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    Wednesday, March 15, 1961
The Nebraskan
Page 3
Kappa Sigma Cops
Top Spot in Ratings
Daily Nebraskan Places Belts
First in B; Phi Belts Top C
By Cloyd Clark
Kappa Sigma has captured the all-University A Team
championship in the Daily Nebraskan's final team ratings
while Delta Tau Delta and Phi Delta Theta reign in classes
is and c respectively.
The tournament champions, led by Bob Prokop, lost only
one game in regular season and tournament play. The sole
defeat came when Delta Upsilon, just off probation, upset
ine ivappa aigs jusi Deiore tne au-university tournament,
Beta Theta PI beat oat In
dependent champion and run
ner-up to Kappa Sigma in
the all-University tournament
Navy with their outstanding
tournament play.
The Betas suffered their
first and second losses to the
Kappa Sigs in tournament
play. The first game the Kap
pa Sigs squeaked by 55-52 and
in the second play they won,
The Navy KOTC squad
captures the third place rat
ing in the final standings.
The far traveling Navy
team suffered a loss in the
finals of the Independent
before they went on to gain
the runner-up spot in tne
all-University tourney.
Dropped to Third
This loss and the calibre o:
fiie Independent league
dropped the Navy team to
third place behind Beta Theta
PL -
Monte Kiffin and Pat "Leo
Fisher led the Gus II basket-
Class A
1. Kappa Sigma
2. Beta Theta Pi
3. Navy
4. Gas II
5. Dental College
. Sigma Chi
7. Gas I
8 Avery
9! Phi Gamma Delta
10. Seaton II
bailers to the Burr-Selleck
championship and the num
her four soot on the final A
team standings.
Gus II was tied for the
league 5-A championship with
a 4-1 season record, bat when
they reached the tournament
they stomped unaeteaiea cur
nett. 58-33, in the early
rounds of the tournament.
Burnett was eliminated
from the tourney when Hitch
cock, fourth in league play
behind Gus II, beat them, 51
47. The Dent College placed
fifth by defeating Navy ROTC
in the all-University tourna
menL Gus I, second in the Sel-leck-Burr
finals, holds the
seventh spot. The Gus I
squad's top game came
in the finals of the tourna
ment when they upset Gus
II, 40-33, and forced the Burr
Selleck champs to play a rub
ber game.
Avery Eighth f-
Avery is placed behind
Gus I just as it was in
League 4-A standings. Avery
had a 4-2 season record and
made it to the semifinals of
the Burr-Selleck tournament
where Gus I cut them' out,
In an earlier season game
Avery had defeated the Gus
I squad, 27-25.
Phi Gamma Delta and Seat
m II finish ut the top ten.
Phi Gamma Delta was chos
en en the strength ef its 5-3.
season record In the t n g
Fraternity 1-A kagnc.
Sigma CM 3rd
Delta Tau Delta and Phi
Delta Theta beat out B-Tour-cament
champions in the fin
al B team standings.
Both teams were disqnali
fled from the aD-Unfversity
tournament. The Delts lost
their tourney privileges by
sing an ineligible player is
the first game ef the season
and the Phi Delts failed to
list the first names of their
team In aa early ornament
game, '
Both teams finished league
play with &-0 records.
The Delt squad gave the
all-University tourney cham
pions, Sigma Chi, their only
defeat of the season to edge
out the Phi Delta Theta crew
for top ranking.
In third place is the tourna
ment champion, Sigma Chi.
Sigma Chi beat out Manatt
in the Burr-SelSeck-Fratemi-ty
playoff on the Coliseum
court in the all-B champion
ships, 36-34.
Manatt is ranked behind
Sigma Chi in fourth position
on the final Daily Nebraskan
chart. Manatt won the Burr
Selleck championship in t
slugfest with MacLean.
The fifth and sixth positions
Class B
1. Delta Tau Delta
2. Phi Delta Theta
3. Sigma Chi
4. Manatt
5. Gas I
6. Farm House
7. Beta Theta PI
8. Theta XI
9. MacLean
10. Kappa Sigma
are filled by Gus I and Farm
House B teams.
Both teams finished in the
runner-up spots 01 tneir re
spective Leagues, Gus I be
hind Burr-Selleck champion
with a 5-1 record and Farm
House finished behind Phi
Delta Theta with a 5-2 record.
Beta Theta Pi and Theta XI
ranked in the next spots be
cause of their season records.
Beta Theta Pi finished with
3-2 record behind Delta
Tau Delta and' Sigma Chi in
the top B league and Theta
Xi followed Farm House in
third spot of Phi Delta The
ta's league.
MacLean and Kappa Sigma
finish out the B chart.
Phi Belts Top C
Phi Delta Theta leads the C
team standings which are in
the same order they were
after season play.
The Phi Delts won the all-
University C team champion
ship over Theta Xi, 35-32, in
the final tournament game.
In regular season play the
Theta Xi and Sigma Chi
Know The Frosh
Degnan Among Leaders
On Husker Sprint Corps
By Janet Sack
With a mark of :06.2 in the 60-yard dash,
Don Degnan of Kansas City, Mo., is one of
the top freshman sprinters.
In outdoor track he has marks of equal
quality with a: 09.8 in the 100-yard dash
and a :21.6 in the 220.
Don has been a sprinter for four years
and has participated In other sports, but
prefers track to any other because it is
a year-round sport. "Of coarse, I miss the
other sports," he said, "bat I enjoy track
more than anything else.
Degnan gives good, regular practice as
one of the roads to success in the dashes.
"Take me for example," he said: "I think
that hard practice in the 60 on Monday
and Wednesday and a lighter practice on
Friday keeps me in top shape.
"When I practice hard on Tuesday and
then miss a couple of days, I get a little
out of shape. Maybe my start will be bad
or maybe I won't have the extra strength
needed at the finish."
Confidence Important
Confidence also plays a very important
part in a brack man's success or failure.
"Confidence can make a mediocre runner
into the best runner in the U.S. or the
world for that matter," Degnan said.
Three things that any runner has to keep
uppermost in his mind are to keep in top
shape, have good competition and be psy
chologically ready for a meet, Degnan
"Another important thing to a college ,
runner is to get a name for himself," said
Degnan. "It is the gay with the name who
wins, even if he actually doesn't.
"The people are moe apt to make ex
cuses as to why the name didn't win. May
be it was because he had a bad day or
maybe a bad start, or maybe he was cut
off. The little guy who wins just does it
by chance."
As a high school senior during the foot
ball season, Degnan had some bad luck.
He injured his knee and wore a cast for
N seven weeks for the torn ligaments and a .
split cartilage. The doctors told him he
would never run again, but less than six
months later he proved them wrong.
Best Times
After the injury he turned in the best
times of his career in the 100 and 220 with
a :09.8 and :21.6 respectively.
Degnan said his biggest thrill was win
ning the 100-yard dash title in :09.8 in the
High School Division of the National AAU.
The St. Joseph meet in his senior year
also held a big surprise for Degnan. Even
' after a temperature drop of about 50 de
grees in the weather from the time of the
qualifying heats until the finals, Degnan
won the 100 in :10.2 and the 220 in :22.1
and anchored the 440-yard relay team to a
third place with a :45.5.
For his outstanding performances in the
meet Degnan received the Athlete of the
Day trophy.
In addition to holding his high school
records in the 100 and 220, Don also holds
the records for the same events in the
- greater Kansas City area.
, jjtDegnan was much sought after by the
other Big Eight schools and some of the
smaller schools in the Midwest. He de
cided to attend Nebraska because of the
University and Lincoln.
Class C
1. Phi Delta Theta
2. Theta Xi
3. Sigma Chi
4. Alpha Tan Omega
5. Beta Theta Pi
6. Phi Kappa Psi
7. Delta Tan Delta
8. Kappa Sigma
I. Phi Gamma Delta
teams were tied for second
position, but Theta Xi's vic
tory over Sigma Chi in the
semi-final round of the all-C
tournament places them in the
undisputed second place.
Phi Delta .Theta was one of
the few basketball teams to
finish the season undefeated.
They boasted an 8-0 record for
the season and swept through
the tournament wthout a de
Situation Unchanged
On Athletic Director
Nebraska's Board of Regents Tuesday formally accepted
Bill Orwig's resignation as athletic director but took no action
in picking a successor to the post. ,
Orwig has resigned to accept a similar position at
Indiana Apru 1
James Pittenger, adrninis
trative aid to Chancellor
Clifford Hardin, said Tuesday
that "the situation is un
changed from what it was
before the Regents met."
He said they were search
ing for a replacement, but
that no action has been
taken. .The Regents did not
set another meeting date.
Pittenger said a dozen or
more applications have been
received since Orwig's resig
nation was announced. The
position currently pays $15,-
200 annually.
Three avenues of solving
the vacancy appear to be
available to the Board of Re
gents when they decide to
consider the matter.
The three possibilities are
fl) naming an interim direc
tor (2) promoting a present
1200 "O" Street
will meet Thursday
MARCH 16, 1961
7:30 p.m. Rm. 240
Nebraska Union
$250 '4
(or the girl who lilce to be different. Graceful and
glittering, the marquise is the mat feminine of ail
designs for rt tends to tenderize the fingers. The
emerald cut ha the still cooinet of limpid water.
Both lock with the wedding ring to prevent slipping,
rices include Federal tax Charge or budget
JIlustrttiooM slightly enlarged
staff member to the director
ship, either as a coach direc
tor combination or as a solo
director thus creating a
coaching vacancy (3) finding
an outside candidate to take
over the reigns.
Unless action is taken
soon, Nebraska will be oper
ating without an athletic di
rector, in a little more than
two weeks.
5 Independents
In Volley Ball
Five teams have entered
the Independent volley ball
competition for 1961.
Dent College, Senior Dents,
Law College, Phi Epsilon
Kappa and the Persians will
play off a single round robin
volley ball tournament for the
Independent champion
ship this year.
The champ will be chosen
on a percentage of game won
Today's Independent league
play pits the the Law Col
lege against Senior Dents and
Phi Epsilon Kappa against
Dental College at 5 o'clock
in the PE Building.
I."" mmm
I -
I Sports Signals
By Hal Brown
1 1
Just as different jobs have a special vocabulary, sports
can also be distinguished by their special language and
wrestling is no exception.
When wrestlers yell "Get five" to a team mate on tha
mat it is plain that they mean for him to go for a pin.
Twenty-five years ago when a similar sit
uation arose, shouts of "Show him the
lights" could be heard.
Wrestling lingo has changed since
1936, like ladies' millinery, presidential ad
ministrations and almost everything else.
The best-known slang names for holds and
takedowns a quarter century ago were
"Highwings," "Banana Split," "Cushing
Special," "Gallagher," "Gilycan," and the
"Tulsa Whizzer."
The Tulsa Whizzer was a fast seizure
used by Oklahoma's Wayne Martin, three- Brown
time NCAA champ, in which Martin grasped an opponent's
arm and suddenly dropping backwards' and spinning,
flopped him on his back.
Nowadays, wrestlers still apply an occasional "Banana
Split" but mostly go for such canvas-kisser as the "Cat-
fish," Guillotine," "Pancake," "Fireman's Carry," "Cra
dle," or any of the werid family of Bear Hugs such as the
"Running," "Crawling," "Squatting" and "Lying Down
Horizontal from the Bottom" Bear Hugs.
To a team mate underneath, today's grapplers shout
"Fire!," 'Move Out!," or "Throw a Fit!" whereas in
1936 they whooped "Rise and Shine!" A quarter century
ago matmen would ask a team mate, "Want to work?"
when they wanted to take them on in a friendly practice
grind. Nowadays they ask, "Wanta roll around a little?"
A wrestler who is groggy from being slammed to the
mat was called a "Flip Dippy" a quarter century ago.
Now he's a "Dome Wreck." A "Pinky" in 1936 and a
"Sick Man" in 1961 means the same thing, a wrestler out
of condition.
An easy foe Is called a "pud or "white meat," An
opponent who runs from you Is a "chicken" or "sprinter.''
A take-down artist Is "slick on his feet." A quitter is a
"dog." A wrestler with a lame knee is known as a "man
workin' on one leg."
Wrestlers are the hungriest people in the world be
cause they are always starving to make the weight "Pult
ing" they call it, mostly. The steam room is "The Coun
try Club," "Torture Box" or just plain "Hell."
After weighing in at 2:30 p.m. on the afternoon of a
meet, wrestlers generally eat their fill. This is known as
Good Year Expected for Former Husker
Nearly everyone connected with baseball is predicting
a banner year for former Husker athlete Bob Cerv. Cerv's
power is expected to blend well with the short fences in
Wrigley Field, home of the Los Angeles Angels.
Cerv and Albie Pearson, a 5-6 outfielder, signed their
contracts with the Angels at the same time. Pearson re
marked, "We are going to hit 41 homers Jaetween us. 40
by Cerv."
One of Cerv's biggest boosters is Bill Grigsby, sports
caster for the Kansas City A's. Grigsby tells of the season
when Cerv suffered a broken jaw and played with the jaw
wired shut. The ex-Husker ate his meals through a straw
for several weeks with a blender being used to prepare
solids so they could be taken through a straw.
"I remember several occasions that summer when Bob
would pull up at third after a triple and the umpire would
hold up the game until he caught his breath," Grigsby
says. "Many players would have stopped at second, but
Cerv knows only one way to play and that is full speed."
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