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    The Nebraskan
Friday, March 24, 1961
Page 4
Desertion Not Complete
By No Show 9 Applicants
Do promising future college
students who apply for admis
sion but fail to show up for
registration continue their
According to Dr. Fred L.
(continued from page 2)
to avoid total involvement
in any organization; to seek
to whatever extent lies
within his power to limit
each group to the minimum
control necessary for per
formance of essential func
tions; to struggle against
the effort to absorb; to
lend his energies to many
organizations and give him
se5 completely to none; to
teach children, in the home
and in the scool, 'to be
laws to themselves and to
depend on themselves,' as
Walt Whitman urged us
many years ago for that
is the well source of the
independent spirit."
And indeed the cult of
American existence.
We're told of purpose
to make Americans
more conscious of a role
as world citizens." Role is
right. How about some live
We're told that it may
be high time we questioned
the presence of any Amer
icas ideals. Oh yeah? How
about making it high time
we questioned the all-assuming
blundering do-good-ing
ethic of our social en
closure. Give us back our
land return the earth to
the earth, and the stars to
the skies, and the commit
tees to Congress. Leave
your group and go home
to your soup. Tender your
total responsibility to do
what is assumed proper in
light of a irreconcilable
ethic dependent largely on
And now, begging your
ear, hear here:
. . failure, apathy, ugly
ness these are all relative,
and in present proportion
to the contemporary social
ethic, an oppressive inverse
relationship exists.
But square the ethic in
direct relationship, and the
spirit of apathy surges to
giant prospective in a ma
ture glory worthy of its
right hand checking power.
And until the norm again
comes to balance, may
God preserve that same
- Cosmopolitians, temper
the cultural osmosis, be
cause however fine, it
fences our cattle driving,
mole skinning, sun
scorched, blizzarded, leath
er skinned sodbusting Ne
braskan heritage. You tend
to steal the mortgage of
our land-fathers.
But to end in song to in
sure no loss of friends we
can co-exist the cabins
and the concerts harken
now to the old tune, redone
again in pure nothing:
There is no place like Ne
braska, Dear old Nebraska you
antiquated hole in the
cultural earth
Where the clods is uncul
tured, The broads, marriage
Of any old place that we
There is no place like
Dear old Nebraska, wow
We'll all sing together,
s to we ought whether,
Take in the bassoon recital
or get a cabin. .
Larry Dornhoff Wins
National Math Honors
Larry Dornhoff has received
a rating in the William Lowell
Putnam Mathematical com
petition. Dornhoff, an 18-year-old
"University junior received
honorable mention in the
contest sponsored by the
Mathematical Association of
Nicolai, deputy registrar at
the University, believes there
may not be as great an aban
donment of college plans as
many educators have previ
ously been led to believe.
Applications were received
from 424 high school gradu
ates last fall who failed to re
port for registration. 185 of
these, Dr. Nicolai found, were
ranked in the top scholastic
half of their high school class
es and were considered "good
college material."
An effort was made to con
tact these students by mail,
and Dr. Nicolai received re
plies from 141 of them.
Almost three out of four,
or 72, had not abandoned
plans for college but had
not abandoned plans for col
lege but had changed them at
the last moment. They had
not registered at the Univer
sity, but decided to attend a
college "closer to home." A
little over' half enrolled in a
Nebraska institution. Only
28 of the total number of
students actually did not go
on to school, and most of
these sa;d they hoped to enter
college later. The reason for
the delay listed by one-third
of those who postponed their
college attendance was finan
cial problems.
The conclusion indicated by
Dr. Nicolai's inquiry was that
a substantial number of Ne
braska high school graduates
make simultaneous applica
tion to more than one college
or university.
Other than this, it seems
that "the great majority of
the promising Nebraska high
school graduates who are
classified as "no shows" by
the registrar of one institu
tion are actually in school
somewhere else, and that
there is a better than 50-50
chance they are attending a
Nebraska institution," Dr. Ni
colai said.
His study indicates further,
Dr. Nicolai said, that college
costs are definitely a limiting
factor on plans to attend col
lege, despite expanded stu
dent financial aid programs.
Student Council Defeats
Tassel Pledge Amendment
By Ann Moyer
An amendment to the Tas
sels constitution proposing a
change in the selection of
Tassels pledges was defeated
bv the Student Council
Wednesday and returned to
the organization for further
The amendment was among
three submitted to the Coun
cil by Tassels. It proposed
changing the selection of Tas
sels pledges from the pres
ent system of the Spring
Tassel Tea to interviews.
Each organized house was
permitted to send interested
candidates to the tea. One of
these candidates was selected
for membership in Tassels.
The defeated amendment pro
posed that for vr class
vacancy in an orgaiJzed
house, seven names might
be submitted to the interview
ing board.
The interviewing board,
composed of the executive
board and three other elected
Tassel members, would chose
new Tassel members from
the names submitted chosing
one pledge from each house.
Unaffiliated women would al
so be chosen through inter
views. The Council objection to the
amendment was that pledges
should be chosen for their in
terest and enthusiasm in the
organization rather than for
the reason that each house
should have at least one new
pledge each year.
Council members suggested
that the amendment place no
restrictions on the number of
Tassel pledges which could
be chosen from each bouse or
housing unit.
John Hoerner, chairman of
the judiciary committee,
pointed out that any amend
ment to the Tassels constitu
tion should be carefully con
sidered by the Council as Tas
sels was performing a func
tion to the campus (promot
ing spirit) initially assigned
to the Council.
Want Ads
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Happy Spring Vacation I
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Social Stationery Party Invitations
Graduation Announcements
Hare Graves Print It
Sooth of Temple Bldg. HE 2-2937
Italian Food"
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OPEN 4:00 P.M. to 1.00 A.M.
J457 Holdrego
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Ointwtniliiiiiiiiih iTiiTirt n i jfit TiTil TiTiTi i wtTml
In other Council business.
Deon Stuthman, chairman of
the parking committee, an
nounced that soon after vaca
tion plantings would be
planted around the paved sec
tion of selleck parking lot.
After the shrubs are planted
those parking their cars in
the lot will no longer be al
lowed to back into the park
ing space.
It was also announced that
the library would be open the
Friday preceding exams and
the Friday during exams un
til 11 p.m. The library will
also be open Memorial Day
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Ag Union Positions
Applications for Ag Stu
dent Union committee
chairmer and assistants are
now avaable in the Ag Un
ion's activities office, ac
cording to Mrs. Sylvia Mc
Neil, program manager.
The applications must be
turned in by tomorrow
noon, she said.
Interviews for the six
chairmen and six assistants
will be held April 4.
OU Regents
Rush Week
(UPS) The University
of Oklahoma Board of Re
gents lowered the boom on
the Greek system at Okla
homa in a surprise move
that cut out Rush Week at
the University.
In a formal statement to
the IFC and Panhellenic
presidents, the Regents an
and sororities will not hold
the traditional pre-school
formal rush week program
in the fall of 1961.
The announcement
brought sharp opposition
from the Greek organiza
tions and students on the
campus. More than 200
chanting Greeks milled out
side the home of University
President Cross that night
in reaction to the regents
decision to abolish rush
week. The University of Ok
lahoma is a predominatly
Greek campus.
The announcement came
as a complete surprise to
students and most univer
sity officials. While the ac
tion is not yet official, the
letter sent to the two presi
dents indicated that the re
gents are unanimously in
favor of changing the sys
tem and the only step left
is a vote at their April
The two presidents were
asked to assist the univer
sity administration and re
gents in developing a new
method of pledging students
to Greek organizations.
Fraternity and sorority
leaders rushed to tele
phones trying to contact
their nationals and hoping
somehow to thwart the re
gents' move.
President Cross said that
the idea of abolishing for
mal rush was not unique at
Oklahoma. ''Informal rush
programs have been used
effectively at many major
campuses for a number of
years," he said.
Most university officials
were quiet about the sub
ject, but the students were
not. All caught by surprise
at the announcement, they
are p 1 a n n i n g to present
their opposition to President
Unitarians Discuss
Existentialism Topic
"Existentialism" is a topic
for discussion Sunday at 7:30
p.m. for the Charming-Murray
Discussion Group at the
Unitarian Church at 12th and
NAA's On-Campus Interviews
The NAA industrial familg has a career for yon
at the Atomies
Atomics lnternaGonal Division is
o leader, both here and abroad, in
the development of nuclear reac
tor for power, research, and
mobile systems.
& cleetra-
mecfaanics at the
Antonetics Divisioa
SWeer. CeM.I
Antonetics Division carries out
research, development, and manu
facture of computers, data sys
tems, inertial guidance, armament
controls, flight controls. Builders
of guidance systems for Polaris
subs, Minuteman 1CBM.
A missiles at tbe
Columbus Division
fColMMOM, OHfol
Columns Division, a complete
center of systems 'Capability, pro
duces Navy's Mach 2 A3J Vigilante,
is developing new Army target
missile, and building reflector lor
world's largest radio telescope.
ml manned weapon
systems at the
Los Angeles Division
P-e Angelas. CalM.)
Los Angeles Division is the borne
of next-generation manned weapon
system -the Mach 3 B-70 Valkyrie
and America's first manned space
vehicle, the X-15.
wA systems
and concepts
at the Rocketdyne
ICoeogo faik. CoM.
IMcGMgor, lealj
o, Mo. I
Rocketdyne Division, Free World's
leading producer of large rocket
engines, supplied main-stage boost
ers for 29 out of 32 successful U. S.
satellites and space probes.
& missiles at the
Space & Information
Systems Division
tOcmmt,. Calif.)
SIS Division produces the GAM
77 Hound Dog missile and concen
trates on manned and unmanned
space exploration vehicles, anti
ICBM projects, and management
of information processing systems.
. Advanced opportunities jar engineers and scientist with
graduate degrees. See Your Placement Office Today For Interview
Dean's Advisory Board
Selects Six Members
Six new members of the
Teachers College Dean Advis
ory board were selected at
the dean's tea recently.
The new members are
Joyce Story, Joan Chenoweth,
Joanie Myren. Nickie Chris
tie, Bernice Hodge and Pat
The holdover members are
Mary Drishaus, Margaret
Timm and Judy Lawrence.
Former members are Gaye
Engel, Dorothy Selentin,
Gloria E r i c k s o n, Sylvia
Bathe, Shirley Chab, and
Geri Hathaway.
The new members are se
lected by faculty members
and the final decision is made
by the Advisory Board. Three
members are from the ele
mentary education depart
ment, one from the business
teacher education depart
ment, one from the fine arts
department, and two from the
secondary education -department
These new members will be-
DU Brave Hearts
To Hold Formal
One hardy organization on
campus has decided to brave
the mass stampede for home
this week-end and hold its an
nual Orchil formal. The group
is Delta Upsilon, and the for
mal will be held Friday,
7-12 p.m.
S30S "0" ST.
the dr'tve-m with the arches
fare Beef Hambwger15c
Tasty Cheesebnr$erWe
Triple-Thick Shakes ..20c
Golden Frew Fries Mc
Thirrt-teeiKMRf CofceJOc
DeitM feat Beer .10c
Stesmosg ftot Cow Kfc
Befit Orme Drit..Kc
tefrtsbwe CoM Kft .
gin at the first joint meeting
which was held on Monday.
The functions of the members
are to discuss the problems
in Teachers' College, help the
steering committee and the
Dean's Tea.
The Advisory Board is also
concerned with a project in
Jordan, concerned with start
ing a Teachers' College there
and have asked the U.N. for
Three Law Students
Attend Conference
Three University Law Stu
dents attended the annual
Eight Circuit Conference of
the American Law Student
Association at the University
of North Dakota last week
end. James Gilsdorf, William
Hemmer and Miss B. J. Hol
comb were the University
representatives at the con
ference which included over
100 law students from nine
law schools.
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Question 4:
Suppose the government asked for volunteers among college
students to pioneer in manning the first space station, would
you go if odds for your safe return were 50-50?
Yes No
How many children do you plan to have when you are
None.,, . ,. One Two
Seven or more.
Should class attendance be optional so long as students
pass the exams given in class?
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tlt, my
not toe -sttt- 1
tic!iv-tndom ;
selection at stt
schools. . i
Answer: Question 2. None Z.1. One 8.3. Two 30.5.
Three 30.6. Four 16.4. Five 4.6.
Six 23. Seven or more 42.
Answers : Answer: Question 3. Yes 687. No 313.
Answer: Question 4. Soft Pack 722. Box 27.
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