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The Nebraskan
Monday, Dec. 19, 1960
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KK Talent Sought
4In Snadesw Baker
By Nancy Brown
The search for Kosmet Klub spring show talent is on
Scripts for persons interested in trying out for the KK
production of "Damn Yankees" may now oe picicea up rrom
the main desk in the Student Union.
"Past Kasmet Klub spring show productions have 'run
the gamut in variety of talent. This year's production
of "Damn Yankees" is no exception: we need talent in
spades," stated Bill Baker, director of "Damn Yankees.'
"There are approximately
45 members needed for this
cast, and the talents needed
ranee from a flaming cigar
ette trick to a masochistic
mambo," Baker added. .
Tryouts will be held Jan.
10 and 12 in the Union from
7 to 10 p.m. each night.
During tryouts the directors
will be looking for people to
portray a wide range of char
acters. Baker described the
characters as follows:
"There's Charlie Applegate,
a not too sinister Satan who
is losing his devilish touch
and needs special help from
his right-hand girl, Lola
Devil's Desire
"Lola is just what the devil
ordered. She is brash on oc
c a s i o n. ( " Whatever Lola
Wants, Lola Gets"), playful
always ("Two Lost Souls")
and frantic usually ('.'Who's
Got the Pain When They Do
the Mambo").
"She dances and sings to
Joe Hardy, the ail-American
baseball player who sings
right back to her, even though
he is r e a 1 1 y Joe Boyd, an
aging Washington Senators
fan who has made a deal witn
Joe is married and deeply
in love with his wife, Meg,
a kind and understanding mid-
die-aged woman who must
sacrifice her husband to
television set six months out
of every year.
"During the story, the a
dience meets such people as
Gloria, an energetic and at
tractive newspaper reporter;
Van Buren, the befuddled and
distressed team manager;
and Welch, the slightly incap
able club owner.
"There are also Henry
Sohovik and Rocy, three uiv
likely ball players who ar
convinced that all it takes to
win the pennant is "You've
Gotta Have Heart," and Sis
ter and Doris, two spinster
neighbors and .overly avid
baseball fans.
Mix Well'
"To these characters add
generous spicing of several
other varieties of people who
can sing or dance or douv
and you have the material for
a first class Kosmet Klub
spring show.
"Rehearsals have been
planned to make the max!
mum use ot a minimum
amount of time so everyone
can maintain their averages
and not jeopardize their so
cial activities. Experience is
not absolutely necessary; en-
thusiasm is. Your directors
are miracle workers," Baker
Offers Jobs
Warren Witte, program as
sistant for the North Central
Regioa of the American
" Friends Service Committee,
' will interview students Jan.
13 for study and work pro
jects offered throughout the
United States and abroad
next summer.
These projects, sponsored
by the Service Committee, in
clude U.S. work camps, over
seas work camps, service in
Latin America, institutional
service units, and interns in
community service and in
dustry. The Service committee Is
an organization which at
tempts to relieve human suf
fering and to seek for non
violent solutions to conflicts
personal, national and in
ternational. In each of these projects,
students assist the people of
other countries and areas to
develop better living condi
tions. In the institutional serv
ice units, students work in
mental hospitals, schools for
the retarded and corretional
institutions , to aid these peo
ple to lead a better life.
Additional informa
tion about the projects may
be obtained from the Univer
sity YWCA office. I
Board Interviews
To be Held Jan. 9
Deon Stuthman was elected
president of the All University
Fund for the coming year by
the AUF executive board
Thursday night.
Others elected to the AUF
executive board are:
Sonja Ericksen, vice presi
dent in charge of solicitation;
Lynn Wright, vice president
in charge of publicity; Nancy
Kaun, secretary; and Mike
Milroy, treasurer.
In addition to his new AUF
position, Stuthman is a mem
ber of Alpha Zeta, Ag Union
Board of Managers, Ag Exec
Board. Kosmet Klub, Student
Council and Farm House fra
ternity. He is a junior in agri
culture. Sonja Ericksen is a board
member of Coed Counselors
and a committee chairman
of Ag Union. She is a junior
in home economics and a
member of Chi Omega sor
ority. Lynn Wright is a managing
editor of the Cornhusker and
a member of Kappa Alpha
Theta sorority. She is a jun
ior in Arts and Sciences.
Nancy Raun is a member
of YWCA, ACE, Y-teen lead
er and treasurer of Kappa
Kappa Gamma sorority. She
is a junior in Arts and Sci
ences. Mike Milroy is a member
of Kosmet Klub, IFC. Student
Council and Beta Theta Pi
fraternity. He is a junior in
Arts and Sciences.
Interviews for new board
chairmen and assistants will
be held on Jan. 7. said Sue
Carkoskj, past president of
AUF. The old and new execu
tive boards will interview the
Living Room Lecturer
Plans 'Distance9 Talk
Dr. George Young will accomplish the impossible tomor
row for he will be at Ohio State University and Lincoln at
the same time. ; '
The chairman of the veterinary science department wiH
speak to several hundred veterinarians at a meeting at Ohio
State but he will not be there in person.
Dr. Young will speak and
Dr. George Young, chairman of the veternary science department, demonstrates his
method of relaying his Tuesday speech to fellow veterinarians at Columbus, 0. The veter
inarians will also be able to ask Dr. Young questions after his talk via the long distance the young pigs.
show slides from the living
room of his home
A long distance telephone
will make it possible for his
speech to reach the veterin
arian's meeting. A duplicate
set of slides will be shown at
the meeting and will corres
pond to the ones viewed here
in Lincoln by Young,
Following the speech, the
veterinarians will have the
opportunity to ask Dr. Young
some . questions via the tele
phone. Dr. Young will discuss the
"Comparative Performance
and Maintenance Cost of Spe
cific - Pathogen-Free pigs."
Such pigs are delivered by
surgical means to prevent
transmission of certain di
seases from the mother to
telephone call.
A 'Bang' For
By Gloria Peterson an
Nancy Whitford
Christmas goes off with a
bang in Jamaica.
Jamaicans, according to
exchange student Isa Lyttle,
reserve fireworks for Christ
mas rather than the fourth
of July.
Many of the other festivi
ties, such as caroling, par
ties, gift exchanges and
Christmas trees are similar
to those found in America,
she explained, but there is
one special food that is dif
"This is a pudding which
contains fruit that has been
soaking in liquors since last
Christmas or the early part
of June. The pudding is then
steamed and served," she
Isa said she is looking for
ward to spending Christmas
in the United States and
learning how the holidays are
celebrated here.
Other foreign students at
the University will travel
across the nation as far as
New York City and San
Diego, Calif., to spend Christ
mas vacation.
A number of the 236 for
eign students will visit room
mates and relatives through
out Nebraska according to
Mrs. Olga Steele, foreign stu
dent adviser.
In addition, special Christ
mas invitations to spend the
holidays have again been of
fered by several Nebraska
towns, including Beatrice,
Steinauer, Walthill, Hender
son and Lincoln, Mrs.- Steele
"Not all of the foreign stu
dents will be leaving the cam
pus though, as many plan to
spend the vacation time doing
research and term papers
while others will work full
time to defray school ex
penses," she said.
Students living in "near-by"
countries such as Venezuela
and Canada will travel bv
Pledge Projects
Constructive Activity
Subs for Usual Sneak
By Sue Hovik
Pledges of fraternities and
sororities have been making
the news with their efforts
on constructive projects.
Even though some of the
houses have given up the tra
ditional sneak to harass ac
tives, and turned to a week
end in the house to work on
constructive projects, others
have boarded buses and trav
eled as far away as Colum
bia, Mo., and Champaign, 111.
Alphia Xi Delta pledges
moved the actives out of the
house for a day and night
while they provided surprises
ia form of a painted crest as
well as painting in the house.
Although they didn't have
a homecoming display, the
Chi Omegas didn't let the
display money to go to waste.
A mentally retarded boy of a
needy family will go to school
because of their contribution.!
The Tri Delt actives felt a
little sheepish when they had
the wool pulled over their
eyes by their pledges as they
took off on a "fake sneak"
one Friday night.
The Delta Gamma pledge
class will be hostesses for the
Ked-Tread for all pledge
classes on campus.
Concentrating on those less
fortunate is the Kappa Kappa
Gamma theme this year as
they go caroling at orphan
ages and the State Hospital.
Future sorority members 1 Friday afternoon
might be getting an "early
rush" as alumni children
flock to the houses during the
Christmas season to receive
their gifts from Santa and
his elves. Many fraternity
men are also getting exper
ience "playing Santa."
Working as "Santa's help
ers" are the Sigma Cms
mi . .
iney are collecting, repair
ing, and making toys for 500
Indian children in Macy, Neb
The Delta Upsilon pledges
have been picking corn at
LARC Farm every Saturday.
The Miami Triad party is
the main concern of the
pledge classes of Sigma Chi,
Phi Delta Thea and Beta
Theta Pi.
Sigma Delta Tau and Zeta
Beta Tau played Santa indi
rectly Saturday afternoon.
They took several children
from the Cedar's Home for
Children to see Santa Claus.
After the visit with Saint
Nick, they took the children
to a downtown toy depart
ment and" bought each child
a gift.
The Phi Gamma Delta
pledges took children from
the White Hall Orphange to
a movie and then had a
Christmas party for them
The Alpha Omicron Pi
pledges held a Christmas tea
The technique was de
veloped by Dr. Young.
Book Topic
Is Whitman
, Continued from page 1
major analytical book on Walt
Whitman's masterpiece of
American poetry, "Leaves of
At that time critics had
agreed that Whitman was the
19th century's greatest Amer
ican poet, but until Dr. Miller
finished his initial and ma
jor work on the author, little
attention had been given to
the artistry that Whitman in
vested in "Leaves of Grass."
Dr. Miller, a member of
the University faculty since
1353, is also editor of College
English and advisery editor
of "Prairie Schooner."
He first became interested
in Whitman while doing ad
vanced degree work at the
University of Chicago. While
at the University, he started
a seminar course where his
thinking on the subject of the
author was, in part, formu
Dr. Miller has also written
a number of articles on other
American authors including
Hawthorne, Melville, Poe and
D. Salinger.
He collaborated with Uni
versity professors Karl Shapi
ro and Bernice Slote in writ
ing "Start With the Sun," a
study of cosmic poetry, "A
Critical Guide to Leaves of
Grass" "The Ficitonal Tech
nique of Scott Fitzgerald,"
and the editing of "Walt
Yodel on Inn; '
Learn to Ski :
The Yodel Inn Motel and
Restaurant, located at the en
trance to Hide-A-Way Par&
near the summit of Berthomi
Pass, will provide housing for
Student Union Ski Trip parti
cipants this year. ' ,ZL
Only 2 miles from the Winter-Park
Ski area, Yodel Inn
has been newly redecorated
and enlarged.
The trip cost $65 which in.
eludes Yodel Inn, transporta
tion, lessons, equipment and
The trip will be held Febru
ary 1-6, and will be sponsored
by the Student Union.
Shucks No Peppers .
There will b no fresh
men pep seetion at the home
basketball game during va
cation. Even though many stu
dents might attend the gam
here will be no section re
served for them, according
to Ron Gould, Corn Cobs
member. i
Want Ada
1958 Triumph TR-3. Mechanically eift
cellent. Hardtop, heater. Two ne
tires. Priced below book to Mil. 133f
H, Apt. C-3. GR 7-8313.
Formats tc Dress, elzei 6 and
IV 8-0561.
One bedroom trailer, 29x8 ft., picture
window, nice lot. $52 monthly renf
ean apply on purchase price. AIT
conditioned. ID 4-4920.
Sleeping Rooms 1433 "Q",
Apartment 1437 "J".
Lost : Versalog
HE 2-0015.
tilde rule. Reward.
Mixup of white, short Borgana coat
Saturday at Tony Lucie's. Check
lable for name "Read." If you have
coat -please contact Ruthle Read at
rv 8-1668. She will return your new
Ride needed for two to California. Cou.4
leave I9th-21st. Call Terry GiUiand,
HE 2-47ti3.
Need ride or riders to L.A. Before or
after Christmas. Huskervilte 7JW-35S4.
for all sorority pledge classes Whitman. Complete Poetry
ana beiectea rrose.
Wanted: A ride to the Chicago area
over Christmas vara t ion. Contact
Roger Miller, HE 5-904 .
Riders to Kansas City for Christmas
vacation. Call GA 3-9053 after 5:30.
Ask for Joe.
Student desiring ride to northern Mich
igan call Milton Hujen, Sam Law
rence Hotel, before December 23.
Watch Repair
2-Day Service
Campus Bookstore
Solve that Christmas present qmindry
Buy a Nebraska Band Album. Uni
versity Kxt. 6151.
If you are not lnte nested in fun. ex
citement, rood food, and beautiful
country, then don't so on the Tnion
Skl-trlp February 1-6, 1961. It you
like skiing, go.
Filters for
-finest flavor by far!
candidates for these positions, train and plane to spend
sne saia. Christmas at home, she noted
Men who face wind and weather
7 -
choose the protection of . .
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r ha
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Tareyton has the taste
T 1 Tl.l i : I 'f combines a unique inner filter of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL
I 111 PI I Hi IPT '' 4 g-'y Proved o me the taste pf a cigarette mild and smooth ..
. . c'..-trv'a- if 2. with a pure white oyter filter. Together they select and balance
does it
me navor elements in the smoke. Tarevton's ilavnr.hsianr.
you the best taste of the best tobaccos.
Skin protection, that is. Old Spice refreshes and stimulates, guards against the loss of vital
j skin moisture, feels great, too. Brisk, bracing, vify that tangy Old Spice scent, Ft does qeem i
attract female admirer but what red-hlooded . : ? ; ; ! : ' ' 1 .' : ; ; ?. ' -f '
man need protection against girls? , 1.00 fhuum i ' S H (J t. T O M
vilvH. ... i ii?Mh:NEWJ)UAL FILTER
Product of iSSUtMrrifMMtmtiVaeco-KM u imr middle
name 4. r. c.