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Vol. 74, No. 91
The Nebraskan
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
1 I 1 L J I
Senators Hold Hearings
On Requested NU Budget
By Nancy Whitford I cent over the 1959-60 bienni
Public hearings on the re- um.
quested $30.7 million Univer-
sity budget will be held by
the Unicameral budget com
mittee April 17-18 according
sity budget will be held by
to Dean of Faculties Adam
The budget requested rep
resents a proposed increase
of $5,605,893 or over 16.7 per
Greeks List
3 Activities
For 4th Day
Dinner Highlights
Wednesday of Week
2 activities are sched
uea Wednesday, April 19, in
conjunction with Greek
Week, to be held next week
An Interfraternity Council-
Panhellenic dinner, discussion
groups, and faculty speakers
for night meals will high
light Wednesday's activities.
The IFC-Panhel dinner will
be held for all representatives,
officers and committee chair
men of the two groups. Dean
James Pittinger, assistant to
the Chancellor, will speak at
the luncheon on "Greek-Administration
Watches will be presented
to the top male and woman
scholar at the dinner, IFC af
fairs committee chairman
Roger Myers announced.
The dinner will be held in
the Pan American room of
the Student Union at 12 noon.
From 2 to 4 p.m. there will
be four discussion groups go
ing. "Each organization is
urged to have at least one
member at each discussion
group as well as any others
who want to attend," said
Don Ferguson, IFC President.
The discussion groups and
the leaders are: rushing pol
icy, speaker to be announced;
advantages and disadvantages
of the Greek system, Mrs.
Kent Morgan; public rela
tions, Joyce Ayres; and
Greek-Administration r e 1 a
tions, Van Westover.
For the evening meal each
house will invite a faculty
member to serve as a speaker
or discussion leader on "Faculty-Greek
Union Plans
Art Critic
"What is Contemporary
Art?" will be the topic of dis
cussion lead by Miss Dorothy
.Adlow, well known art critic
and lecturer, to be held in the
Student Union ballroom Fri
day at 11 a.m.
Miss Adlow, the art critic
for the Christian Science Mon
itor, will supplement her talk
with slides. She has appeared
as a lecturer at many uni
v e r s it i e s and museums
throughout the country and is
recognized as one of the na
tion's leading art critics.
A contest sponsored by the
Union arts and exhibits com
mittee in conjunction with
Miss Adlow's visit win give
students a chance to submit
their ideas about the views of
well-known personalities con
cerning Contemporary art.
The competitor submits sug
gestions of what he thinks
persons such as President
Kennedy, Frank Sinatra or
Marilyn Monroe would reply
to the question, "What is Con
temporary art?"
Entry blanks for the contest
are available on the bulletin
board near the entrance to
the Crib. Entries are due in
the Union program office by
5 p.:r. Thursday.
Board of Regents
To Meet Monday
The University of Nebras
ka s Board of Regents will
meet next Monday at 10:30
a.m. in the Administration
Hall to conduct University
Among the items on the
agenda are acceptance of
nearly a half million dollars
in training and research
grants; approval of leaves of
absence ana appointments;
and acceptance of $51,973 to
the National Defense Student
Loan Fund.
Earlier, outgoing Gov.
Dwight Barney recommended
that $27,596,000 of the total
$30,701,893 request be ap
proved by the legislature.
Gov. Frank Morrison has
approved $30,193,000 or all
but $508,820 of the proposed
budget which he considers
"an investment and not an
Sen. Richard Marvel of
Hastings, who heads the
budget committee, has been
conducting a series of execu
tive "fact-finding" meetings
with University administrat
ors during the past few
months in order to gain more
complete information on the
proposed budget.
Beckenridge, who made the
announcement at a faculty
senate meeting Tuesday aft
ernoon, also heard reports
from Bruce Nicoll of the com
mittee on University publica
tions, Aubrey Forrest of the
committee o n scholarship
awards and H. W. Deems of
the committee on scholarship
appeals, and Cecil Vanderzee,
committee on retirement and
Nicoll said three scholary
publications had been accept
ed for publication in the Uni
versity Studies Series.
They include: "Fugitive
and Gracious Light," by G.
Thomas Fairclough: "Tones
and Intervals of Hindu Clas
sical Music by Donald Lentz
and "The Andromache of
RAM Nominates Exec
Official Candidates
The Residence Association for Men (RAM) nominated
candidates for 1961-62 executive offices in special session
Monday night. -
RAM elections for executive officers will be held Thurs
day, April 27. Others who wish to become candidates can
do so by filing a petition containing at least 30 signatures
with RAM president Fred Rickers by midnight Thursday,
Aprd 20.
Nominated for president
were Dennis Mulligan and
Roger Dodson. Mulligan is a
junior in Business Adminis
tration, president of Selleck
House, a member of the var
sity gymnastics team, and a
holder of the Business Ad
ministration Gold Key.
Dodson is a sophomore in
Arts and Sciences. Presently
serving as RAM activities
chairman, he is also a mem
ber of Alpha Phi Omega,
Young Republicans and
Spanish Club.
Nominees for treasurer are
Dick Ratzlaff and Paul La-
Greek. Ratzlaff is a fresh
man in Business Administra
tion, a Navy ROTC scholar
ship winner, and is presently
assistant treasurer of RAM.
LaGreek is a freshman in
Await Nod of
Quad Vote
Amendments to the consti
tution of the Residence As
sociation for Men (RAM) are
now up for approval by the
individual houses in Selleck
Two amendments are be
ing sought. The first would
change parliamentary author
ity from Robert's Rules of
Order to the Sturgis Code of
Parliamentary P r o c edure.
Proponents point out that
the Sturgis Code is the one
used by the University speech
department and is simpler
than the Roberts system.
Amendment two would al
low the election of a vice
president of RAM. The pro
posed vice-president would
also serve as co-orainator
of all RAM committees." In
support "of the amendment, it
is argued that the present
system, . in which the treas
urer has the duties of a vice
president, has often caused
an excessive work load for
the treasurer.
Passage of the amend
ments requires ratification by
twelve of the 16 houses in the
Quad, and ratification in an
individual' house requires a
two-thirds majority of those
voting. The vote should be
completed before the end of
the week, according to PHI
Isaacs, RAM publicity chairman.
Euripides" by Keith M. Al
drich. Scholarships
Forrest announced $140,000
had been awarded in fresh
men scholarships and $885,
000 in upperclass scholarships
during the past school year.
He said $400,000 had been
given in loans and that 750
students had been given em
ployment. Deems said 11 scholarship
appeals had been heard this
year and that five students
had been reinstated. Nine of
the appeals were heard in
September and two in Feb
ruary. Vanderzee reported faculty
group medical insurance
rates had been increased by
10 per cent due to a 95 per
cent loss which has been in
curred last year.
He said a new proposal to
extend insurance cdverage up
to $1,000 for the spouse and
each dependent had received
the required 75 per cent ap
proval to go into operation
March 1.
Ag Engineer's Meet
The student branch of the
American Society of Agri
cultural Engineers (ASAE)
will meet in regular session
tonight at 7:30 in Room 207
Agricultural Engineering.
William Spitznas, experi
mental engineer for J. I.,
Case, will speak on the new
Case G83 diesel engine.
Arts and Sciences, holds a
NROTC scholarship and is a
member of Newman Club.
Nominees for other offices
are as follows: secretary;
Rodney Marshall and Neil
Bateman; activities director,
Larry Porter; student coun
cil, Robert Wright; intramur
al director, Dale Lauritzen,
Willard Poppert, and Steve
Lovell; scholastic chairman.
Keith Phillips and Larry
ourada; and social director,
Jerry Patrich.
Jazz Singers Tryouts
Scheduled For Today
Tryouts for male and fe
male vocalists to appear in
"Portraits in Jazz" will be
held today from 7-9 p.m. in
340 Student Union.
The Jazz performance will
be sponsored by the Union
Music committee May 3, and
will feature well-known profes
sional jazz musicians.
Judges for the tryouts to
night will be members of the
music faculty and professional
jazz musicians.
Trucks Speed to Quad; But
Five Lincoln fire trucks
plus several police units were
called to Selleck Quadrangle
yesterday afternoon on what
firemen termed a "'false
Soon after arriving, the
Lincoln firemen could find
no indications of a fire. One
fireman reportedly said the
fire call indicated "a bomb
Another fireman noted that
"whoever called it in made
it sound like all hell broke
After contacting Bob Kuzel
ka, resident advisor at Sel
leck Quadrangle, it was found
that the call to the fire de
partment did not go through
the dorm switchboard.
Albert Calvert of Selleck
Quad had no comment on the
false alarm.
A lt Meds To Discuss
Cancer 9 Hold Election
Nu Meds will meet tonight
at 7:30 in the Little Auditori
um of the Student Union. Dr.
Hillyer will spnak on cancer.
Election of officers will also
be held.
University 4-H Club, 7 p.m.,
Ag Union Lounge.
Faculty Women's Club,
1 p.m., Howell theater.
Foreign Film Society, 'Four
Bags Full," 8 p.m., Nebraskan
"Children of the Sun," 2:30
and 3:45 p.m., planetarium.
Nu Meds, 7:30 p.m., Little
Auditorium Student Union.
American Society of Agri
culture Engineers ASAE)
Physics colloquium, Profes
sor John S. Rinehart, Colorado-
A&M, 4:15 p.m., 211
Brace Laboratory.
-Service Keys, Awards Presented-
Unions Recognize
Outstanding Work
By Ann Moyer
Mylon Filkins and Maribeth Larson were named the re
cipients of the Ag and City Student Union distinguish
service keys at the annual awards dessert last night.
The keys were awarded on the basis of outstanding serv
ice to the entire Union fof the year.
Filkins, a junior in agricul
ture, has worked in t h e Ag
Union for three years and
has served as chairman of
the Dance committee this
year. He is a m e m b e r of
Miss Larson is a junior in
Teachers College. She was
chairman of the music com
mittee this year and has
worked three years in Union.
Miss Larson is an Alpha Chi
Worker Trophies
The outstanding worker tro
phies for the Unions went to
Same Markovitz and Alan
Jorgenson for the mogt out
standing worker contribution
to the Unions.
Runnerups for the eity
worker award were Elaine
BerdahL Afshar Yazdi, ' Sam
Condit and Vicky Cullen. Ag
Union runnerups were Joyce
Baughman and Sandy Brown.
Presentation of the trophies
were made by program di
rectors Bill McKinnon, City
Union, and Sylvia McNeil, Ag
The program also included
the presentation of the new
officers and board members
of the Unions. Past presidents
Pat Porter and Archie Clegg
made the presentation of the
Union gavels to the new pres
idents John Schroeder and
Deon Stuthman.
Worker recognition cards
were awarded to 45 city un
ion workers and 20 Ag Union
Service Award
A special service award for
28 years of service to the
city Union was made to Mac
McKeen, Union maintenance
engineer, by the city Pro
gram Council.
Chairmen and assistants
for the coming year were an
nounced by Tetinng Union
Documentary Films
Two documentary films
"The Nuremburg Trials"
and '"Hiroshima" will be
shown Thursday in the Stu
dent Union auditorium. The
films will be shown at 4:30
and 7 p.m.
Three of the five Lincoln fire trucks
rushed to Selleck Qundrangle in response
to an unonymous phone call and then
stood idle as firemen discovered no ex
Native of. Nebraska,
Judge Brown, Speaks
At Honors Convocation
By Janet Sack
United States Circuit Judge
John R. Brown from the Fifth
Circuit in Houston, Tex., will
be the speaker at the 33rd
Annual H on o r s Convocation
to be held Tuesday at 10:15
vice presidents Sue Carkoski
and Morris Beerbohm.
City Union chairman (list
ed first) and assistants in
clude: Arts and exhibits, Char
lette Sudor, Bob Lyons; mu
sic, Maureen Frolik, Jane
Keill; film, Marty Anderson,
Susie Salter; talks and top
ics, Linda Hillyer, Cathy
Origer; dance, Ann W a h 1,
Mary Sue Hiskey.
Hospitality, Sue Vandecar,
Pat Edmonston; recreation,
Sam Condit, Judy Keys; spe
cial activities, Vicky Cullen,
Harry Hamilton; public rela
tions, Sandy Lyster, Linda
Johnson; personnel, Kim
Pohlman, and Ann Lemon.
Ag Union committee chair
man and assistants will in
clude: Dance, Jay Graf, Karen
Leach; film, Alan Heine,
Roselie Hoffman; general en
tertainment, Don B a u d e r,
Delrae Beerman; hospitality,
Pat Frazer, Sandy Brown;
public relations, Joyce Bau
mann, Marilyn Sevrin; student-faculty,
Ron M e i n k e,
Phyllis Riddle.
Omaha Site of
Pre-Med Day
Premed Day will be held
Saturday, April 22, in Oma
ha, the University College of
Medicine has announced.
Juniors and seniors inter
ested' in medicine, medical
technology, nursing, or x-ray
technology are especially in
vited to attend with their ad
visors and interested faculty.
Registration will be held in
Conkling Hall from 8 to 8:30
a.m. Campus tours, displays,
a luncheon, and discussions
have been planned. Parking
will be available immediately
south of the Children's Hos
pital, 44th and Dewey.
Students who plan to attend
should sign at the bulletin
board at 306 Bessey Hall no
later than April 13.
a.m. in the Coliseum.
Judge Brown's topic will be
"You Don't Know Nothing
Yet!" Judge Brown, a native
of Nebraska, attended the
University and received his
A.B. degree in 1930. He re
ceived his Juris Doctor of
Law Degree from the Uni
versity of Michigan in 1932.
Admitted to th j Bar in Tex
as in 1932, Judge Brown is a
member of Houston Bar As
sociation, the Texas Bar As
sociation, the American Bar
Association, and the Mari
time Law Association of the
United States.
Throughout his profession
al career Judge Brown was
associated with Royston &
Rayzor from 1932-36.
He was a junior partner
in 1936 and made a senior
partner in 1939 and continued
at this until September of
1955. While he was a senior
partner, he specialized in ad
miralty, maritime and trans
portation matters.
In April of 1955 he was ap
pointed Judge of the Fifth
Circuit comprised of Texas,
Louisiana, Florida, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi and the
Canal Zone by President Eisenhower.
Men's Ivy Day Sing Rules,
Meeting Time Announced
The meeting for the Men's
Ivy Day Sing will be held
Monday April 17 at 4 p.m.
in 232 Student Union.
. All bouses must have a rep
resentative in attendance if
they wish to participate.
' Each representative must
bring eligibility lists, song ti
tles, two copies of the song
and the entry fee of $2.50.
Drawings for order of appear
ance will also be held.
Since eligibility lists will be
turned into Administration
after the meeting, the names
of participants can not be
changed after that time.
The rules for participation
1. All organized men's
houses may participate.
2. Not more than 25 men,
including the director, may
3. All participants must
meet University eligibility re
quirements. 4. No professional person
may assist in preparation of
the song.
5. No medley of songs, no
song more than five minutes
in length, and no song used
Names of three pledges to
Phi Chi Theta, professional
freaternity for women in
Business Administration,
were inadvertantly omitted
in the Nebraskan yesterday.
The three new pledges are
Nelsie Larsen, Jean Baxter,
and Elizabeth Brooks.
No Fire
plosion took place. The police units and
fire trucks blocked oft R Street from 15th
tu Kith Streets for about fifteen minutes.
Seniors graduating in 1961
who are in the upper three
per cent of their class or been
on the Class Honor List since
a freshman will be honored.
Separate awards for seniors
in Dentistry, Medical College
and Nurses will also be made.
Music will be provided by
Orchestra under the direction
of Emanuel Wishnow. T h
two numbers will be Over
ture to "Oberon" and Semira
mide Overture.
There will be a presentatioa
of University Foundation Dis
in the Humanities and Social
Sciences and also a Disting
uished Teaching Award in the
Physical and Technological
Professor Leroy Lease,
chairman of the Honors Con
vocation, will present the stu
dents honored in the program.
Student organizations will be
recognized for their high
scholarship and presentation
of awards will be made to
candidates for superior schol
arship. The C. W. Boucher
Awards will also be pre
sented. Chancellor Clifford M. Hard
in will preside over the Hon
ors Convocation.
last year may be presented,
6. All groups must remain
after their sing presentation
for recall by the judges if ne
cessary. 7. Any group not ready to
go on at the time scheduled
will "be disqualified.
Any one with questions
about the Ivy Day Sing should
contact Dick Nelson at the
Kappa Sigma house.
Med Admissions Tests
Applications for the Medi
cal College Admission Test,
which will be given May 6,
are due in New York by
April 21, 1961.
The test is required for
all students who plan to en
ter any accredited medical
college in the country in
September 1962.
Application forms are
available at 306 Bessey Hall.
NU to Host
The University of Nebraska
has been selected as the site
of the Mid-Continent Confer
ence of the student chapters
of the American Society of
Civil Engineers to be held
April 13 to 15.
Eight civil engineering
schools will be participating
in the Conference. In addition
to the University of Nebras
ka, they are: Kansas, Kan
sas State, Missouri, the Mis
souri School of Mines, Wash
ington University, Oklaho
ma, and Oklahoma State.
The events scheduled for
Thursday include registra
tion, which will be held from
3 to 5 p.m. m the Student
Union, and a banquet for
ASCE members at 6:30 p.m.
in the lnian Suite, Student
"Backsights and Fore
sights" will be the topic of a
speech by Ray M. Green,
past dean of engineering at
the University.
Music Sorority
Pledges Eight
Sigma Alpha Iota, national
music sorority, has pledged
eight new members this year.
They are: Kristen Van
Kranenburgh, Hosella Lange,
Rosalind Mohnsen, Janet
Ficke, Marilyn Moore, Lynn
Williams, Julie Berner and
Mary Davis.
The officers of the active
chapter for the'' year 1961-62
are: Mary Knolle, president;
Ann Anville, vice-president;
Carolyn Coffman, secretary;
Gwynne Greving, treasurer;
Kay Grein, chaplain; Mary
Kay Kapustka. rush chairman
and Charlcne Whitney, choral