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    Foreign, U.S. Students Form International Group
ome 1J0 sljkksits. evr
watii (Article III to:
The Mfcrs mill be t
awv sti&dent r famltv mem.
dents for Thank? 21 vine va
taro-thirds f which wvre
foreign students, attended
the first general assembly
f the Nebraska Internation
al Association XJJL.K ac
cording t Jack Kosmaoek,
The coosiitatiffla was pre
sented at the meeting,
which was designed to farm
an OTgianaatioa ""to serve
the entire stwient foody, the
city ot Lincoln, the state,
the awtiora, and the peoples
t the rM in the proind
Uen f better social and
cultural relations,' Ksma
cek stated.
The CMistitaSfta stresses
the purpose I (he new I r-
i. Create mntaa! indcr
standing and friendship
anMitg intenuttAaal sta
deats. EnoMrage InterwatM
al stawats to present s
rial and raltaral programs.
S. IU1 new stadeats todi
rktaaUy and tIlretitely, es
peeiaBy iateraalMMl sta
oets, by acquiinticg them
with the varfovs types f
services and fariiitirs avail
able wi the campas and ia
the cwamanity.
4. Ay ftther activity r
servire related t Ibe sta
lest welfare ia the Univer
sity cmronnitT,"
ber is eligible far member
ship in this association.
Lack at Iaterest
The formation of the
XJA. came about after a
lack of interest on the pait
of American and foreign
students oa invitations and
acceptance of foreign stu
Officer a ill be Mmi.
aated aad the ewtstitatMa
will be ratified at the next
meeting whkh will be at
S p.m. Sunday, Dec, II at
the Stndent Unto.
Kc&macek stressed "the
Association encourages all
of the students ta recognise
this opportunity for what it
is. The X1A urges you to
take an interest in the MA
to the extent that you feel
a sense of responsibility to
promote a future of peace,
international understand
iag and cooperation in har
mony with the customs and
ideas o fall peoples through
out the world."1
oo - chairmen, secmary,
treasurer, social chairman,
program chairman, publi
city chairman, liaison HS
cer, parEanwsataria'n, orien
tation chairman and Stu
dent Ceaaaeil representative.
Fees win be assessed and
Instrumental ia starting
the movement for the X1A
mere Javad Abedi of Iraa,
Yilmai Aksot of Turkey,
John Else, Mike McCann,
Kdmacei and Mrs Olga
Steele, Careiga student ad-riser.
Parking ou Trial
Nebraska Hall
Lot Now Open
The1 parking lot near Nebraska HaH, the Id Elgin buld
teg, is mv pen a a tenia! basis to daily commntars, accord
teg to Jim Pittenger, assistant to the dta5kffv
Daring the three week period between Thanksgiving and
Christinas vacation nly (daily traffic wiil be slewed to mse
the area f ormerly osed by Area 2 students. Violators wiil be
cocecea y rae (uimiversray nance, acoorenmg to ratenger.
irvioM. a il - -ji u . .
rMUngtsr sia ine suggest
Vol 74, No, 38
Lincoln, Nebraska
ed that tthe area be nspi for
eonnnuitons n!ty and reoeireid
m 66ecfetis $Nsm the Sto-
tent cornea paintmg coonmit
tee, Tibe Council, however, co
wdiriia'a the imaKer with
Vm SXH OtHffict and found
tihat tlbera nwe bjectjoms
fcima that wgamzatkm. The
iAM tuonncil contended (mat
tfc holders el Area 2 permits
slhctfld ba permittied to inove
&st tfhit Biwa," Fittenger ex-
la xiew of the eonfSctt tS,
tpiiaan, Pitftengar and Cap
tain Eugene Masters of the
IMversity Police roet with
RAM repTesejiaaiwes m JJov,
21 to &scnss the matter.
It was fenesraHy agreed
fhat specific data was snot
avaflable and that it woeM
be lae'bifiil t all conoerned iff,
uca amormatKjn coaia ibe
made av&Ila'ble,'" PilftfiBgar
H the three week ttria! baas
bift that additional parking
its needed for the Asdlv ttral-
fic tflre-swbraiflia HaB park
ing Hot win ronunne to be rs
neri'ed Inr ihe CMnmatar. B
the survey iindicateg the coxn-
tmutors m not mse the lot,
nriorlty w ill retnm to the
Area 2 narking, according to
"'There is mo reason to have
an empty lot. We are aneet
fflg with the Student Council
to tfleitennine who shall suse
the M. 17e shall continue to
meet with them before any
Jurther decisions are made, "
he noted.
The parking M was
re-opened Monday as prom
ised last San after tfihe BOTC
department could mo longer
use the lot for aruL Immedi
ately Sallowing Spring vaca-:
ttion the EOTC depaotment1
win again aise ?he area and;
parking win mat be available,'
according to Pittenger, i
nttenger poinded to ihree
reasons dafiy parking shonld
have priority wver ""storage
L "Active traffic win pro
long the life of surfacing.
2"1Dai!y traffic win free
ifflie Hat an the evenings fori
snow removal which win
serve to prolong life wf sur
3. ""Dauyommirtort should
lhave priority over students
srequiring storage packing 2a-cJIitifis.'"
Award Given
To Loeffel
For Service
Pro! W. J. Loeffel, retired
(chariman of tthe animal mus
handry tdepartment, ihas lieen
named the rechpient iof the
FeBow Award and has !been
gn'en life memhership iin the
American Society rf Animal
The announcement .of ffh
award was anade last friday
at the group's annual awards
dinner at the Hotel Sherman
un Chicago.
This is (considored ih
most outstanding award pre
sented 3y Ihe Society,"" said
X XL LoosH of Cornell Uni
versity, president (of the so
iciery, "It is reserved Sor a
limited aiumher of members
who are judged to have given
lh imost JlistinfuishHfl nrv.i
ice," J
Loeffel recieved IhiB MaRter'
of Science .degree at the OnH
versity and has heen a mem-
ber iof the staff since 1D19.I
He served as chairman of
the animal husbandry (depart-!
onent irom 19.'1B iuntil 195ft. S
ICA Head
Pomes Qarsli'cm r
Proper Approach
The director of the lulier-
mational CaoperatMB Aflxnxn-
ifjtratkm, James W. Hiddle-
berger yesterday posed th
question iof mow to approach
the pKxbleia tf (ecomoimjc aaa-
prwement for 0 d e r fl e-
veloped peoples.
The answer lis in the devel
epment (of phj-sjcal and ma
man capital he told the sto-
The fanner amhassadtur to
Greece and Yugoslavia laid
at the tiswrtrsng pomts.
1. IMess the bii !hv mts
derdevektned nations far sat-
cM &d-eoaii(imic improve-!
met succeeds on a frame
work of a free societv. the
countries wiil adopt an ex
treme avenue f approach"
hased (oa Commmiism.
2. Whether ttm eocnni db-
penas largely am on the
amount and type oi ffnreigt
aia crran to them mv the M.
and 1 1 e r (developed (Cohd-
Cme thins as known from
past experience, me saifl.
have learned that the process
01 meroing (others to (master
strange skills and to accept
new ideas and values is a
longnterm process.
31 we expect to make a
real (contribution to the econ
omic and social irrnrres nf
less-developed peoples, we
must reconcile mursex ftn .
sustained and longterm tech-!
micai (cooperation effort and
we anust (organize (ourselves
Tuesday, Nov. 29, 1960
By Nancy Wahiord
Wstd to Dr. Ltkm A.
CSy kis wse ia stody
higher eiJwatiHa. iactodaag
the Lversaty. are "Mt Ban
a satisfactory petsitioia t at
tract w mivui laewy mem
bers ttmv average ia vsum
This repent, made by INeaa
Frank Werer Hasitin rT.
lece xM Dean Mtri Ur&isrwi
head the t Etgj-
paimieid cft fhalt the tMrer-Jeeiit, campares with a raise
ity afiers a litetanue ffaeniillty
salary ancrease toMtt HJK to
SLMMtihe Jar restrain
state, tot still wsmsiderafelly
b&m5w me maaJMiai average.
Salarr Raar
The UiaiversitT salarr
range, m iacrease af 1 per
1.4 to 23 per ent
tae state, a per cent m
erease ffiar Jhe matotMsa! wr-
I age M a reported S par ceut
DisjCrlbatMa f Jkcadenk Rank
XaiRfcer, AsMwiat Asst.
A3 Raks Prrfer Prrf. Prrf. lr.timac
Vniwirsily -438 2W 21.4 3C. 12
KgWM 9J3 25. 5 282 14
Xatwni 2,'IS2 28.-1 2&2 25U jjjl
IrihvtMi T Rghest Degm
Pewieatage f Patwlty Memhm B3iag:
Ifectarate Masters Bacalaarraie
UaDiversaty 52 312
Awerage iiar
PmMic imsttiitatioiits ....... ..aft.
Average ff or
Xmpah&c imstiittiiiaaons .......2a. 10
Facility Members Odaeatei ia Xt&raska
With ae r Mere , Wish Hicfcest Degree
Degrees fen XeK lasOurtaem nwm XeW. lastasxttiMK
Omrsity -tta.7 20
Awage Teaehiag Asstgiinet$
Awsrage Oass Birs Taaght Average Class Hwnre TaaM
Per week fcy InS-tSiwe faenhy Per wi fcy furt-txae facaity
University - Ml 43
Faculty FamcSaMis ia Pvmnftage tf Time
Devwted to Eac
Gradaatel rndergrad
Pr. instracua Inslraetija Research EMsnswa ilbw
tSnwwwty .....155 5S.7 IU u.$ 10
lnstitntioa Esfiaated StofleBfrFaoBSs- Katt
VSniversity jjjj
ampnhlic InstitsfliHBis 10
AH Ilastttatians "
Cftnparisons f I3nhrslly Salaries with
Ee-giA&al and Xa&oud
Prrfessw Assoc. Prot. Asst. Pnd. InstraKlw
lOniversiay $7jB09 $599 ,$5,Mi9
Kegioa M,S3B 7980 i65B 5,259
EeasBBs GSvea for Leaving X-brfia IwaStatiKns
Reasons Frequewy aa Per Cent
3L Frofessionall ad-ancement
" aad ffiivimcial $aia ,..27.5
2. Graduate stady JULJS
3L ethTement !!."I""Mii
4. Temporary appaintmeat ZZZZZZZ $2
5. Discharged ... ibj
(fi. Other reasons . Zil
Today On Campus
Facuhv reciial. 7::30 mjm
Holy Trmiftr (dhundL fiOth and
Y,W.CA. Christmas Baz
aar, 11 a.m. to 'J pjm, Indian
Suite Stndent Onion.
A.CJE -I pjm. Teacher's.
AS "T". 7:15 mam.. Wxrmm
Methodist Church. 3th and!
' I ' ..
( I
: t ' I
I 5i v I
; : " " t 1
The fifth annual TWCA Oirktmai; r.-
zaar could lie the single solution to your
seasonal shopping problems. The Bazaar
features a large variety ioI Items from
anany lands ranging In price from HO cents
ito IS (dollars. The Bazaar wlli he !hcld iin
the Indian Suite of the Student Union today
Honorary Coimiiandant
Wffl Be Elected Today
ne amiversirv Ce-efi win he tZari! fefls-p
1950 Bemorary Commandaml (over th Atttit : sit :H"nfl t 'vr
wnwrrn n . . . ....
jumoe idwjv loepanmenis ior line (coming year.
war aflesuty win Ibe revealed (during icoronatian cere-
anames m. ine -men annual Miiitary EaH m Dec. 10.
Al Eligible
AH students are eligible to
vote at the polling places
iin the Stndent Onion and
iin the Ag Onion. The polls
will toe (open anrtJl !S pjm.
Prior to the IbaH the WWC
students win elect their re
spective Aranv. Xanv. and
Air moroe (Cueens.
During the coming year the
Bonorary CHmmandant ami
the three 3vk tgoeens wiD
take part an format EOTC pa-
raaes, mspectiiiH and the,
presentation mT awards, and
citataons to Ei&TC students.
The eMwrainc aff tfhe mew
rojahy wiH ttafce rolace an (enn-
j;midlitin with the ttraditinnal
(Grand March (daring the teal.
a DHowmg She nnmation, fflie
mew Commandant and Iher es
cort will lead the senior
BBTC students and their la
(flies in tllbe CHmmaHflattt'i;
Eichard Jttahy
This vear"s MUrtaxv Bill:
ffeatures Eichard MalHw aad-
Ms amchestra. the tUbeniei
'Mudfcets to Missiles.'" and I
imtfirmission eBarlainmeiitj
proaided fcy the Cadence!,
Countesses and the Pershing j
amies crui ttcam.
Tickets for the event are
m sale iin the StudeHt Onion
lobby and iin the MOT lobby
f or fS.35. Speatatar tickets far
IB are un sale an (dowBtowTi
stares and iinttheSlaaSeailf
Oaion lobby.
Semi-f trail toresc is re-
mred Sar sprtaSor, accurd
ing u Diet Eneter, tirtet
Sc tahles committee chairman.
'"Formal tflress. either ta-
edoes or EDIT amifarms wilh
white shirts aad Iblacl teDwl
lies, iis the nraner (dress far
the actual Eaflr Eiieter said:
"ectat0rs wjB mot tee afl-j.
lowed ta (fiance.'" 1
iaacreaj ia typical Rasssaai
Other ffauKiliaags am the repair!
sodscate that stjemt-ffacmllty
ratias at the Umiversity sure
ahsidt 1541 r "typical cf what
WTBBM ibe jHwcoa at sisailar ua-
ie i mnwKiv is al r-
pMtei U k3Jlhe klghest per"
ttge c5rxl degrees
f aay iastitatau ia the state.
per cesst
WiiSMia t2t Umaversity, the
OaEBege f Arts amd Scitences
ran3d highest with m.i per
wait fflff t&e ffAMnJirr ftimWiwiur
I dactaraiiies and ta CMlege rf
J"!Mrai!!ig asid Arahite
tmre, to$t with 18 per cent.
RriiettXe Eshi?l kmw
reflect tt3ie ttradatiOTial eimra
tiiamall meeds and attiSiodes ai
tie several (iisdipaiiiEies,'" the
repMit saatei.
The University ramis as the
Ua;rgt simgJe iimstiSairilicaa t
higher JtearaiiBtc M the s&m
and emaltevs a ttstixn mr jlsb
iiKiiw ttacaaOty misejmlxers
ana IflS jwart-ttiiniira ffsjr
Use prfeswmal amd adniit-
itsaraiave areas.
"This sAm it Kritwrt tm
Kadnrade UWUt i farm.
ty BiKg. a sgftsaXMa
erain- crastfered to be imd-
Se MI wmr (rwnrf ag oikj.
SatMty meimllaers, ""aa iimiDird-
unaiey mm ffiiaare fer a staa
iffiiversiav " teave earmfti
(or mtMne (degrees iiroin Xehras-,
'Holiday FeslivaP
Set for Dec 19
Al Onroesrsitv emnilmwt
eiLchafling ara and profes
sicinal stalX aaiay attend the
ibtoiioay aiarvest Festival'"'
open house at the Stndent IPb-
ann Dec o.
The (Dpea teonse w23 replace
the an-Tuml innnoal teannaeit
held previknisly. This year's
event wuH tee informal, es
cept for a taraef cereaDany hon
'orinE two emT&Dvees whs
haw onmpletod 25 years uff
servace waua the OnOTmlty.
Tbex wSI tee riven cerffi-
cates t& appmciatian fcv Chan
cellor oiSard Maroin..
Spouses (or aaates iff em
ployees trstm al three cain-
pnses may atteno, saia Mrs.
Helen EarL a maemteer iof the
icpen teouse planning icmnmit-
!tee. Al Onion tfaciliiifis tae
been reserved for the e-
aing, she said.
ka scistitiutiims while SS..5 per
ceat have earned their liigh
est degree Ansa Nebraska in
Eperieace Restricted
lastitatitoos whase ffaculty
eiperieaiice is restricted t
the schwal which he serves
wM saaKer Smm a lack I
the icfaska ef mew iideas e
sesittM ta growth aad Seve3
pnoeaat. the reewt ex-
Am earlaer ressmrt that at al
levels sff raoik, t2&e salaries
paid fer the UmversiitT idwiiaj
the M!9 acadeansc year
were toelaw the averare sal
aries COTipraMie anttsttiitiB
tissas m the regjusa, was cusoi-firaniwL
Tfce average prwlesswi's sal
ary at the lahtersity is
es!pared 1 a regitaal aver
ge f $1.SS; assweuie prw
fesr, SSJW ciripari to
asitaat nrafesswr. S&.-
cwooared t SssJSi ui
iftstrwetw. SSwI9 cmiBared
to SKW5 lw the regwa.
Kstriteiteai oS acadeamiic
rami at the UimveirsJtv is two-
paraMe wish regMaial aisd Ba-
3mmvm averages and aimaiiicaties
that the Uimiversiiay is "Taut
sstiatjSBa acatemk: raauk ia
liea ff salary.""
The smrprisiagly Iknw
tmnBBvier off tacaalltty persamwl
appears to toe daae la persimal
fes ta the state which iBHiflim
eaace a ffaicaailty mKeaateer" de
liMca a renmaiia ia spite ef
salary- feadvaatases,"" the
report said.
The estiiiimaied aumnnntTiT ffac
nfflty ttaanDBrar rate ffiar the
Liiiversiijy i$ 9. J er em&. as
(pKnapared Has a staie-wade av
erage aaf M.i tms: eemlL
The ttiswer LMveisiily ttamnn
vT wiiMm the state was at
taiteilefl tka the grealter ppcup
traiiuy f mt increased eoimpeii
satiiem tthrMmghirat the He
ttaaae tf a ffacaaKy Bdennlber.
Vint I'udJtjr
For 4CIassIcs,
At YD's 3Ieelin"
Koriman CWaL reoemtlv am-
poittted admiMstrathe assist
ant w twiemnor-eiectt rrant
Monisan. iis the scheduled
speaker far the Turning Becn-
locraa aneettng tamgm at 7
throngh Thnrsdav from 11 ajm. its S sun.
daiy. -Shown fiiBplayitg x flelcate Japan
ese bowl as daiiie Eerfiaul Anita ahea .
cuddles a (doll frem tie Spnh Seas and
Susan Woods holds carfd statuettes from
The Stndealt Vmm Matsic
Cfemimiiiliaiee lias canceJfed the
featured recuri iwnwEnaia
'Oassical Cattere"- aan Tdes-
dav at 5 kuhl. accEsnfliine t
Mary Beth Larson, emminlr
tee (ChaiiranaiL
la iits v&aee fflie cmsaimiilttiee
wiH present a mew prograai
"SEmset Seellaae," at 4
every Toesday, wMch will
ffeatmre reenrds fm Ercxaa-
way uniEsicalLs, soomdtrBckx
nnmiies. jiazL and con-
tempurary anisic.
lae icsmininiee teas .scbed-
uled wweKty pragraims
throBgh Fetemary 28::
iNov. 2 "Ptnrgy and Bess'"
IDec (fr ""Snnni f Mnsic
Bee. 13 "TS m t crack
er Suite'" and "The Einrstna
Trio Rays Medkeial ChriKt-
imas Mow"
Jan. IB "Music ffr
7 'SleflfiMis fctn,
Ktms Maittovani'
Fein. Ift-niestside Stasry
FeTo. 21 "An Aaericaa
in Paris' and "Xhamsaflv iia
in TP
a wiH speak am the prdb-1 One"
nns a dhamging an admiini-s- Feb. 2B "Victory at Sea'
traticm, imctoding a dhEnge ia!
polflical parties sm the sMe
level, Ted Miaaster, ffarst
vice president cf the TDa,
The ooBsSMaim atf tibe Xe-
Iraska Stuflam Federation
YiBung DfijEooratic Ootes wj33
he (Eiscnssed atormg tfihe reg-
ajar ODiiismess aneetnaL ac-
cnrdiLBg to Mnfmster.
Vac tinom
Foreign SludenU
To Explain FJns
Foreign students, representr
mg imare inan toreiga Dtran
tries wiH tee cuests t. x Fnr-
eign Stndent Party m the Ag
Student Onion nf Xov. 30 at
The theme mff the mTr
tee ""flags' and a representa
tive iff each country will ex
plain the BDeanmg f tbeir
flag, saifl Soca Erictsen.
wait, wfrnagr
Panel Discwftes
Proper Ball Etiqaeile
What steroid be wora t ibe
MSitaiy KaE? Wtoe steBiaM
the corsage tee wnra'? Shaudi
a feoy ask a irl the csilar tf
toer idiess befare teiying a caar-
sage? W&at stemM a orl da
wiith tear purse?
These are a few iff tttee wnes-
which will tee answered fey
students anl ffactity paael
membirs Tuesday in Leve La
brary amSitssriirtii.
Kay Stute wil tee mistress
'id cereiaiimes at Utee T:35
meet which is cptai is all Uaa
versily stndmts.
Panal jmemteers w23 tee 3Dr.
Jauette Sayre, assacista pn
fffssw l& physical elaratina
mar womea; iDaiares Case,
stale FHA adriser; Captait
Ees WaHais, Csptain CaVge
(Chairman mf the A Oaiani GeAf-v. Jloha EOse. EcA Sa-.iae.
cjjkjj. meriammein: csoro- Jiriaft's RtffismppBr aJ fjisfla
9 '
mittee. ishelhifaii.
"0' .'IW 4 --W-f