ladv of Eter
nal Springtime" ' and
Around the Moon."
Lucio will . be played by
Jerry Mayer, a math major
who has also appeared in
"Ring Around the Moon,"
"Streetcar Named Desire,"
and "Lady of Eternal Spring
time." Richard Watkins, freshman
speech major, will make his
first appearance in the Uni
versity Theater in the por
trayal of Provost.
Claudio will . be played by
Frederick Gaines, a senior
engineering major. He has
appeared in "Ring Around
the Moon," and "Meeting of
Minds," a Laboratory Thea
ter production.
Curtiss Greene, a sopho
more speech major, will play
the role of Pompey. For his
role as Joshua in "Ring
Around the Moon," he won
performances have been in
"Ring Around the Moon" and
"Aria Da. Capo," a Labora
tory Theater production:
Zeff Bernstein, receiver of
the "best a c t o x" Efallas
award for '.his portrayal of
the Father in ; "six Charac-
Dallas award. He has also
had roles in "Streetcar
Named Desire," "Lady of
Eternal Springtime," and the
Laboratory Theater produc
tion of "Meeting of Minds."
Mistress Overdone will be
portrayed by Beverly Ruck,
Ring ! a senior majoring in English
and trench. A member of
Alpha Phi sorority, Univer
sity Singers and Red Cross,
she has had parts m "Damn
Yankees" and "Pajama
Jane Cummings, portraying
Julietta, is a speech major,
a Masquer's Worker; and a
member of Pi Beta Pfci. She
has appeared in "A Little
Winter Love" and "An Act of
Kindness," a Laboratory The
ater production.
1 Marianna
Nancy Wilson, Alpha Xi
Delta senior, will play the
part of Marianna. Previous
the "best supporting actor" ters in Search of an Author,'
will play the part of Escalus.
He is a member of Sigma
Alpha Mu and the Nebraskan
Masquers. Last year he was
initiated into the Purple
Masque "for outstanding
service to the University The
ater." He has formerly ap
peared in "Ring Around the
Moon" and "Streetcar Named
Herb Trvin, a graduate stu
dent in English and philoso
phy, will make his first ap
pearance m the University
Theater as Angelo.
"Gordon Trousdale, a sopho
more, will play the role of
the Duke. He has also had
parts in "Ring Around the
Moon," "Streetcar Named
Desire," and "An Act of
Kindness,", a Laboratory The
ater production.
Elbow '
Elbow will be portrayed by
Rules of Procedure
Student Tribunal of the .
University of Nebraska
1. Initiation of the Hear
ing: The Dean of the Division
of Student Affairs or his rep
resentative shall present
each case to the Tribunal
which presentation shall con
tain a written statement of
the facts prepared and signed
by the defending student un
less the defending student re
fuses to prepare and sign
such a statement.
2. Time and Place: The
Dean of the Division of Stu
dent Afairs or his represent
ative shall fix the time and
' place for the hearing on each
case and shall mail at least
five days prior thereto, no-
statement of facts prepared
and signed by the defending
student.' The defending stu
dent or his counsel shall then
present any additional evi
dence as the Tribunal may
find necessary to understand
and determine the case. All
evidence shall be taken in the
presence of the defending stu
dent except where he is ab
sent in default.
8. Absences: The attend
ance of the defending student
at the hearing on the date
set in the notice received by
him from the Dean of Stu
dent Affairs is mandatory. In
the event the defending stu
dent finds it impossible to at
tend the hearing on the date
set, he shall request the Dean
tice of such time and place to subsequent date for the hear-
tne aeienmng stuaent, unless 1, provided the request
er than thirty days after clos
ing of hearing.
12. For in. The decision
shall be in the form of a
written recommendation ad
dressed to the Dean of Stu
dent Affairs, signed by the
Chairmen and the Secretary
of the Tribunal.
14. Scope. The Tribunal
may make any d e c i s i o n
which it deems just and
equitable including, but not
limited to, expulsion from the
University, suspension from
the University for a fixed
time, conduct probation for
fixed time, conduct warnings,
or dismissal of the charges.
15. Ma jority Decision. A de
cision of the Tribunal shall
be bv a maioritv vntp pv-ppnt
of Student Affairs to set a ihai 'in thp rap'nf a rWkinn
recommending expulsion
Frank Vybiral. This sopho
more has also appeared in
'Lady of Eternal Spring
time," and two Laboratory
Theater productions: "The
Bald Soprano" and "Helena's
'"Measure for Measure," a
Shakespearean comedy, will
be directed by William Mor
gan. . Technical director is
Clifford Ashby. It will be pre
sented by the University The
ater Department of Speech
and Dramatic Art on Oct.
25-28 in the Howell Memorial
HuskertRtles, ?
Chant Join Rally
The Huskerettes and the re
turn of the Nebraska Chant
will highlight tonight's pep
rally beginning at 6:45, ac
cording to Wes Grady, Corn
Cob rally chairman. .
The, return of the Alma Ma
ter chant was initiated by
pressure from student and
alumni groups, according to
Oary McClanahan, yell king,
after public opinion rejected
the chant when it was intro
duced two years ago.
The spirit trophy will be
awarded to the house show
ing the greatest enthusiasm at
the Syracuse-Nebraska game,
McClanahan said. Winners of
the trophy to date are Phi
Kappa Psi, North Dakota
game; and Alpha Phi, Ari
zona game.
Atomic Energy Conference
Begins Monday at Center
Warm Weather Brings
Spree of Functions
such notice is waived.
3. Quorum: No hearing
shall proceed unless there
are present at least four stu
dent members and one facul
ty member of the Tribunal.
4. Adjournments: The chair
man of the Tribunal for good
cause shown may adjourn
the hearing upon the request
of the defendingi student or
the Dean of the Division of
Student Affairs or upon his
shall be -made prior to the
date set for the original hear
ing. The Dean of Student Af
fairs, has the right to grant
or deny the request. If the
defending student fails to be
present on the date set or ar
ranged, the hearing will pro
ceed; however, the student's
absence' or failure to attend
the hearing shall be Consid-
i ered as an additional offense.
9. Attention at Hearings:
own initiative. ; Persons having a direct m-
s nnnrntpnf-jtmn hv num. ! terest in the case are entitled
cil: The defending student
may be represented by coun
sel at the hearing if he so de
sires. 6. Order of Proceedings:
The Chairman of the Tribun
al shall read the evidence!
submitted by the Dean of the
Division of Student Affairs or
his representative and the
Adulti $1.00 Heaters
Kitfdici fret In. Car
WMC&SllfS If m
to attend hearings. Upon the
written request of the defend
ing student the hearing shall
be open to the public. In the
absence of such request, it
shall be discretionary with
the tribunal to determine the
propriety of the attendance
oi any persons not having a
direct interest. The Chairman
of the Tribunal shall have the
power to require the retire
ment of any witness during
the testimony of other wit
nesses. 10. Closing of Hearing: The
Chairmen of the Tribunal
shall specifically inquire of
the defending student wheth
er he has any further evi
dence to offer or witness to
be heard. Upon receiving
negative reply, the Chairman
shall declare the hearing
11. Reopening of Hearing:
The hearing may be reopened
at any time by the Chairmen
ol the Tribunal, either on his
own motion or upon the pre
sentation . of new material
evidence to the Dean of the
Division of Student Affairs by
the defending student.
12. Time. The decision shall
be rendered promptly, not lat-
trnsm ten-
if"- . w
fat?, -f .y
r ; ' ' ,
SIVM IA1 i 1 rs
To Sustain The fromendoui Suipenso, See It From The Stunning
I feotur. ar 1:003:456:309:15 '
suspension a two-thirds vote
is required.
16. Delivery of the Deci
sion: The Secretary of the
Tribunal shall deliver the de
cision to the Dean of the Di
vision of Student Affairs. The
Dean of the Division of Stu
dent Affairs shall inform the
defending student of the de
cision as well as his own dis
position of the case. The
Dean of the Division of Stu
dent Affairs shall also notify
the Tribunal of such disposi
tion. 17. Record. The Secretary
of the Tribunal shall keep a
record of each case in, a sep
arate file. The record shall
show ' the place, time, and
date of the hearing, the pres
ence of the defending student
and counsel, if any, the state
ment of the facts of the case
prepared and signed by the.,'
defendent student, a list of;
the names and addresses of
all witnesses, any exhibits of
fered in evidence during the
course of the hearing, a copy
of the decision made by the
Tribunal, and a statement of
the disposition of the case by
the Dean of the Division of
Student Affairs. The file con
taining such record shall be
kept in an appropriate place,
not open to public inspection.
18. Amendments. These
rules ' of procedure may be
amended by a two4hirds vote
of the Tribunal.
Approved: October 5, 1961
Pizza parties and hayrack
rides are Interesting additions
to the usual social schedule
of football game functions,
open houses,- brunches, and
Alpha Xi Delta Sophomore
House Party, 8:00-12:00 p.m.
Kappa Kappa Gamma-Phi
Delta Theta Hour Dance. 6:30
7:30 p.m.
Sigma Kappa Hayrack Hide,
7:30-12:00 p.m.
Love Memorial Hall-Burr
(Men) - Kiesselbach Hour
Dance, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Football functions:
Alpha Omicron Pi-Alpha
Gamma Rho
Alpha Phi-Delta Upsilon
Alpha Xi Delta-Beta Theta
Pi 1.
Chi Omega-Sigma Nu
Delta Gamma-Sigma Chi,
brunch and game
Kappa Delta-Phi Gamma
Kappa Kappa Gamma-Far
Pi Beta Phi-Sigma Alpha
Mu-Delta Tau Delta
Open Houses:
Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Phi
Chi Omega
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Zeta Tau Alpha v
Burr Hall (Women) ,
Alpha Gamma Rho
Sigma Nu
Other Activities:
Selleck Quadrangle-Lincoln
General Hospital School of
Nursing Dance, 8:00-11:30
Gamma Phi Beta-Sigma Nu
Pledge Get-together, 5:00-6:00
Pi Beta Phi-Phi Gamma
Delta Pledge Pizza Party,
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Fedde Hall Housemother tea
and Open House, 3:00-5:00
Beta Theta Pi Parents Tea,
3:00-5:00 p.m.
Ill Passing
(Continued from p. Z)
the mainstay of any group
for they are the nucleus
from which the ideas flow,
they are the main
contributors to the suc
cess of the group and they
must know who is the
right person to follow.
Group work offers the
opportunity to become fa
miliar with such basic
things as requisitions, par
liamentary procedure or
business processes. All
college graduates will en
counter such forms and
procedures in later years.
Why not take the advant
age of learning how to
work with these things
now? '
There is a lesson to be
learned, a valuable lesson,
from campus organiza
tions. The point is to en
ter them with the thought
that you are going to learn
something from them.
The conference on "Ap
plications of Atomic Energy"
will' be held at the Nebraska
Center for Continuing Educa
tion next Monday and Tues
day.' , v! ; :
According to Dr. Arthur
Ward, head of the University's
Conference and Institutes; in
terest in the conference has
been nation-wide. Scientists,
industrialists, physicians, ag
riculturalists and government-
AF Qualifying Test
Given Saturday
The US Air Force Officer
Qualification Test will be giv
en 7:30 a.m. Saturday mor
ning, Oct. 21, in the drill hall
of the Military and Naval
Science Bdg.
All students considering ap
plying for advanced AFROTC
in February or May of 1962
as well as students without
particular AFROTC inten
tions may take the test. The
test will also be offered again
on Dec. 16, Saturday for stu
dents who were not able to
take it now.
al officials are expected to
make up the .bulk of applica
tions for attendance.
Gov. Frank B. Morrison hat
termed the .conference "one
of the most important meet
ings ever held in Nebraska.'
Outstanding national author
ities who will speak include:
Dr. John H. Buck, Dr. Jos
eph Ross and Dr. Howard
According to Dr. Ward the
conference has been set up to
discuss the latest information
about the practical use of
atomic energy, both present
and future. He also made it:
clear that any person with an
interest in atomic energy may
. The conference will open
with registration beginning at
8:00 a.m. Monday; and will
conciuae late Tuesday after
noon. ,
The Student Union coffee
hour will be held immediately
following the football game
Saturday. Cookies and hot
coffee will be served.
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From 4 P.M. Friday to 9 A.M. Monday
Call 432-3405 fS?JS '
k! " ' - ' 'V
In a class
by itself
There's never been a casual sport shirt so
richly endowed as Arrow Batik Prints.
The patterns are subtle, imaginative, and
authentic. The sleeves come in your exact
sleeve length plus the famous Arrow
contour tailoring for a slim, trim
tapered waistline fit.
Sanforized labeled.
Short sleeves M.00
Long sleeves $5.00
From the
"Cum Laude Collection"
Prince Kosmet
I I r C m m
;': .
to ploy rugged outdoorsmon!
The rough, outdoorsy type never fails to ap
peal! This Convoy coat makes a fellow look
as though he had hidden strength, inner re
sources. Made in England; has hooded collor;
toggle buttons. Best $25 buy in Simon's'
University Shop.
t '
r s
. i
'J. Yi
i. .
Saturday, Oct. 14
lu J rersning i'.i.i,
V aj" vV-jflaw