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Tuesday, July 25, 1961
Sur.uner Nebraskdn
Page 3
University Student's
Encourages Her to
By Tim Gartner
Although the University's
participation as a training
center is still indefinite, it has
already made its first contri
bution to the Peace Corps.
She is an intent young lady
who is "first concerned with
the happiness and welfare of
Karen Long, 21, of 1101 No.
38th, has been selected by the
United States government to
serve in the Peace Corps. In
accepting, she becomes the
first woman and the second
Nebraskan to be chosen.
Miss Long, wh will be
gradnated from the Univer
sity In Angnst, says "I am
nappy for the chance," to join
the Peace Corps.
She will be sent to the
Philippine Islands along
with 500 other teachers to
serve as educational aides in
the elementary public
schools. Their primary task
will be to improve the instruc
tion of general science and
the English language.
Tagolog Too
"The language of the Is
lands is English, but they also
speak Tagolog." she ex
plained. ""I suppose I will
learn that language too, be
fore I am done."
Miss Long considers ttie job
a challenge, and adds, ""There
will be some problems, but I
nope there will not be any
After first reading about the
Peace Corps in the newspa
per. Miss Long deliberated be
fore making a decision to ap
I had the advice and en- i
eonragement of my parents
and the counsel of many Uni
versity professors t fcflp me
reach a decision,'" she said.
The decision she reached,
of course, was to join. "I w ant
to travel and meet people,"
she said. ""This will give tme
that opportunity, but also it
will give me a chance maybe
to help someone. This will be
two years out of my life and
when I return I will be only
25 years old, with plenty of
time left to try other things."
SrlMMM Service t. fl
tstoblisied 118 Swvlno he Mis
nun Volley to the West Coast,
S2 Stuart Cldg. iLincotn 8, Nbr.
70th 5r Sumner
free fwririnr after
Sandra .
Mm S
6Avi J
(I Km
'11 'tt
Si ...... I I
f aT!.
. & taUtatBtBaBurtuaaattmnji Tp
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' .ajtv.
smm0 - -
f - ' - V
PEACE OORPSWOMAX-Kare Lwig, tt-year-dd Uni
versity student wh will be graduated ia Aagast, receives
the telegram telling her she will be the first wmaa frm
Nebraska t enter the Peace Corps. Karen win be one
f 30 teachers sent to the Philippine Islands,
Although she lakes to travel.
this phase of the Peace Corps
program is not the major
reason for her wish to par
ticipate. "I turned down a
job offer which would have
supplied enough travel for
anyone," she said.
The attractive Peace Corps
woman has had much,, expe
rience in this work. She has
worked with the Lutheran
church summer camp pro
gram, youth groups and
under-privileged children at
side of New York City. Last
summer she studied inter
national relations at the Uni
versity of Saskatchewan in
connection with the interna
tional church seminar on
world problems.
i have tried to help others
during ray scanner activities;
turn I ant very happy
SaTvriay, iV
toy Ummw
md ewienaatra
Adm. $1 each
For Res. Pb. 48-2f
UkflJW Vtafc ia(V"iH.Wi
f I still I
W.W ifSiii A I, ; :
iv3 V 1
eiar-rt V f
Concern for Others
Enter Peace Corps
''';,i:If!,;.el i
something similar for a long-1 asked to sign up in the Un
er period of time," com- jon Program Office by
mented Miss Lng. J Wednesday.
The Peace Corps woman The second tour was
has been active in many " planned when more than the
campus organizations. She maximum of M persons
was agriculture new editor, signed up to take the first
stan writer ana news ecuicr.'"'!' vw
for the Daily Nebraskan, a
member of the Lutheran Stu
dent Association and Choir,
4-H member and vice-president
of the YVVCA.
She is also a member of
Theta Sigma Phi, women's
journalism honorary, Pi Delta
Epsilon, a jcrarnalism fratern
ity, and Alpha Xi Ddta soro
rity. Ed. News
She is carrenljy assistant
editor and advertising manag
er of 33 Nebraska Education!
Originally ifrom DiHer. Miss
Long attended Midland before
coming to the University of
"At MidHand,'" she said, 1
took part in an experimental ,
class. American and interna-!
tional stodents worked togther;
for tine purpose of .showing
what Americans can be."
There was a slight campB
cation when Karen first w as
accepted by the Peace Corps.
She w a supposed to start
fcertrainiag immediately,
which would force her to step
her schooling before gradn
atioB next month.
! am sure, though, that the
Peace Carps is aware of any
Main Feature Qock
Varsity: Tb Prat Trk.
2 4&y srvior!
Student Tr'uvxZ
Need Extra
Tnl Ada
S ento word: $1.08 wiiii
niiim. Ads to printrd ta
the aTlttsttfie.d suction of the
Summer KebrwifcMi taa it
Moempaieal by the ume
of the punttin plavci&r tuaid
kd nl broueltt to room 211,
problem, and I will be able
to complete my education be
fore I leave for the training."
Third Country
She will train for eight
weeks before being sent to the
Islands. "We will be given
four weeks within the two
years to go elsewhere," she
explained. "We can come
home, but the Peace Corps
would prefer that we go to a
third nnirv
- .
Her salary will be 575 a "e5 CTI15IUC1 u,c M"
A,h living Tnns tion "Is it really true that p
"nonth, plus living expenses
'The program is a chal
lenge not only to those of us
involved, but to those watch
ing and supporting it at
home," Miss Long empha
sized. "I am honored to repre
sent the young people of Ne
braska and America."
Union Repeats
The Student Union Sias
scheduled a second tour of
the Nebraska State Peniten
tiary for next Tuesday, Aug.
1. Buses will leave the S
Street entrance of the Union
at 5:15 p.m. and will return
at 9 p.m.
The tour will include a
visit to the administration
center, cell blocks, work
shops, green house, library,
classrooms, chapel and kitch
en. Following the tour, there
will be a dinner in the cafete
ria and entertainment.
Cost of the dinner is $1.
I There is also a nominal bus
! fare. Those interested are
Faculty Tour
Summer guest faculty mem
bers and their spouses will
tour the State Capitol build
ing and the Governor's man
sion today. After the Sour,
they will be greeted by Mrs.
Morrison, the governor's
wife, at the Mansion.
Summer Nebraskan
The m MmikM tlHki
imat raitimc M VBMtubvt
Mil, vmoratatr af tt Of
rMiAxia ttu-itbnc IMlim
Turn Hollimar ... KtMttmm Mwr
(ularMtiii for tabliMa mmr
imrnr Hi at Sis ttura r ealM
camaia S1K m iSl,
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"What is Life?" is a tele
vision series that takes the
viewer into the smallest
common element of living
things, the cell. The set for
parts of this presentation,
which can be seen on Chan
nel 12 at 8 p.m. Thursiay,
is a model of a cell magni
fied one million times.
On KUON-TV Friday night
at 7:30, Bartlett H. Hayes,
Jr., director of the Addison
Gallery of American Art in
j Andover, Mass. will discuss
i Intent of A.
! Among other things, Mr.
-It :ll .J .U-
modern art doesn't communi
cate as clirly as art of the
past?" Hayes
illustrates his
first program in
"Art as a Utility'
the series,
with many
museum objects.
A complete listing of
KUON-TV Channed 12 pro
grams for the week follows: j
S:S t m Evemixf Pretott: Ow .
knar Ml fjiswit mmc for JWi
tatotim I
C:M Mm for Revlmt Our tt t ,
Jp biwj It'""
-Sww i Vr " Sl pown-1
)r tfc Crpewr," Btw-:
nft "Wv L llaolwiss." KK ,
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b iNHt Dr. Ml W. rVwds ;
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HMrtnf J h tto. tisiwi
mWw till tmtwm tr
WKpmwxoi w ton!? . !
cm tvuMrms mtvniaerai tvam mrm
otwcinn hMrt a w -rtirrl
xmw tm wacOM mum
tor Dr. lo Atntaf wore f
Kb rnfrr. i
1 turn InteHeotual Dtsnipmw w
thinry vpaun(ld fc Vndmr
tnr. pNitessw ( fcjfltoiT the
Iiwsi, ( liliiMW. TtaM swr-
W Bunni- f n'rt)otiii'! w JnSy
54. Monaw t J
: music Ltm?na: T AW
wt i BlK " to ne f he mms
lightf.a tmoprjiiM t series,
nr. Siumnn shows !bM- Che feUrfk
hevs he pami en c a knsic
alphabet f unitsic all w Awm
sewK. Ke ffissmon hov he
scale o)iaratterif)tiir af vnMt
tifk r primitive raosir liy trjnw
VKwmf! and iym AJDemicam an4
Owvupecm tfoRc om?s.
I'ADeflaav. uK 96
IM m. Ewnin IVfiHitte: One full
luiur al tacaal tumnr itimm .
: Mmentares ia Vumbw and Saaor:
'VduuHir (than Vtm tPhil." A he
we jnartoiwttH assume varwiut
nil im mm anil time thuus
Bd'19 Bairfl 4knunatrvMs varanuc
nurobar 4-8ieim induaine ie -aiBry
vHfa shat ttraiwlaaes Anuni
one numsof OaofUiitee to anmheir.
Vhe lietninii wee ialuoulaur
f mxln' ithat works at the woes'
( Itclu 1H-HI mtim iper aectmA.
w amttzttte etwribefl Ifflr. liaijifl
as a "itp rde mmm wane
ail its wurk tux e ae LanneH sar
JrH0OrB fnavs to LBtwargBl- "The
Famibr Reunion in tha nui
cram, Kr. Siilmftr;' iimemarp e
tturnt to the ciawic- nudes an mvm
upies. Be cwttiK Eliot with the tre
WKim9iblli nr beeimuw a 1ir
aistea awnUitian ia 4he snaOers the
ater, markm he vetum f aaetrw
as a Qnedunn ffur cwiarauaD an cbe
V -
available by
Happy, VopF7 bonw . . . Cfnwr.fy
Summer Programming
taa oT the truth aad values f
IN Biblical Masteraiepes: "Tulm 1 "
The idea that the Rib) can be read
wely as literature receives much
support from Dr. Bod's sensitive
and moving uitervretatioa aad du
russioB at this Psalm, utiles, u one
.if Iavid's most inspired. He alsa ex
plores the relation to God that this
poem expresses and compares ft la
other views of God found elsewhere
ia the Bible.
I X FVnd for Life: See hCannel 11.
Tuesday July at la p.m. for de-
I'M The InaairiM Mind: "ftetrospect.
In this final pro ram at the series,
na new material n presented: in
stead it is a look backwards at the
material covered earlier and a dis
cussion of some af the candusions
that coald be draws from tt.
Isaneaj. Jaly tt
S:M P m. Eveaiac Prelude: On full aour
of classical dinner music.
l a The Inouinn Mind: See Channel
U Wednesday, Julr K a I N p.m.
for details.
M t)deal by Fire: "X'nconauerable.
Amborse Bumside, appointed Gen
eral of the Army of the Potomac in
Place af McCteUaa. attacks Confed
erate forces at Fconcksburi.
Maryland ia December 1&S2. aad
losses avier men. Fletcher
Pratt a Oral by Fire further an
alyans the Sath fanahc devoboa
winch, coupled wiin their splendid
valor, makes them seemincly aa
conquerabse. T:M Shelter for Man: Sec CaaaaeJ It.
Tuesday July a at - r m. tor
t t Anal is Lite: ''What is Life" is a
Bmwh Braadcasbac CorparatMa
produarrion that takes the viewer silo
the smallest romii'ioa elesnesit of
Inrnt thiaes the ceil. The procrara !
ooncenrrates aa two maaor cellular
aaerneats. the mitochondria, a nay
vssel m the cytoplasm that ut re
ap ratable rar pescessinc food for the
cell and the nacaeaa ibaeb!. wiura
paver u te bfe and repvadattaoa at
the ceM The ratal pan of tt ara
cram deals with the aestaoa af the
arureas f life. Three views are pre
sented: that at the Rawaa UNtacist
Opana at the Academy af Science
in Meaeaw. that af Dr. Crey af the
liMverstey f Calgfaraaa ai Berfceley,
and that af Dr. Kelvin, ah at the
I juvecuty at CalifarBia at fserketey.
Dse Deatsrhe Staatde: Clue af the
heat ways to leara a fareixa laa-
R n the esniraaaneM ut a
Itiat speaks a tore-icu lan-
nuuse. Aa Amervraa vnatar tsnas
h-inttseJU ia uvany naaereatoic and ft
a chmacal mtmirtumt as he try to
team tne Geroun laarsas at a
Gennan hone; bat at the same
tome he heJps to eAaertaaoafifly ar
al:wA live viewer.
Fratay . Mhr
S:M P.m. Evteamf Preiluar: One Ml baar
af cQasRical damer asasac.
. Dw Deansche Suntte: Sea Ouaml
n Ttanwaay July 27 at : pas.
ear aanairls.
Social Security a Aftaan
7:0$ tnaaarr an Parade
I.t) hnea at Art: "Art as a CHUS'"
Utv-ummt to Chamel U ttst week
worn Rartien N Hayes. Jr aarer
aar f a TMa tiartiery f Amen-
" cas Art at Ffriitips Acaawroi. Ana
, Vat.'sacbaiieaii. as toe turn.
"Alt as a Utility" aliaoiisses the
to sinaersuend an. Tne heat maty, ac
vondinc to Mr. Ruues. ts to mia
nuaUl he idea cetaid 31.. As a neams
wi il)us1s-a&uai ne 4tisoufMe varaaitt
works ai art ia Che oalwcons at
the Basua Maama af Fine Ana. 1
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pirn law
Sarong Srtrp witfk mtrf
I 00 Fine Arts Quartet Play Bartok: Sea
Channel U, Monday July M. at
for details.
Casals Master Clas See Monday.
July . Channel U at JO p.m. for
Masday, July 11
i: p.m. Fvenint Prelude: For your
dinnertime eiunymeat. an full haur
af classical duuer musK.
: Fine Arts Quartet Plan Bartok: la
this final procTam af the current
aeries, the Fine Art Quartet play
the last aoaraet that Bartok wrote
before leavinf Europe. Bartok
Quartet No. (." Although this was
not hat last musical oampasitaon,
members of the quartet now that
Bartok might have been wen content
to let a musical work af this stat
ure stand as ha musical monumeM.
The recurrence of the "sad" theme
"Mesros" a alas a Mac far diacus
SMn T:M Anatomy at a Revel utioa: h the
period directly follawvnt a rvoiu
lioa that it successful, there is a
strau desire ta set up a legitimate
rovernment. which results "The
Struiwie Betsreen Moderate aad
Immoderate." This leantuouatioa af
hfr results ia strata r Irs af van
as types. Boat Briatoa duxusses
the Puntaa, French and Russian
revwhioons and draws various ccu
dusMns about the aweacth af the
to Backyard Farmer:
"backyard farmer"
yaa are s
srhat should be done aboat the
baa aa your favunte reae bash or
about the dandelions that keep crop
Pinc a in yaar yard, mat show it
for you. A panel af ex-
I W The Written Ward: "Between I h a
: Casals Masanr Class Gifted Sta
dent. Joanaa a Keyset-, plays Bach
San Number I a C Major far un
accampaaied cdla and sbowu the
viewer what treat toacfein cat se
ll u
Far East Films
Portray Malaya
The Far Eastern Institute
will present two films on Asia
tommorrow at 1 p.m. in Love
Memorial Library auditorium.
Tfce first film, "Wayang
Kulit, presents a native Sba
dow Play. The second film,
entitled "Tin from Malays,"
describes Malaya's leading
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Self DriviRf
Sock Ear
let Cam
27TH ST.
Shop mmi save tiair 930 f 5:33
5 .