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The Daily Nebraskan
Tuesday, September '26, 1961
Many Convocations Fine;
Where are Democrats?
Although the school year is barely a week old, already f
the wheels of progress are at work bringing outstanding
personalities to this campus.
On the social side we have heard George Shearing and I
politically we will heart Representative Walter H. Judd I
this Friday and Senator Barry Goldwater next spring.
Others expected to visit the campus include, Colin I
Jackson, political science department; Prof. E. H. Gom-
brich of the University of London, art department; Dr.
Jarirae Benitez, chancellor of the University of Puerto
Rico; Dr. Stephen de Borhegyi, anthropology depart- I
ment and Prof. R. P. Espenchied of the University of Illi-
nios, department of education to name the largest share I
of visitors.
Tie University convocations committee must receive
most of the credit for these visitaions with help from the
Union talks and topics committee and the Young Republi- f
While we heartily endorse the invitations sent to these , I
people in the varied fields of learning and we urge stu-
dents to take full advantage of their appearance, we
pause to consider the political visitations.
Realizing full well that both Messers Goldwater and
Judd are adept speakers and would undoubtedly give ns I
aa educational insight to the American political scene,
we suggest equal time for the other political party in our I
Democratic system of government. f
According to Dr. A. B. Winter, chairman of the con- f
vocation committee, efforts were made last year to bring
Richard Nixon and Republican National Committee Chair-
man Thurston Morton to campus both leading Republi- I
cans. Total this up and you will find the score to be the
following: Republicans 4, Democrats 0.
We admit that Judd will not appear as a guest of the 1
convocations committee and that not all four Republicans I
have or will have spoke to the student body. However, I
why not follow a good old American tradition of Inviting
both sides and hear the full story? It would seem intelli- i
gent students could soon see that Republicanism Is more I
than a name tacked to Nebraska politics.
If we think for one minute that Goldwater will speak
on anything but conservatism or that Judd will bend over
backwards to present the Demcrat's views, we're crazy.
Here is hoping that the Young Democrats join in with
other interested student groups and perhaps even the Uni
versity convocations committee to bring us the whole
What Price for Freedom?
Peace Corps is Cheap
What will you give to prevent the growth of Com
munism in the world, our country, our state and up to
the very door of your own home?
A million dollars? You haven't got it. Everything you
wa? Who wants it? Are you ready to approve a total
war and give assent to the use of missies, rockets and
the deadly atomic and hydrogen bombs? Then will you
take your chances of surviving for three months in an
underground shelter while the radiation and fallout be
comes harmless?
How about two years out of your lifetime? Your
immediate reaction is probably that you cannot believe
two years out of your lifetime can make an appreciable
difference. How wrong you may be. These two years may
be the ONLY way out The only way we, as Americans,
can preserve our freedom and still be around to enjoy it.
We are speaking of the Peace Corps. It is through
this agency which we can positively win the minds of
foreign peoples.
It Is not enough to sit back and tell ourselves that
we are the greatest peace-lovicg nation ever known on
the face of this world. It is not enough to merely rec
ognize the thousands of Hungarian refugees who fled the
Russians and their oppressive rule and limped into our
country. We must do more than stand by and watch the
Communists and their doctrine infect and underdeveloped
country and in a few short years take complete charge
of their new "satillite." For each time another human
being goes for Mr. K's line, we are another day away
from peace and another step further from maintaining
' our way of life.
The Peace Corpi is a way of winning these needy
countries in a way so as to count them among our friends
who will stand by ns no matter the situation. And they
will be there because they respect this country. As
James Gibson, assistant director of Peace Corps public
relations said last Friday in Lincoln "the Peace Corps
is foreign aid in reverse.' It is not pouring billions f
dollars into these small countries where their standard of
living is lower than their illiteracy rate. It is knowing
these people bow to make the best nse of what they
have r what they caa afford to purchase. It is teaching
them bow to read and write and how to care for a newly
bora baby.
The Peace Corpsmen are doers. They work side by
side the Nigerian, the Filippino and the Indian, They
give advise but more importantly, they show the natives
bow to do so they may help themselves.
Aa American is an American no matter where be or
she goes. The countries who will receive Peace Corps
project! will soon learn that something else works too
freedom, the Democratic society and the right of the
individual to be aa individual. Hereia lies the greatest
asset of the Peace Corps. How about it, is the price too
Daily Nebraskan
Member Auweiate CUt te Fres. lntrrn-tlon-1 lreet
Ke-resesta Uw. Nat nrf AJrertbtaf Service, Incorporated
rsbii te4 a.t: Room ih Student Inioa. Lincoln. Xebro .
14th Sc ft
' Telephone EE Z-7CX1 ext 4ZZ5, ZZ& 2Z7
-Wtit rm w f J tarnm y ""
KMnm4 m mt m matwr at the aw mo ta traka.
aft- ) Aasaat . lJt.
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Hum I aualw a
Cawatetiaa Hunt - imm ImMer
P ' '
Ta Dailr earakaa wla aaalka
awi thr aataW nr. Olkm aiar
Ira rrr4 thhi Hatfl Ikr Nraraakaa
iPhi Mu Alpha
T hanks Union
1 Being concerned with
I the interest in the area
1 of American Music known
I as jazz. Phi Mu Alpha
I (professional music fra-
ternity) was heartened to
see the large crowds in
attendance at the George
I Shearing concerts last
Wednesday evening.
We wish to congratulate
the Nebraska Union for
I sponsoring this group and
we hope that. this is an
s example of the fine p r o-
grams to be sponsored in
the future.
1 Larry Hoepfinger, President
Phi Ma Alpha
I To Panhellenk:
1 Our courts of law sub-
scribe to the belief that
the acensed is innocent
until proven guilty. Bat
i you ladies of Panhell ap-
parently subscribe to the
opposite view.
I Morality is a fine and
worthy thing to support.
but, to legislate through
I the rules you select and
1 promulgate? Why not
leave this to the courts
of law. Or is it that you
1 deem its sanctions and
punishments less effective
I than yours? If you do,
then you question the ef-
1 fectiveness of centuries of
intellectual leadership in
I moral jurisprudence. Or is
f it just that you feel there
5 are a few more rules of
morality you ould like
1 to see enforced? They
;West Berliiiers Are Jumpy, Shouty
JAfter 9 Months of Tension Koehl
f The impression one gets while living with
5 the West Berliners for almost nine months
I U "the tenseness of the people."
Dr. Robert Koehl, associate professor of
I history, describes the West Berliners as
"jumpy and hard to get along with. They
I are argumentative and "shouty."
Spending the last school year in West Ber
I lis obtaining material for a work on the
evolution of the Nazi SS Officers Corps ia
Germany, Dr. and Mrs. Koehl and their two
children left Berlin before the barricade
I was erected between East and West Berlin.
He said that the tenseness that appears
I in the people is because of the Russian
1 Berliners Uncertain
"The West Berliners are honestly uneer
I tain on what to do as individuals. Some are
leaving the city to move to West Germany,
but others are remaining because they are'
1 better off economically than they have ever
I been. There is no unemployment in West
There is, he said, an intense hatred for the
1 Russians and an extreme loyalty to the
United States. "They feel their fate rests in
1 the hands of the U.S. For that reason they
Nebraskan Letterip
mmly tmr Mtrr wkirk are iraL Itt anarkkar MliMi bm
aar lalUal ar a an aaair. lumm aM at nn tm w a-H. -ara
rrarrm tar rlckt ta roaaan tarm . ntalalac tkr a-ntrr Tlnr. Tar apto-
f mertly exarrw lar vmn af tkr Dailr Jirhnukaa.
shouldn't by chance, be
those of the Victorian vin
tage, should they ladies?
You should really notify
the History 'department of
your source, I'm sure
they'll be surprised to
hear the books are still
exisfem- You might even
win a prize!
We, at the University of
Nebraska still labor under
the lethargic stigma of
your Spanish Inquisitorial
Board. Yon are the mod-.
era day counterparts of
Doa Quixote riding a'top
the buckle of a Victorian
Bible Belt, lancing your
crude weapons at the
windmills of moral prog
ress. While, "in the room:
. . . (when you) women
come and go talking of
Michelangelo," does it
ever occur to you that old
Mike" is dead? Time
goes on girls and the
world has made some
moral progress since then.
Did you know that? Didn't
think so.
By your outmoded codes
of extreme vigilance you
insult our intelligence.
How is it you presume
yourselves less susceptible
to falling prey to the pit
falls of life thaa we are?
You do insult us and ap
parently must consider us
less capable than y o a r
selves ia making moral
choices; otherwise,
wouldn't yon form a body
of your living mothers to
protect yoa with similar
restrictions? ..This of
course gives yon the bene
fit of the cosbt that
yon are logical. Perhaps
I presume too much.
Maybe you don't think
we have yet reached the
age of reason. Some of
are willing to accept many un welcomed de
cisions merely because they feel that it is
the policy wanted by the U.S. he said.
Dr. Koehl, who speaks fluent German,
said many of the people are resigned be
cause they feel it is the wish of the U.S.
In West Germany, the Germans are more
apathetic and have a quizzical attitude
toward the Berlin situation. "West Germans
feel the West Berliners are spoiled and West
Berliners feel West Germany does not ap
preciate them."
lm SS Record
During his research at the Berlin Docu
ment Center a part of the State Depart
ment Dr. Koehl abstracted 1,200 case
records of SS Officers and collected 100,000
microfilm franes of organizational material
on the SS.
He said his purpose ia studying thee Nazi
SS leadership "is to understand bow Nation
al Socialism could gain so much influence
ia Germany and to make this understanding
available to the rest of modern westers so
ciety in the hope of preventing its recur
rence, either in Germany or elsewhere."
His year's leave was financed by a Woods
Faculty grant and a Rockefeller Foundation
us are 21 and older
think we have reached
any competent level of
maturity yet? If not, then
please explain why the
girls we .were graduated
with from high school,
who were not allowed to
go to college, haven't the
additions to society's re
strctions that you have
placed on us. Do you
consider us less discern
ing than they are?
Take the men for ex
ample. There are no re
strictions on them for
hours. Then look at as.
My, my it seems hard to
believe that during high
school we were considered
to be 2 years ahead of
.them ia maturityAnd by
the by that is mental.
Have we really regressed
to a level 4 years behind
them? Apparently so for
we are denied the right
the boys make all 4 of
their college years. We've
really slipped that much
huh? Get Serious!
If an animal is wild,
merely keeping it behind
bars doesn't make it less
the animal it is If an
animal is wild by nature,
bars won't domesticate it
Your maze of restraints
won't instil morality in
us either. If we have it,
which we do, such ar
chaic rules are worthless
which they are. We
know the rules about
letting us play the game.
I've got a proposition:
you girls watch your own
morality and we'll watch
ours. lift the bars, girls,
and then execute a "to
the rear Ha rich." and
pull a Miniver Cbeevy.
Most reluctantly your
Staff Views '
Outside Inlookins
At the risk of facing a
mutiny staged by certain of
my staff writers. I will ven
ture to say that the news
of Senator Barry Goldwa-
ter's visit
to our
pleased me
me extreme
ly. I became
terested in
Mr. Gold
water when .
Miss Moyer
duced to
Goldwaterism at the Uni
versity of Wisconsin this
summer. Wisconsin U. has
a reputation for being a
broadly versatile commun
ity as far as political think
ing is concerned. In fact, I
met very few persons from
that part of the country who
did not belong to a definite
political group be it the Ken
nedyites or, on the other
end of the scale, the Gold
water Republican school.
Now the general applica
tion of the term conserva
tive in Nebraska does not
arouse much curiosity and
is most often thought of in
monetary, terms, i.e., how
much we spend. However,
even the dictionary (Web
ster's New Collegiate) de
fines the term as: pertain
ing, to or characteristic of
a political party which fa
vors the conservation of ex
isting forms of government
This definition and the po
litical beliefs of a true con
servative Republican are
not actually economically
founded at all. A real con
servative is concerned with
maintaining the foundation
upon which the freedom of
our nation was founded, the
Constitution. Along these
same lines he recognizes the
doctrines of human behavi
or w hich have been acknowl
eged by psychologists and
economics for years. The
Conservative believes in a
competitive society in w hich
each person should be al
lowed to develop his own
talents and advance accord
ing to his own capabilities.
That is why Republican
statesmen often do not fa
vor government programs
such as Social Security bene
fit increases because they
feel people should be free
to spend their earnings as
they please.
The Constitution, as Gold
water sees it is the heart
of the Conservative philoso
phy. Goldwater fans feel
that the founding fathers had
a real reason for establish
ing our government as they
did. They feel that the Con
stitution limits the scope of
government power because
f lytf Sell?
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A" k doyi in edvonct of publica
tion dot.
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within 48 hours.
Contact Sue Gefke. Classify Ugr.
HE 2-7631 Ext. 4226
By Ann Moyer
the authors of the document
had analyzed past history
quite closely and had -weighed
all factors equally.
We all are familiar with the
doctrine that history repeats
itself and the framers of
the Constitution were too.
They realized that through
out history government had
been (and still is) the chief
instrument for hampering
the freedom of the people
living under it. It had been
proven time and time again
that although legitimate
functions of government
were conducive to freedom
that an unrestricted govern
ment could also restrict
freedom. Therefore, in the
Constitution they set down
the limitations which they
felt would preserve our in
dividual freedom forever.
These restrictions included
the limitations of the feder
al government's right to cer
tain delegated powers; the
reservation of certain rights
to the States; the division
of power among the three
separate federal branches
so as to establish a sys
tem of checks and balances;
and a difficult amendment
proceedure to prevent easi
ly changing the system.
It is said that at the close
of the Consitutional Conven
tion a woman asked Beja
min Franklin. "What have
you given us?" and his re
ply was, "A Republic, if
you can keep it"
As far as I can see, we
have not done much of a
job of preserving the excel
lent foundation which they
built for us. The Federal
government seems to mov
ing constantly ahead into
any field in which it be
lieves its services are need
ed. This includes the field
of States' Rights, such as
education, agriculuture and
labor. What is to become of
our nation, this once shin
ning example of democracy,
if government continues to
lend a helping hand where
ever they feel like it? I think
it's time that many of the
members of America's poli
tical parties sat down and
really decided what they
stood for and were able to
support their stand with
more reason than, "My fam
ily has always voted Re
publican so naturally I will
And I think it's time that
the midwest Republicans
who call themselves Con
servatives realize that a
true Conservative still be
lieves in a man's right to
think and act and speak for
himself politically as his
conscience dictates.
In short it is time some
of the midwest's Conserva
tives took another look at
themselves and decided
whether they are politically
Conservative or jusr tight
with a buck.